Chapter 10 - When Your Past Life Bites You in the Ass

Pound, pound, pound.

"DANIEL GRIGORI AND ANGELIQUE PRICE! IF YOU DON'T OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW, I SWEAR I'M GONNA BREAK IT THE FUCK DOWN!" Kaya's beautiful, angry voice was the first thing that pierced my ears later that dreaded morning.

"Five more minutes..." I heard Daniel mumble next to me. My eyes flew open and I sat up. Daniel had fallen asleep sitting in the chair, the upper half of his body was hunched over on the bed. Ugh. That looks so Uncomfortable.

Pound, pound, pound...BOOM!

The door slammed against the wall and Kaya lowered her combat boot and stared at Daniel (who was now sitting up awake and alert) and I. You could practically see the fumes coming out of her head. Kaya stomped over to me and dumped clothes on me.

"Hey!" I shouted in protest, swatting the clothes off my head and gasping when I saw that the last thing I threw off was a thong. I felt my face heat up as I grabbed the thong and hid it behind my back.

"What are you thinking, Kaya? Shouting like that, people will get the wrong idea!" Daniel hissed and I blushed slightly, the meaning of what he said hitting me full force.

"Turn around Daniel, this will only take a minute." Kaya smirked evilly as she moved closer to me. Daniel sighed, however he still did as he was told, standing up and walking toward his bathroom, stretching in the process.

"Wait, what?" I gasped. "Kaya, what the fuck, dude! Don't touch me there!"

"What's wrong," She said tauntingly, "I thought you liked getting punched in the boob!" Her hands started to move rapidly and articles of my clothes started to fly everywhere.

"At least close the fucking door!" I screeched as I noticed Cam standing in the doorway to the dorm room, chucking. By this time, I was only wearing a pair of lacy underwear and attempting to stop Kaya from ripping them off too. She froze and turned to Cam, whom now had that annoying smirk on his face, as I hurried to cover up my boobs. Kaya quickly recovered and slammed the door in his face. She sighed and brushed the hair out of her eyes as she turned back to me.

"I swear that boy has no manners sometimes." she muttered.


"Nothing! Now where were we..." Then Kaya smiled wickedly and pounced on me.

A few minutes later I emerged from Daniel's room completely dressed with my hair and make-up done to find Cam leaning against the wall next to Daniel's door, waiting for me. Cam smiled a genuine not-Cam-like smile when he saw me and I felt the air leave my lungs. Behind me I could hear Kaya was barking orders at Daniel and using his Keurig.


"Hey." Ugh, deep breaths, Angelique! Deep Breaths! "Why are you still here?"

"Ouch! That one hit me, right here." He smirked and put his hand by his heart. I rolled my eyes and sighed, ignoring the fluttery feeling that I felt in my chest.

"Pfft, yeah right Cam. Now what do you want?" He traced down the edge of my arm with his fingers, my nerves going of like live wires wherever he touched. It felt amazing. My eyes fluttered and when I opened them back up, a black velvet box was in my hand.

"I wanted to give you this." He flipped the box open and inside was a beautiful silver necklace with a rosy croix pendant on the chain. "Think of it as a reflection of the promise I made to you last night."

"Cam I-" I sucked in a breath as I realized that his face was coming closer. This was it. There was no way I was getting out of this one. And oh, how I wanted this. How I've longed for this.

I needed this.

For too long I've been avoiding those lips. I knew that once they landed on mine, I would be his.

I'm ready to be his.

His lips crashed into mine. At first, I was shocked by the animosity of it, but then I started to retaliate, matching his hunger and ferocity with my own. His arm snaked around my waist, drawing me closer and holding me captive as I threw my arms around his neck. Slowly, the world became black and I felt myself slipping down and down into my memories.

They met at on June 21,1854 in Helston, England at one of the Constance's many balls.

His jet-black, shoulder length (as it was at the time) was slicked back and he wore a long tailored jacket. She was dressed in a fantastic black gown with a soft silk-crepe bodice with an exposed corset back. Her blonde hair was pinned high on her head in an array of beautiful intricately placed curls. Two long blonde curls framed her heart shaped face and her pink pearl necklace shone against her pale skin, giving her a regal air.

She was captivated by him the first moment that she set her eyes on him. He had given her the sweetest smile she had ever seen...shortly after she danced the night away in his arms.

The next three months were full of surprise for each of the members of the couple. He had never realized that he would be happy again. She had never realized that happiness like this existed. But, all dreams have to come to an end; unfortunately their dream ended worse than others.

September 1854, midnight...

"I'm having the strangest sensation," Lucinda Biscoe whispered to the aspiring artist, Daniel Grigori. "Tell me I'm mad, but I swear I've been here before."

Mr. Grigori looked up, shivering then pressed his lips to hers. The blonde haired girl watched in horror as the room quaked and white hot aura started to grow around Mr. Grigori and Lucinda. The shadows began to swarm above the pair and Lucinda writhed in Mr. Grigori's arms. Lucinda looked up, and her eyes widened as she took in the shadows on the ceiling.

Lucinda screamed and erupted into a tower of flames.

Mr. Grigori was thrown back against the wall. He buried his face into the carpet and trembled.

The fire climbed the walls and the air, then it hissed, leaving no trace of Lucinda. Daniel slowly got up and his white wings burst out of his black dress coat. He raised his fists toward the sky and bellowed; as the blonde haired girl gasped and slowly backed away from the cracked door.

She had tears streaming down her face and her coat fanned out behind her as she ran down the Biscoes' long hallway. She had no idea what had driven her to take Alexander (her horse) and ride to see Lucinda that evening, only that the feeling of dread had driven her to go behind his back and take Alexander.

The blonde haired girl exited the house and into the rain, her breaths coming out in gasps as her eyes searched wildly for her horse.

"Alexander!" she called "Alexander, where are you?" She stumbled on the slick mud and fell down with a thud. A moan quietly escaped from her mouth as she closed her eyes and waited for the world around her to stop spinning. Suddenly, she felt hands lifting her off the ground and her eyes fluttered open with a start as she realized that she was being carried. His green eyes searched her body and finally met her own. His eyes were hardened and his face showed traces of disapproval.

"I thought I'd have found you here. Don't ever worry me like that again! Next time do me a favor and stay at the manor like your father and I agreed you would."

The blonde haired girl broke into sobs, huddling against her fiancé's chest as she cried. His face had changed in a split second, morphing into an expression of shock and genuine concern.

"What is wrong? Did you get hurt? If it is about your nightdress, we can always buy another one..."

She quickly shook her head and raised her arm as if to wipe her tears with her sleeve. Her lover quickly caught her arm, balancing her easily with one arm as he turned his head in order to kiss her palm.

"Everything is going to be okay, I promise." He leaned down and wiped his blonde haired lover's tears with his lips. "Do you understand?" She weakly nodded her head in response and snuggled closer to his chest as she began to fall asleep. He kissed her forehead softly before walking back toward the Biscoes' manor and putting her in the waiting carriage.

"Take her back, quickly." He addressed the driver. "I'll ride her horse back after I take care of some unfinished business." With that said, the carriage pulled away from the manor and he turned to face with an Anachronism, Daniel Grigori... (A/N: Refer to Passion)

A four hours later, the blonde haired girl had woken to a start as the carriage jolted to a stop at an old inn. The carriage door opened with a creak and the driver, Jeffrey, was standing in the entry way, his eyes appeared tired and worn out.

"I'm sorry, my lady but the horses need to rest, their very tired after such a long journey, for they did not get to rest on the way to Miss Biscoe's house..." She flinched at the mention of her deceased friend's voice, and Jeffrey either did not notice it or did not care for he continued. "Perhaps my lady would like a chance to stretch her legs and wash up, while we're here?" She smiled politely, hiding the dread that the hours before had brought.

"That would be greatly appreciated, thank you."

"My lady, your fiancé had asked me to prepare clothes for you in head of time, just in case..." Her personal maid, Maria appeared from the other side of the Jeffrey, the slightest bit of hesitation in her voice. The blonde haired girl rose, and the driver extended his hand to help her out of the carriage. She took it, and stepped out onto the hard, stone pavement.

"That was very...thoughtful of him. Come, Maria." She strode into the old, shabby inn covered in mud as a queen would into a ball hosted in her honor.

The blonde barely noticed the time passing as Maria scrubbed, shaped and groomed every inch of her body, instead she let her mind wander with thoughts of Lucinda and the artist with wings...Who was he really? Lucinda had often spoken favorably about him, but what was their real relationship? Why did he have wings? And most importantly, why did he kill Lucinda?

She shuddered with that last thought and grimaced as Maria called out a peppy "All done!" after fastening a necklace around the girl's slender neck.

"Maria, finish up here, pay the occupation fees of this room, then go find Jeffrey, tell him that we will be departing for home shortly." The blonde mistress got up and walked over the room.

She heard a quiet "Yes, my lady." behind her as she exited the room.

The blonde girl descended the stairs and sauntered elegantly into the parlor, her white dress flowing around her. She greeted people as she went. Abruptly she froze, staring at the door to the inn. Maria entered the parlor and moved to her lady's side.

"My lady, it's time to leave." Her mistress stood, eyes fixated on the door.

"My-" The blonde haired girl moved as if a force was compelling her towards the front door of the inn. She flung open the door and all of a sudden everything seemed in slow motion for her. Alexander was charging toward her, Jeffrey was waving his arms in alarm and attempting to run after Alexander. Her fiancé was standing by the carriage, a look of terror plastered on his face. Then, as if time had sped up, Alexander was in front of her. The girl's eyes widened and a look of horror crossed her delicate face as he lifted his front legs and-


Blood spread rapidly across the front of the white dress as the girl twitched on the ground and the horse ran away. Her fiancé rushed over to her and cradled her head in his lap as his lover's eyes rolled around wildly and unseeing in their sockets. She was coughing up blood. He murmured sweet nothings in her ears as she passed from the world.

Three minutes later she was gone.

Her fiancé closed her eye lids and bellowed at the sky as a single tear rolled down his face. He kissed her cold, dead lips one last time before he roughly shoved his fiancée's dead body of him and stood up. His eyes were rimmed with a thick, shimmering gold shadow, and it shone on his face in the rising dawn, making him look like a god. He rolled back his shoulders and threw back his arms. His auric wings unfurled from his back and they gleamed as if they were chiseled out of twenty-four karat gold.

Cam rose from the ground and turned to face the rising sun. He soared east, and he never looked back at his fiancée's body. Which is probably why he never knew that her eyes opened for one last time before she was engulfed in white flames.

Cam and I pulled away from each other gasping for air. He stared at me with wide eyes as I blushed and touched my swollen lips, shoving the black velvet box into my small purse with the other hand.

"Well that was interesting." I deadpanned, trying to hide my erratic pulse. "And it only took what," I glanced down at my iPhone "five minutes?"


"Elizabeth Blackwood, heiress to the Blackwood earldom and fiancée of Cameron Briel, at your service." I said with a flourish of my arm as I bowed. I straightened up and cocked my head. " least I was..." I trailed off in thought. That was a very interesting way to die. You know, not many people can say that they were trampled by a horse in one of their past lives. I smiled at the thought.

"Nowadays I prefer Angelique Luciana Price and I'm not even close to being a heiress of any sort." I chuckled and looked at Cam, who was looking at me with a dumbfounded expression on his face. I took a step closer to him and raised my left hand hesitantly. Should I? Or should I not? I lowered my hand, and then made the decision as I raised it once more and caressed the side of his face. I could tell that Cam was having an inner battle, and my instincts told me to do anything to ease the pain.

"Now that I think about it, you haven't changed much since the first time we met all those many years ago. Besides the fact that-" Cam shoved me abruptly and I fell to the floor. Hurt was evident on his face.

"All these years, you were in right in front of me, hiding in plain sight. Right beside, her." He spat, anger filling up his features. Whether it was directed at me or at himself I could not tell. "Why didn't you tell me yesterday? Why did you hide it?" He grabbed my arm. "I have a right to know."

"Cam, I forgot. There was so much to process. Her life just slipped into the back of my mind with the others." I flinched as his grip on my arm tightened.

"That's bullshit, Angie. How could you forget something so important?"

"Cam, you're hurting me."

"Leave, Cam." I whipped my head around to see Daniel behind me.

They glared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before Cam let go of my arm. Kaya quickly helped me up.

"Cam, I'm –"

"I made you the iced-coffee that you wanted." Kaya said to me, pushing the cup into my hand. "We're going to be late, hurry up." She grabbed my right arm and started to drag me down the hall.

"Wait, what?! Kaya, let go of me!" I need to talk to Cam! He's-

"See you later, Daniel!" Kaya called out behind her as she half-dragged/half-ran me out of the dorm. The bright sunlight had just hit my eyes when I managed to tear myself away from Kaya.

"KAYA!" I yelled in disbelief. "What the fuck was tha-"

"Angelique!" I froze and slowly turned my head just in time to see Luce running toward me. She glomped me full force and I had to regain my balance by taking step back in the process of catching her.

"Luce?!" She pulled back, smiling.

"I'm so glad to see you! Randy never told me that you were being released from the hospital today. I was really getting worried, you were in there for days. The doctors were saying that-" What the fuck, days?! I cut off Luce's nervous babbling.

"Days? How long was I in the hospital?" I turned to Kaya accusingly, "What else have you been keeping from me?"

"What? I figured that your smart enough to put two and two together from all the hints that Cam and I dropped. Apparently not." I glared at Kaya while I blushed a little at the mention of Cam's name; I recalled the passionate kiss that we shared just moments earlier. "Anyway, you were only in there for a week, as of today."

"Luce!" I turned back to her. "A week! You made it sound like it was a big deal." Ugh, I hated how whiny my voice sounded.

"A lot can happen in a week..." Luce trailed off, looking past me as a brief moment of sadness graced her delicate features. I shot a questioning look at Kaya as Luce stared off into space.

"I'll fill you in later." Kaya mouthed at me as Luce suddenly smiled. She looked back at me and grabbed my hand.

"We're going to be late!" She attempted to pull me towards the visitors' parking lot, but I just held my ground. "Let's go!"

"Ain't nobody got time for this shit!" Kaya exclaimed. "Let go, Luce. I got this!" Luce relinquished her hold on me, and Kaya's hand, once again, grabbed my right arm. I sighed, giving up as Luce jogged ahead of us. Kaya tugged me along, whistling the whole way and ignoring the strange looks that people gave us.

Ahead of us, Luce paused and waited for us to catch up. Kaya released her hold on me while she chatted happily with Luce. I straightened myself out and smoothed the folds of my dress as we walked toward the visitors' parking lot. I let my mind wander as I absorbed the scenery around me. So, I guess I was one step closer to solving the mystery that was Cameron Briel. The look on that boy's face when he realized that his deceased fiancée was still alive made me think that he's been in a whole world of pain before. And it's up to me to-

I was dragged out of my train of thought when Luce sprinted ahead of Kaya and I to hug Harry and Doreen. Luce practically plowed into them and Doreen started giggling like a school girl as Harry thwacked Luce in the arm. I felt Kaya gently tug my sleeve from behind and I stopped and turned around. Her turquoise eyes bored down at me.

"There was a fire on Monday in the library, Penn spilt off with Miss Sophia and Luce with Todd. Penn and Miss Sophia made it out unharmed, but Luce ended up knocked out and was hospitalized while Todd ended up dead."

"And you kept this from me, why?" I demanded.

"We didn't want to worry you." She replied.


"Gabbe, Arriane, Daniel and I." I rolled my eyes at Kaya.

"Okay. How long was she in the fucking hospital for?"

"Barely even a day. That was also when the majority of us went to go visit you..." She trailed off as Doreen, Harry and Luce approached. Harry cleared his throat and awkwardly extended his hand.

"Hello Angelique." I stared at his hand like it was about to bite me. He hesitantly lowered it. I don't necessarily dislike Luce's parents, but I want to get out of here before they say something about those assholes in front of Kaya.

"Uncle Harry, Aunt Doreen." Luce glanced at the three of us, sensing the pressure in the air around us. Aunt Doreen reached out and grasped my left hand in hers.

"How are you feeling? We were so worried when we heard that you were in the hospital. Your uncle and I rushed right over to see what was wrong." I removed my hand from hers and took a step back. Seriously, what is up with people grabbing my hands and invading my personal space today, like seriously! Come on!

"Thanks for your concern, but I'm-"

"When were you released, Angelique? We were never notified by the school or the hospital that you woke up from your coma." Harry asked politely, trying to hide the slight accusation in his voice.

"Just this morning." Thank God that Gabbe thought to think of all this stuff earlier! I pressed my fingers to my forehead as my head started to throb. "I'm really sorry, but I must be on my way. Kaya and I have a previous engagement that we have to attend to. Good day." I went to bend into a curtsy, but I caught myself. Shit! You are Angelique Luciana Price! Not Elizabeth Blackwood…even though a certain someone seems to look at me in that way now. Harry, Doreen and Luce were giving me weird looks, but I ignored them. I spun on my heel and started to head back toward the commons. I almost managed to escape. Almost.

"Wait! Angelique!" Aunt Doreen called. I could just pretend to ignore her, but no, because that's what they would do. So I stopped and without bothering to turn around, I waited for her to slaughter me with their latest excuses. "They really wanted to come, you know. But your father is away on business and your mother is in the Carrib-"

I walked away without letting her finish. Kaya scrambled to catch up to me as I practically sprinted away from my relatives, putting as much distance in between us as possible. I stopped by the bleachers, laying down on the bottom row and using my hands as a shield from the sun as I waited for Kaya to catch up. I pulled my iPhone out of the front of my dress and started to blast Just Like You by Falling in Reverse, when Kaya ran up, panting and out of breath to the bleachers.

"Hey there." I called as she caught her breath.

"Dude! What the fuck was that!" I sat up, not once looking away from the iPhone, as I smiled.

"Payback." I could practically feel her narrow her eyes as she glared at me. I continued to stare at the screen.

"You know, my parents are dicks too." Kaya said nonchalantly as she sat down next to me. I turned off the music and stared at her.

"If you're expecting a heart-to-heart conversation, I hate to break it to you, but you aren't going to get one out of me."

"Oh, I know." Kaya replied, turning toward me. "You know what always made me feel better when my parents were being assholes?" I looked up at her, raising an eyebrow as she reached into her bag and pulled out baby powder. "I used to go out and make people my bitches." I felt a smile creep onto my face.

"Ah, that brings back so many good memories of my old school...I call being pimp daddy!" I exclaimed, leaping off my feet. I got a weird look from Gabbe as she passed by with an elderly man. Kaya smiled, looking up from where she was still sitting.

"I'll be co-pimp then."

"Angelique! Kaya!" We turned around simultaneously as Arriane sauntered toward us with a hot-pink haired girl, that looked really familiar. They stopped in front of us and the girl cocked her head, a confused expression crossing her face. "This is-"

"Annabelle!" I leaped into the girl's arms and she swept me into her arms, giving me an extended, intimate hug.

"I always knew that your soul was special." She smiled.

I sighed as I reached the top of the monolith later that day. A sole figure was sitting up there with his hands wrapped around his knees. Even from behind I could see how stiff and lonely he looked, it was almost like he had been up there since Kaya and I left him earlier in the dorm.

"Hey Danny." I spoke quietly, sitting next to him.

"Shouldn't you be with your parents?" He didn't even look at me as he spoke.

"They're dead to me." He glanced at me from the corner of his eye.

"What are you doing up here?"

"This..."I reached behind me and pulled the container of baby powder that I brought up with me, sprinkling it on my right hand, just like I used to. I smacked his cheek, hard, making sure that the baby powder stood on as I removed my hand.

"You are now my bitch, I am your pimp. You are to give me profit from your sales. I give you three percent back. Or, you can just give me some of your riches when I ask for them, oh, I like the money crisp." Daniel at this point was staring at me like I was crazy and amusement was alive in his eyes.

"Welcome aboard Team Hodonalds, bitch." He broke out laughing and I joined in. Our peals of laughter harmoniously filled the air as all off the tension from today was lifted off our shoulders.

...If only our happiness had a chance of lasting...

~No One's P.O.V.~

Around midnight that night, Cam headed down the slope and towards the heart of the cemetery. A tall, dark-haired man in a tailored black business suit was waiting at the large central statue of an angel.

"Ironic, isn't it?" He called to Cam, looking up at the statue. "If only the humans knew..." He chucked quietly to himself.

"She's here." Cam deadpanned. The man shot Cam a look.

"I know that Lucinda's here, if you do not recall, we were discussing our plan of attack earlier. Actually it's a good thing you requested me to come back, I was thinking that-"

"Helen's reincarnate is here and she has remembered."

Lucifer froze in shock for a moment, then a devilish smirk played on his face as he turned to face Cam.

"It's about time."

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