Once Maura had been given her name, she had run with it, straight to the Births, Marriages and Deaths Records office. Her name, college, date of birth and the birth of her baby had been all Maura needed to gather the details of whom her mother was. With this information and Maura's connections, the Medical Examiner was able to track down her mother without her best friend's assistance or her knowledge.

Upon finding her, Maura panicked; her emotions getting the better of her. She had found her birth mother, after wondering about her for so long, she had found her. This had come at cost however, not a monetary cost, emotional. The situation Maura now now found herself part of was something very difficult.

Just weeks before she had been given a 'lead' on whom her mother was, her father - Irish Mob-Boss, Patrick Doyle- had given her information about her mother, her birth and after. To save Maura's mother -a college student he had met and had had something with- he had lied about their newborn baby. Paddy had told her that their child had died shortly after birth. Paddy had given his love a chance at life, he had known she was great from the beginning and he knew she would do great things.

Paddy had told Maura this, much to her horror, but once she had discovered who her mother was, part of that horror disappeared and awe took over.

She had been researching this amazing woman all morning, even with an awaiting corpse on one of the slabs in the autopsy lab. Once Jane arrived and entered Maura's office, suspicious Maura also arrived; she flipped down the lid of her laptop and all but flung it beside her, as she claimed she had been checking the weather reports.

"The weather, Maura? Really?" Jane had asked her, using her usual tone when she knew Maura was trying with every fiber to hide she was in fact lying to her best friend. Sarcasm dripped from every syllable Jane uttered, before she continued, "You were researching her, weren't' you?"

"It was the daily forecast..." Maura began as reached beside herself for the laptop and opened it before she continued, setting the laptop onto the table in front of them both, "...on her page." she added as the laptop sprang into action, whirring almost in-audibly as the backlight illuminated a WikiPedia page of a Dr. Hope Martin.

"Doctor...Hope Martin..." Jane began. She studied the page a little. It took Jane Rizzoli all of 2.736 seconds to register Hope's face before she gasped and turned to Maura, "She looks just like you!"

"Don't you mean I look just like her?" Maura corrected Jane, rhetorically of course, as she began to skim the page to point out facts about her biological mother to Jane. Maura sighed and glanced to Jane, "She's amazing, read this, here..." she pointed out the paragraph she wanted Jane to read.

"Sarajevo? Genocide? Wha-Maura...?"

"I did that. I helped. She worked in connection and collaborated with Medicines Sans Frontieres!" Maura exclaimed, however after seeing Jane's confused expression Maura elaborated further, "Doctors Without Borders."


"My father said she had a brilliant mind."

"Sperm donor, okay...?" Jane tried to correct Maura this time, before receiving a glare and she cleared her throat, "And, you have a brilliant mind too, Maur."

"She invented a specialised injection, Jane. I'm a Medical Examiner..."