One Mistake


NOTICE: 6/6/2015 Prologue has been revised. It is preferred to reread the story over again. It has changed a lot. And I mean A LOT!

Hey! ^_^ This is my second Fanfic a very bad title. -_- I wanted to try and make a prologue, but since I never have, this might turn out bad. I'll try my best though! I don't know why, but my arm is a little weak right now. I was washing my hands and my arm started to wobble. Why I included this, I will never remember.

Oh yea, that's right. There will probably be OOCs in here. Although their personalities won't be soooo different, just some minor changes. I think.

NOTICE: This is taking place in the year 2012, but there is magic.

Okay let's start with the Prologue now!

"Hey, Shiro, come here," The girl said, waving the man over.


"Ughh... Anyways, come look at this. Remember when father said that I could pick a real school to go to?"


"Do you think that father will agree to this school?"

"Probably. That school has a very good reputation and if I am correct, 8 very powerful students who also are from the top 6 companies, below you.

"Oh? What about the other 2?"

"3 of them are siblings."

"I see... Powerful students, huh." The girl leaned on her arm. "Interesting," She smirked. "Shiro, tell father that I will meet him in a bit."

"As you wish." He bowed and left the room.

"Fairy Tail Academy, hmmm… Well, looks like I'll be getting out of this prison after all."