Ghosts at Gallagher

Chapter 1:

Sam's POV-

'Now I had gone too far,' I realized slightly too late. My mother's eyes held a white-hot fury, in contrast to the extreme disappointment I usually saw in her eyes.

What had I done?

Well, to be fair, it was initially my dad's fault, and I had not intended for it to go this far. It all started when my parents purchased a cattle farm. At first I had been okay with this considering it was better that we had the animals on the farm, with lots of grass and good care, then if they were on their way to some slaughterhouse. That was, at least, until I discovered that my dad was only raising the cattle to be shipped off to the slaughterhouse. Because I'm an ultro-recyclo vegetarian, there was no way on earth that I was EVER going to let that happen, so I kind of 'borrowed' the specter speeder (with Danny of course) and we drove off to the ranch.

My dad was at the ranch that day, with an appraiser who would decide whether or not to buy the cows., when we flew over. It took him a moment to realize what was going on, but by that time I had already hopped out of the floating craft, opened the latch to the fence, and released all of the cows. Then, because I couldn't have just stopped while I was ahead, we floated over my dad and the appraiser and I dumped an entire bucket of cow manure all over them.

"Samantha Manson," my mother gritted her teeth, attempting to breathe normally, "This time, young lady, you have gone too far. You ruined our investment and destroyed your dad's business deal, not to mention his new suit. Your father and I have discussed it, and it seems that we have no choice, we are sending you to boarding school."

"WHAT?" I yelled, "Mom, no you can't! I have friends here! And I wouldn't of had to do what I did if DAD didn't have people lined up to pick which cows they want to MURDER!" I screeched, clenching my fists.

"Well you should have thought of your punishment before you acted out of line at the ranch. And as for they cattle, they are none of your concern" she said with a slight smirk to her pursed lips, "Now, You. Are. Going. whether you like it or not. Now go to your room and pack. You leave for Gallagher Academy on Sunday."

I was so upset, I was shaking with anger and I wasn't sure whether or not to cry, or scream, or throw something or just run away, so I kind of did a combination. I screamed, throwing a priceless vase to the ground, and running up the stairs to my bedroom, with a few tears of frustration beginning to well at the corners of my eyes.

I immediately called Danny, while I pulled up Gallagher Academy on my computer.

"Danny?" I asked when he picked up his phone.

"Yeah? Sam what's wrong?" he replied, concerned.

"My parents," I sniffled, "they'reā€¦sending me to boarding school." I finally sighed.

"Really?" Danny laughed, a slightly bitter edge to his voice, "Mine too. Where are they sending you?"

"Wait, what?" I exclaimed, hoping I had heard him wrong, "You're parents are sending you to boarding school, why?"

"Well, apparently, it's against the rules to steal the specter speeder and use it for your girlfriend's personal gain," he said.

"Oh my gosh, Danny, I'm soo sorry. This is all my fault!" I apologized.

"No Sam, it's okay. You were standing up for something that you believe in, and thanks to us, thirty cows will not die, and quite possibly end up in my father's stomach, honestly, I think that is a fate worse than death. How could I ever be mad at you for that? Anyway, you never answered my question?" he chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"Where are they sending you?" he repeated.

"Oh, right. I'm going somewhere called Gallagher Academy for girls, in Virginia. What about you?" I replied.

"All I know is that it's an all boys school called Blackthorne Academy, I couldn't find anything about it online," he answered.

"When do you leave?" I wondered.

"Sunday," he told me.

"Me too," I affirmed, sighing, "Danny what are we going to do? What if they're on opposite side of the country and I never get to see you again?"

"Don't worry Sam," he assured me, "We can Skype each other every night, and I'll sneak out to see you."

"How do you plan to do that?" I inquired.

"Umm, ghost powers," he replied, as if it was obvious, which, I guess it kind of was, of course, if our schools were on opposite ends of the country he would be exhausted if he flew to meet me and back every night.

"Well, I'm grounded, so I guess our movie plans are off," I sighed.

"Me too," then he added, "So I'll see you in your room tonight?" I laughed. I knew he wasn't kidding, it wasn't uncommon for Danny to phase into my room in the middle of the night, it's not like we did anything, most of the time he was just waking me up for help with a ghost attack, but sometimes we would only sit and talk or even just fall asleep.

"Okay, see you then," I told him, smiling into the phone.

"See you," he replied, before we both hung up, thus ending the call.