Dear Bleach Fanfiction Authors

Chapter 1 - Ichigo Kurosaki

A/N: This drabble series was originally started simply to bring a bit of humor and silliness into my life, but along the way it turned into something more. It's become my tribute to Kubo's work and the depth, originality, and humor he puts into every manga chapter; a way for me to explore the Bleach characters' personalities and have some fun by imagining what the characters themselves would say about fanfiction and its clichés.

I research every letter in this series by re-reading manga chapters, re-watching anime, checking the character books, and searching the web for fanfiction and other fandom clichés. If I make a factual error, I promise to correct it if you leave me a PM or review on the relevant chapter.

I would also like to make it clear that I'm not trying to diss any fan pairings in these drabbles. I'm just trying to imagine what the Bleach characters themselves would say about them, and remember, there are very few canon pairings. Those of you who have read my writing know that I am poking fun at some of the pairings (and clichés) I myself love and/or write.

So please remember not to take any of this too seriously. I promise not to put any of my own or others' pairing preferences in these drabbles. Canon pairings only, and even those may come in for some roasting.

I hope this story brings you some laughs and brightens your day.


Translations: This story is being translated into six languages: into Italian by Ameshiri, into Indonesian by Kazugami Saichi Hakuraichi, into French by Ishtar Nana, into Korean by pehiro0903, into Spanish by X. Afrodita. x, and into Russian by alyssaselezneva. See the links on my profile page.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach by Tite Kubo. This story was inspired by Horizons' Harry Potter story of a similar name.

(Originally posted 7/8/12.)


Dear Bleach Fanfiction Authors,

I just found your site, and frankly, it's disturbing. Why do half of your stories involve a romance between me and someone else? I mean, last I heard, this is a shounen manga. That means lots of fighting and me protecting shit.

Besides, I'm 17 and every other episode I'm busy saving the world. Plus I have homework. I don't have time for a girlfriend. Write about Byakuya and Hisana or Gin and Rangiku or someone. Sheesh!

OK, I can see you hooking me up with Rukia—she changed my life, and she's always there to knock some sense into me when I'm down. Plus, yeah, it was embarrassing having her sleep in my closet. (Have you ever tried to tell Rukia to stop doing something she wants to do? She's like a force of nature.) But she's not interested in me that way. We're friends.

Or Inoue—well, she's the idol of Karakura High; I've known her since middle school and she's become one of my best friends. But she's not interested in me that way either.

But… I just saw some of the most popular stories involve me and… Grimmjow? What the fuck is that? First of all, I'm not gay. And even if I were, the bastard wants to fight me, not have sex with me. He's a Hollow for crying out loud. They eat souls, remember?

And… this is the worst of all: me and Aizen. I mean, Aizen? Hello, he's the one who caused all these problems in the first place. My whole purpose is to defeat him. And… have you forgotten he's a mass murderer? What is wrong with you people?

Crazed Fangirl: Aizen-sama hasn't really killed anyone. Momo is still alive. Harribel is still alive. And all the captains he defeated are still alive.

Me: What about Gin? And, um, Central 46?

Crazed Fangirl: Oh. *deflates* Yeah. I forgot about them. But… he's still awesome.

Me: 'Forgot'? Excuse me? Anyone who's murdered at least forty-seven people is not what I'd call awesome. *shakes head* It's a good thing he's in prison where all the fangirls can't get at him. Who knows what he could manipulate them into doing?

Seriously, stop it. Just stop it.


Ichigo Kurosaki


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