Dear Bleach Fanfiction Authors

Chapter 36 – Nelliel Tu Oderschwanck

A/N: I'm starting an Espada series, beginning with Nel for SakuraKiss444, ChieLuvsBleach, Yeast, blackravens4, RockaNGW, Scaevola2, Devil'sEyeAlchemist13, and AiiWoKoete.

(Originally posted 9/7/12.)


Dear Bleach Fanfiction Authors,

Where's Itsygo? He said I should come and read these funny stories. But he said I should only click on the letter K. Isn't that silly? Itsygo is always saying funny things. I think he needs a biiiiig hug! I better go find him soon!

He also said I should definitely not read stories with the letter M and me and Grimmjow. Now that's really strange. I wonder what's wrong with those letter M stories? Especially with Grimmy. Well… he is pretty scary. And I should tell Itsygo that if M stands for 'masochist,' that it's okay for me to see them.

But Dondochakka, Pesche, and Bawa Bawa aren't even listed on the drop-down. That makes me sad. Who am I gonna play eternal tag with?


Hello. I'm pleased to meet you, although it seems that you fanfiction authors don't really take us seriously. There are some very tragic circumstances going on in Bleach, and yet your stories focus almost exclusively on humor or romance.

Why would Kubo-sensei spend so much time describing what happened between Nnoitra and me? Not for the sordid purposes you seem to imagine. When we regained our capacity for reason, it changed our fundamental nature and especially our purpose in fighting. Kubo mentions 'reason' a lot in this manga… Think about why.


Nel (Nelliel Tu Oderschwanck)