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Summary: The legendary 9-tailed Wolf nearly destroys a village in Ireland a child was born and left and is saved by the 'Elite Squadron of Ryu' but is cursed to spend eternity with the 9-tailed wolf inside her body. On her journey she meets other people like her and their journey take them Forks, Washington where they ultimately find what they were searching for.

Unknown POV

The sounds of a baby crying could be heard over all the screams and yelling Ryan couldn't just pretend like he didn't hear the screaming. So he ran towards the screaming his squad chasing after him shooting at the huge wolf destroying their tribe.

"Where the hell are you going?" Marcus screamed.

"The child needs us." Ryan said.

"No our tribe needs us the child will be safe as long as we can detain the 9 tailed wolf." Marcus said.

"That child could help us save our tribe." Luna said.

"And how did you come to that conclusion Luna?" Marcus growled.

"Even if we are able to subdue the damn thing where would we put it? We already have spirits within us so we're no goes but putting the demon/spirit within the baby one of the purest entities in the world this baby could gain control over the demon/spirit and we'd never have to worry about it again she'd be eternal so she wont die." Luna said smiling.

They turned the corner coming up on the area where the baby's screams could be heard from Marcus moved faster so he reached the baby faster.

"It's a girl...it's Katiliona's daughter she was just born this morning."

"Start drawing the seal on her body everyone else I want you to charge your strongest attack and get prepared to hit the 9 tailed wolf with it." Ryan ordered.

Everyone started charging up their most powerful attacks the wolf was huge and powerful but if they did this perfectly they could subdue him long enough for Marcus to perform the ritual to put the wolf into the seal and ultimately the child.

The wolf charged them all of them released their attacks Ryu's being the brightest and most deadliest the wolf was knocked on its side panting its body already healing.

"Do it now Mai!"

"Ryu this is not the easiest thing to do so please do not rush me I am going as fast as I can there I am done." The baby was still crying but not as badly.

Marcus ran over to the wolf who was snarling at him still stunned Marcus stuck him with a needle drawing his blood he ran back over to the crying baby and injected the blood into him the baby screamed the wolf howled Marcus ran back over to the wolf and put his hand on the wolf's head and started chanting after 6 minutes of chanting he stopped.

"Hector bring the child over to me." Marcus spoke.

Hector grabbed the baby and walked over to Marcus he sat the baby down in front of him Marcus had started back the chanting now his hand was over both the baby started glowing as did the wolf it took 30 seconds and a bright light surrounded the alley when it disappeared the wolf was gone and the baby had markings all over his face.

"It is done...baby Isabel now holds the eternity of the 9-tailed wolf she will most likely be able to phase but using his powers might not be in her cards."

"So where are we going to take her?" Hector asked.

"I'll raise her." Luna said.

"Then it is settled me and Luna shall raise her and Ryan you can be her godfather so that she can still have a part of her Irish heritage seeing as I am English and Luna is of Spaniard descent."

"I would be honored." Ryan said smiling.

This was the start of the 'Legend of the Eternal Wolf.'

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