That morning, Adriane slammed her hand onto her alarm clock, sighing as she heard a familiar crunch of plastic. Another alarm clock that had fallen victim of the warrior mage's strength.

"Swagger Jagger, swagger jagger, you should get some of-"

Adriane jumped slightly. She had changed her ringtone back to "Swagger Jagger" after the conversation with her friend at three in the morning, but had forgotten. She picked up the phone and answered it as she walked into her Gran's kitchen, where Gran, Emily, and Kara were already having breakfast. Obviously the other two mages had let themselves in.


"Adriane. Long time since we've talked."

Adriane, who had just started taking a sip from a YooHoo bottle, choked and spit the chocolate drink across the room, coughing. "H-hi."

"I'm sorry, did I scare you?" There was still a tiny hint of Canadian accent in the voice on the other end of the phone. Adriane looked over at Kara, who was now dripping from the spit YooHoo.

"...How'd you get my number, exactly?"

"Cass gave it to me. Why?"

"So that's how she got those tickets..." Adriane raised an eyebrow. She glanced over at Kara again, who had raised her eyebrows curiously.

"Yeah. If I had known you were then friend she was giving those tickets to, I'd come visit you immediately."

"Wouldn't Selena get jealous?" Adriane asked, knowing she gave herself away. She started a mental countdown.

"No. She and I...aren't together anymore."

Adriane couldn't answer, because her mental countdown had hit one, and just as she expected, Kara had finally processed it.

"YOU'RE TALKING TO JUSTIN BIEBER?" Kara's voice turned into a screech, and I'm sure on the other end of the phone, Justin winced too.

"Who was that?"

Adriane put the phone on speaker just to get Kara to fangirl silently so Adriane could hear what Justin was saying. "A friend of mine. Kara, say hi."

"Hi!" Kara had managed to squeak out. Adriane rolled her eyes.

"Hey, Kara," Justin laughed as he spoke.

Shesaw Emily start to get impatient, and Adriane knew she had to start wrapping up the conversation.

"Listen, Bieber. Give Pattie, Jaxon, and Jazzy, and the rest of them my love, and I'll keep in touch with you. Okay?"

"Yeah. And you know, I never forgot about you after you left Stradford."

Kara 'awwwwwww'ed very loudly, and Adriane glared, ending the call.

"You're gonna get it, Barbie."

And she left it at that.