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why me?Carly thought to herself as she walked down the hallway of Bushwell Plaza, gripping her stomach. Jungle worms weren't being very kind to her insides at the moment. She could feel the pain, as if something were eating her insides. She wanted to…No, needed to vomit.

8-C, Carly felt a tinge of happiness hit her. Finally home she thought. Her smidge of joy was short lived when another groan escaped her as the jungle worms felt the need to agonize her more. She fell backwards into Freddie's apartment, opening the door accidentally.

She looked inside to find it empty, and even amongst her agony she thought I wonder how Freddie's been.

Another groan escaped her, now wasn't the time to lying on the floor in this uncomfortable position. I need to sit and be alone

"Are you okay?" Spencer asked with concern

"I'm sick and dying!" Carly said in a stern, angered voice.

"Maybe I should take you to a doctor?"

"No just open the door "

Soon they entered the Shay apartment. Instead of the usual quiet atmosphere, Spencer was shocked to find that they had a full house. Sam, Freddie,T-Bo and Gibby were all there. Carly fell to the floor with a groan before she could even show her disappoint and anger.

She moved herself to the couch and sat. Spencer started talking but Carly wasn't listening, she barely acknowledge their presence as her stomach was being louder than any words that any of them were saying. Carly thought sitting would help, she was wrong. After a few pleas for help she couldn't talk anymore. It was coming…In a matter of seconds she found herself sprinting to the bathroom.

The feeling of bittersweet release went through her as she felt as if she was dumping her guts in the toilet. She turned to lock the door when it suddenly opened. She felt a moment of surprise when she saw her brother Spencer.

"Are you okay kiddo?" He questioned, walking in. "Need some help?"

She shook her head, getting up. Her stomach felt better, but there was a new feeling. Disappointment... the word rung in her head as she flushed the toilet and looked into the mirror. She gestured her brother to leave and he nodded, giving a concerned look.

She looked at her own reflection, why was she disappointed? Why did she feel this new upsetting feeling in the pit of her stomach? As if her emotions gave her a new sickness.

She looked at the door through the reflection in the mirror. Nobody else came to her aid. Not Gibby, not T-bo, not Sam, not Freddie.

Freddie…..She thought a she stared at the door. Suddenly her eyes grew wide and she held her stomach. Another attack, jungle worms weren't about to go away that easily. It was going to be a long day.

So Carly stayed in the washroom, alone. Her thoughts were her only company. Well, that and some merciless jungle worms.

She looked at the door one last time.

Nobody was coming. Where are you She thought before looking away. She and the toilet were about to spend some quality time together.

A couple days have passed. Crazy things have happened. You'd think meeting One Direction would have more effect on a girl, not Carly. She blamed it on the jungle worms and the guilt of getting one of them sick. It didn't matter anymore, that was all over now. She now found herself currently free from craziness as she walked home after school on a beautiful spring day.

Can't wait to get home She thought to herself, increasing her pace.

Carly walked down the hallway in Bushwell Plaza. She turned the corner to see the sign beside her door. It read 8-C. She was home again.

A smile started appearing on her face when she remembered a funny memory. She looked towards Freddie's door and walked up to it. Staring at the peephole, reminiscing.

A few years ago Carly had just walked up to her apartment and Freddie opened the door from his apartment at the same instant. He was definitely waiting for her and she knew it. She remembered the cute face he made when she confronted him about it.

Carly's smiled grew into a wide grin as she remembered another moment.

"I bet you he's staring out of his peephole waiting for you to come home" Sam had said with a smirk.

"No he grew out of that" She had replied.

Sam walked up to The Benson apartment's door and smacked it right at the peephole. Carly was surprised to hear Freddie's cry of pain. The two girls laughed.

Carly gave a small laugh, her hand on top of the peephole she continued smiling. She stared at the door for a moment. Suddenly she smacked it, creating a loud thud.

The thud's echoes soon disappeared and there was silence.

Nothing, her smile faded. Guess he really did grow out of it.She thought, feeling disappointed.

She was about to turn and had into her apartment when the door opened.

"Hey Carls, something happen? What's up?" Freddie asked leaning on the wall with the door open.

Carly was caught off guard, her surprised face filled with some embarrassment. She collected herself and smiled. "Ummmm, wanna hang out? I just got home and I'm kinda bored."

"Sorry, can't. I've got to finish fixing the camera for the next iCarly. Besides, we're going to the Groovie Smoothie with everyone later remember?"Freddie responded apologetically.

"Oh yeah, okay. See you later" She said smiling, hiding the disappointment and sadness.

The door closed. Her smile faded. Well I'll see him later. She thought as she entered her apartment. I don't get why I'm so upset.

"Hey kiddo, welcome back. How was school? You okay? You look out of it." Spencer said as he stopped sculpting a giant fish.

"School was fine, I'm just stressed. There's just been a lot of stuff on my mind lately." Carly replied setting down her bag.

"Well you, little girl, should go relax. Aren't you going to the Groovie Smoothie later?" Spencer said with a smile as he pointed to her with dirty hands.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" she questioned.

"Freddie came in here to get the camera and said to remind you. He wouldn't want you to forget, now would he?" He replied smiling.

Carly's mood lightened up. She smiled and said "Well he probably would've come get me anyway."

She sat on the couch and turned on the TV when Sam came in through the door.

"Momma's home." She said entering the apartment with a smile.

"You don't live here." Spencer said as he continued sculpting.

"Well she might as well be, she's here all the time." Carly said with a laugh.

"Well you two should go upstairs. It's about to get messy and loud in here" Spencer said winding up a chainsaw.

"Why do you need a chainsaw?" Carly asked confused.

"Cuz its cool!" Spencer answered back.

Sam and Carly both laughed as Carly got up and turned off the TV. "C'mon Sam, let's go upstairs."

"Right behind you" Sam replied walking towards the stairs.

The two girls went upstairs, leaving Spencer with his strange sculpture.

The two girls sat on bean bag chairs in the iCarly studio as they talked. The conversation was light-hearted and for a while Carly successfully pushed her stressful thoughts away. As the conversation went on Carly started to think of Freddie and how she felt outside her apartment earlier today. Before she realized it she was zoned out completely, staring at the wall in front of her.

"What are you staring at?" Sam asked as she saw her friend staring at the wall. She turned to see what she was looking at, confused.

Carly snapped out of her train of thought, "Oh sorry, its just...do you think Freddie is acting strange? Or different? Or something?"

"Its Freddork, he's always weird" said began, she paused for a minute and thought. "well maybe he's less nubby now. Don't tell him I said that." She said almost regretting her words. "Wait why do you care anyway?" Sam finished with a confused voice.

Carly thought for a moment. "I don't know, I just think he's acting differently. Like...he's not treating me the same way."

"What do you mean? Did he do something stupid? What'd that nub do!"

"No! Nothing! You know what nevermind." Carly said in a somewhat annoyed voice.

"Are you sure? You don't loo-" Sam started replying but stopped when the elevator door opened.

"GIBBEH" Gibby said entering, Freddie following close behind him.

"So, are you guys ready to go?" Freddie asked with a smile.

Carly looked up and smiled saying "Yeah let's go."

Sam looked at her best friend closely, feeling concerned about her. She hesitated for a moment, but decided to let it go, at least for now. "Yeah, momma wants some milkshakes."

"It's a smoothie." Freddie said in a corrective tone.

"Same chiz." She snapped back

"No it isn't" Freddie said condescendingly.

As the group left the building Sam and Freddie kept at their constant bickering. Carly ignored it at first, then it began to irritate her. She clenched her teeth, and when it felt like she was about to snap. They stopped.

"Whatever" Sam said as she entered the Groovie Smoothie. When Sam saw the smoothies, she could care less about what the nub was saying.

They sat in their usual table.

"I'll get us the smoothies, what do you guys want?" Freddie said standing up.

"I'll try the new regular sized Mango tango" Gibby said looking at the menu.

"Momma wants the usual. Grande sized." Sam said with a smirk.

Carly thought for a moment, everything seemed to be unappetizing. "I'll just have a small strawberry" She said putting down the menu.

"Okay" Freddie said starting to walk away.

"You know what, I think I'll have a strawberry instead" Gibby said, still looking through the menu.

Freddie nodded. "Okay, got it."

"Actually I'll have banana." Gibby quickly said again.

Freddie shrugged. "Are you sure?"

"Okay, make it mango tango. I wanna try something new."

Freddie rolled his eyes. "Sure, cool." He said finally leaving.

Gibby was still looking through the menu and Sam looked at him and said "Dude, we already told him what we want. Stop looking at the menu."

"Okay, fine. Fine. I'll be right back, got to use the little boys room." Gibby said leaving.

Now they were alone and before she even opened her mouth Carly knew exactly what Sam was gonna bring up. "I'm fine Sam." She said, trying to sound sincere.

"I never said anything Carls."

"Well, I am okay?"

Sam looked at her for a moment. She sighed and said "If you ever need to talk you know I'm here for you right?"

Carly nodded and smiled."Yeah, I know. I honestly have nothing to say right now. Just stop worrying so much"

"Okay Carls" Sam said dismissing the issue.

Gibby returned and sat down. "Freddie back yet"

"Does he look like he's back?" Sam said in an annoyed voice.

Freddie walked back and sat, holding a tray of smoothies.

"Well speak of the nubby devil" Sam said smiling.

"Okay one regular Mango tango." Freddie said giving Gibby his smoothie.

"Nice." Gibby said with a smile.

"One Blueberry Banana Blitz, grande sized." Freddie said giving Sam her smoothie.

"Momma like" Sam said smirking.

"A strawberry smoothie for me, and a small banana smoothie for Carly" Freddie said smiling. He took a sip of his smoothie while he handed Carly hers.

Carly gave an upset face. "I wanted a strawberry…" she muttered.

"What?" Freddie said, not hearing her clearly.

"I Said I wanted a strawberry one!" She yelled in an angry tone. Everyone at the table gave a surprised look.

"Oh, Carly I'm sorry I mixed it up. Gibby kept confusing me with his order. And-"

"Oh shut it!" Carly said in an upset voice. "You even got Sam's order right and she didn't even tell you what the smoothie even was! You- you…urghhh"

Freddie looked at her with a shocked and confused face. "Carly, I'm sorry. Here you can have mine." He said offering it to her.

She looked at his smoothie straw and then his lips and she started to blush.

"B-But you already drank out of it. I-I'd only get half a smoothie." She said feeling her anger starting to be replaced with embarrassment.

"I took like two sips. Whatever, I'll get you a new one."

"Oh whatever yourself. I'm leaving." Carly said trying to sound mad still, but she was more embarrassed.

"Carly" "Carls" Sam and Freddie said at the same time. Carly got up and swiftly walked out the door.

She walked back in and took the banana smoothie and said "I'm taking this with me!" and walked out again.

Gibby sipped his smoothie as all the commotion was going on. "What's her problem?"

"I should go follow her" Freddie said with a concerned voice. Sam stopped him from getting up and shook her head.

"No, I got this one." Sam said running out to follow her best friend.

Gibby took another sip out of his smoothie. "I think I love mangos"

Freddie wasn't listening. I've never seen Carly so upset over something like this. I should go talk to her late and apologize. Something's been bugging her.

Outside Carly was walking toward bushwell plaza in a fast pace, How could he forget my order. Why am I so upset. She took a sip and remembered looking at Freddie's straw. Why am I blushing! She thought as she felt her cheeks.

She swallowed and looked at the smoothie in surprise. "This is actually pretty good" She said to herself as she stopped walking for a moment.

"Carly! Wait!" Sam yelled from down the street.

Carly started walking again, trying to avoid her but Sam was running and would soon catch up.

"Carly! Wait." She said grabbing Carly's shoulder and turning her around, catching her breath.

"I just drank half a grande smoothie, don't wanna upchuck it. Now tell me, what was that?" Sam said finally catching her breath

"What was what Sam?" Carly said somewhat annoyed

"Back at the Groovie Smoothie. You flipped out, Freddie apologized so come back. Chill your chiz. I'll even get you the smoothie."

"You don't have money." Carly replied dryly.

"Well I didn't say I would buy it" Sam replied defensively.

"I'm going home Sam. I wanna be alone."

"Did Freddie upset you that much? As much as I hate the nub, he didn't mean it and he even apologized. Even I wouldn't get this pissed…Well maybe"

"It's not just this one time Sam! He's…He's just…urghhh."

"What?" Sam questioned.

"Never mind, I'm going home."


Carly ignored her and walked away. This time Sam didn't stop her.

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