Its Friday May 13th, Friday the 13th hmmm I am not really a superstitious person and a day like today would normally be just any other day but I can shake the odd feeling like something is going to happen today, not sure whether its good or bad just something. I feel odd, perhaps I'm just nervous and anxious and slightly stressed. My due date is 2 weeks away and today is my last day at the office Christian has insisted I take the next 2 weeks off to prepare for Blips arrival. I tried to convince him to let me work next week but he would have nothing of it. I finally got him to relent and he is at least allowing me to work from home…sorta, I shake my head and roll my eyes at the memory of that "discussion" if that's what you can call it. Ah my overbearing, always in charge, worried about me husband I swear if he does not learn how to relax and not get himself worked up over every little thing he is going to give himself a heart attack!

I have just finished my meeting with Roach. We went over all that's being covered while I'm gone, The 2 new manuscripts I am pushing to be published and the meetings set up with a very promising new author, as well as two of our best sellers. As I walk back to my office, Hannah, my assistant, is at her desk filing some documents.

"Hannah, would you please join me in my office? I'd like to just run through things once more to make sure everything is covered."

"Sure thing Ana, I'll be right in"

"Thank you"

I walk back into my office and just as I sit down in my chair I feel this strange cramp along my stomach, it doesn't last long and I think maybe Blip is not a fan of the chicken salad sandwich we had for lunch. He can be picky sometimes.

Hannah walks in with her notebook and takes a seat and we begin to go over the list once more, I assure her that things will be fine and I have complete confidence in her, also that I will have my Blackberry if there is a really big problem that needs my attention other than that the other editors have all stepped up to help while I am away.

I am really glad that they have all gotten over the fact that I am married to the boss, it seems I have proven myself worthy of the job and I have made friends with a few which is nice. It turns out that Sarah one of the other editors was the one causing the problems by telling everyone I was just spoiled and incompetent and the only reason I was an editor was because of my husband. Shortly after word got out that I in fact would be running SIP, I mean Grey Publishing, and everyone got to know me they realized that I, could in fact handle the job. They saw I was smart, confident and knew what I was talking about. Sarah of course was fired once Christian found out what was going on, he saw the e-mails she was sending out. I can't say I feel sorry for her I mean she kinda had it coming for acting like we were in high school again. Don't mess with my fifty.

Hannah and I chat about a few more things. I rise to escort her out of my office, and I have to pee again, I am crippled by an intense pain that lances through my stomach; I bend slightly holding my belly,

"Holy shit" I say panting.. What the hell?

"ANA! Are you ok?! Hannah asks with a panicked look on her face, as she helps me back into my chair

"UM…I don't know" I say trying to catch my breath, the pain has gone away

"Let me go get you some water…Should I call Mr. Grey?"

"No Hannah just some water will be fine, I think Blip did not approve of my lunch choice today"

Hannah smiles slightly and races out of the room she is back in 2 minutes with a glass of water and Sawyer!

"Please don't be mad at me Ana I'm just worried about you" Hannah says in a concerned tone coming over to my side, and kneeling by my chair.

"I'm not mad Hannah"

"Mrs. Grey, are you ok?' asks Sawyer and if I'm not mistaken he is concerned too. Geeze.

"Yes, Luke I'm ok, Just a stomach ache I believe, I assume you called Taylor?"

"Yes ma'am" and as soon as he answers "Your Love is King" sounds from my blackberry, I sigh and roll my eyes, and answer the phone.

"Hi Christian"

"Jesus Ana, are you ok?! Do I need to come get you or have Sawyer take you to the Hospital? He sounds worried, adamant. I can tell he is in the car. Hmmm.

"Christian where are you?"

"Why the fuck does that matter?! Will you just fucking answer the question!" He's angry now and well I don't care I don't feel like being scolded today so he can just deal with it!

"Don't yell at me! I'm not in the mood to be yelled at!" I yell back and as I do that pain lances trough me again and I gasp, breathing rapidly trying to control it.

Christians voice is panicked "Ana what's wrong?"

"I don't know" I say softly gasping for air.

30 seconds later Christian is bursting into my now very cramped office. He must have been in the car when Sawyer called Taylor. Hannah gets up and moves out of the way.

Christian is by my side in 3 long quick strides, he drops to his knees and searches my face, the pain has left again and my breathing is returning to normal. Christian locks eyes with mine, panicked concerned grey to panicked and scared blue.

"What's going on?" he asks again, placing his hands over mine which are still cradling my belly.

Hannah quickly explains what happened, Christian listens intently all the while never taking his eyes off mine. Taylor has appeared in my office now. Geeze. How many more people are we going to fit in here?

"I thought originally that Blip just did not like what we had for lunch it was just small cramps, you know brought on hormones, and stress but now….Oh Christian I don't know, I'm scared I think that Blip is ready to make his debut" I see fear, excitement and panic wash over his face…oh Christian it's going to be ok...I think

"Oh Baby, don't be scared, I'm here Ana, it's going to be ok, I love you I will take care of you." He kisses me briefly calming me slightly.

"Sawyer, go back to Escala and grab the hospital bags by the door, Taylor go get the car we are taking Mrs. Grey to the Hospital now!" His eyes never leave mine and there he is my commanding husband ever in control.

"Yes sir!" both Taylor and Sawyer say in unison

"Well there goes the plan of getting prepared for the next two weeks." I say with a smirk

"Fair point, well made, Mrs. Grey it seems our son has his own plans." Christian grins

"Is there anything else I can do?" Hannah asks with and sense of excitement in her voice.

"Please Hannah if you would grab my purse from behind the door I think that is…..AHH!" Pain lances trough me again and I keep my eyes locked on my husbands and grab his hands he is now breathing with me and trying to keep me calm.

It's really amazing how just looking at him looking at me makes this easier, I feel our connection, it's because I know that I have nothing to fear when Christian is around he won't let anything bad happen to me or Blip and I feel safe, secure and it's such a calming feeling, as the pain subsides and my breathing slows Christian stands and scoops me into his arms.

"I can walk Christian."

He looks down at me with his you're kidding right? Look "Yes Ana I am well aware you can walk but I will use any excuse I can to hold you in my arms."

I smile at him throwing my arms around his neck; he grins bends down kisses my forehead.

Hannah hands me my purse and phone and wishes us luck as Christian carries me down to the car.

Outside Taylor is waiting by the open car door,

"Get in." Christian orders Taylor as he gently places me in the back seat, he buckles my seat belt, I grab his face, he looks at me,

"You love strapping me into things don't you."

Christian grins "any chance I get Mrs. Grey." he leans in and kisses me gently on the lips.

Our kiss is cut short as another contraction hits me and I tense, I rub my belly and Christian closes my door races around to the other side and jumps in

"GO NOW TAYLOR!" he shouts,

Taylor steps on the gas and races into traffic toward the hospital which thankfully is not too far away I moan slightly as the pain is becoming more intense, I grab Christians hand and squeeze, he locks eyes with mine allowing me to concentrate on him rather than the pain together we breathe…..

Once we arrive at the hospital things move quickly within 10 min I am in my own room, more like a suite than a hospital room. Dr. Greene, my OBGYN is in checking on me, Taylor had her paged,

"You're well on your way Ana, 5 centimeters dilated, I know that we have discussed the no medication option but I want to let you know you can change your mind if it gets to be too much"

"She wants the medication" Christian snaps

"NO!" I say forcefully, "Christian I told you no drugs I don't want blip to be affected by anything no!"

"Ana..."he begins "NO Christian I don't want them! End of Discussion!"

SHIT another contraction, "Christian…" I gasp as I squeeze his hand.

"It's ok baby I'm right here just breathe and squeeze my hand let me take away your pain." he says trying to be strong.

"oh baby I hate seeing you in pain, I want to take it away if I could, please Ana, Baby, think about the medication please."

The contraction has passed,

"Christian, we have discussed this, I am much stronger then you think, I don't want the drugs, I don't want blip affected by them, I know you want to take away the pain but truthfully you being here, makes it so much easier, you are my drug Mr. Grey, with you by my side I can handle just about anything...I thought you knew that by now."

He smirks, "Yes Mrs. Grey you are very strong I do know this"

Dr. Greene Smiles "Ana I'll be back to check on you in an hour or so, if you need anything just call."

"Thank you Dr. Greene" I say as she walks out of the room.

"Oh my Christian!" I shriek

"Another one?" he asks

"No Christian My mom and Ray I haven't called them, Christian I need my mom to be here, and you parents oh we need to…"

"Hush baby don't worry It's all been taken care of, I called your mom our plane is picking her and Bob up as we speak, she will be here in about an 2 hours, I notified Ray, he is making his way down, and I called my mom and she is letting my dad, Elliot and Mia know and I am sure they are on their way as well. Kate tried to call you as we were being brought up to the room so she knows too. I expect her here any moment now…you know Kate… "

I giggle, "Yes I do and yes she will be here soon."

"Ahh Mrs. Grey I love the sound of your giggle,"

"Christian you really amazing, thank you for taking care of all of that" I smile

"My pleasure baby it's what I do, besides", he places his other hand on my belly, "I don't want you to worry about anything expect taking care of blip and bringing him safely into our lives" he gives me his shy smile, reserved specially for me. I grin widely back at him, and place my hand over his.

I can't help but feeling a tremendous amount of love for my husband right now, he has not panicked or gone all fifty on me. He has stayed in control but not in a mean aggressive manner, and he has stayed clam which is a little surprising considering we are in a situation he really can't control, but it has kept me calm as well. I realize too that he has not let go of my hand since we got here, it makes me smile bigger, looking back at how far we have come and what we've been through, I mean given his initial reaction about blip I was concerned we would never get here, but we did. It took Christian some time to warm up to blip but once he did well he was amazing, very attentive, which was sweet but sometimes he was a little too attentive, he went to all the La Maze classes with me, helped design the nursery and pick out all the baby supplies we would need. Who would have thought, Christian Grey in a baby store picking out clothes, the memory brings joy to my heart.

"What are you thinking baby?" he asks.

"About shopping" I reply.

A confused amused look crosses his face, "shopping?" he asks

"Yes, you and me shopping for clothes and cribs for blip."

"Oh" he grins wider.

My face falls and our moment is interrupted once again by the pain, Christian locks eyes again with me while I squeeze his hand he rubs his thumb over my knuckles and we breathe together allowing me to concentrate in him…..

We have had a steady stream of visitors just checking on us, Kate of course was first.

"Goodness Ana, you like to do everything quickly lately, I mean you fell in love and married so quick now you can't even wait til your due date", she teases

"Aw Kate, I wish I had more control over this, but it seems your nephew has a mind of his own and just could not wait to meet his Auntie Kate!"

"I can't wait to meet him either! Ana, you know how much I love you, I am so proud of you! Stay strong Steele."

"I will thanks Kate and I love you too!" I grin

Ray, Elliott, Mia and Carrick have all stopped by as well to wish us luck, Ray doesn't stay too long he says he can't watch me in pain, tells me to hang in there and give me a quick kiss, and goes to waiting room with bob who, too, is uncomfortable being in here. Grace and my Mom stay a little longer, to visit and make sure that both Christian and I are ok. Christian has been very patient with all the visitors and allowed them to stay and chat. However Christian has never left my side.

Grace and my mom have come in a few more times to check on us and offer to sit with me while Christian takes a break but he refuses each time.

"I'm not leaving Ana's side." Is all he will say.

Both soon to be grandmas just smile in return. They stay a few more minutes and go back to the waiting room.

Its been 13 hours and I am still in labor, I had no idea it would be this long. Dr. Green has come in and I am only at 8 centimeter 2 more to go, geeze this is taking forever and I am so tired.

"Ana" Dr. Green begins, " I know you are tired , but I have something we need to discuss, I want you to consider a C-Section, I know you wanted to deliver naturally but I am getting concerned that the Pitocin we have given you has not progressed your labor enough, and I don't want the baby to be in distress.

Wait what blip is in danger? Tears spring to my eyes,

"The baby is in trouble?!" I sob in panic, gripping Christians hand as my face pales and I start to shake. A look of panic sweeps across Christian's face.

"No Ana don't panic the baby is fine at the moment but if your labor does not speed up soon it may be a different story."

"What the fuck!" Christian snaps, "Why the hell did you scare us like that especially Ana?! Don't you think she is going through enough? Telling us the baby is trouble, what are you trying to do to her?!

"Christian!" I admonish

"I am not trying to scare either one of you Mr. Grey I am just giving you the honest truth about the situation if Ana's labor does not progress in the next 2 hours we are going to have to do a C-section for both their sakes."

She turns to me "Ana everything is fine for now, keep it mind and I will be back in an hour or so again to see where we are at."

I turn to Christian tears still running down my face.

"Don't leave me Christian." I beg…

"Ana I'm not going anywhere, do you hear me I. Am. Not. Leaving. You." Still sobbing I squeeze his hand harder

"Christian I need to see my mother please get her"

"Anything baby," He reaches for his phone and calls his mom,

"Mom…. Things are fine, Ana needs to see her mother and I am not leaving her side, please send Carla back here quickly….Thanks mom, love you too. Oh and mom…could you send dad too please….I..I..I need to talk to him if you don't mind?...Thanks"

"Your mom is on her way in Ana,"

At that moment my mother comes rushing into the room and is by my side in seconds standing next to Christian and grabs my other hand.

My eyes lock with hers "Ana sweetie its ok I'm here"

"Oh Mom…" I'm still sobbing,

"I am so scared the doctor says I'm not moving fast enough and the baby could end up trouble."

"Carla," Christian says softly, "please sit and talk with Ana, the doctor wants her to prepare for the possibility of a C-section I am going to step out…"

"NO!" I say panicking "don't leave me!"

I know he is not leaving me but I need him here with me I can't do this without him.

"Ana its ok I will be right outside I need to speak with my dad,"

I nod,

"Sweetie I will be here with you while Christian talks with his father, its ok." I nod again and Christian bends over the bed and kisses me gently on the lips.

He lets go of my hand for the first time in 14 hours and walks outside. I feel slightly panicked, but even I realize he might need a break. I turn back to my mom who has now sat down where Christian was.

"Mom what am I going to do.?"

"Ana," she brings her hand up to my cheek to caress it whipping away my tears,

"It's ok stop crying, I know your overwhelmed and scared but you are safe and so is the baby. You are a very strong young woman, and it won't be the end of the world if you have to have a C-section, all that matters is bringing this baby, safely into the world. Listen, you have been a wonderful mother for the last 9 months by keeping him safe and protecting him and you and I both know that you will continue to protect him and keep him safe for the rest of your life. Having a C-section is not a bad thing; it just means you will do whatever you need to keep your baby safe. It's all going to be ok."

As I look into my mother's eyes, I know her words are true, I will do everything in my power to keep blip safe. This is why I needed to see my mother I needed to hear her voice, her kind words, and see her face I needed the reassuring presence that only my mother could give me. God I love her so much. I know everything will be fine now. I idly wonder if Christian is having a similar conversation with his dad, getting the re-assurance he needs about becoming a father.

"Mom I'm sorry"

"Sorry? For what darling"

"For putting you through this when I was born" I say smiling.

She laughs and so do I. "Oh honey, don't be sorry. I would not change a thing, and besides it was worth every minute, every drop of pain just to bring you into this world and be your mother. I am so proud of you and woman you have become and you too will feel the same the moment you see you baby for the first time, all of this will be forgotten."

I smile again.

My mom and I sit quite for a few minutes, I am just enjoying her comfort, and I begin to relax slightly. All of a sudden another contraction hits me, I'm panting squeezing my mother's hand while she strokes my cheek,

"Mom…I need…I need…," I'm gasping between breaths,

"What darling what do you need?"

"CHRISTIAN!" I scream as the pain intensifies rapidly, this is really really intense oh my!.

In a split second Christian bursts through the door, and is by my side instantly grasping my hand, sitting on the bed.

"Ana, I'm here love, I'm here, baby just breathe, its ok I'm here"

This contraction seems to go on forever the pain getting worse and worse, I can't breathe any longer I feel like I am gasping for precious air, "AHHH" I scream, griping Christian and my mother's hands in a vice like grip and just when I don't know if I can do this anymore the pain begins to lessen, slowly…slowly…slowly, and then it's gone and I can catch my breath.

"You're doing really well Ana" my mother says, I just look at her and nod, I turn and lock eyes with Christian, I can see the fear in his eyes, but fear of what I'm not sure, but my mom does… Standing and turning to look at my husband,

"Christian," he glances up at my mother as she places a hand on his shoulder, surprisingly he doesn't flinch or move away,

"It's ok the pain is natural it comes with childbirth, Ana is doing very, very well and there is nothing wrong with the situation, Ana and the baby are going to be just fine don't worry, stay strong for my daughter she needs you. You are going to be just fine you all are." she finishes smiling at him.

Leave it to my mom to know exactly what to say. Standing up he leans down and places a soft kiss on my mother's cheek,

"Thank you Carla, I will stay strong I will take care of her and the baby, I promise this on my life" comes his emotional response,

"I know" says my mom. "I love you both very much. Ana, if you are ok I am going to leave the two of you alone now and go back out with everyone else, I will be back if you need me"

I nod

"Thank you mom, I think I will be ok now, I love you" squeezing her hand slightly as she leans down and kisses my forehead

"I love you too sweetie it's all going to be ok don't worry, you're a fine mother I have every faith in you." She gives me another kiss.

She turns to leave the room, she stops briefly at the door and turns to watch the two of us, Christian is once again sitting in the chair by my bed holding my hand, caressing my cheek eyes locked to mine, my mom smiles, seeing the love pass between us and knowing I will be taken care of she leaves to join the others anxiously waiting.

"Christian what did you talk to your dad about?"

"Nothing baby don't worry about it"


"Ana I just needed to talk to him that's all just needed to talk to my dad nothing to worry about."

"Oh." and what I thought was true he too needed some re-assurance and it makes me smile, I know how hard it must have been to ask his dad for advice or help but I am proud that he is beginning to recognize that its ok to ask his parents and myself for help when he needs it and that it in turn makes him stronger.

"Thank you" I say

"For what?" he asked bemused.

Tears spring to my eyes, "For being you, being here, being strong and not leaving me" I sob "I could not do this without you."

"Baby you are the strong one", He gently wraps me in his arms,

"I am in awe of you I am so proud of how well you are doing, and how such a wonderful mother you have been to our son keeping him safe, I meant what I said to you that day in the meadow, I will do everything in my power to protect you and our son and to keep you both safe I will take care of our family for the rest of my life. I love you Ana!"

Tears continue to fall down my face, I love my husband so much and I am so tired, I want this to be over I just want to meet blip, too many emotions, damn hormones!

With no warning, like the others give me this contraction just hits me full on extreme pain immediately, "OW OW OW CHRISTIAN!" I am trying to curl in a ball fight the pain, control it somehow, it's not working,

"HELP ME PLEASE! CHRISTIAN!" I cry. My eyes closed trying to fight and find an escape

"ANA!" Christian pulls my face up

"Ana look at me!" he commands my eyes open and lock with his immediately, I am crying, and panting,

"Breathe with me baby, nice and slow, big deep breaths in and out nice and slow," he demonstrates, and I follow, breathing in and out, slowly and deeply, all the while squeezing his hand and staring into his beautiful grey eyes. God my husband is amazing.

About an hour and a half later Dr. Greene comes in with some not so great news…

"Mrs. Grey you've been in labor for 15 hours now. Your Contractions have slowed in spite of the Pitocin. We need to do a C-section- The Baby is in distress." Dr. Greene is adamant

"About fucking time!" Christian growls at her and Dr. Greene ignores him.

"Christian, quite." I squeeze his hand. My voice is low and weak and everything is fuzzy—the walls, the machines, the green-gowned people… I just want to go to sleep. But I have something I need to do first. Oh yes "I wanted to push him out myself."

"Mrs. Grey Please. C-section."

"Please, Ana," Christian pleads

"Can I sleep then?"

"Yes, baby, yes." It's almost a sob and Christian kisses my forehead.

"I want to see Lil' Blip"

"You Will."

"Okay" I whisper

"Finally," Dr. Greene mutters. "Nurse page the anesthesiologist. Dr. Miller, prep for a C-section. Mrs. Grey, we are going to move you to the OR."

"Move?" Christian and I speak at once

"Yes. Now"

And suddenly we're moving—quickly, the lights on the ceiling blurring into one long bright strip as I'm whisked across the corridor.

"Mr. Grey, you'll need to change into scrubs."


"Now Mr. Grey"

He squeezes my hand and releases me.

"Christian." I call panic setting in,

We are through another set of doors, and in no time a nurse is setting up a screen across my chest. The door opens and closes, and there's so many people in the room. It's so loud…I want to go home

"Christian?" I search the faces in the room for my husband.

"He'll be with you in a moment, Mrs. Grey."

A moment later, he's beside me, in blue scrubs, and I reach for his hand,

"I'm frightened," I whisper

"No, baby, no. I'm here. Don't be frightened. Not my strong Ana." He kisses my forehead and I can tell by the tone of his voice that something's wrong.

"What is it?"


"What's Wrong?"

"Nothing's Wrong. Everything's fine. Baby you're just exhausted." His eyes burn with fear.

"Mrs. Grey, the anesthesiologist is here. He's going to give you an epidural, and then we can proceed."

"She's having another contraction."

Everything tightens again like a steel band around my belly. Shit! "Christian!" I Crush Christian's hand as I ride it out. This is what's tiring-enduring this pain. I am so tired. I can feel the numbing liquid spread….spread down. I can concentrate on Christian's face on the furrow between his brows. He's tense. He's worried. Why is he worried?

"Can you feel this Ana?" Dr. Greene's disembodied voice is coming from behind the curtain.

"Feel what?'

"You can't feel it.?"


"Good. Dr. Miller, let's go."

"You're doing well, Ana"

Christian is pale. There is sweat on his brow. He's scared. Don't be scared, Christian. Don't be scared.

"I Love you," I Whisper

"Oh, Ana," he sobs. "I love you, too, so much."

I feel a strange pulling deep inside. Like nothing I've felt before. Christian looks over the screen and blanches but stares fascinated.

"What's happening?"

"Suction! Good…"

Suddenly, there's a piercing angry cry.

"You have a boy, Ana. Check his Apgar."

"Apgar is nine."

"Can I see him?" I gasp

Christian disappears from view for a second and reappears a moment later, holding my son, swathed in blue. His face is pink and covered in white mush and blood. My baby. My Blip…Theodore Raymond Grey.

When I glance at Christian, he has tears in his eyes.

"Here's your son, Mrs. Grey," he whispers, his voice strained and hoarse.

"Our Son," I breathe. "He's beautiful."

"He is," Christian says and plants a kiss on our beautiful boy's forehead beneath a shock of dark hair. Theodore Raymond Grey is oblivious. Eyes closed, his earlier crying forgotten, he's asleep. He is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. So beautiful, I begin to weep.

"Thank you, Ana," Christian Whispers, and there are tears in his eyes, too.

I can't take my eyes off my husband and son. Christian is holding Teddy so gently and so protectively my heart swells. Christian comes over to my side, and leans down so I can give my baby boy a kiss. Tears still in my eyes.

"Mrs. Grey we are finished here. We are going to move you back to your room, and take your son to the nursery."

"No. Christian says softly.

"Mr. Grey," Dr. Greene begins, "its standard procedure to bring newborn babies to the nursery while the parents rest, especially the mother."

"No." Christian says again more forcefully but still quietly. "You are not taking our son anywhere; he will come back to the room with me and his mother. Ana has not even gotten a chance to hold her son yet."

"Mr. Grey, we need to bathe him and get his measurements."

"Then you had better figure out how to do that from the room because that is where he is going!"

Christian gives Dr. Greene his no nonsense look, and she nods. I smile, I know that we are not following procedure but I don't care I don't want to be separated from my son for one second. In this moment I am glad that my husband is an overbearing control freak that usually gets his way.

We make our way back to the room, Christian still holding our son; staring at him and me alternately he is in awe. Finally back in the room. I am allowed to sit up gently. Teddy is a getting cleaned up and his check up, I smile as Christian is hovering, and Christian never hovers. Teddy cries during this process , and it's such a sweet innocent sound, I am sure I won't feel that way at 2 A.M. but right now its perfect.

My son is now wrapped snuggly in a blue blanket and is content once again resting back in his father's arms. Christian walks over to me and sits on the bed and places our son in my arms. Finally I am holding my Blip, he the most precious thing I've ever seen I begin to cry again.

"Hello, my sweet perfect baby boy. I am your mommy and this is your daddy and we both love you so much."

Theodore just stays asleep completely secure in my arms I look up at Christian and our eyes lock. Tears running down my cheeks and tears in Christians eyes. He leans over and we kiss a gentle, love filled perfect kiss.

"Well Mrs. Grey you feel up to some visitors? I think we have some anxious people in the waiting room wanting to meet our Son." I nod,

"Yes I agree I don't know how long Taylor can keep everyone out of here especially our mothers!" I giggle.

"Fair point, well made, Mrs. Grey" he says with a laugh. "I will have Taylor let them in one or two at a time….Grandmothers first."

"Oh No Christian I want him to meet everyone at once, one big happy family. I like everyone around."

"Are you sure baby? It won't be too much for you?"

"Not at all, bring them all in. Please."

Christian calls out to Taylor.

"Sir" Taylor says as he enters the room.

"Taylor would you mind…"

"Taylor" I interrupt,


"Would you please come here?" Taylor walks over.

"Taylor I would like to introduce you to Theodore, Teddy for short." Taylor looks a bit shocked and then smiles,

"It's nice to meet you Teddy….Congratulations Ana, Mr. Grey"

I smile at Taylor, "Thank you Taylor, and thank you for everything you have done for us especially today.

"My Pleasure Ma'am" Taylor says softly.

Christian smiles at Taylor. "Taylor would you please go out and tell our family that we are ready to see them and Taylor… Thank you."

"Sir" Taylor nods and walks out of the rooms.

"Ana, why did you want Taylor to meet Teddy first?"

"Because Christian, Taylor is an important part of our lives, and I know you see him as staff but I see him as part of our family, besides I thought he should meet his newest little 'boss in training'" I grin.

Christian smirks, "Fair Enough."

A few moments later the family is filling the room, Grace, and my mom rush over to the bed, Carrick, Elliot, Kate, Ray, Mia, Ethan and Bob all file in as well, Christian gets up to hug everyone with a huge smile on his face, my mom, Grace and Kate all bend over to hug me, Ray comes to stand by the other side of my bed. Congratulations coming from the entire family.

"So how much longer are you going to keep us all in suspense? Kate asks excitedly. "What is my new little nephew's name?"

Christian and I grin at each other. We decided on the name soon after we found out it was a boy and we decided not to tell anyone which was harder than we expected. Christian nods at me, he grasps his mother's hand, and I hold one of Ray's...

"Everyone," I pause glancing down at my son, then around the room which is so filled with love for my little man,

"I would like to introduce to you our son, Theodore Raymond Grey." My voice is hoarse as tears come to my eyes.

I look at Ray and he too has tears in his eyes he squeezes my hand, and Grace, of course, is weeping joyfully.

"That's such a perfect name!" Mia says excitedly!

Ray bends down to give me a hug, I whisper in his ear, "Thank you for everything Daddy, I love you always."

"I love you too baby girl" he rasps.

Christian hugs his mother as she sobs into his shoulder, "Thank you darling!" Your grandfather would be so honored.

"Mom, Thank you, I can never repay you for saving me. I would not be here if it were not for you and dad of course."

"Oh, Darling," She continues to sob.

I look around and everyone has tears in their eyes, enjoying this moment of pure love between the family all brought to the surface by this little miracle sleeping in my arms.

"Can we hold him?" My mom asks.

"Of course." I reply.

I gently hand Teddy to my mother. Over the next few hours as we all sit around and visit, chatting, Teddy gets introduced to each member of the family. The whole while, Christian sits next to me on the bed holding my hand, watching our family interacting with one another and watching them all completely fall in love with our son. There are moments where I see complete awe, on his face, as he sits quietly, I think he still has trouble comprehending all this emotion and love at times. I Squeeze his hand gently he looks down and smiles.

I am leaning against Christian; I am starting to dose a bit. Christian notices,

"As much as we are all enjoying your company, It been a long exhausting day for my beautiful wife and she needs to get some rest."

"That's my brother's nice way of telling us all to get the hell out of here." Grins Elliott

Christian grins back and Grace just shakes he head at her sons.

"No you don't have to leave," I say yawning

Mia Chuckles, "Ana you can barely keep your eyes open, we could all use some rest, we can come back tomorrow."

"OK" I say with a tired smile.

After a steady stream of hugs and goodbye's we are once again alone, just the 3 of us. Teddy is once again in my arms and I don't really want to let him go, he begins to fuss and cry I do my best to comfort him but realize he probably needs to eat, I have Christian call the nurse, who helps show me how to feed my son, the sensation is something I am sort of use to with all the attention my husband gives to my breasts in bed, but this is a complexly new concept the fact that I am feeding my son it really is an amazing experience, and once again tears fall down my cheeks.

"Is something wrong? Does it hurt? Why are you crying?" Christian asks concerned,

I shake my head, "No it doesn't hurt, it's just kind of amazing how much one person can depend so fully on you. I mean we are his world Christian, You and I. We are completely responsible for this precious little boy. He will depend on us for everything. Christian, I have so much love for him already, I mean I loved him as he was growing inside me but finally getting to meet him, that love has grown in infinite size today; I love him so much. I will do everything I can to be the best mother to him and I know you will be the best father you can be and well, It's just an overwhelming feeling when you think about it, and my emotions are all over the place and I'm sorry I am such a mess…"

"Baby... hush its ok, you are not a mess you're beautiful and you're tired. You have nothing to be sorry for, it's been a very long day for us all and you…well you have worked hard today and have been through a lot. You can cry all you want."

He wraps an arm around my shoulder as I nestle closer, Teddy still in my arms.

"I too am overwhelmed by the love I feel for him. I sat here today watching this little man meet our families and I think for the first time I could feel all the love not just for Teddy, but for you and me and the rest of our family, I mean that's what we all are, one big family. It took you and our son for me to finally realize that, and for me to hold him to know that I want to be a great father to him. Just like my dad was to me. Our son, our sweet precious little Teddy will want for nothing, I love him so much as well. To think you and I created him out of love." He leans down and kisses Teddy on the forehead.

"We have come so far Anastasia. Thank you for making me face life and not stay hidden in my office or my apartment. Thank you Ana for loving me, for giving me a life worth living, for giving me you, for giving me our son, for giving me more, you have given me the world and for this I will do everything in my power to make you happy and keep you both safe at my side."

"Christian, I love you so much! Thank you for being mine. I can't ever picture my life without you. You made me come alive, and have given me everything I could possibly ask for or want. You are my world Christian, you and our perfect little boy here. I am so blessed to have you." Tears streaming down my face. I am so tired.

Christians stands up and brings the rocking chair over next to the bed. He bends down give me a gentle, deep kiss.

"Thank you Ana, I love you, time to sleep."

I bend down and kiss Teddy, "Good night my sweet boy, Mommy loves you so much"

Christian takes him in his arms, and I lay back on my bed, gingerly turning to my side so I can watch my men. He sits in the rocker with Teddy in his arms and begins to rock him gently just staring at him completely in awe.

He glances at me I smile, "Sleep" He says.

Oh bossy fifty.

"Goodnight Christian I love you."

"I Love you too Ana, please sleep." And with a smile on my face as I watch father and son, my eyes begin to close slowly until finally I sleep.