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Mari's P.O.V.

"No...I'm not okay." Pan had murmured that in such a husky tone that I really didn't need to think twice about what he was going to do. But it wasn't what I expected it to be. Not that I would change anything.

My first kiss...and it was from Pan. I would never had thought that a few days ago but now...who else would it be from? I had expected Pan (in those two seconds before he leaned in.) to be more...rough? That was the way he acted a lot of the times..cold and uncaring. But our kiss was anything but. He softly pressed his lips to mine (in such a way that even my bruised and bitten lower lip couldn't protest against.) so close that I felt his lashes softly brush my cheeks. I would've collapsed right then and there if he hadn't wrapped his arms around me, supporting me into his chest.

He pulled away a little too soon for me (but I didn't ever want to stop so...) and I ended up resting my head on his chest.

"Mari, I want you to listen to me." I didn't respond, I could feel his heart beating. I had thought it would be beating as fast as mine was but it was gradually beginning to slow down. It was calming, stable...

"Are you listening?" Pan gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Hmm?" I hummed lazily. His chest was so warm, not at all like I thought (I was positive it would be cold.)

A soft chuckle escaped his lips and I felt his chest rise and fall a little with it. I felt so close with him right now. Why didn't we always?

"I don't want you near him."


"That boy," Pan wrapped his arms a little tighter around me. "I don't want him near you. Or any others. Do you understand me?" No Takoda? That would be kind of hard seeing as Ina was planning on adopting me. But didn't that make me his sister? So he couldn't do anything even if he wanted. But why was Pan worried about that?

"Jealous?" I didn't answer his question but teased at him lightly as I removed my head from his chest and rested my chin on him so that I could look into his eyes. He gazed down seriously at me though he had a small smile at the corners of his lips. I loved that. Emotion. He was showing emotion to me. He was showing emotion for me.

"Very. I'm..." He parted his lips a little a blew into my face. A shudder visibly ran through my body and I closed my eyes. Again he was chuckling. "Territorial." Territory? "I want you all to myself."

"And how exactly do you plan on doing that?" I opened my eyes again. He was so beautiful, but why exactly did he like me again? It just seemed like he just randomly liked me. I mean the only time I was ever fully aware of this was when he kissed me. Like two minutes ago!

"I'll do whatever I have to." Hmm...not going to argue with him about this. A small pushes its way out of me. "What?"

"Nothing. But what do we do now?"

"First off, we have to go back to The Village. Then, I'm taking you back with me-" OH MY GOD!

"I forgot!" I gasped pulling away from him a little. " Ina wants to adopt me! Am I still supposed to leave?" Pan frowned down at me.

"I don't want you here." Okay, so yea, we have pretty much covered that he didn't want me anywhere near Takoda but, I really wanted to be around Flora and Ina.


"What?" He sounded surprised.

"I want to stay here."

"What?" That same tone, but now he was had this confused look on his face. Pan confused...Wow.

"I want to stay here?"

"What did you call me?"

"Pan?" He took a deep breath.

"Did you call me Peter?" Did I? If I did, I wasn't thinking much about it then.

"Did I?"

"Yes...I think you did."

"Oh...is that a problem?"

"No, not really." He didn't look as shocked as he had before but he was looking at me in a completely different way.


"Nothing," He shrugged but he still had this semi-amused look on his face (as if he was deciding whether or not he should be happy about this.). I pulled myself completely out of his grasp and we just stood there in this awkward silence. Well, at least it was awkward for me. Pan wasn't really giving anything away.

"So...do we head back? Oh! Okay, Pan," I made sure to emphasize his name and he raised his eyebrows at me. "I kinda want to..."

"Want to what?" Was is me or was he edging a little closer?

"Um," I gulped looking down so that my hair fell into my face. Why was my face so hot?

"Yes?" He was definitely getting closer. And teasing me. Am I that good of a target to tease at (he and Takoda seem to think it's the funniest thing in the world.)? "Don't do that." What was he talking about?

"What?" How many times am I going to have to that today?

"Don't" He was now right in front of me. Taking my chin in his hand he lifted my face toward his. "Do that."

"Do what?"

"Cover your face." My...face? Is he talking about when I bow my head?

"Uh...okay? But I do want to stay here." His facial expression receded back to no emotion and I cursed myself. "Not for Takoda," I added hurriedly. He still stared blankly at me. "I want to stay because I'll get a mother-" I can't believe I said that out loud! However, as soon as it slips out a look of surprise flashes over Pan's face. He then begins to massage the bridge of his nose. Was it really that bad?

"I have no idea why I-" He started laughing. Not those dark chuckles but just all out laughing. It sounds so light and almost childish. Is this what he was like before (before what? I'm assuming he had to be a child at some point which is where they got those stories from about him being this mischievous little boy.).

"I never know what's going to come out of your mouth next!"

"Excuse me?" I'm so confused. One minute he seems upset and the next he thinks I'm the funniest thing in the world. And I'm honestly offended. What am I supposed to say? I'm an ORPHAN! So yea, I do want a mother.

He glances up at me and seeing my face he immediately stifles down the laughter. "Don't be upset now."

"I don't know what's so funny." I cross my arms in an attempt to let him know that I'm upset. This only seems to amuse him more.

"You are." My jaw drops. He didn't even try to hide it. Clenching my jaw tightly, I turn back toward the hill wee came down on.

"I'm going back." No point in discussing this now since everything that comes out of my mouth is soooo funny.


Pan's P.O.V.

I understand that she's pissed but I really couldn't help it. That one sentence. "I want to stay so I'll get a mother." I was caught completely off guard. It brought back memories from so many years ago...Some were good and some were bad but I had also learned a new fact about her. She didn't have a mother. And she had called me Peter. How long had it been since someone called me that? Yesterday, Dy had called me that, but Dy had been calling me that for longer then I could remember (So she doesn't count.). And after today, I'm positive I need to go and talk to her again.

Mari didn't wait for me after I said fine, she just started heading back up the hill. She has a pretty good sense of direction, since from what I could tell she was heading in the right direction. I really don't want her back with that boy so near her but I still couldn't be rash about this. I didn't know who Ina was but I do know it's the word for mother in their language. If she were adopted it would be a good excuse for me to keep in contact with the tribe more often. I could maybe find more information about The Orb. And now that there was this new development in the mix I would become that much closer to getting The Orb.

I soon found myself staring at Mari's back as she walked. She still hadn't said anything to me but I'm pleased with the fact that she was safe. After that stunt Jason pulled... He had wanted to come with me when I brought her back but I ordered him to return to The Burrow and rest. His face was swollen and he had ruined his throat. But I really just didn't want him around her at all.

We reached a field and she immediately began plowing through it. I followed closely behind and we soon reached the end of it. There, waiting for us, was the Chief, the boy who had been with Mari, and a slender beautiful girl with dark brown shoulder length hair and green eyes. Green eyes don't come from Indians so where did it come from? Dy, was the first thing to pop into my mind, with her bright scarlet red eyes. She had been affected by the Orb years ago, and she had a red eyes and multicolored hair. Could this girl also have been affected?

The two women took in the scene before them while the boy seem focused on the ground in front of him. What was his problem?

"Pan," The Chief began to speak in a very cold manner. I knew my face was blank as I turned toward her. "This girl was found facing an eminent death in the forest last night. I sense that she is bright and good and so I will adopt her." She wasn't asking me whether or not she could. She was telling me what she was going to do and from the look on her face she was daring me to go against her just so that she could go off.

"What would that mean for the relationship of our two groups?" I had to choose my words wisely or else I could easily face wrath. Mari had receded into silence but was watching the conversation closely.

"Does it need to be changed in any way?"

"Yes, if you adopt her, then yes it would. She has valuable information for me and I intend to use every bit of it. I'll admit that she was not treated fairly and the people involved will be punished for this. I'm not against he being adopted here but I must have access to her at all times. I'm collaborating with others here, and her input is needed."

"Is this concerning the Orb?" She said it out right, in front of these two younger people.

"Pardon my asking, but are you sure you wish to discuss this in front of them?" I gestured toward the two and I was beginning to see a remarkable resemblance in them. And in her. Right when it clicked that these were her children, she responded.

"Yes, they are the future of the tribe. And when Mari is adopted she also becomes the future of the tribe." So Mari would be trained... It was beginning to seem even more beneficial for her and I. "Does this concern the Orb?" She repeated her question and it seemed like her answer to whether or not I got to continue seeing her was hinged on my answer.

"Yes, it does."

"Then yes you can. But you will not interfere with our personal matters. Do you understand me?" Yes, I did. Mari was going to be adopted and therefore would gain a sister in the green eyes girl and a brother in the boy. It would be impossible for him to try to get a relationship with her now. Brother not a lover. Mari had remained quiet for the whole time, but the green eyed girl spoke up to her.

"Mari, you are now my takawaya." Younger sister... The green eyed girl was beaming with happiness while the boy seemed to be indifferent. "And I am you takewaya." The Chief looked equally pleased but I had to say good bye before I left to consult Dy.

"I would like to say good bye before I continue on my way." All three them raised their eyebrows simultaneously and for the second time in the day I realized just how similar relatives can be.

"All right...When your finished head toward the entrance. A sentry will be waiting for you." The Chief turned and her two children followed. The boy had been holding a slim stick in his hand and now moved it back in forth in front of him as he walked. He was blind? Was that why he didn't bother to look at our faces when we spoke? What did it even matter to me? Shaking my head I turned toward Mari.

She had been watching me with the cautious look on her face. For a few moments we just stared at each other, with me wondering why she wasn't saying anything. I attempted a small smile but instead of getting one back she turned around folding her hands in front of her. Was she still mad?

Taking several quick strides to her I wrapped my arms around her from the back (which gets me a very enticing gasp from her.). It amazes how she just seems to fit perfectly into my arms.

"Don't be mad with me," I murmur softly into her ear. She shivered like she had earlier and I love it.

"I'm not..." She whispers this shakily.

"Oh?" I squeeze her around the waist.

"Mhm!" She won't even open her mouth now.

"You sure?" I squeezed her a little tighter this time. She nods stiffly. I give an extra squeeze. "Positive?"

"Yesss..." Mari moans this lowly and I know I've got her right where I want her (I wasn't expecting it but it was better then just having her speak. I wonder if I can get her to say my name like that...).For awhile I just hold her and we stand quietly.



"Was that a lie?" What is she talking about?

"Was what a lie?"

"What you said to Ina. That you needed me?" What exactly was she asking me? That I needed her in my life or that I needed her for information? In both questions it was yes.

"Yes, why?"

"What do you need me for?" Mari spoke dully and I could tell that she already new.

"I need to know how you got here." A heavy sigh escaped from her lips. "But not now. Now I have to go." I unwrapped her from arms carefully, and she turned around.



"Please don't be angry with Jason." How did we get on that topic? Just by mentioning his name I can feel anger rising up in me. Even if she was safe, what he had done...

"What he did was inexcu-"

"Still, don't be mad. I don't think he meant it." Was she really defending the boy who left her in the woods that he knew were dangerous? The one who left her to wolves? I put my hands on her soft curly hair and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"You're too sweet for your own good." A soft blush filled her cheeks and I smiled. She was the only one who could continuously make me do that. And even though it was unsaid, it was established that she was mine and I was hers. I turned and left making my way for the entrance of the village. Where those aggravating brothers were waiting for me. My good mood...gone just like that...

Anonymous P.O.V.

Killer flicked his tail as he wrapped himself around mines. His large. sleek black body with green stripes swirled around me. Pulling the old mirror to my face I gazed into it in the light of the moon. My face looked a just as pale as ever and my long hair falling straight to the sides of my face. The ends curled at the very bottom near where it was still wet from my being emerged in water. Tilting my head so that the moonlight caught the red and purple streaks of my hair I spoke to my pet absent-mindedly.

"So Killer...This girl. Peter seems to really like her, don't you think? I hope she's not like Wendy though. That just tore," I puckered my lips in the mirror and smacked my lips. "Him to pieces." My red eyes glittered back at me from the mirror. I looked down at my body. Smooth abdomen, that turned into a smooth, powerful black and purple tail. How long had it been since I last walked? Killer abruptly disappeared deep into the water, which was a sign that someone was coming. And only Peter knew where I would be at this time. I pulled myself onto a rock and waited for him to emerge from the tree line and head into the cove.

When he did I had to remind myself that he wasn't that cheerful,little flying boy of years long past. He was a tall man with solemn gray eyes, curly black hair, and slender fingers with both feet placed firmly on the ground. He had also taken to dying his clothes black. I had just seen him not too long ago but apart of me always expected to see a little boy from long ago. When everyone was happier and not so...depressed. Maybe that was just the part of me that wanted to turn back the hands of time, that wanted to fix everything for him. To fix everything for me.

"Dyiashia." He spoke to me, not in a cold tone but a formal one. He must be irritated.

"Peter!" I sung out his name happily, my mind already working on a way to make him loosen up.

"There was- Dy?!" I had let myself fall off the rock and into the water and allowed myself to sink. Even though I was a mermaid I had fainting spells, that were more prominent when he was a child. It used to always scare him, but he now knew that when I did that I was most likely faking. I mean how many times did I have to prank him? But it never failed. He would spaz and get worried and call for me until I popped up somewhere near him, earning a thorough yelling and maybe a shun (he has purposely avoided at times when I've done this trick to him.).

"Dy?! Dyiashia!" He was peering closely into the water and I swan a huge arc around him till I reached the area where he wasn't looking. Now for a new trick to add to the game. I felt my stomach clench as I willed the water to rise up and over his head. I then released it, easing the knot in my stomach on top of his hair.

Swimming over to him, I saw that he had removed all signs of emotion from his face. But I knew he was pissed. At least there was that emotion.

"I wasn't expecting you back so soon. What do you want?" Peter looked blankly at me and shook his now sopping wet head. His eyes looked just like the color of the clouds before a big storm.

"You know what I want. Do you know where the Orb is?" I knew where it was in a general sense but to get specific would take a lot of time from me. It was like playing a game of hot and cold or Marco Polo.

"Peter, you already know the answer. We've been over this a thousand times. More then that really. Now if you want me to talk then you have to talk too. What was the oddest thing that happened you today?"

He sighed quietly (not to be confused with resigningly.). "She called me Peter."

"She what?!" I hit the surface of the water with my hands, making my eyes go wide. "Why?!"

"I don't know," He began to wring out his curls. "She didn't even realize that she had said it until I mentioned it." This girl...Mari? Was that her name? She has had him mesmerized since she came. Though it's clear that neither of them realize it, I've lived long enough to tell when someone is in love or well on their way there. The look in his eyes completely changed when he mentioned her name, his facial expression softened. He may not think it's gone that far yet and I'm positive that when it does hit him he will be angry with himself, but it's getting there. If it's not there yet.

"I see..."

"You see what?" If he continued this obsession with the Orb he will be more conflicted about what to with it when he finally gets it.

"Peter...I want you to give up on The Orb."

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