Title: Building Blocks and Condom Boxes.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Summary: AU. Romano, a young kindergarten teacher, is finding it increasingly hard to come up with rent money by the ends of each month now, so he decides getting a roommate to help alleviate the stress of paying for everything himself would be the best solution. However, all he needs now is a solution for handling his new roommate, Antonio, the pornstar. Spamano. Rating will most likely go up at some point.Smutty-fluff.~

Note: I'm gomen for mistakes! orz. Please tell me what you think? And thank you so much to the lovely comments I've gotten in the reviews from you all. Thanks bbys.~ c:

Chapter 13: Pornstar by Night, Babysitter by Day.

The following day while Francis and Gilbert left to go house-hunting after a brutal scolding from a blushing Romano, who was still flustered over last night, the house was quiet. With his sheets strewn over his body and mattress messily and wrinkled, Antonio slept peacefully in the silent apartment, mumbling sweet nothings under his breath and into his pillow.

Meanwhile in the living room sat Feliciano playing on his iPhone. He wondered what mamma and papà were up to. They were always so busy with work, they were barely home. But he can't help but wonder if maybe they were spending the day at the house resting. It had been a while since Feliciano had spent some time with them, but he had Roddy and all of his toys to play with and now he had Romano, so he didn't mind too much.

He turned his head to the right and stared at the apartment door with a small huff. Romano had left him home because he didn't want to bring him to work since he would 'cause trouble'. Feliciano put up a small fight and pouted in hopes of changing his brother's mind, but Romano had his decision set in stone, and there was no going back. Though, he did notice a small waver in his resolve as he looked into Feliciano' pleading eyes.

It had been a while since Romano left him alone, so Feliciano decided to hop off the couch and get himself acquainted with his brother's home. He already knew what the kitchen looked like from last night, so he decided to look into the spare room beside the door. Clothes lied about the floor, and the bed was not made. The room was messy and smelled of expensive, but familiar cologne. There was a small French and German flag hanging on the wall above the bed. Feliciano decided not to step in.

He turned and opened the door beside the bedroom, and found coats and jackets hanging from a metal bar atop his head. It must just be a closet. He closed the door softly. Feliciano was sure he'd seen everything there was to around the apartment. He'd been in the kitchen, bathroom, and Romano's bedroom the other night. Feliciano had been sitting around the living room for a few hours already; he'd memorized every little detail in the painting that hung above the couch and pattern of the tall abstract vase that sat atop a dark wooden shelf on the wall behind the flat screen TV in the living room.

However, as he passed the kitchen and living room and entered the hallway to use the bathroom, he noted another bedroom at the very end to his right. The door was directly across from Romano's. He wondered how he hadn't noticed until now, but didn't question it as he turned on his heel to walk over. Feliciano got up on his tippy toes to open the heavy door.

Antonio awoke to a soft poke against his cheek and high-pitched whine. It sounded a little like a cat, and he furrowed his brows. Since when did they have a cat? Last time he checked, Romano had a strange sort of disdain towards animals… and people—But still. With closed eyes, Antonio groaned and mumbled into the exterior of his fluffy pillow incoherently. There was a pause, and a second poke to his cheek, this time a little harder.

Opening his eyes, Antonio was greeted with a large pair of amber's staring at him innocently, chubby cheeks squished upwards as a smile formed on a small mouth. It was Romano's little brother, whose name he couldn't seem to remember as exhaustion still shook his already poor memory.

It sounded like Romano's name, though. That was for sure.

Or, at least that's what Antonio thought. For some reason the pasta fettuccini came to mind, but he doubted that was the young lad's name. Sitting up and rubbing at his drowsy eyes with the back of his hand, he sifted his hand through his messy sheets and pillows in search of his phone as the boy greeted him with a falsetto, "Good morning!"

"G'morning to you too, little guy."

"Do you remember my name?" He asked curiously. Antonio hoped he wouldn't have to answer and break the boy's little heart. Luckily for him, there is no room for any right or wrong answers as he continued. "My name is Feliciano! And you're Antonio, right?"

Antonio reached to ruffle the little boy's hair with a nod. "That's my name alright."

In return, Feliciano purred, leaning his head into the Spaniard's hand, the feel of long fingers threaded through his soft strands soothing and pleasurable. The sight made Antonio smile; he wondered if Romano was ever that cute when he was young as well. Seeing Feliciano beaming had to have been the closest he had ever seen to Romano smiling. Offering him a tired grin, Antonio looked down at him warmly, and asked, "Did you have breakfast yet?"

Feliciano shook his head with a pout. "No, not yet. Fratello was too busy getting ready to go to work."

"'Fratello'? Is that Italian for brother?" Feliciano nodded.

Antonio asked, "How about I take you out to go eat since fratello couldn't, hmm? Would'ya like that?"

With expectant large orbs, Feliciano stared up at him gratefully. Antonio couldn't help the wide smile that spread across his face—Kids were seriously the cutest. "Just give me a few minutes to shower, and we'll head out, 'kay?"


Antonio reached for his phone under his pillow to check the time with a long yawn. It was a quarter past 9:00 AM, and, judging by the eerie silence, it must've meant that they were alone together until Romano came back from work in the afternoon, or until Gilbert and Francis returned from whatever sort of mischief he knew they would get into.

He was feeling a little strange. Antonio never had to worry about waking up early, and he felt just a tad out of place being awake before 11:00 AM. It didn't faze him much, though.

The sight of Antonio's iPhone caught Feliciano's attention, and he asked politely if he may look at it. Antonio was surprised to see how polite the boy was being, and, typing in his four-digit password quickly with his thumb, handed him his little mobile as he got out of bed. Standing a foot or two behind him, Antonio stretched his arms above his head and watched as Feliciano worked his phone easily. Odd. Funny how children seemed to be as accustomed to technology as Antonio was with Lego when he was around Feliciano's age.

"Go watch some TV or something so you don't get bored waiting around for me." Antonio said.

Feliciano nodded and gently put down the fragile iPhone on Antonio's bed. He ran off into the hallway and then into the living room, where he reached for the dark remote on the coffee table. The boy turned the television on and sat patiently, flipping through the channels in search of something amusing. It didn't take him long. It never did take long for Feliciano to become entertained.

Meanwhile, Antonio gathered some clean clothes and made his way towards the bathroom. He turned on the light, and left his outfit for the day on the counter beside the sink before turning on the shower and stripping. He always waited a few seconds after the water came on before hopping in. Sometimes the water would be too hot, or too cold; it usually depended on how much or little Romano would use before leaving for work.

Pulling down his boxers, he reached an arm between the wall and shower curtain and flinched. The water was icy and unpleasant to his tired senses. That certainly woke him up.

He reached for the knob and adjusted the temperature until it was hotter and more to his liking. Antonio hopped right in, not having to worry about taking off the shirt he never wore to sleep.

Quickly, he washed his hair, making sure to use his regular shampoo instead of the stuff Romano used. The man was strange when it came to using each other's things. Romano always made sure he and Antonio would use their own things, never really one to share.

And it wasn't that it was because he was greedy or not fond of sharing, because there were some things he didn't seem to care about, and Antonio would always catch him donating whatever he could give whenever he had the chance; sometimes in those little see-through bins in stores, sometimes the unfortunate men and women sitting on the sidewalk downtown. He liked to give more than he would ever like to admit.

Antonio brought a hand of shampoo to his dark locks and lathered gently. He guessed it boiled down to the fact that he was still uncomfortable being around someone like him. It didn't bother Antonio, though. It only made sense, and the Spaniard guessed it didn't help every now and then when he would walk around with nothing on, or filmed with Romano in the next room over. He chuckled a little as water washed the suds out of his wet hair, the warmth and feel relaxing.

Antonio was never one to spend too much time in showers, so he stepped out the moment he decided it was time with a slap to his forehead. He'd just taken a bath the other night. Then again, considering how little Gilbert was capable of caring when it came to his personal hygiene, he guessed the shower was a good subconscious precaution.

Quickly drying himself off, he slipped into some dark jeans, a plain t-shirt, and his favorite red hoodie with the white strings from the hood, and plugged in and turned on Romano's blow dryer. Out of Antonio shook his head like a wet dog, and, in no time, his hair dried. After, he brushed his teeth, and gave a good laugh at his reflection. It looked like he had rabies. When he was done, he rinsed his mouth with some cold water, and turned off the light and walked back into his bedroom to put on some socks and grabbed his phone from his tangled blankets and pillows, the wooden floor cold under his feet.

Shoving his phone into his back pocket, he walked into the living room and said, "You ready to go?"


They were sitting at the back of a nearby café Antonio frequented. Err… At least that was what he had planned as his first option, but then he realized how lazy he was and how he was not up for that long walk. It was a nice place, really, but he just didn't have the energy to go that distance.

Instead, Antonio settled for a close second. Instead, he brought Feliciano into Ivan's pub just a block or two away.

Taking a little boy to a pub—It sounded like a bad idea, but it wasn't like Antonio was planning on letting the boy have anything to drink, or the common sense to see the wrong in doing so, so he decided it would be okay. God forbid Feliciano had any alcohol in his system. Romano would have both of his heads on a plate, and the thought alone made him cringe over-dramatically as he crossed one leg over the other.

Feliciano could see the man's discomfort from across the circular table, and he cocked his head to the side. "Is Antonio okay?"

Antonio's eyes lit up, and he reached across the table to pinch the boy's cheeks softly.

"I'm okay. No need to worry." He reassured the boy with a small, liking the way his name rolled off the little boy's tongue. If only Romano would call him by his name instead of whatever curse he would decide to put in its place—If only.

The pair was seated closer to the entrance of the pub, far away from the alcohol and beer behind the bar counter to Antonio's right. Feliciano didn't seem to notice at all, but he guessed it was because it came with the boy's age. When Antonio was young, he didn't know what beer was until he had accidentally taken a sip of his father's drink when he thought it was just some pop. After all, they were both fizzy looking and held the same sort of color.

"Does Antonio come here often?" Asked Feliciano, to which he received a nod.

Antonio found himself coming over often; not so much for the beer as the good company of the regulars and workers that inhabited the cozy little pub. Katyusha Bragniski, a tall woman with beautiful blue eyes and short platinum hair that was so light in color, sometimes it would look silver in the right light. She possessed a warm, loving personality that always made Antonio feel welcomed whenever he stepped in and heard her voice greeting him along with the jingling of the bells that would ring, reminding him of Christmas, every time someone left or entered.

Not to mention a large bust Gilbert always seemed to point out or stare at whenever the trio would come in. He could never get his eyes off of them. And, whether it be a part of her somewhat dense (but sweet) nature, or being completely unaffected by Gilbert's prying gaze, Katyusha never seemed to pay his staring any mind.

Though she had to have been one of the sweetest people Antonio ever had the fortune of meeting, her younger brother, Ivan, was hands down the most intimidating person he'd ever crossed paths with. With his tall stature, strong and imposing build, and sinister sort of aura despite the innocent twinkle in his violet irises, he easily scared Antonio along with Gilbert and Francis, who would quiver in their seats every time he came around. Thank goodness he stayed at the bar mixing and giving drinks while his sister was the one going around to tables taking and handing over orders.

Speaking of the woman, she hurried over with a small notepad and a red pen, and a warm smile. Her eyes went straight to Feliciano. "Awh, and who's this cute little one?"

Feliciano looked at her a little uncertain. He glanced over to Antonio, who looked at and said to him encouragingly. "This is Katyusha. Tell her your name."

"My name is Feliciano."

"Well, hi, Feliciano. It's nice to meet you." She had this natural warmth that made her the ideal mother figure for all children. Or, at least that's what Antonio thought. "What would you like for breakfast?"

Using his little index finger, Feliciano pointed at the pancakes on the menu Antonio held out for the both of them. Katyusha nodded, and then looked over to Antonio. He wasn't feeling as hungry as he thought he was, so he shook his head. "I think I'm good."

"You sure?"

Antonio nodded. "Yeah. I ate a lot the other night right before bed."

"How about some coffee?"

"Sure, why not?"

"So how are you? Didn't get to see you the other day."

Antonio gave a shrug, and offered her a grin. "Gilbert and Francis are still looking for a place to stay, so I've been helping them with that. Not to mention Romano's been quite a handful lately."


"How about you? How was work yesterday?"

"Same old, same old." She answers with a smile. "Good to know they boys are looking for somewhere to live—Knowing Romano, he sounds like he's going insane."

"More or less."

"Haha, I'll be back in a few." She said as she took the black and white menu from Antonio. Turning on her heel as she made her way back into the kitchen, she returned in a few minutes with Feliciano's food and Antonio's coffee. Mornings were often calm and relaxed. Antonio did his best to refrain from staring at her bust as she bent down to place Feliciano's plate on the low table, but could anyone really blame him?

With a smile, she said, "There you go, boys. Enjoy!"

Feliciano turned to Antonio with a smile after they said their thanks, and Katuysha disappeared into the kitchen behind the bar.

"She seems like a very nice lady!" Antonio nodded in agreement as he sipped at his coffee. Conversations with her always seemed to flow, and, the more he spoke to her, the more he found to like about Katyusha. She was a wonderful person in and out. There was a sweet sort of tang that made the painful sting of the hot liquid against his tongue worth it, and its aroma was refreshing. Even her coffee was wonderful. "Is she Antonio's girlfriend?"

He put down his coffee and shook his head.

"But you guys talk and stuff like you're boyfriend and girlfriend. Why not?"

She was lovely, and she had a nice body to boot, but there was too much of a motherly sort of vibe about her that turned him off. He liked motherly friendships, but not motherly relationships.

"Oh, she's just a friend." He reached for his coffee to take another sip. Antonio took a large gulp, savoring the warm and creamy and sweet taste.

Feliciano doused his pancakes with a glass bottle of maple syrup Katyusha had brought with his food, and cut them up into small pieces. He ate happily and a little messily, a dab of syrup on the corner of his mouth. Inquisitively, he asked, "Is fratello your boyfriend then?"

Antonio choked a little on his coffee. He cleared his throat with a cough and harsh swallow. "Me and Romano? Oh, no."

"But you guys live together like mamma and papa." Says Feliciano with a mouth of pancakes. Antonio takes a napkin form the dispenser on the table, and wipes away the syrup on the boy's face as he talks. "Fratello always says you hug him and touch him and stuff, too. Don't couples touch each other a lot?"

Antonio pulled his hand away when he is done, and pursed his lips. His mind went immediately into the gutter, when he knew it shouldn't have. Antonio needed to think the way Feliciano did. Though, the way he thought about Romano wasn't all too unappealing.

Romano was handsome and rather cute in his own 'I'll hurt you if you come near me' kind of way. His eyes are an astounding color of deep amber. His complexion was fair and, if his eyes hadn't failed him, looked soft to the touch. Not to mention he was slim and in shape; though he wasn't as fit or toned as Antonio—more to the thinner side of things—the Spaniard had to admit Romano had a nice body. But even so, it was Romano. He had the looks, but they were just friends—roommates.

"Romano and I are just friends."

"But fratello and Antonio would look so nice together." Feliciano replied. There was a pause. "Hey, Antonio, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Do you love fratello?"

"That's a little strong, don't you think?"

"Does Antonio have a crush on fratello then?"

There was no way getting around this conversation. He put down his coffee. "So, are you done eating?"


Antonio left a generous tip, and waved goodbye to Katyusha as she waited on an elderly couple. The little bells jingled softly as Antonio opened the beat up wooden door to let Feliciano out first. The little boy waddled his way out onto the sidewalk, and stopped by a nearby park to let Feliciano play a little.

He remembered what it was like to be a kid—never being able to sit still, energy and curiosity never-ending. Sitting on a wooden bench under a large oak tree, he watched Feliciano play with some other kids on a small play structure. They ran around, and went down a few slides together.

Antonio took a moment to think to himself, crossing a leg over the other as he leaned into the back the bench. The other kids' mothers were looking over to him on the bench just a few feet away, hushed whispers and blatant stares directed towards the clueless Spaniard as they ogled him. They were like teenage girls fawning over a handsome celebrity. But Antonio couldn't hear them; his green eyes falling to the even greener grass thoughtfully, silently.

He and Romano. He'd have been lying to say the thought never crossed his mind before. Then again, he'd even thought about what it would be like to date Gilbert, and Francis. Antonio had these sort of thoughts about everyone he's ever known. It was only natural of him; the corny little romantic who grew up with females dominating his family. Back in Spain, he had watched a numerous of chick flicks, classic in his childhood, and more modern comedic one's as he grew older, with his mother on their beat up old television, that he'd developed such a sappy idealistic view on love and romance. The way he saw it, he found something to love in everybody.

Suddenly, hands grabbed his shoulders and arms and he was shook violently. Antonio yelped and there was a loud ruckus of obnoxious laughter.

"Haha! Man, you screamed like a girl!"

"Mon dieu! That was great."

Gilbert grabbed onto the back of the bench and hopped over to flop down beside him, while Francis walked around to sit on the other side of Antonio. The Spaniard needed a moment to catch his breath, feeling as though it would suddenly burst through his chest cavity and hit the ground in front of him. His pulse was loud and pounding in his ears like drums, a hand over his heart almost as if doing so would slow it down.

Mierda!" Antonio swore under his breath with a chuckle. "You guys are terrible."

"That's not what you said the other night." Cooed Gilbert. He pinched Antonio's cheek.

Francis nodded. "It's true. After filming, you did say the opposite."

Antonio punched the blonde's arm jokingly after swatting away Gilbert's hand.

"Wait, what are you doing here?" Asked Francis.

"Yeah," Chimed in Gilbert. "You're usually asleep whenever we go out."

"Romano left Feli home while he went to work, and I ended up taking him out for breakfast since he was hungry." Antonio said. "And I figured I'd let him play around—You know, let him be a kid."

The duo nodded and glanced over to Feliciano, who was playing tag with some boys and girls his age. He looked like he was having the time of his life.

"Leave it to Antonio to make a kid happy—Food and a playground?" Commented Francis. "Maybe it's because you're still a kid yourself, no?"

"You'd be surprised—Hey, actually, I needa tell you guys something." Antonio said with a snap of his fingers. "Feliciano and I had a talk—"

"I think he's a little too young for that, big boy." Said Gilbert. They all laughed.

"No, not like that! I mean, he talked to me about Romano. Err… Asked me how I felt about him." Gilbert and Francis sat up, ears perked and interest piqued.

"And how do you feel?" Ask Francis, shooting Gilbert a look, both nodding in understanding, as Antonio's eyes were focused on his beat up sneakers. He nudged Antonio's arm. It just occurred to the two men that maybe using Feliciano's young disposition would a good way to get Antonio with Romano. After all, things sell when you get kids to promote them. So what better way? "Cute, huh?"

Antonio shrugged in response. "Yeah, I guess he is pretty cute. But—"

"But what?"

"But—I don't know. We're roommates, and that's it."

"Have you thought about being more…?"

"But it's Romano. He doesn't seem like one for relationships, you know? We'd never work out, and it'll probably feel all weird."

"There's this quote I remember, it goes 'you'll never know how it feels or if you'll like it or not if you never give it a try.'" Said Francis. Antonio nodded thoughtfully, thinking it over a few times with a nod of his head, silent.

"Wait, hold on a second," Gilbert tilted his head. "Wasn't that a line from that one video we did where we were roleplaying as—"

"That is not the point, Gilbert." The other two broke out in a fit of harsh laughter as Francis continued, just a little annoyed at how Gilbert seemed to break the seriousness and Antonio's train of thought. "The point is that Antonio should give dating Romano a try—Go after the boy, you'll never know?"

Antonio grinned and shrugged. "I guess—"

"Wait, hold on. That's not the point." Interrupted Gilbert, hopping onto his feet, pointing towards the play structure. "Where'd Feliciano go?"

The other two got onto their feet and took a 360 of the park—The boy was nowhere to be seen. But the three could see a good beating in the near future if they don't find him soon.

Antonio clutched at his head. "¡Mierda!"