Title: Building Blocks and Condom Boxes.
Author: SYNdicate 930.
Summary: AU. Romano, a young kindergarten teacher, is finding it increasingly hard to come up with rent money by the ends of each month now, so he decides getting a roommate to help alleviate the stress of paying for everything himself would be the best solution. However, all he needs now is a solution for handling his new roommate, Antonio, the pornstar. Spamano. Rating will most likely go up at some point.Smutty-fluff.~

Note: And then Syn sat down and realized this hasn't been updated since the end of November and got bored and decided to google this fic to see if anyone was actually talking about it on tumblr or livejournal or something to see how well it's been doing. Of all the chapters for this fic so far, I'm the least proud of this one (I'm sick and light headed right now) so… oops i'm gomens.

Btw, I changed the cover photo for this fic (my icon right now is AoKise from Kurobas so, no worries—Also, if you ship AoKise I have fics for that too so yeah). Do you guys like it o3o

Chapter 14: Reunited.

"He isn't anywhere near the food stands over there."

"Mon amis, he doesn't appear to be around or in the pool."

"The little guy for sure isn't with those hot moms over there."

Antonio and Francis turned to look at Gilbert with furrowed brows, breathless from their frantic searching. Francis slapped Gilbert in the arm with the back of his hand with a loud 'smack!' that made Antonio flinch and rang in his ear, shouting a mixture of French and English in annoyance, "C'est quoi ce bordel!? Antonio and I have been running around the park trying to find him, and you were busy hitting up married women!?"

"Hey, now—I like to call it exchanging contact information," Gilbert replied with a proud smirk as he showed off his newly acquired phone numbers scribbled down in red and black pen on three scraps of papers. Through and through, he never failed being the trio's womanizer. "Besides, if anything, I did a better job at trying to find him than both of you."

"Mon dieu! In what way?"

"Because," Gilbert started with a semi-intellectual expression, as if he were about to release wonders beyond the other men's comprehension; which was ironic because, if anything, while he stood as the womanizer, he also ranked as the least intelligent of the trio. Antonio grinned. Oh, this had to be good. "Unlike you two, I asked around—"

"And by that, you mean flirted with married women—"

"And I've found out that they saw the lil' guy walk towards the flower garden, so hah!" He threw his hands up in a superior manner that had Francis rolling his eyes. "I actually did do something to help! In your face, Frenchie!"

"Silence, albino."

The three men made their way towards the large garden area with Antonio a few steps ahead of them, his long legs moving at a rapid, absent-minded pace as his green eyes darted this way and that; lifting a hand to unconsciously comb through his hair in a nervous manner, biting on his bottom lip as if to help ease his heightening nerves and over-flowing panic in the pit of his twisting and turning stomach. This was the first time Antonio had ever been into the garden during the time he'd spent living in the city and cutting through the park to get home from the grocery store and mall.

Confusion and worry written across his face as blatantly as the white text running across Gilbert's black t-shirt, Antonio wasn't given the chance to take his first time in the grand, fairy-tale like garden to look around and enjoy the beauty it had to offer—what with what was at stake and missing, off course. It was unfortunate, too, for Antonio held a great sort of love for nature and pretty flowers.

Lush flowers and nature sprung out from the earth in a breath-taking array of vibrant colors; tropical and wildly untameable in their beauty as well as subtle and gentle in fragile charm, Antonio, who was often distracted by such wondrous colors and bloom, was incapable of giving any flower or plant its well-deserved praise or attention. All he was focused on was finding a little boy, who was oddly enough still dressed as a girl, with the familiar curl and large set of dazzling eyes.

There was a map of the garden to the left that Francis hurriedly pointed out. Rushing over, the simple diagram, though a little dusty in its modest appearance behind a glass barrier, revealed three paths in which the garden was split up to.

It was like a gift from God—there was three of them, and three stone paths. All they needed do was separate and hope for the best.

Picking their ways, the men ran in opposite directions; Francis towards the left where more flowers were to bloom around a small manmade lake where men often took their ladies to propose; Gilbert to the right that lead to a skate park and field filled with picnics here and there; Antonio towards the center path where another play structure lied ahead.

Francis searched around, but to no avail. The boy was nowhere to be found.

Gilbert ran through and past every park-goer, but found himself empty-handed as he did a full circle of the skate-park. He hoped the others had better luck, and flipped off a few dumbass teenagers who tried to roll over his feet.

"Feli!" Antonio called as he came across a large play structure surrounded by little, dusty pebbles. "Feli, it's me! Where are you?"

Sitting at a bench nearby, he asked an elderly couple if they had seen the little boy (though he had described Feliciano as a little girl in a white dress to save himself the trouble of explaining why he was dressed as a girl because hell if he knew). The old lady, who appeared to be somewhere in her seventies, shook her head with a small apology. "I'm sorry, sir, but neither of us have seen your little sister."

He didn't remember calling Feliciano his sister, but he didn't correct them.

The man spoke up with a small chuckle, "Hopefully you find her—It shouldn't be too hard, though."

The lady smiled, "It's nice to see you care so much for your sister. Children are bound to find their way back to their siblings in the end."


Gilbert dropped to an empty bench in the empty field with a sigh and palm slapping against his forehead. They had somehow gotten themselves into the worst possible scenario. Gilbert and Francis had been so worried about breaking Romano's things around the apartment and not moving out fast enough, that he had never taken to account how the man's wrath could multiply when you threw his little brother into the already unsolvable equation. Romano was a protective kind of person towards himself, but he appeared to be an even more protective older brother to Feliciano.

This was stupid, and mostly Antonio's fault. It was his fault for bringing the boy out to begin with, but, as they say, 'all for one, and one for all', right? If Antonio was in trouble, it very well meant he and Francis were as well. It was the way their friendship worked; if something bad happened to one of them, something bad happened to all of them. While it was more of a pain in the ass than he would have liked it to be, it did have its various ups.

"Now… Where in the world could Feliciano be?" He tapped his lip thoughtfully, red eyes scanning from left to right, and then right to left. It was his job to go around this area while the other two searched their respective paths, but, it appeared as though Gilbert found his way into the least likely of them all. First of all, a skate park? The only thing he had run into were obnoxious teens skipping school, and field. He gave a sigh.

"Okay, class, make sure to pick up after yourselves, okay? We don't want to pollute Mother Nature, do we?"

A harmonious chorus of innocent voices answered back, "No, Mr. Williams!"

Gilbert looked over his shoulder, figuring it was just a teacher taking his class on a trip.

"You're doing a pretty good job of handling the kids for someone who's always wiping baby asses and getting puked on."

"R-Romano, don't talk like that around the kids."

"They can't hear us from here, it's fine."

"If you say so. Where's Arthur?"

"Eyebrows said he was going to use the bathroom."

Gilbert could see Romano and his cute, little friend with the long blonde hair and glasses making their way over to see on the other end of the cement bench. Instead of facing in the same direction as Gilbert, they were turned to keep an eye on the children who were stationed just a few feet away while they had their lunch and played around together. Gilbert turned around to look the other way and pulled his hood up to cover his ever noticeable and memorable shock of platinum hair instantaneously; taking out his cellphone to warn the other men of a new obstacle, and red flag.


"Feli!" Antonio found the boy sitting on a swing, playing on his iPhone as he moved back and forth gently, his tiny little legs kicking weakly. Large eyes looked up from the brightly lit screen, and the little boy smiled, hopping off the rubber seat to run into the Spaniard's chest, as Antonio crouched down in the sand in front of him, arms opening to accommodate the little boy.

"Antonio.~" Feliciano sang happily. Antonio couldn't have been more relieved.

"Where were you? I was so worried!" Antonio exclaimed as Feliciano took a step back, staring the boy straight in the eyes.

"I found a butterfly, and it was really pretty, and I wanted to catch it for fratello." He kicked at the pebbles shyly, with his hands behind his back as he glanced down at his small feet. Antonio thought it was the cutest thing in the world, and almost missed the apology Feliciano mumbled. "'m sorry for worrying Antonio."

"Don't worry about it. Let's stick together from now on, okay?"

"Okay." Guilt began to rise in the pit of his stomach at the sight of those discouraged large eyes looking anywhere but at him; Antonio pursing his lips with a sigh. Feliciano hadn't meant to scare him like that, and he hadn't meant for the boy to feel like he had done something unforgiveable.

Lifting the boy's face to look him in the eyes, his fingers gently curling against Feliciano's chin, Antonio smiled at him. "Hey now, why the long face?"

"I made Antonio sad."

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure that butterfly was pretty." Said Antonio encouragingly, the natural caregiver within him rising to the surface. He could see Feliciano's eyes widen. "C'mon, let's play a game together. Will that cheer you up?"

Feliciano began to hop on the spot, intrigued and excited at the prospect. Antonio reached to ruffle his hair. "Alright, alright, we'll play any game you want."

"Really? I get to pick?"

"Of course."

"Hmm…" Feliciano hummed, a finger pressing against his little mouth in a thoughtful manner. Antonio had seen Romano do that on multiple occasions around the apartment; when he would be grading papers, clean the house, read—it must have been something he up from his older brother.

Unconsciously, Antonio wondered how someone so cute could be related to someone as cold as Romano. Feliciano radiated warmth and sweetness, while Romano possessed a dreadful sort of aura Antonio was sure kept many people at bay, if not completely away from him. It might've been an age difference, but he doubted anything could turn him into that jaded and icy of a person. "I know what game we're playing—"

There was a gentle slap to Antonio's chest, and Feliciano dashed away with cheetah-like speed. "Tag, Antonio's it!"

The little boy hurried away with a giggle, and towards the garden at an incredible pace. The Spaniard blinked. He needed a second to breathe and register what had happened before it suddenly clicked; he had gone and lost him a second time.

"Feli! Hey, wait up!" Antonio hopped onto his feet and ran around the people strolling along the way, his eyes stuck on Feliciano, who remained a good distance from him, arms outstretched as he made airplane noises.

"Whoosh! Whoosh, here comes airplane Vargas! Vroom!"

Feliciano zoomed past this tree and that, this bench and that, going around numerous obstacles that left the Spaniard nearly running face first into the harsh bark of a tall oak tree, and trip over a picnic table.

Back to where he came from, standing beside the map in the fork in the road, Antonio looked around frantically as Feliciano hid behind tall flowers and lush bushes. They were in the garden. The bright colors of healthy flowers and green grass attacked his panicked emerald orbs as he spun on his heel to take a quick 360, a hand rising to sift through his brunette locks.

"Feli, where are you?"

"Boo!" Popping out from behind a bush just behind Antonio, Feliciano dashed past him and down the stepping stone path towards the skate park and field. Antonio's mind was filled with thoughts of unfortunate and horribly morbid scenarios in which Feliciano would run through skaters. In his head, there was a scream, and blood splatting against the smooth cement of a half-pipe, crimson marring the dirty neon trucks of a beat-up, old skateboard.

His legs began to move on their own and even faster now. Feliciano stayed in sight, but not within reach. Innocent pedestrians jumped out of their path here and there as Antonio would shout 'excuse me!'s and 'sorry!'s along the way.

Buzz. Buzz.

Antonio's phone began to shake in his back pocket, ringing at a magnitude as loud as the incessant vibrate. Quickly pulling it out, and swiping his thumb against the bottom of his iPhone to answer, he pressed the 'speaker' option, and held it in front of his mouth, panting for air from all this unexpected running and burning of his seemingly limitless energy.

"Yo, 'Toni!" Came Gilbert's voice in a hushed, panicky tone on the other line. "There's something really bad you need to know, and I can't tell you through text!"

"If you're going to say you ran into an ex-lover, I'm going to hang up—Whoa!" Antonio yelped as he turn sharply, darting off the stone path onto the ever green grass. "I'm a little preoccupied here—Sorry!" He shouted an apology to the couple whose baby he nearly stepped on.

"No, this is urgent!" Gilbert paused for a quick second. "And can you blame them? I'll have you know, my past lovers never got over me—they still want a piece of all this awesome-ness—"

"If you don't tell me what's so important right now, I'm sorry, but I'm going to hang up!"

"You know how we all split up, right? Do not go down my path no matter what, okay? Do not go towards the field. I repeat, do not go towards the field."

"Don't go towards the… Field?" Antonio came to a stop as Feliciano came to a stop just a few feet away by a few benches and children snacking, breathing through his mouth in shallow pants. Man, did the boy now how to run. Turning around, his little dress flowed around his tiny lower body gracefully as he stuck his tongue out teasingly. If he jumped for him, Antonio knew he would be able to catch him. However, there was also a high chance that he would flee like a squirrel up a tree. "Wait, why shouldn't go towards the field? I'm in the field right now."

"You're what—!?"

"Wait, is that you over there on the bench with the hood up?" He watched as a man slouching on the bench a good two feet behind Feliciano straighten and look the other way aimlessly; it didn't seem like he had noticed them yet. Antonio pulled his phone away and began to wave his hands above his head, raising his voice slowly, "Hey, I'm over here!"

Gilbert's head turned sharply to look at him, his index finger rising to press against his lips as if to silence him from afar. Antonio shut up instantly. "Shut up and only speak quietly into the phone. You'll send us to our deaths if you don't!"

Antonio tilted his head as Feliciano continued to mock him, this time with a cute little chicken dance, "What do you mean…" He nearly dropped his phone the moment Gilbert leaned forward, his muscular chest connecting with his thighs, slowly revealing a familiar shade of auburn hair and odd, unmistakable curl belonging to the man sitting on the other end of the bench, facing off in the other direction.

"Okay, we can't fuck this up, just run the other way, and I'll just get up and leave," Gilbert reasoned. "The brat clearly wasn't on the playgrounds where you were, and he isn't here in the field or in the skate park, so he has to be with Francis."

"Look down, he's right there." Hopping around, Feliciano began to shake his little butt at Antonio, childishly trying to provoke him some more, his head turned to make faces at him over his shoulder.

"Okay, we have to time this right," Started Gilbert quietly, "We both jump and get him."

"Won't that hurt him? When you, Francis, and I play around, you tackle us like you're playing football." Replied Antonio worriedly.

"Don't worry he'll be… Breathing—Okay, so, on the count of three," Antonio was about to protest, but began to get himself ready as Gilbert got up from his spot on the bench, crouching down and spreading his arms so Feliciano had nowhere to go but where he belonged; with them, and out of Romano's sight until they all return home. "Three… Two—"

"Excuse me, mister," Came a soft voice from behind Gilbert.

Watching Gilbert's shoulders jump in surprise, Antonio launched forward at the wrong time, Feliciano effectively dodging as he slipped beneath Gilbert's arms and climbed atop the bench. The Spaniard tumbled over, landing on all fours with a groan, in between Gilbert's legs as he landed on his butt.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you! I was just wondering if you knew where the bathroom was." Antonio looked up from Gilbert's face, to the man standing behind him. "W-Wait, aren't you the guy from the part—And you, you're Romano's roommate, right?"

"Matt, something the matter." Romano turned around to look over at him. "Wait a second, isn't that the Spanish bastar—"

With his hands on his hips, Feliciano giggled mirthfully, "Haha! No one can catch me, I'm too fast!"

Standing in Romano's line of sight was the little boy. "Feliciano?"

The little boy turned around to meet Romano's gaze, "Fratello, what are you doing here?"