So, this is a sequel to hunting with a Rose my other story. Here's a better summary:

READ HUNTING WITH A ROSE FIRST! Or, you might feel a little lost... :) Well, here's the deal. Rose is Ben's niece who's mom died, and she has no clue (Ha-ha, get it?) who her dad is so get off her case. THIS IS THEM AT CIBOlA:


Today wasn't a special day. Though everyone else claimed otherwise. It was my sixteenth birthday. So I spent most of the day with my boyfriend; Riley. He came out of the bathroom, I gasped over dramatically. "Oh. My. Gosh." I stated, laughing. "I love it!" I squealed; approving his shaving job that I hadn't known had just been done. "You really like it?" He asked nervously. "Of course I do Riles." I said standing on my tip toes to meet his eye level. "I always love you." I said smiling, and he kissed me. He might have noticed I made a little face after he kissed me. "What?" He asked slowly. "Your face smells like…shaving cream." I wrinkled my nose. He laughed at me. "What happened to the mint?" I asked childishly. He laughed again, "I had to use shaving cream, Rosie." He said touching his nose to mine, grabbing my hands. I fake pouted again, and sighed. "Alright, alright. But I'm not kissing you until that smell wears off." I stated. Now it was his turn to pout. "Aw, come on Rose. Please," He whined. I folded my arms across my chest. "I'll think about it." I said. "Now, come on we'll miss our reservations." He said. Tonight we were having dinner together, just the two of us. Last year he tried to cook but we ended up ordering Chinese. "How did you get reservations there anyways?" I wondered. This Italian place called Luigi's place, on the east side of town. It was super hard to get into, and pay for. "I know a guy." He said. I brushed out the wrinkles in my dress as I took a step forward to catch up to him. Tonight I wore a sleeveless black and white dress, black flats, and a light jacket. I straightened my hair tonight (Guys think that it's sexy when I do that…I don't know. Whatever makes 'em happy). "You look good tonight." Riley commented. "Why, thank you. You don't look so bad yourself." I returned the compliment. I grabbed his hand and we walked a few blocks up to where he keeps the Ferrari parked. He pretty much blew away his finders fees but he didn't care that it could be used for something sensible. When we were seated at Luigi's and ordered I had to ask, "Why'd you do it? I really like it, don't get me wrong but…why?" He sighed. "I don't know…maybe to make a change in life, impress you…I'm not really sure. I just looked in the mirror this morning and decided, 'what the heck, why not just shave off the goatee?' you know?" He answered. I sent him a small smile and nodded. "So, have you read-"

"I'm reading your book right now, Riley. I have to say it is very interesting, especially chapter fifteen." I said, we launched into a debate on the president's book of secrets, and every other topic in his book. He was doing a book signing on Monday too. "Any plans on Monday?" He asked. I nodded, "I'm going out to lunch with some friends." I admitted. My friends insisted they take me out to lunch Monday since they had to counsel at this day camp except they told me they were done on Monday. When he dropped me off at our house later he put his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his shoulders we kissed (well more less made out) and when he moved his face so it was only inches from mine he whispered, "I love you. Happy birthday Rose." I smiled, and gave him another quick kiss on the cheek this time,"Thanks Riley. I love you." I whispered. and went inside. I quickly ran up to my room kicked off my shoes and flopped on my bed. This was great.