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Rose POV:

After we had been pardoned by the law yet again it was once more that we were all the hype of the media. And this was a day after discovering Cibola. "Remind me Ben, why are we still in South Dakota if we've found the treasure?" I whined. I wanted nothing more than to sleep in my own bed. And possibly get a massage. Treasure hunting really leaves you sore and grumpy sometimes. "Because tomorrow is the fourth of July and we might as well stay for the fireworks here above Mount Rushmore." Ben said.

So tonight we were at the fireworks over Mount Rushmore. "Riley, how much stuff did you get?" I asked as he returned from the gift shop. "It's just a few souvenirs." He smiled kissing me for the umpteenth time. "I feel like I shouldn't trust that answer." I whispered leaning my forehead on his. "Hey, it's not like I'm Ben." He protested making me grin. "Ok, ok. Look the fireworks are going to begin in exactly one minute." I said.

"Then…well Rose I've been wanting to tell you this ever since your birthday….it's just…I love you." He whispered eyes locked into mine. I stared at him my jaw falling slack, I loved him back right? Of course I did! Then tell him you idiot! A voice in my head screamed.

"I love you too!" I said throwing my arms around him. When he pulled back he kissed me again and this time it wasn't just because; it was because he loved me. And I kissed him because I loved him. "Look." I whispered pointing to Ben and Abigail kissing. "I think some people fell back in love." I whispered laughing. "Look." He said pointing up to the sky that was now booming and glittering with sparks, I grinned and leaned my head onto Riley's shoulder. "I love you."

The next day we had flown back to D.C. and the next week was moving week-again. I grinned as I watched Riley move my stuff, "Little more to the left." I mumbled. He grunted but complied moving the furniture. "Mmm….back again." I said. He groaned as I watched him move the furniture; it was so hot though and I got quite a view of him. "Ok that's the last of it." He said. "Come on let's go back to my place so I can change and then we can go to lunch." He said. "Alright Mr. Manly-man." I teased. We walked back to his apartment and we came back out walking to the nearest restaurant. I stopped at the sight of the bright red car on the curb. Riley's car! Riley walked back wondering why I stopped until he saw the car. "Rose! Yes!" He exclaimed picking me up and spinning us around. He picked up the envelope with the keys and I smiled at the presidential seal on the envelope. He flipped it over and gave my hand a squeeze when he read the words:


A/N: Okay sucky ending I know but later on in life I'll do some oneshots of them maybe just a general happy ending story dedicated to their life.