Author's Notes: Written for the Welcome Home Ficathon on kolms on Livejournal with the prompt:

Lily Luna Potter, the little vixen decked in green and silver.

Damn 'em all, I create my own perfection
Damn 'em all in the face of their rejection.
Damn 'em all, for this dog will have its day…

~Heather Dale


Among sisters and cousins and parents who bore the ever-present and unmistakable signs of being Gryffindors, Lily stood out. She did not doubt that sometimes she stood out a little too much for their liking. At family parties, she caught glances that asked where she went wrong and found that people liked to stare and whisper. Sometimes she wondered if she frightened her family a little, or simply confused them because she wasn't like her cousins.

She basked in it.

Had Lily been the way that all her family was – good and wholesome Gryffindors who always did the right thing, all while making it seem as though their way of living was fun – she would have been forgotten.

There had been a time when she was called "Rose" or "Lucy" or "Molly" more than she was "Lily". Sometimes even she had gotten confused and introduced herself as Rose and then remembered that Rose was someone else.

Not anymore.

Now it was quite impossible to mistake Lily for one of her cousins. They were the solemn girls with books and the quiet girls with dolls and the laughing girls with friends, all melting together in peoples' minds into the amorphous mass called the Weasley girls.

And then there was Lily, the outsider, the little vixen decked in green and silver, her hair streaked with the colours because damn it all, she was a Slytherin, no matter how her family loathed it. Lily, who danced too close to boys at parties and who fought and who didn't study or play Quidditch because she was too busy getting detention and carrying on whirlwind romances that didn't matter to her as anything more than a way to pass the time.

Lily didn't doubt that her family was ashamed of her.

Moreover, she didn't care.