Rain fell onto the roof, toppling down at an alarming rate. Perfect weather for the day that it is, he thought to himself. He'd pulled on a pale blue sweater to keep himself warm from the winter rain outside, yet he could still feel the sting. The edges of the sweater slipped over his fingertips. Yuki often bought them oversized purposefully. Wouldn't want to have cold fingers. The boy sighed, and closed his eyes in search for a peace. All he could hear was the sound of rain plummeting down onto the house until the doorbell rang, but he didn't budge. He only continued to sit, unmoving, and sure enough the door opened. The boys voice was a bit uneasy, knowing he'd been ignored.

"Yuki." Natsuki rounded the corner, dripping wet and by the looks of it, just got done running the distance from school. He slid his watch off and cursed under his breath, it was probably dead now, but he'd been in too much of a rush to remember it.

"Mm." The other mumbled to himself, still trying to ignore Natsuki. Dripping wet, out of breath, and now annoyed Natsuki that is. He heard the boy curse, and the red head finally decided to give him a look, but only grazed his vision, and turned away.

"You can't do this forever." He ruffled his wet hair, a failed attempt to dry the dripping strands.

"I know," Yuki paused, differentiating what he was going to say, and what he wanted to say. "That's because you don't have forever." slipped out, when what he wanted to say was 'That's because we don't have forever.' but they weren't a couple, they weren't lovers. Just friends, Yuki chanted in his head, there is no we.

Sitting in the chair, Yuki tilted his head away from Natsuki as he came towards him, leaving a pool of rain behind. "No Yuki," Natsuki crouched, so he could see his face. "I don't have forever." his voice was pleading, but swiftly shifted. "So, stop this." But there was no response. Natsuki waited a moment longer, not wanting to push more than he needed to get what he wanted. "This is your last chance, Yuki." he beckoned, still looking at the eyes that refused to look back.

Yuki considered. If I stop, I have to tell him why I'm doing this. I have to admit. If I don't stop he will tell me why I'm doing this. And then I'll know that he just see's right through me. Which is more embarrassing? But Yuki had considered too long, and the other had already chosen for him.

"I've been trying to get in contact with you all day." He started. "You didn't pick up your phone, you weren't at school, you weren't out fishing. For fucks sake Yuki, you wouldn't even open the door for me." The accusations lay in the air, droplets of rain poured down outside, stretching the silence. "I'm leaving for America tomorrow, and you won't talk to me." His voice began to raise, and he stood to look down at Yuki instead. "After Akira, and Haru left it's just been you and me. You are my best friend and you're too stubborn to admit..." Natsuki stopped abruptly and, as he did Yuki's eyes shot towards him.

"Admit what?" He wanted Natsuki to say it for himself. Could he?

Natsuki was the one to break eye contact. "You're going to miss me."

Outraged by his response, Yuki angrily pushed himself from the chair. "That's not it and you know it!" He yelled, and even so continued to raise his voice. "You can't say it either, so why blame me for wanting to avoid it?"

Neither of them said a word. They only stood, staring at each other, now at eye level only a foot or two apart. They were frustrated, enough so, another step forward for either would lead into a fight.

"If," Natsuki tested the air. "If you can't say it –"

"I can say it, Natsuki." He growled.

"Then why don't you?" Natsuki's voice grew desperate.

Yuki took a step back from the boy and tried not to start yelling again. "Because I don't like speaking when my words don't want to be heard. You don't want to hear what I have to say."

"Yuki," He took the step forward that Yuki had just taken back. "I know what you're going to say. And I wouldn't be here, if I didn't want to hear it from you." Yuki examined the boy standing in his house, mostly still drenched from head to toe because of the storm outside. The school uniform clung to him and his tie was becoming unraveled. His glasses were fogged and splattered with water, and his right shoe was untied and had become muddied in the run to Yuki's house. He tried to laugh.

"You look ridiculous." he said, feeling terrible for letting him stand there like that. "I'm sorry that I'm acting like an asshole."

"I'm not forgiving you just yet." Natsuki spat. "You owe me an explanation."

Yuki's voice was soft, yet condescending. "What's the point if you don't need anything explained?"

With that, Natsuki took no time to bridge the gap that had been between them for so long. His fist grazed the side of Yuki's jaw with such a force that he tripped back into his chair and fell onto the floor in one smooth motion. A splitting crack sound was made as his head broke contact with the hard wood floor, and he let out a moan.

"Yuki!" Natsuki fell forward to see if he was alright, not meaning to push him onto the ground. But it was too late, Yuki let out an incomprehensible word as he slipped unconscious. His thoughts were clear, but his speech was inevitably slurred. All he wanted to say, was sorry.