My take on Suki's life in Avatar: The Last Airbender. My character is a lot like Suki but a couple changes here and there. She is a lot a like Yue too. I tried my best on my first fan fiction ! Don't hate !

Suki awakens in her huge bedroom in Omashu. She stretches her arms and yawns. She rubs her eyes and prepares herself as another day as the princess of Omashu. As soon as she stands her head servent, Talia, walks in. She is holding a towel and a letter.

"Princess, I must start the bath water because you have a very busy day today. First you must attend a meeting. Your father wants you to be there as soon as possible so you must hurry up! We are on tight schedule!" Talia barks. Suki is trying to make out what Talia just told her. "I just woke up give me some space," she thinks, but what she really did was nod and follow Talia into the bathroom.

Suki father's name is Honorok. Suki loves him very much and cares for him, but she feels that her father doesn't understand her. He is trying his best to make Suki a properly mannered princess, but maybe Suki doesn't want to be a princess. She just wants to be who she is. A waterbender. But, Suki can't control that since she was born into royalty. Actually she was adopted into it.

Suki's adoptive parents couldn't have any children, so they adopted Suki from the Northern Water Tribe when she was very young and dyed her white hair brown so she could blend in with Omashu. Suki's adoptive mom, Ming died of a fever when Suki was 11. That was a hard time for both Honorok and Suki. She was the only person who seemed to understand Suki. Honorok tries but he never came near to the special relationship Suki and her mother shared.

Something Honorok will never understand is Suki's waterbending. Yes, Suki is a waterbender. Her parents didn't find out until she was six when she accidently bended her tea at breakfast. Suki's father did not want Omashu finding out about her bending. She was suppose to be the non-bending perfect princess that her father wanted. She was forced to keep her bending a secret. That didn't upset her when she was six but it made her angry now.

Although she loves her father and Omashu, she has always wanted too take a visit to wear she is from, the Northern Water Tribe, and meet her birth parents. What are their names? Are they benders too? Could they teach her? She would never find out these things since she must stay here in Omashu. But it never made since she isn't even heir to the throne. Her father is, Prince Honorok. Her grandfather, Bumi, is still going strong while ruling Omashu. He may be a little strange at some times, but he is still a great king.

"Princess, I picked out a dress for you for the day. I hope you will like it. Now hurry up in there. Remember we are on a tight schedule," says Talia behind the bathroom door, interrupting Suki's thoughts.

"Okay Talia I'll be out soon. What does this meeting cover today and will grandfather be there?" yells Suki.

"Of course King Bumi will be there because this meeting is about the arrival of one of his old friends," Talia tells Suki.

"Who is coming," questioned Suki. I hope the visitor is less crazy than her grandfather. Maybe it will be someone from the Northern Water Tribe. Someone who can take her out of Omashu for a while and let her master waterbending!

"It's the Avatar Princess," says Talia. " The Avatar is coming to Omashu!"

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