Suki was heartbroken. She already had the feeling the plan wouldn't work. She understood that the Avatar was only here for a few days, but after her father gave her permission she erased that from her mind. After Suki walked out the door, she ran to the edge of Omashu. She found the stream her and her mother used to walk to.

Whenever Ming took Suki on walks, she would take her to this stream. When it was unpopulated, she allowed Suki to waterbend. Suki couldn't do much. She could just practice moves that she learned from scrolls her mother would give her. Walking to the stream was Suki's favorite childhood memory. She realized that her favorite part wasn't that she could leave the castle, or that she could waterbend, but her favorite part was coming with her mom.

Suki sat down next to the water, tears coming down her face. Eventually she broke out into a cry. She took the crown off her head and tossed it aside. Things are so much different now, thought Suki. She hasn't been to this spot in a long time. She usually came down when she was angry, like when her mom died. Suki, as a depressed eleven-year-old child, ran away and instead of crying over the loss of her mother, she waterbended through the pain.

Suki couldn't believe she hasn't waterbended yet. She was just sitting there hopeless, crying her eyes out. She felt so weak, but it didn't matter, she would never learn to waterbend. But she just couldn't give up. That wasn't who she was and that's not who her mother taught her to be. Suki then sat up and waterbended the water in front of her. She quickly used all her energy while attempting to make a wave. It was hard, but she kept going.

Sokka sat next to his sister at the welcoming dinner for Aang. He was seated at a long table. King Bumi will be seated at the front of a long table with Prince Honorok and than Aang, Katara, and Sokka. Of course they haven't been introduced yet. They get a special introduction, while Sokka and Katara were already seated. Katara didn't seem to mind, but it made Sokka unimportant. Finally a horn was played, announcing the Avatar and King's arrival. Katara looked up excited for the dinner, while Sokka was feeling down. First the Princess completely ignored him when she visited and then she just left. Now Sokka wasn't even getting an introduction. He didn't like feeling unimportant.

First, they introduced the King. The wacky King walked out with a hunch in his back. He laughed a couple of times even though there was nothing funny. Then he took his seat, when Aang came out. Aang said a couple words about how he was so happy to visit and then sat down. Next Prince Honorok and then Princess Suki.

Wow, she looked beautiful, thought Sokka. He couldn't stop thinking about her. He just wished she thought the same way.

Suki waved a couple of times and then took her seat next to her father. Across from her was Katara and next to her was her brother, Sokka.

"Hey guys. I'm glad your here," was all Suki could say, trying to be polite to the visitors.

"Thanks Suki," said Katara, remembering that the Princess liked to be called by her first name.

Suki could overhear the conversation between the front of the table. Aang and her grandfather going on about memories. Her father trying to be a part of the conversation. Sokka, shoving food in his face, barely saying a word, and never making eye contact with the Princess. Katara was telling Suki some Southern Water Tribe stories, while Suki tried her best to make it look like she was paying attention. Sometimes she would fake a laugh, or tell a fast story about Omashu. Suki really didn't want to hear anything about Water Tribes, since it made her think about how she couldn't learn waterbending.

Right then Suki heard her grandfather say, "So Aang, tomorrow we have a lot to do since you have to leave soon. It's so disappointing that you couldn't stay longer, but you must be on your way to the Northern Water Tribe to master waterbending. Its an Avatar's duty," said Bumi, while he snorted many times.

The Avatar was heading to the Northern Water Tribe! That was the first Suki heard of the news. She couldn't take it. She wouldn't cry in front of these people. She needed to waterbend this pain. Then she thought about it again. The Avatar is going to where I was born, to master waterbending. What a lucky guy. Just thinking about how perfect life would be if she could travel with them. But she can't. She's the Princess. Suki really needed to go to the stream, or she will burst in tears. She put down her silverware and stood up.

"Excuse me," said Suki. She quickly walked away into a hallaway. When she was out of sight she began to run. No time to go the stream, she needed to waterbend now. Suki turned into an empty room. It had a glass of water on the side table. That's all she needed. She quickly bended it to her and began whipping the water back and forth.

She thought about all the rejections that had happened in the last couple of days. The Avatar not being able to teach her, and now he is going to her hometown! To waterbend! Plus, he was taking the two closest friends Suki has ever made. And she barely knew them. And they were waterbenders! Rethinking it made Suki more angry, she quickly circled the water around her and continued balancing it in the air.

Sokka looked down at his plate. He has eaten almost everything. Sokka felt sick and decided he needed to find a bathroom. He sat up and said excuse me politely. He didn't know where to go so he walked down a hallway. He opened the door to his right. Empty. The door to his left. Empty. Where is the bathroom? He thought. Suddenly he heard a little noise, like a crash. It came from near the end of the hall. He quietly walked down to that room and cracked open the door.

Sokka's jaw dropped. What? How? Sokka let out a yelp. Than the waterbending Princess stopped her hand motions and whirled around.

"Sokka!" she said frightened.

"Princess Suki! Were you just waterbending? Said Sokka, still shocked.

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