Remus looked at the building with some trepidation. He had only heard vague rumors about this community, so he was a bit nervous. Supposedly they could help with his furry little problem. At the very least he could probably hold down a job here.

The Ministry had nothing to do with the Night Community after all, and he knew they had nothing against Weres. Or as they called them in the Community, Shifters.

Personally he couldn't wait to start his new job. It was something he realized he loved when he tried it at Hogwarts...before Severus blew the whistle about his condition to the students. He loved teaching students, and the Night Community couldn't be nearly as bad as a boarding school for wizard children...could it?

(Famous Last Words!)

Remus went in the designated entrance, and met with the Day Keeper.

She looked about as frazzled out as McGonagall used to when she caught James and Sirius pranking again.

"Please tell me you're the new teacher..." she said.

"Remus Lupin, at your service," he replied.

"Let me show you the room."

She lead him past the dark hallways and explained the rules. A few had Remus chuckle until he realized she was being serious. (He would find out later why she asked him to keep any demonstration he did to sane levels.) Once she introduced him to the in-training Night Keeper, a rather pleasant if scatterbrained Weirn named Sarah Treveney, he got prepared for his new students.

What class could a werewolf teach to a community he had only heard rumors of?

Magical creatures found in the Magical Community of course! (That plus wizard politics and why it is best to avoid if possible a licensed wizard.)

Much to his relief, the Night folk had no issues with Magical. Or with Magical Werewolves. Particularly if said werewolf did his best not to harm others. Madam Chen had been most understanding about his problem and had set up a sub on his bad days. Just in case of course, since Remus had no clue if Moony would attack those of the Night.

He would rather be safe than sorry in concern to that.

Once the Day Keeper sealed the school, the students began to show up. A few had decided to give his class a shot, including some Weirns.

They filed in as nice as you please, and he was glad to see so many take an interest. Under the desk was his first test subject to get them started (on loan from his surrogate nephew Harry who wanted to hear all about the Night folk).

Once the class began, Remus introduced himself and the subject. Much to his relief, it was clear that the Night children were far better behaved compared to the wizarding ones. Particularly when he explained that he would assign very few papers, as he preferred a hands on approach.

He reached down under the desk, and pulled out a covered cage. The students leaned forward to see what was in it. Remus opened it with a smile.

Hedwig peered at the children with intelligent interest, and hooted.

"This is a postal owl. Wizards use the older methods of communicating, such as quills and parchment instead of paper and pens. For example, Hedwig here can find anyone her master writes to without fail."

"Her master?" asked one of the students.

Remus gave a weary smile.

"I happened to have borrowed her from my nephew Harry. He is a fourth year wizard at the biggest school in Scotland for magic users. Now, if Harry wanted to talk to say..." (Remus looked at the student list and picked a likely person) "Miss Rochelle, he would write on a piece of parchment, fold it into a letter and write her name on the outside. Hedwig would take off, fly to her and wait for a reply before returning."

Rochelle looked excited at the thought of owl post.

"Now at Hogwarts, the owls would arrive during the morning. A few unlucky students might get what are known as Howlers..."

So Remus outlined how the owl post worked. A few had some questions (like Rochelle who wanted to know where she could get an owl like Hedwig) and the class ended rather peacefully. All in all it was a very peaceful first lesson.

That was when the school began to rumble and he poked his head out. There in the hallway was...why was he seeing the night sky on the first floor?

A man was inside what appeared to be a spell net of some sort, and students were hovering outside taking notes. The Night Keeper rushed past him and began to berate him, reminding him that it was rented property and he wasn't supposed to cause this much damage.

(Somehow, Remus got the feeling that the Day Keeper was trying to warn him about this teacher, whose name turned out to be Mr. Roi.)

So Remus decided to let her handle it and get ready for his next class, Wizard Politics. (Which was pretty much as it sounded.) Mostly Weirns had signed up for it.

Hedwig hooted, and looked at Remus.

"Two more Magical Creature classes girl."

She decided to take a nap instead on his shoulder. Remus wouldn't be doing much walking anyway.

"Welcome to Wizard Politics 101. Before we begin, is there anything particular you wish to know about the Magical Community?"

One girl who looked a lot like Rochelle from his last class raised her hand.

"Yes Miss...Ronee?"

"What is the biggest difference between Night and Magical?"

Remus beamed at her.

"Well, besides the astrals and the shapeshifting...there really isn't a large difference between the two. Magically or physically at the very least anyway. But...if there was one, I would have to say it would be tolerance."

That threw them for a loop.

"Could you explain sir?" asked another.

Remus sighed, and said "Well for starters, it is almost impossible for a werewolf like myself to get a job in the magical community. Even if the werewolf is perfectly harmless and takes all precautions against biting others, it is still very difficult."

Seeing their confusion he explained.

"Wizards as a whole tend to treat magical creatures with something akin to contempt and disrespect. Goblins, for example, run our banks, yet most wizards wouldn't give them the time of day or even a simple hello. This results in strained relations between the two races. Centaurs are treated as half-breeds by some and not given proper rights."

Seeing their surprise, he went into detail about the political situation in England and most of Europe. By the time class ended, the students had a new appreciation for their community which had nothing to do with the magical. Rochelle popped in before his next class to ask him a question about owls.

"Yes Rochelle?"

"Is it true that's your nephew's owl?"

"Hedwig has been Harry's family for three years now. In fact I was just about to send her back."

"Is Harry really friendly?"

Remus smiled. Here was a chance for Harry to learn more about the Night community. A pen pal would probably cheer him up immensely while he waited for Dumbledore to send someone.

"Why don't you write him a letter and we'll have Hedwig deliver it to him? I know he'd probably enjoy a pen pal."

Rochelle grinned at him, and decided to do just that. Remus looked at Hedwig and asked "You don't mind staying a bit longer do you? Harry must be dreadfully bored without someone to talk to."

Hedwig hooted in agreement.

Rochelle arrived early with her letter to Harry, and Remus sent off Hedwig once the class had settled in. Once he made sure the class was ready, he brought out the next creature.

It was in another cage. Only this time it rattled violently. When Remus revealed what was inside, the students gasped.

Inside the cage was a doxy. For the rest of the week, Remus revealed one creature after another, explaining what they were and how they fit into the world. From doxies to fairies, grindylows to boggarts, the students loved his magical creature course.

Of course the one who really loved the class was Rochelle, especially since a certain snow owl returned with a letter from a very surprised Harry. That was how she began talking to her new pen pal in Britain, even giving him a way to talk instantaneously. Her sister, while not happy about the idea of a pen pal (particularly after learning of wizards in Remus' class) was at least content to allow it. It wasn't like Harry was going to show up in New York...right?


"Dear Uncle Moony...

Thank you for introducing me to Rochelle! Her letters have broken up what would have been a most boring summer. Hedwig seems to enjoy the exercise too. I've been talking to the Goblins to see if I could come visit you in America.

They said they could get me a passport/plane ticket by next week. The twins said their brother Charlie might be joining me with a dragon to show in your class. Knowing him it might be Norbert, the Norwegian Ridgeback Hagrid raised first year.

Let me know how your class has been coming along!

Love Harry.

PS: say hi to Rochelle for me!

Remus was surprised. Harry was coming to New York just to see him? And with a dragon escort? It would be an excellent lesson for both classes. And with a dragon around, it was highly unlikely for a Death Eater attack.

So Remus asked Madam Chen about it, and she said it was alright...provided he cleaned up after the dragon. She even provided a Night Pass, which would allow him to try out the courses at the school if he was interested.

Remus sent those off with Hedwig, and got an immediate reply back.

"Uncle Moony,

I can't wait to see you again! I should be in New York within a few days. I told Hedwig to stay with you, so she doesn't have to suffer through the plane ride. Charlie said he would join me in Central Park with Norbert. *You'll have to show me where that is!*

I hope Rochelle is excited as I am! I can't wait to see her face to face!

Love Harry."

Remus beamed, and prepared for his class. He called Rochelle over once his magical creature course was over, and told her the news.

"How would you like to help me greet Harry at the air port?"

She was thrilled, and called her mother to ask. Her mother agreed, but only if she took her older sister with her. Ronee was less than thrilled to meet a wizard, even a half trained one.

Three days later...

Harry stepped off the plane, and tried not to wince too badly. That had been a brutal nonstop flight. Once he was able to walk without a limp (he had flown commercial instead of first class) he looked around.

Then he spotted a familiar tawny haired man with amber eyes. He grinned wildly and tackled him without saying a thing.

"Uncle Moony!"

Remus laughed at the exuberant greeting his nephew gave him. Then Harry spotted the girls who were with him.

"Who are they?" Harry asked politely.

"Harry I would like you to meet..."

"Hiya! I'm Rochelle and this is my big sister Ronee!"

Once her name registered Harry beamed at her.

"The same Rochelle who writes those funny stories to me?"

She laughed, and Ronee subconsciously relaxed. Clearly Harry wasn't like the wizards that Remus described.

"So Uncle Moony, how has your teaching career been going?"

"Fine so far...though the disruptions in the class next door have a tendency to scare you."

"What disruptions?"

"Mr. Roi doesn't acknowledge any laws in our known universe," commented Ronee.

"Is he the one who teaches next door?"

"Yeah. It's his advanced class. He tends to wreck the rooms on a daily basis teaching," said Ronee.

"Wow...sounds like an adult version of the twins. They like explosions too," said Harry offhand.


"Also called the Terror Twins, Snape's Bane and the two you don't want to get on the bad side of."

"Why?" asked Rochelle.

"Getting on their list leads to being hit with pranks for a week straight. Nothing cruel, but usually pretty bad. If I remember correctly, one week they had a remote control car follow a pure blood named Draco for two weeks. It really freaked him out."


"Wizard Pure Bloods don't keep up with today's tech. Seeing a remote control plane would scare them silly. Though I would love to know how they got it to go up the moving staircases..."

Remus let Harry talk about the magical community in general, though he noted that he carefully edited some of his adventures. Judging by the look Harry shot him, it was clear he didn't want Remus to know exactly how much danger he was in first and second year.

Still, Harry went with Remus to the school after finding Charlie in the park.

Norbert was rather well behaved for a dragon, which made the demonstration much easier on Remus. His students were extremely thrilled to learn about dragons. And Charlie was delighted to answer questions.

Since Harry would be staying with Remus for a full week, he took several various classes at the Nightschool.

Even if he did suffer through a few odd looks from the students (namely the ones who took Remus' Wizard Politics). Rochelle was more than happy to show him around the school. Harry decided to join Remus' wizard politics class for fun.

(So Remus made him a guest speaker.)

"Everyone, this is Harry, my nephew from Britain. He has agreed to speak about the situation in Magical Europe. Feel free to ask questions!" said Remus cheerfully. (Harry of course gave Remus a dark look for putting him in the spotlight.)

Ronee once again opened the door for the others. Luckily for Harry, she kept most of her questions to the school and Diagon alley. Which was something he could answer. Then came the toughies from the others.

Like the Shifter in the back who asked if Harry had a problem with non-human creatures. (Had seen look Harry shot at Remus.)

"I have a distinct way of dealing with them. If they don't try to kill/maim me in any way, I will try to be friendly. I actually quite like the different species. Like my Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot. Both of them turn into animals, and I don't have any issues with that."

"Wait, did you just say 'if they don't try to kill/maim?'" asked Ronee in alarm.

"First year, a troll and three headed dog attacked me. Second year, an eighty foot basilisk who had been cooped up in a sewer for over a thousand years. I get along fine with the centaurs, avoid the acromantulas and try to steer clear of the vampire-like creature that thrives in dungeons," said Harry with humor.

One of the few vampires had to ask about that last one.


Harry had to chuckle.

"The professor who teaches potions is widely regarded as a vampire for his outfits and the fact that he practically lives in the dungeon. Most students believe he might actually be a vampire, but I seriously doubt it because I have seen him with a reflection and walking around in broad daylight..."

(Back in England Snape sneezes twice.)

It turned out to be a rather successful class, since Harry did defuse some of the anger towards the magical community for it's bigotry.

Though the next class he did something that was talked about for months.

It was during Remus's second class for magical creatures when Mr. Roi began another of his rather explosive lessons. Remus held back a groan of dismay, and was fully prepared to wait until the noises died down.

Harry on the other hand winced at the volume and asked him "What is making all that racket?"

"I was unfortunate enough to get a class next to Mr. Roi," said Remus, as if that explained everything.

Harry peaked out the door and gaped.

"Is that the night sky?" he asked in disbelief.

Remus laughed, "I had the same reaction my first day."

Since Harry didn't spot any other teachers around, he looked to Remus and asked "Do you think I should go and ask him to tone it down a little? My ears are ringing a bit."

Remus took out a note and handed it to him. Harry took it and went out into the hallway.

Several students *including Ronee* were outside the damaged area taking meticulous notes.

"Excuse me! Could you please tone down it a little?" said Harry loudly. He made sure not to be too close to other students to preserve their hearing.

Mr. Roi noticed the boy standing there, and wondered why he wasn't copying the pattern down. Then he saw the slip, and let his students copy the rest of it before ending it. He turned to the boy, who had a clear look of relief on his face. He also seemed to be holding his ear for some reason.


"I'm terribly sorry, but could you possibly tone down the demonstration? My ears have been ringing since you broke the ceiling."

"Who's class are you from?"

"Magical Community Creatures next door."

Mr. Roi was not that happy about the interruption, though he did wonder why the boy's ears were ringing.

A look of relief came over his face, and he said the one thing that caught his attention.

"Finally that weird music stopped. It was starting to give me a headache."


"Whatever you had going was making this weird music."

"How odd. I can't guarantee it, but I shall attempt to, how did you put it? Tone it down."

"Thank you!" Harry beamed at him, and returned to class.

Mr. Roi watched the boy, and noted the interest from Ronee.

"Who was that boy?"

"According to Mr. Lupin, that's his surrogate nephew Harry Potter. He's from the Magical Community in Britain to visit his uncle for a week."

"I wasn't aware that wizards could hear the song of the spell patterns."

"What song?"

"It's a rare gift. People who hear the song of a spell pattern have the ability to copy any they come across and use it against the caster. Usually only weirns have that ability. I have never heard of a wizard with it though."

"According to Harry, he's a half-blood. His mother was a mortal blessed with magical powers."

"Hmm...I will have to investigate this further. In the meantime, I want you to study..."