He had a few hours before his first class of the night, since he had tested out of a few. So he went to the cemetery. A place that normally would have bothered him after the incident with Voldemort.

Not anymore. He now had a defender who was always by his side. Plus he was somewhat exempt from the Hunters due to the fact that they weren't allowed to hunt the Wizards.

He loved legal loopholes. So long as he didn't attack a Hunter, they couldn't attack him or they would be killed.

Wonder who that is...

A Weirn with silver hair was clearly doing a report. Probably on vampires. So he sneaked up behind her and said "Need any help with that?"

She squeaked in surprise. He was very good at sneaking up on people (something Ronee hated.)

"Who are you?"

"Someone on a stroll before class. What's your name?"

"Alex Treveney."

"Treveney...Any relation to the scatterbrained Sarah?"

"You know my sister?"

Harry grinned.

"Know her, try to keep her on her toes... Name's Harry Potter."

Alex remembered tales of a half blood weirn who had been pranking the teachers every night.

"You aren't the kid who...?"

"I'm the prankster," he grinned.

Alex tried and failed to hide her grin. Some of the pranks he had used cracked her up.

Then she remembered her curse, and managed to get back to the task at hand.

"So...what happened to your hair?"

She flinched. Even though talking to him was actually relaxing (something about him just got her to open up) she was still reluctant to speak to him about that.

"If it helps, I can tell you about why I have a lightning shaped scar on my head," he said quietly.

"I...have a curse. It makes it impossible for me to get close to anything. Certain words trigger it, and causes whatever I target to be destroyed."

"Hmm... I'll have to look into that. I had the soul of a madman sealed into this scar until recently."

She gave him a look, but he didn't appear to be joking in the least.

"So...is that your astral?"

She turned, and saw his astral out as well. It was rather interesting.

Suddenly he turned.

Someone else was in the cemetery with them. Alex heard it too.

"Stay close to me."

Three hunters appeared behind them.

Before they could say anything, Harry intervened.

"Step away, Hunters. She is under my protection."

The older boy gave him a look.

Harry tried not to grin. He drew his wand in one solid move, and said "Lumos!"

The boy took one look at the wand, and then at Harry.

"Damn. Leave before I change my mind, Wizard."

"With pleasure."

Harry grabbed Alex's hand, and they left quickly.


"The treaty with the Hunters specifically states that they can't attack human wizards. Not unless we provoke them first. Since I stated you were under my protection, it meant he couldn't harm you with me there."

"Why did you help me?"

"Because I can't stand by and watch someone get hurt just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Especially not after..."

"After what?"

"Nevermind. Where do you want me to drop you off?"


Harry smirked. Without warning, Alex found herself on a broom flying in the sky.


Harry laughed.

"Don't tell me you've never flown before!"

"Not on a stick!" she yelled.

"Try using your wings then!" he replied.

Alex tried (and failed) to bring out her astral wings. It was something Harry had mastered within hours of learning it was in fact possible. (The main reason he had been given to Mr. Roi for his class...)

Then she remembered something her sister had taught her. She carefully got off the broom, and to Harry's amusement was flying right beside him.

"Nice wings."

His grin grew positively evil. The broom vanished and his own astral became an impressive pair of dragon's wings.

She glared at him.

"That was so not funny!"

"Was for me. So where's your house? I can't head to class without making sure you make it home safely."

Alex looked around, and finally found it.

"Down there, three blocks down."

Once they landed, Harry handed her something.

"Here. Next time you have a run in with Hunters, give me a call. Or if you're ever bored."

"How about if I have a prank idea for my sister?"

"Even better. Be safe from Hunters, Ms. Treveney."

"Be safe from hunters, Prank King."

Harry grinned, and vanished with a pop. Alex shook her head.

That boy was weird...in a good way.

Ronee glared at Harry for being late.

"Where were you?"

"Protecting a weirn from some hunters. Silly girl was in a cemetery where the hunters were taking out Rippers."

She sighed.

"Anyone else, and I would be asking if they were joking. But you have the weirdest compulsion to help people..."

"I had time to kill, remember? So what's on the schedule today?"

"Test in Calculus," said Sion.

Harry winced. He love languages, but math was his bane.

"If I thought I could get out of it, I would be running far, far away from the school right now."

He found Ronee's astral locked onto his arm.

"Don't even think of leaving brat."

"I hate math."

"I know."

Harry sighed.

"The sooner we get this day over with, the sooner I can get back to raiding the library."

"How was class Harry?"

"Boring. Then again, I did run into some hunters earlier."

Remus choked on his coffee. So did the Night Keeper.

"You what? When?"

"I went for a walk in the cemetery, ran into a fellow weirn and they showed up. There were Rippers there too."

"Harry..." sighed Remus.

"It's not that big a deal. Once they knew I was a wizard they left us alone."

"'Us'?" asked Sarah.

"Me and the other weirn. A girl named Alex."

Sarah blinked, before she asked "Did this Alex have gray hair by any chance?"


Sarah facepalmed.

"I'll have to talk to her later..." she said.

"Who knows, maybe I can convince her to attend the school. It shouldn't be that hard to find a curse that can target people with the use of certain words."

Sarah looked at him in disbelief. Alex had a hard time trusting people since the curse, and she had actually opened up to him. Knowing about his ability to reverse spells, she decided to help him.

"It's called the Neren Hex. If you could reverse it, I would be grateful."

Harry spent a good four days looking for the Neren Hex. Once his guardian found out why (he had been a bit unhappy to learn exactly what Harry was looking for) he finally gave him a hint.

Upon reading exactly what it did, he saw why Mr. Roi didn't want him in that particular section of the library. He really felt bad for Alex.

So how am I supposed to undo this stupid thing without casting it on someone...

That was his main problem. Why he had no problem using the Spell Rhythm on things Mr. Roi left lying around (namely helping the poor Night Keeper maintain her sanity), he really didn't want to use such a nasty spell on anyone.

Well, almost anyone.

"You are not going to England and casting the hex on Dumbledore... No matter how much that old goat deserves it," said Roi.

Harry would have pouted, but hearing that last bit made him grin.

"So if he's ever dumb enough to come back for me, then can I use it on him?"

"... Sure, why not. I'm sure the others would love hearing how he got hit with such a nasty curse by someone who was supposed to be his pawn."

Roi was many things, but pleasant to his enemies was not one of them. And the other Night Lords would get a kick out of Harry being the one to cast such a curse on the old goat.

"How far have you gotten in your studies?"

Harry showed him his personal spell book. It was half full of useful spells, and had an entire chapter on battle spells to keep his enemies busy. There wasn't a single spell in there that would kill his enemies, only seal them away.

Over the past month, the two had actually gotten close. Harry put up with Roi's quirks (and occasional experiments) and Roi managed to get the boy to open up about his abuse. He was quite surprised to find out one morning that he had become a better surrogate father figure than the boy's own godfather or his werewolf uncle.

A few times Harry almost called him dad without realizing it.

Harry looked up from his book...something was off. It took him two hours to figure out what was wrong.

And that only because he was talking to Remus.

"I wonder where Ms. Treveney is. She's usually here by now."


"The poor Night Keeper who has to put up with Mr. Roi?"

"Harry, there hasn't been a Night Keeper for nearly a month," said Remus.

Harry shut his book. Why had Remus forgotten about Sarah? She was rather amusing and pretty hard to forget with how klutzy she was.

He went to see Ronee.

"Have you seen the Night Keeper? She hasn't shown up for lunch," he asked.

Ronee paused. Then she looked and asked her friends if they had seen her. When they had twin looks of confusion, she realized what was going on.

"Oh no...not again..."

"Ronee, what the bloody hell is going on? Where's Miss T?"

"You better come with me. We need to talk."

Harry followed Ronee and her friends to their usual hangout.

"What is going on Ronee?"

"It seems Miss T has been taken. And she's not the first. Over the past three weeks students have been going missing, one and at a time. But she's the first teacher that's been taken."

"...Crap. Why is it that we remember her though?"

"I don't know. But I intend to find out."

Harry waited until he was back at the lab. Since Mr. Roi had become his legal guardian he had to live with him most nights. He didn't mind, since it gave him more access to the huge library and he had more room to go barreling through while flying.

(Roi didn't mind that trick, and had only requested he try not to crash.)

So when he brought up the subject of the missing Night Keeper, he was very surprised that his guardian had no idea who he was referring to.

About two hours later, Roi got a call from someone. He left rather suddenly. And came back looking concerned.

"Three Hunters just had their time taken."

"What... when?"

"Recently. One of their Teachers just contacted me needing answers."

"Because you're the nearest Nereshai?"

Roi stopped and looked at him hard.

"How do you know that?"

Harry gave him a look.

"You and Madam Chen stood up to the old goat nearly a month ago and challenged him. He would have backed down from anyone except those who outclass him, big time."

Roi grinned. He had long since outclassed Dumbledore. Most of the older Night creatures had.

Harry sighed.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be skipping school for the foreseeable future until this mess is over with?"

"Because you know my library better than I do at this point?"

Harry grinned.

"True. I get to sit in on your experiments then."

"Fair enough."