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There were only a handful of times that Vegeta was rendered speechless. The one time when he was a teenager and found out in the nick of time that the woman he was about to take back to his quarters was in fact, a man . The time he found out Bulma was pregnant, and now this time…

He stood, his mouth agape shamelessly, staring at the giant strapped to the chair.

Vegeta was of standard height, Kakarot was one of the taller Saiyans he'd seen…but this huge being…this monstrosity of a Saiyan had to be at least 7'5 and the size of his biceps were easily the size of Vegeta's thighs, which were thick. Compared to the giant, Vegeta looked like a mere child.

They had just picked him up along with his father, who gave Vegeta, of all people the creeps, and it seemed he had the same effect on most people on their ship as well. Most men, when the beast and his father were brought aboard, would move away and tried try not to make eye contact with the pair. The only people that dared to get close to them were the King, Turles and Vegeta.

He walked up closer to him, admiring his intricate torque. It was definitely much bulkier than his own and thicker as well, and gaudier than his. He was at least a little thankful that his was just a thick rope of the gold metal and not the ridiculous feminine piece of work this guy had to wear.

"So. You're Brolli." he said, reigning in his wonderment.

Brolli said nothing, just stared sitelesslysightlessly ahead of him, seemingly through Vegeta. The prince squinted at him, studying his new 'purge partner'.

He could tell he wasn't right in the head…

…but than again, he wasn't either.

"They call him The Beast."

Vegeta turned to find Turles standing in the doorway.

"Fitting name," Vegeta grumbled and turned back to stare at Brolli. "What do you want?"

"I have your orders."

"Oh joy," Vegeta spat sarcastically.

"You have leave time for the next two days once we land and then you and your new partner, along with a small battalion will go to Planet Cema and see to it that they pledge loyalty to your father."

"And if they refuse?"

"Then you and Brolli will have to persuade them."

Vegeta remained silent and looked into The Beast's eyes, noticing a slight flicker of excitement when Turles spoke of their mission. His muscles clenched and got a shot of slight pleasure at the mention of bloodshed. He and Brolli seemed to enjoy the same thing… maybe one more than the other.

"The torque is causing him to go insane. Paragus' son has gone through the same thing…they aren't sure why, but it amplifies his saiyan tendencies…he's almost animalistic, especially when engaged in battle…that's all I know."

Tarble's confession repeating repeated over and over in her head then suddenly, something clicked! Bulma halted in the middle of the corridor, causing a soldier to bump into her. She barely heard the agitated apology he gave her.

The torque. Of course! She face palmed herself. The potential answer was staring right at her the whole time! It was a piece of technology… technology that was presumably made on Vegetasei…

She turned around and ran as fast as she could. Too many things were buzzing through her brain to care that she was showing no consideration for the others in the hallways she was tearing through, not caring that she was causing people to dive out of the way or dive for cover cover.

She barreled into the lab where her father had holed himself in since their escape from Vegetasei. The two of them weren't exactly on speaking terms, he still disapproved of her choice in husband and she disapproved of his disapproval. And until one of them budged on their stand point, neither one of them were going to make nice.

"Trunks!" she hollered.

Her father sat at one of the long tables, reading something off of a tablet. He looked up at her, disapproval in his eyes; he really didn't like it when she called him by his name.

"Yes, daughter."

"The torque." She marched to the opposite side of the table he was at and leaned heavily across it, getting to his eye level. "Tell me about it."

He opened his mouth to say something, but quickly closed it again. He looked at her thoughtfully and sat the tablet down, giving her his full attention. He sighed heavily. "He's going mad, isn't he?" he asked quietly.


Trunks took his wire rimmed glasses off and rubbed his eyes. "I see," he said quietly.

"And you didn't think to tell me this little nugget of information sooner?" she screeched.

Her father sighed again. "I didn't see the point. You left him there, you're free of him. He'll be a lost cause soon-"

"NO!" Bulma yelled. "He will not be a lost cause! Because you will tell me everything you know about it!"

The older man looked down at the table, seemingly contemplating whether or not he was going to comply with her demand or not. "Bulma, this is your out. He is a saiyan."

"Yes he is a saiyan. And if you haven't noticed, over half of this base is populated with Saiyans. Saiyans that share the same hatred for their King as you and I, for the same reasons."

"But none of them are married to the son of the King!" he screamed and pounded his fists into the table. His teeth were gritted and his worn face was one of anger. "Please look at it from my perspective , Bulma!"

"I have! Don't you think I have? I'm sorry my choice in husband has disappointed you! But this is life. My life! My choice! One of the only things that I got to decide what happens to myself! It wasn't my choice to have my father and mother taken away from me at the age of ten or shipped off to be raised by the Demon King himself or join a rebel army! It wasn't my choice to be tortured or almost raped to death, but that's life." She mirrored her father's anger, saying everything through gritted teeth. "Vegeta is my one and only, and nobody not even the gods above or below will keep us apart! He is the one to save us from the shit storm his father has started, I can give good god damn what you think! Now, please make my life easier and tell me what you know!"

Her father's eyes widened as she spoke her words. "I..I had no idea, Bulma. I am so sorry."

"Save it," she spat. "I don't have time for this. Tell me what you know!"

He nodded his head, finally giving in.

"I replicated the device from the beast, Brolli's torque. I was given the instructions on how to put it together along with the materials. From what I gathered, the metals that are used on the torque is are rare and have adverse effects on ki. If positively charged it will amplify ki, to the point of exploding a person from the inside out, if negatively charged, it will do the opposite, but instead of exploding the poor sap, it will completely drain the ki and make the person wearing it vulnerable and defenseless."

"And the King controls the negative and positive charge with what?"

"A device that he wears on his wrist and hand."

"Mmm." Bulma grunted, the gears in her head already working something out. "I'm assuming that if the torque is taken off, the device the King wears will somehow alarm?"

"Yes." Her father looked at her quizzically. "Why are you smirking?"

Bulma's smirk widened. "Come on, Trunks. We've got some work to do."


"I really think I should go with you Bulma." Raditz pleaded with her.

Bulma rolled her eyes at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, causing her to grimace. The green contacts were scratchy and the action aggravated her eyes.

Raditz was being over protective, which at first was cute, but was now starting to get on her nerves.

Bardock had sent him along with her to make sure their future queen and the mother of their newborn prince stayed alive, especially since they weren't sure how stable Vegeta's sanity was. One royal was better than none…

She ignored him and instead fretted over her disguise. She had only given birth to Trunks just a few weeks ago, and was still shedding the baby fat she had gained during her pregnancy. The top she was currently trying to fit into was proving difficult since her boobs were gigantic. She finally shrugged her shoulders, deducing that she was supposed to look like a whore and her huge boobs hanging out of the ill-fitted top just added to her disguise. She fluffed her flame colored wig, picking the color on purpose, mainly because she knew Vegeta had for some reason favored red headed whores before she met him.

Bulma grit her teeth. She didn't want to think about her husband being with hookers, although she couldn't blame him for being with them before they met… especially when he told her his reasons when he first joined the rebel army. But now that he was starting to lose it, and from the reports from Turles, he was starting to turn into an animalistic man…who knew what he had done after she left him on Vegetasei.

After her vision, seeing through Vegeta's eyes and after confronting Tarble, she tried concentrating on Vegeta. Their once strong mental bond had grown weaker and weaker, and now she felt no connection, just waves of crazed and vicious feelings.

She closed her eyes, forcing herself to clear her mind. She couldn't afford to blow this mission…everything depended on her. The fate of the universe, the Kings demise…her mate's sanity and future, her son.

"I need a vacation," she grumbled and exited the bathroom of the drab motel room. Raditz sat at the edge of the mattress, worry still etched in his handsome features. She couldn't help but laugh, in the time she had known the soldier, he had never shown such an emotion.

"You think this is funny? I'm not going to go down in history as the idiot that let our queen get killed or captured. I'm going with you."

Bulma shook her head and primped her fake hair.

"If I get into any trouble I'll contact you. You're too easy to spot with that long ass mane of yours. Just do what we planned; I'll contact you once I get him back here."

She could tell he wanted to argue, but she didn't give him enough time as she turned around and headed to the door. "Don't worry about me," She called over her shoulder. "Nothing will happen to me." She closed the door before he could interject.

In reality, she was scared. She wasn't sure what to expect…

Déjà vu hit Bulma as she sat at an empty table far enough away from the cluster of Saiyans that were drinking and causing a ruckus across the bar. She spotted Vegeta in seconds and the memory of their first encounter made her smile. He had saved her ass that night from Zarbon and in return he'd been beaten severely and thrown in the brig.

It had been the first time she had actually interacted with him, and second attempt meeting up with him…her first being foiled when she was caught and sent to Dodoria's dungeon. She had been on a few recon missions where she'd 'watch' him and collect information on his personality. She'd sneak onto Frieza's flag ship, dressed as a hooker or a maintenance worker and watch him… She loved those missions. He was such an enigma to her, a puzzle waiting to be put together. And boy, what a puzzle he was.

She shooed away a drunk asking for her to 'service' him and watched as her husband sat by himself and knocked back one beer after the other all the while murmuring to himself. His wild eyes always on the lookout and snarling at whoever got too close to him.

As she readied herself to approach him a wave of unease and nervousness hit her. This was not her Vegeta; it was an animal in Vegeta's skin, clawing to break free. Suddenly, Raditz's plea to come with her didn't seem like a bad idea…

'She's here.' The voice whispered. His eyes flickered to and fro wildly as he searched the crowded tavern. His crazed, black, fiery eyes searched for her blue hair and listened for her voice to meet his ears. After a few minutes, he growled into his mug of beer, hoping the alcohol would stifle the voices that were telling him lies. Currently, he was on his seventh drink and the effects were finally taking hold of him, numbing his senses. It was the only thing that would keep the voices from talking to him… two or three more mugs-full of ale and they'd shut up. For a while at least. He quickly ordered two more drinks, desperate to tune the demon voices out… but more importantly hers.

He had put up a mental block, only letting things slip when he was in the state he was in now or if he was losing himself in the thrill of the kill…mostly the ladderlatter. He craved it. Each time was never enough, he wanted more. More bodies to rip apart, more families to shred, more screams to listen to and relish, more blood on his hands and splashed on his feet. When he was doing that, nothing else mattered. It gave him a high, it was insatiable, a whole planet full of victims wouldn't be enough for him.

After he would come off of his high, he'd spiral into a deep depression, each episode worse than the one before. He was in hell and he didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel for him. He had come to grips that he was now his father's servant. No more wife. No more son. His destiny was lost again.

When he'd slip, his mental wall cracked, that's when she would bombard him with her thoughts, which in turn would either drive him into a deeper depression or into a wild fury, depending on what state he was in.

He threw back the two drinks the leggy waitress brought him and closed his eyes, rubbing his temples and trying to relieve the perma-migraine that seemed to amplify after the last mug of beer that he chugged in record time. As he did so, he thought of his son… he wondered if he had grown and if he even knew if he was gone.

"He does know," came a sweet familiar voice from across the small table he sat at. "As a matter of fact, he is extremely grouchy and won't stop crying. He knows something isn't right."

Vegeta slowly lowered his hands and then opened his eyes. His fuzzy mind slowly computing the scene in front of him. He was confused. It was her voice but the red haired girl that sat in front of him was throwing his poor muddled and drunk mind for a spin. Her voice was right, but her coloring was all wrong. He stared at her for a long while, trying to make heads or tails of the female. Her body was the right shape. But the clothes. They were wrong. She was dressed like one of the many whores that roamed the tavern, looking for their next trick. Her top was low cut, leaving not much to the imagination and she was wearing black leather gloves that gleamed in the poor lighting in the corner he was huddled in. And her eyes. They were green. Not the clear blue ones that he loved looking into.

Clearly he wasn't drunk enough. Now he was hallucinating hookers that had his wayward wife's voice.

"Get out of here whore." He turned away from the female and hollered, "Oi!" and held up a finger, indicating to the waitress to bring him one more drink.

"I'm afraid I can't do that," she said.

He moved his head slowly back to face her, his eyes narrowing dangerously on her. Any other person that received that glare would shrink back and leave him be, taking the one and only warning the Prince would issue. Most people knew what would come next if you didn't heed it.

The woman smirked at him slightly and crossed her arms over her chest, telling him she wasn't going anywhere.

"Now, now. Let's not start another bar brawl. I'm afraid I won't be able to break you out of the brig this time."

Vegeta could feel his left eye twitch. That sounded familiar. His wife was the only person who had broken him out of the brig… A small ghost of a smile touched his lips as realization hit him that the hooker in front of him was his wife in disguise. Some relief washed over him, thankful she wasn't a hallucination.

"You left me," he growled. The small smile was gone now, replaced with a hardened , accusing look.

She looked down at her hands guiltily.

"I know and I'm sorry. I didn't do it to hurt you. I found a few things out and had to make my move before your father could act." She whispered, looking around to see if anybody was listening in. Thankfully everybody around them was busy drinking. "How's about we get a room, big boy." She offered, loud enough for others to hear.

His brows furrowed at her but nodded his head.


She smiled at him as they both stood from the table and walked towards the exit. As they did so, she caught the eye of Turles who was looking at Vegeta and her. He was giving the two of them a questionable look until she winked at him. He smiled and nodded his head in acknowledgement and then turned away from the duo.

They walked the very short distance out of the bar and into the motel that rented rooms by the hour.

The two of them bypassed the front desk and Vegeta followed as Bulma led him down the dark, smelly hallway of the small establishment. She stopped at the very end of the second hall she took him down and fished down her shirt to pull a room key out of her cleavage.

The second the door clicked shut, Bulma was pinned up against the closed door, Vegeta's large battle worn hand squeezing with just enough force to cause Bulma to panic. His angry, wild black eyes looked down upon her.

And just as quickly he fell to the ground, hitting the unclean carpet floor with a muffled thud.

Bulma stood above him, holstering her tazer.

"Ok Raditz." She called out. "Come on out, we've got work to do."

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