Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Charmed, they belong to Constance M Burge, and Aaron Spelling, I'm just borrowing them, however the character of Remy La Fontaine is mine.

Chapter 1:

It had just stopped raining, when Remy La Fontaine stepped out into the hot humid San Francisco night, and heard the vicious sounds of a mighty battle raging nearby. He jumped on a nearby rooftop, and sprinted to the scene of the battle. What he saw both troubled, and amazed him. What amazed him was that Belthazor a known assassin for the source was helping a group of witches fight off an army of demons. What troubled him, was that the demons appeared to be winning slightly. Without hesitation, he threw himself into the fray. As he hurtled toward the ground he performed a triple somersault. As soon as he landed he deployed a collapsable silver staff, and tore through the demons. Soon they were all dead, and Remy cast his glowing red eyes on Cole, and the girls as he spoke a low thickly accented voice, Hey homme, how ya been."

Cole transformed back into human form as he said, " Remy I haven't seen you in 23 years. How's Abigail"

As they were speaking the girls were studying Remy. He stood 6'3" tall, and weighed 175# He had a lithe muscular build, long shoulder length auburn hair that he kept pulled back, a short ragged auburn goatee, and glowing red eyes. He wore tight black jeans, black cowboy boots a dark red long sleeve pearl snap shirt a black felt Resistol cowboy hat, and a black oilskin duster. Remy replied in a real quiet voice " She was killed by Lothos back in 1993 ."

Cole was rendered speechless for several minutes, then when he found his voice it was filled with sadness, and anger, " Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Why did he kill her?"

Remy replied, " Thanks homme, you always had a special place in er heart."

Phoebe asked, " Just who, or what in the hell are you, and what do you mean Cole had a special place in your mother's heart, he was evil back then."

Remy lit a cigarette with his finger as he replied in his thick Cajun drawl, " My name be Remy La Fontaine, I'm a Dhamphyr, an I came ta dis city lookin fo de Charmed Ones he'p in my quest to kill de murderin bloodsuckah dat is my father."

Piper asked, " What's a Dhampyr, and why do you want to kill your father?"

Remy gave a slight growl as he replied, " Petit a Dhamphyr is a cross tween humans an vampires. As fo why I wanna kill my father, cause he murder my mother."

Phoebe glared at Cole as she said, "Now it's you're turn to explain."

Cole sighed as he said, " Back in 1988 I was sent to kill a witch in New Orleans, a woman by the name of Abigail La Fontaine, but I couldn't kill her, I fell in love with her, and her 12 year old Dhamphyr son Remy. I stayed with them, and helped Remy learn to control his newfound powers, but alas in 1992, I had to leave, and sever all ties with them.

Paige asked, " What are your powers?"

Remy exhaled a cloud of bluish smoke as he said, " Well Cher I have enhanced senses, preternatural strength, speed, agility, dexterity, and the ability to create, and control fire also I can only be killed if my head leaves my body,

All three of the girls stared at him mouths agape for several minutes, they were brought back to reality by Leo orbing in. Leo was about to speak to Piper, when he spied Remy leaning against a wall smoking. Leo asked, " who's that?"

Piper replied, " His name is Remy La Fontaine, he's a Dhamphyr."

Leo's eyes widened as he exclaimed, " The Remy La Fontaine?"

Phoebe replied, " Yea you heard of him?"

Leo replied as Remy shoved off the wall, and joined them, " Yea, he's the only Dhamphyr in history, not to mention his reputation is legendary."

Cole asked, " How old were you, when you started killing demons?"

Remy replied as threw away his still smoldering cigarette butt, " Bout 16."

They all stared at him to stunned to speak, then after several minutes Cole asked incredulously, " You've been killing demons since you were sixteen?"

Remy nodded as he said, " Yep ever since dat bloodsucking bastard killed de only person ta ever give a damn bout me."

Cole felt his heart shatter, for he too cared deeply for the fiercly independent Dhamphyr, and was about to tell him that, when a huge gang of demomic bounty hunters showed up.

Hope y'all enjoy this story. The character of Remy La Fontaine was based on Gambit.