Title: If I hate her/ If I ate her
Rating: R

Disclaimer: These characters are not my creative property

Summary: Trueblood/Once Upon a Time crossover. The curse has broken, and Vampire Pam comes to Storybrooke to avenge her twin sister's death.

1 month after the breaking of the curse…

Pam held Emma in a tight chokehold; she pressed her chest against Emma's back and fully took in the scent of human fear. Emma's trembling body, and the rapid pulse of her heart intoxicated Pam. She struggled ineffectually against the inhumanly tight grip around her neck.

"Why do you stupid blonde bitches keeping fucking up my life?" Pam murmured, sounding half-amused as Emma choked out ragged breaths. Pam calmly brushed Emma's hair over her shoulder, and in any other situation it would have been a soothing gesture.

Pam smirked coldly as she took her time studying Emma's neck: veins beginning to pop out like a relief map. To Pam it looked like candy. She snapped out her sharp fangs, and descended hungrily, puncturing the thin skin and sucking as Emma tried to scream.

3 days after the breaking of the curse..

The door opened before Henry even had a chance to knock, Regina had been watching out her window and testing her newly returned magic intermittently all while crying constantly. She was just waiting for something to happen and had all but given up. The fight and desire for power and life drained from her. She raced downstairs the second they were in view.

"Henry! You're back? Where have you been?" For a moment Regina let herself hope for the impossible. Regina tried to draw him inside, but Henry stood resolute at the doorway refusing to cross the threshold.

"I want to make a deal," Henry's eyes were wide and frightened. He drew himself up to his full height. Regina swallowed and nodded, prepared to give anything.

"I promise I'll love you and be a good boy, but you have to help Emma," Henry stated despondently. Regina's brow crossed, his words branding her heart like a hot poker. He couldn't promise to love her, but the nagging hope she felt overpowered logical reasoning. Puzzled about her end of the bargain, she only then looked past Henry to notice Emma: shuffling and listless standing away on the walk.

"Why does Emma need help?" Regina asked in confusion, never taking her eyes off the blonde.

"A stupid sprite thing erased her memory. She doesn't remember who she is. Will you help her?" Henry asked letting his own hope and desperation betray his voice.

An angry teenaged sprite that Emma had recently ticketed for vandalism directed his misplaced anger about the curse on Emma and cast a spell to erase her memory as payback. With Rumple, presumably in hiding and the town becoming volatile as frustrated citizens looked for a way back to their land to no avail, it was all too dangerous.

"Yes," Regina didn't falter or think about what she was agreeing to. She scooped Henry into a hug, and he only hesitated for a moment before relaxing and letting her get her fill of him. When she released him, he pushed past her and quickly disappeared into the house.

Regina stood a bit dazed taking in the change in events, "Emma?"

"Hi," she smiled slightly in apology.

Regina looked her over from head to toe, and noticed she was still wearing her jeans and red leather jacket from 3 days ago.

"Who are you?" Emma asked perplexed pausing to stare at Regina, "Who am I for that matter?"

Regina shook her head in disbelief, tears still shining in her eyes and replied, "You're Henry's birthmother."

The scene brought on sense of déjà vu, of their very first meeting, the moment that had changed both of their lives. If Emma would have just turned around and went back to Boston on that very night none of this would have happened. Regina stamped down on the anger that begun to well up in her. She peered into Emma's eyes, looking for a sign that she remembered anything. Her eyes were blank. Regina felt a slight sense of joy realizing that Emma was completely at her mercy. She remembered her promise to Henry and what she stood to lose if she didn't restore Emma's memory. The unbearable thought of losing Henry again shook her from any evil intentions, and she smiled falsely, as she invited this innocent and trusting version of Emma in for a drink.

0 minutes after the breaking of the curse…

Pam's heavily sparkled eyes opened and she stared unseeing at the pink liner of her coffin. Something more inside of her had just died: her sister. She could feel it just as distinct and real as she felt her fangs. She and Maleficent had been estranged for over a century, but the psychic connection they shared had stretched from the fairytale world where Maleficent had stayed all the way to the one without magic where Pam had ended up.

Magic beans and enchanted trees were a plentiful during Pam's childhood. She and Maleficent used to play together, making hollyhock dolls, and subsequently ripping off their heads. Child's play, Pam reflected fondly on her memories before they grew dark. It was during a simple game of hide and seek that she had become truly lost. She crawled into a hole in a large tree, thinking that it would be a good hiding spot. Next thing she knew she was in another tree in a foreign place. The air smelled different, the trees were more ominous.

Pam wondered how long her sister looked for her before she had eventually given up. They could always tell on some level where the other was, and Pam suspected her sister had found the tree she had hid in easily. She didn't think it would be the last time she would ever see her dear Maleficent.

Navigating a new world is not an easy task especially as a child from another world. She fell into her new life, alone and self-reliant by necessity. When she had discovered the vampires she supposed her own life as a child in a world of magic made it easier for her to believe and not be afraid.

The connection over time and space she felt for her sister had changed one day in 1983. Pam remembers what she was wearing: reflective green sequined skirt: tight and short, black fishnets and knee high leather boots, a black 'Dead Can Dance' shirt that she thought was ironic at the time, and extremely long gold earrings under her mess of teased curls. She was hunting for sex and blood at a New York City Goth club. Those clubs had sprung up on the underground everywhere, and it was like picking heavily eye lined low hanging fruit. The girls were young and delicious, giving themselves freely. If they started to spout off on their existential depressing bullshit, Pam simply bit and fucked harder until they could no longer speak.

On that night she felt a change: Maleficent was in her world. When she dreamed that day, she could feel her in a dark quiet place. For a while Pam hoped that Maleficent might have come to this world and been turned. She fantasized about them reuniting and walking the night together.

But nothing changed or moved at all. Like time had stopped for Maleficent. 28 years. Pam tried to search for her, to find the place she was being kept. She was sure she was not there of her own will, but there was something powerful keeping her off the trail.

Now the connection was severed, and Pam was certain that Maleficent had met the true death. Just before Maleficent had dreamed of a town, she sensed it more than having any concrete direction in mind. The image of a woman formed in head: she was frightened, blonde and carrying a sword. It was her only clue as to who ended Maleficent's life. She would begin her preparations as soon as night came. Now there was no hope of Pam finding Maleficent, their perverted extended game of hide and seek finally ending without resolution.

Pam was certain she would find Maleficent's killer.