A/N: This story turned out a bit more 'tell' than 'show' than I usually like, but mainly I had a lot of ideas and I didn't want it to be exceedingly long. Apologies! There may be more after this, because I guess I didn't really end it with any satisfaction. Title comes from "Cloud on my Tongue" by Tori Amos. The way sings that line is so cute.

2 Weeks after the breaking of the curse...

Regina had tried every bit of magic she knew to remove the spell and restore Emma's memory. Emma, having been stripped to her base instincts caused her natural personality, unhindered by her upbringing or experience, to emerge. Regina still found her somewhat annoying, but she pretty much found everyone annoying. The surprising part was that she didn't hate her. Emma trusted her and liked her and that was oddly refreshing after being hated and mistrusted for so many years by everyone. Emma didn't know Regina was evil, and she didn't know what she had done. Henry and Regina had both decided to start with the basics and not fill Emma in about the curse until she was ready.

Having Emma in the house, even under the odd circumstances, was nice (although, Regina would use the word 'tolerable' if pressed.) Emma and Regina had a secret. The second night Emma stayed over, a thunderstorm woke her during the night and scared her. She frantically crawled into Regina's bed and burrowed against her. Regina was surprised, but didn't kick her out, and since then Emma had spent every night in Regina's bed.

The sooner Regina fixed her memory the sooner Emma would be able to go back to work. The town was in desperate need of a Sheriff. Snow and Charming were spending too much time lurking around for Regina's liking, piling fuel on an already explosive fire. Instead of finding a way home (as they claimed they wanted,) they spent their time blaming Regina and trying to lay claim to Henry, but Henry stayed true to his word and made quite the effort to love Regina. He was also enjoying having Emma around and trying to help her.

Surprisingly things had kind of settled down in town and went back to some semblance of normalcy. Just because the citizens of Storybrooke had their old memories back it didn't mean that they all necessarily wanted to go back to Fairytale land or even could. They still needed to survive, and getting the town back in working order was the primary focus.

Regina was largely ignored. They could kill her, torture her for enacting the curse, but word spread that she was housing Henry and Emma and if Snow and Charming hadn't resorted to violence no one else felt the need. The people also knew that Regina had her magic back and no one dared to test it.

1 month after the breaking of the curse…

Pam traveled at night, over 1600 miles, not entirely sure where she was heading just that she'd know when she arrived. She made the last of the journey on foot running through the forest so fast her feet barely touched the ground. It would be sunrise soon and if she couldn't find a suitable place to rest she'd have to dig and bury herself underground.

She was puzzled at first, when she entered Storybrooke. The town was small and sleepy as they say. How Maleficent had come to be kept in this shithole remained her greatest question. She found the town cemetery easily enough, letting herself in the one large mausoleum that read 'Mills'. The name seemed vaguely familiar. Pam never forgot anyone; she put them in her memory vault.

Pam only had the image of the blonde woman with the red jacket to go on. When the sun set and Pam awoke, she emerged from the crypt and headed through town. It didn't take long to sense the oddities going on in the small town. People were off, and the town was crawling with Supes that much Pam was certain of. She didn't encounter or sense any other vampires in the territory and whoever or whatever else who dared to come at her she knew she could handle.

Pam sniffed the air, and followed the trail to Granny's diner; the first creature she came across was an obvious werewolf. Her disdain for the dirty beasts was evident, but Pam did appreciate her dress sense and looks. The werewolf's human form was beautiful, and Pam didn't so much mind their interaction as she easily glamoured her into revealing the identity of her target: the sheriff who was staying in the big white mansion five blocks down.

Pam smirked at the simplicity of the act and headed out the door in whirl of speed.

Meanwhile, at the Mayoral mansion…

Regina had just tucked Henry in for the night and was about to retire to her study with Emma to discuss their day and plan the next. They had settled into a comforting routine even amidst the craziness of the events happening in the town and through the challenge of losing Emma's memory. Regina poured two glasses of cider when a knock came at the door. Emma raced to get it. They rarely had visitors and any new face was an exciting surprise. She flung the door open taking in the tall, thin woman who was dressed to the nines in a designer pink skirt suit.

"May I come in?" Pam asked cheerfully.

"Who are you?" Emma had no idea if she knew the woman or not.

Pam shifted and crossed her arms, not even showing a hint of her inner rage and hunger. This was the woman who killed her sister, and who Pam was going to punish for keeping them apart all of those years- lifetimes wasted.

"Mary Kay representative. Can I interest you in our new Timewise anti-aging cream? Why you just wouldn't believe how old I am," Pam deadpanned, tapping her foot impatiently waiting for her invitation.

"I don't think I need any of that, hold on, let me get my—um—Regina," Emma stammered, and then remembered her manners, "Um, you can come in if you'd like."

Before Emma had even finished the sentence Pam was on her, holding her by the neck and then biting. Emma tried to scream, but the powerful grip on her throat made it impossible. Pam stroked her hair and hungrily fed on her, not wanting to kill her but just take her to the edge of consciousness. She had more plans to torture this murderer.

Regina strode quickly through the house looking for Emma, eager to have their nightcap. She rounded the doorway from the kitchen and happened upon Emma held up by neck and being drained by a vampire. There had been a few vampires who had somehow found their way into the Enchanted Forest usually through a fairy porthole or vortex. Vampires could not resist the sweet blood of a fairy and that was about all Regina could remember on the subject.

When Pam pulled up for a second to revel in her conquest, Regina couldn't believe it, "Maleficent, is that really you?"

"Maleficent was my sister and now she's dead, thanks to this…slayer," Pam spewed, blood dripping down her lips and over her chin. Emma struggled weakly, half drained of blood and confused from lack of oxygen.

"Let her go, she didn't mean to kill your sister—it was I who ordered the attack. Take me," Regina heard herself saying the words before she even realized that she was bargaining herself for Ms. Swan.

"Then I shall drain you both!" Pam bellowed before diving back into Emma's neck, causing her to shift and moan in pain and pleasure as sharp fangs ripped into her tendons and veins anew.

Regina tried to remember how to defeat a vampire, wooden stakes, garlic, silver, and they have to be invited in… She didn't have much time, "I renounce your invitation into my home!"

Pam felt herself sliding backwards, her 5inch Betsey Johnson heels scraping against the slippery wood as she moved forcefully toward the door. Emma fell to the floor unconscious, as Pam clung futilely to the doorframe.

"I'll be waiting for you, this isn't over!" Pam screamed before retreating into the night.

Regina took one glance toward the doorway, sighing in relief to see that Pam was gone for now at least. She cradled Emma's body in her arms, tears springing to her eyes as she felt frantically for a pulse. She whispered a healing spell, but it wouldn't work if Emma was too far gone.

"Damnit! If that bitch of a vampire killed you just when I was starting to like you…." Regina tried to put venom into her words, but they trailed off and died in her throat. Emma was a pallid gray, and not breathing, the marks around her neck turning an inhuman purple. Regina whispered another spell, holding Emma and rocking her body gently. The fang marks began fade as the twin puncture wounds closed over. Regina placed her ear to Emma's heart and felt it beat weakly; at least she was still alive. She pressed her lips to her cool forehead and squeezed her eyes shut tight her mind racing in thought.

Emma stirred and sputtered, coughing and desperately sucking air into her deprived lungs. She tried to speak but Regina pressed a finger to her lips in an effort to conserve her energy. After such a traumatic event she needed to rest and restore herself.

Emma struggled to sit up and turned to face Regina, "I remember, fuck.. I remember everything…thank you for saving me. Now, let's go kill that bitch."