Emily Prentiss was never one to speak about family. Her childhood clearly showed why that was. Her mother Elizabeth had never paid her any attention, and her father Anthony was one of the only people who ever showed their love for her in her younger years. Even her stepfather, Timothy, had given her more love and more attention than her mother had.

During her younger years, two of the only companions she had were her young brother and sister. But for people not knowing that they were even related really put a toll on the siblings.

Let's just say that politics was not a thing that the Prentiss children ever wanted to be acquainted with.

"Hey Princess."

The brunette immediately closed her little book that she had settled on her desk, quickly shoving it into her top drawer before spinning in her chair to face her friend. "What's up Derek?"

Derek felt himself smile to his friend as he set his briefcase down at his desk. "What was that?"

Emily shook her head, her smile plastered to her face. "What was what?"

The younger agent let out a laugh before he knelt down before the brunette. "It was your diary, wasn't it?"


Derek looked towards the young doctor just a few feet away. "Yo Reid, did you just see Prentiss reading from her diary?"

Spencer let his eyes glance up from the book in his lap, looking between his two friends with a frown etched onto his face. "What diary?"

Emily gave her friend a smile before turning back to the darker man in front of her. She quickly shook her head and crossed her bare legs, her now shaking hands smoothing down her skirt as she smiled down to the younger agent. "See? No diary!" She pointed towards his desk, getting him to turn his head. "Now you can go and work."

"Oh come on Em, let me see the book."

Emily immediately shook her head, turning in her chair so she faced away from her friend. "No."

Derek laughed before standing on his feet and leaning against the brunette's desk. "But if it's not a diary then why can't I see it?"

"Come on, Derek. It's my business."

The younger man held up his hands, nodding his head when his friend's dark eyes looked up to him. "Ok. Alright, I get it."

Emily smiled wide to her friend. "Thank you."

Just as the brunette turned back to her computer, she heard her metal draw fly open. She quickly spun herself around, her eyes wide as she watched Derek Morgan steal her little book from its confines in her drawer. "Derek!"

Derek let out a laugh when Emily jumped up from her seat, and he quickly held the book above her head, the pages flipping open. "What's wrong, Em? Can't take a little teasing?"

"This isn't funny, Derek! Give me my book back."

He shook his head, his eye squinting as he scanned one of the pages. "Her mother Elizabeth had never paid her any attention, and her father Anthony was one of the only people who ever show-"

"Derek!" Emily's eyes stung when she heard those words read out loud, and her hand kept reaching for the book that flailed in her friend's hand. "Those words are private!"

"Ok so let's try some others."

"No Der-"

"But for people not knowing that they were even related really put a toll on the siblings."

Emily pressed her fists firmly to the younger man's chest. "Derek Morgan, give me back the book. NOW."

Spencer looked up from his book once more to look at the flustered brunette, watching as a stunned Derek Morgan handed the small book back to their friend. "Did you write that, Emily?"

Emily shook her head, shoving her book back into the steel drawer before pressing her fingers to her temples. "No. I didn't."

Derek watched as his friend with confusion clearly etched onto his face. "Who was that last sentence about, Em?"

The brunette let out a snort, plopping herself down into her office chair and looking to the younger man. "Who do you think it was about, Derek?"

"You have siblings?"

"Yes," the older agent nodded, her fingers mindlessly roaming over her knee. "I do."

Spencer shook his head from his spot across from her, his book falling closed as his fingers dropped it to his desk. "You never told us you had siblings, Emily."

"Yeah well it never came up."

Dave watched as his surogate daughter threw her hands up in the air, and he quickly made his way down the stairs of the catwalk to stand by her side. He let his hand drop to her shoulder, feeling her small fingers immediately intertwine with his. "What's going on?"

Derek pointed an accusing finger to his friend, his eyes on the older agents. "Did you know Emily had brothers and sisters?"

The older man shook his head. "Only one brother and one sister. Not plural."

The darker man let his eyes harden on the senior agent. "So you knew?"

"Of course I did. Emily confides in me when she needs to, Derek. And it wasn't really what she wanted to do." He smiled down to the brunette beside him. "She was upset and I bribed her to spill her guts with frozen yogurt."

Emily let out a laugh. "Yeah, not the greatest moment of my life."

Derek shook his head, sitting himself down in his office chair. "Why didn't you tell us, Emily?"

"Because it wasn't any of your business!" The brunette felt her heart race in her chest, her fingers tugging on Dave's as her body shook. "What you read was what my therapist wrote and what I've told her throughout the year. My family and my feelings about them are my business, Derek."

Just as the younger man opened his mouth, Emily thanked God as her phone began to ring. Her hands yanked themselves away from Dave's so she could pick up her phone. "Oh!"

Spencer settled his chin in his hand. "What?"

"It's my brother." Emily ignored the looks from her friends as she set her phone to her ear with a smile. "Hey Timmy."

Derek's eyebrows shot up, looking to the young doctor across from him. "Timmy?"

Emily waved her hand dismissively before leaning back in her chair. "Yeah I'm good, how are you?...Oh I know. Have you spoken to her?...Yeah I doubt she's called dad herself. So why did you call?...Really? I didn't hear anything from our liason." She quickly looked up to Dave and watched him shake his head. "Yeah, of course I'll tell them…Love you too. Bye."

Spencer stood from his seat with his coffee mug in hand. "What about not hearing anything from JJ? Is there a case?"

Emily nodded to the younger man, letting Dave help her stand from her seat. "Four Navy Lieutenants have showed up dead in the past two weeks."

Dave and Spencer quickly left the bullpen to and find the other team members, leaving Emily alone with the darker agent.

Derek watched as his friend move around her desk, cleaning up any discarded papers she had forgotten to throw away into the waste basket beside her desk. "Emily?"

Emily looked up from her task, her dark doe eyes looking to her friend. "What is it, Derek?"

"What are their names?"

The brunette felt herself smile, her eyes squinting slightly when she thought about her two younger siblings. "Timothy and Sarah McGee."