Four Months Later


Emily grinned as she pulled away from the silver haired man's kiss, feeling his arms wrap tighter around her waist. "Think you can last throughout the day now?" she asked, her palms pressing lightly against his chest.

The NCIS agent watched as the younger woman held that special glimmer in her eyes that she had only when she was thoroughly satisfied with herself. "I don't know," he smirked. "I think I might need to test that once more."

Emily gave a hearty laugh. "Oh really?" She gave him one last peck before pulling away. "Ok, we really have to get in there now."

Gibbs quickly shook his head, grabbing onto his girlfriend's hand. "They can last without us for another minute."

The brunette beauty flashed a smile before pulling the agent inside the building, letting him hug her to him as they stepped into the elevator. "You just can't keep your hands off," she purred. "What is with you lately?"

"Maybe it's just the fact that I get to have the most beautiful woman in the entire world right at my side every day."

Emily scoffed, feeling her boyfriend's arms tighten around her waist. "Really? Then why haven't you been like this for the past four months?" She turned in his arms to face him, her fingers gently tracing his cheekbones. "Started last week," she whispered, "and I think I know why."

Gibbs nodded. "Of course you know why."

The younger woman pressed her hand against his chest and pulled away just slightly, her chocolate eyes boring into his. "And we're not telling them until we settle all the planning, right?"

"I would never do that," he swore.

Emily frowned as the doors opened, and she let the older man lead her out. "What about Abby?"

The NCIS agent paused. "I can do my best," he nodded, smiling a little nervously.

"You better." Emily grinned when she saw the girls from both teams come racing towards the elevator and she quickly took them all up in a hug, one by one. "Hi guys!" She gave a laugh when both Penelope and Abby kissed her cheeks. "I've missed you guys."

Penelope rolled her big blue eyes. "Of course you did! You left us for a whole week!"

The ivory woman shook her head, sitting down on the edge of Dinozzo's desk. "Leroy asked me to take a vacation with him." She sent a smoldering look towards her boyfriend. "You didn't expect me to say no, did you?"

JJ quickly held up her hand. "Ok gross; no details."

Penelope dismissed her friend with a wave of her jeweled up hand. "No no! Details please!"

The silver haired agent shook his head, sitting beside his girlfriend and holding onto her soft hand. "No details."

Emily grinned. "There's not that much to tell. He wanted to celebrate my finally being able to come back to work after he shot me in the arm."

Gibbs let out a sigh. "I said I was sorry."

The brunette pressed a warm kiss to her boyfriend's clean-shaven cheek. "And I said I was going to be milking this until I die," she smirked.

Hotch nodded to the couple. "Work starts Monday."

"Bright and early," the younger woman nodded.

Penelope's blue eyes widened at the sight of a shining jewel on her best friend's hand and she quickly pulled it towards her, ignoring her brunette friend's slight tumble off the desk. "Emmy my baby gumdrop is this what I think it is?"

Gibbs shook his head, looking sternly to the brunette beside him. "Emily."

The younger woman bit her lip. "I'm so sorry," she whispered. "I thought I took it off this morning."

Penelope shared a cheshire grin with JJ and Abby before she looked back to her brunette friend. "It is what I think it is, isn't it? Oh it so is!"

Emily looked hesitantly to her friends, feeling a supportive squeeze of the hand from her boyfriend. "Yes it is." The brown eyed woman immediately covered her ears, as did the rest of the office, when Penelope and Abby jumped from their chairs, cheerful howls leaving their mouths. "Ok a little too much," she laughed.

Penelope took her friend into a huge bear hug, jumping them both up and down. "I am so excited for you!"

The silver haired man shook his head, doing his best to ignore his lab tech's giant grin. "Don't say it."

Abby took a small step forward, poking her boss in the chest. "Yooou gooot tiied down," she sang with a smile.

Emily looked to the other brunette. "Don't make it sound like a bad thing."

Gibbs smiled, standing from the desk and wrapping his arms around the brunette before him. "It is most definitely a good thing," he whispered, leaning in for a kiss.

The younger woman immediately backed away. "Whoa, hold on." She shook her head. "We still need to tell Timmy."

Tony gave a laugh from behind his desk. "The one time probie will get to use his nerdy little fists for something. Hitting Gibbs."

Gibbs rolled his eyes before walking over to the younger man, his hand hitting firmly to the back of his head. "Never again."

Tony glared at his boss' laughing fiancé. "Got it, boss."