Burning Desires

By HonestFFWriter

Rated: T (may change to M depending on story)

Genres: Romance & Tragedy

Pairings: OzzyXLeah, ThraxXOC

Summary: An incident at the Jones Family Reunion causes Ozzy to look after his two cousins Mimi and Christine. Five years later, all Mimi wants to do is to forget about it and move on, but how can she because of her so-called gift? And when Thrax enters the body of Frank, how will it affect everything?

Chapter One:

Reunion Gone Wrong...Terribly Wrong

"Dad? Dad, wake up. We need to head to the right arm today to meet up with everyone else! Dad? Dad!"

"C'mon, Dad. We know you're still tired, but come on! We don't want to keep everyone waiting!"

The father of Mimi and Christine simply tossed in his bed and smiled peacefully in his sleep. Both twin sisters roll their eyes up to the ceiling as they both sighed irritably.

"This is ridiculous," Mimi said, reaching up a hand to her face and rubbing her eyes. "I told him not to stay up too late last night, yet look where he is now. Sleeping like a molecule log."

"Well, work's been hard, sis," Christine pointed out. "I mean, it has been, every since Mom…you know."

Mimi shook her head. "But that was three years ago, Christine. Either way, forget the past. We're going to be late for the reunion if Dad doesn't get up soon, so what do we want to do about it?"

Christine crosses her arms and stares down at the floor for a few moments, before smiling, coming to a conclusion. "Wait, I know!" Christine then crawled onto her father's bed and made her way over to the sleeping dad.

"Christine, what are you doing?" Mimi asked with a confused look on her face.

Christine suppressed a snicker as she lowered her head down by her father from behind and lowers her lips near his ear.

"Hey Dad…remember those hot, juicy, cheeseburgers that we were promised at the reunion? Or what about those delicious hotdogs? They are waiting for us at the park today. But if we get there late…they'll probably be all gone, don't you think?"

With that, their dad's eyes shot open, and he instantly shot straight up on the bed. Christine yelped as she was staggered back before falling from the bed and hitting her head first on the floor.

"Girls! Get ready! We're leaving!"

Mimi looked down at her fallen twin sister and smirked while Christine did the same back at her.

Both girls are twin sisters at the age of 13, though they have different lengths of hair and wear different kinds of clothing so people would actually tell them apart. Like many other female cells, both girls have colored hair too. Mimi just has shoulder-length black hair and tends to wear long sleeves and jeans, while her sister Christine has long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and tends to wear dresses and skirts to show off her usual cheerfulness. Their mother died when they were 10, and since then, their father had been working double over time hoping to provide them with enough money to put food on the table. Their mother's car had accidentally crashed into a moving truck driven by a drunk driver which, upon impact, exploded. Both the driver and their mother was killed that day, though people blamed that driver for that incident.

Despite their problems, the little family of three had moved on, though they still kept the pictures of their mother so they would keep their memories alive.

And so, after their father had dressed up, the family got into their little car and drive off towards the right arm in the body of Frank where they reside. The city was run by Mayor Phlemming, who had promised to make the body healthy so the cells would live better lives. But so far, the city had been a mess since the vitamins from the food Frank eats gets absorbed, and it had shaped the body really bad judging by the food he eats.

Mimi and Christine can't even remember the last time the city looked even healthy. They decided that it was probably never.

This little family was known as the Jones Family. It has been a tradition in each side of the Jones family to work in the Immunity, special police forces who helps try to keep the body healthy, since their ancestors crossed over from the umbilical cord when Frank was born. The girls' father helped organized the Jones Family Reunion which was being held at a special park located in the right arm of Frank's body. The girls were actually looking forward to seeing their relatives again.

Christine, actually, since she would get to see her favorite cousin Ozzy again. Osmosis Jones. He's about five years older than Christine and Mimi, but when they were younger, he would always babysit the girls when their parents would be away. Ozzy is about 18 years old, and probably in his last year of school…or not. With an attitude like his, he probably wouldn't last long in his last year of Frank High School.

Within an hour or so, their father had parked the car in-between two familiar-looking cars right by the sidewalk across from the park. Christine, Mimi, and their father stepped out of the car and took a look at the park before them. Purple grass, green trees with purple leaves. There were several tables and benches set up and there were several other white blood cells hanging out in the park.

Some were setting up the grills; there were younger white blood cells playing around, others were just relaxing or setting up the tables. Mimi and Christine instantly remember most of the people across the street. The trio made their way towards the park and they were immediately greeted by many of the cells.

"Carlos! Mimi! Christine! Good to see you all again!" a male cell spoke up.

Mimi waved and smiled. "Nice to see you again too, Uncle Max."

Their dad, Carlos, walked up and hugged his brother. "It's good to see you again, Max." They pulled away and Carlos places a hand on Max's shoulder. "How's the wife and kids?"

Max smiled. "Good. They've been better. Your niece and nephew just took a field trip yesterday down to the kidneys to see the stones. Came home yesterday with excitement, I tell ya. You know, you and your daughters are more than welcomed to come down and visit us sometime. We wouldn't mind."

Carlos nodded. "I know we should, but work down at the Immunity had been harsh, lately."

"True. Then again, sorting through paper files does put money on the table. Too bad we don't get to see each other often as we had hoped."

"Oh I'm okay with that, actually, knowing that you're close to me gives me all the help I need."

Christine moves her head around, her long hair swishing through the air in excitement. She turned to her uncle and asked, "Hey is Ozzy here?"

Max nodded and smiled. "Yep." He pointed behind him. "He's right over there saying hi to the other cousins. Why don't you girls go and say hello?"

Both girls nodded and walked over to the other side of the park, where they spot several of the familiar faces of their cousins, including one in particular.

"OZZY!" Christine called out. She started running ahead away from Mimi and was running her way for the tallest out of the other cousins, Ozzy. Ozzy turned around and shown to have short hair but with a small black goatee on his chin, and he was simply wearing a black hoodie with jeans. His face was lit up when he saw Christine run for him.

"Christine, girl!" Ozzy said while opening his arms wide and Christine simply fell into his arms with her own arms around her neck as Ozzy gave his little cousin a quick spin. "Man, it's been like ages since we last saw each other!" They both pulled away and smiled at each other. "Wow, Christine. Has your hair grown long since the last time we met?"

Christine giggled. "Come on, Ozzy. My hair's always been long."


"Hey, is that a goatee? Ozzy, you're getting old!"

"Whoa girl! Don't tell me about getting old. I'm still young and kicking it! Ow, my neck!"

Mimi finally caught up with Christine and saw Ozzy just standing there in all his glory just chatting away with her twin sister.

"Hey Oz, what's up?" Mimi simply asked.

"Oh don't you go and pull that 'serious' tone with me, girl," Ozzy simply joked. "Why'd you have to go and do all that, huh?"

Mimi let out a small laugh. "Hey, when life's hard, smiles don't put food on the table."

Ozzy laughed a bit and simply hugged Mimi. "Whatever, it's nice to see you, too."

"Hey, is there a river nearby?" Christine simply asked. "The air feels fresher than normal."

Ozzy nodded. "Yep. Down that hill there."

Christine nodded. "Cool. Maybe I can go for a swim. Does anyone want to go?"

Mimi shook her head. "Sorry, but I forgot to bring my swimsuit."

"Same here," Ozzy said rubbing the back of his head.

Another one of their cousins, Jake, simply said, "I'm planning to go down later, so don't worry. Plus I'm sure the others would want to go for a swim after we eat."

"Hey, I'm starving too, but you don't hear me complaining," Christine said, ending her sentence with a small giggle. "Besides, I'm already wearing my swimming suit underneath just for the occasion. I'll see you guys down there, alright?"

With that, Christine ran off down the hill. Mimi could feel beads of sweat on her face so she merely wiped them away with the back of her hand. Ozzy simply elbowed her and said, "Bet you didn't know that."

"Shut it, Oz." Mimi simply looked up at the red sky, where it was actually the muscles. All their other cousins simply run off to meet up with the other relatives who have just arrived at the reunion. She felt as if something was off in the atmosphere, yet she didn't know what it was.

"Yo Mimi, daydreaming again?"

Mimi shook her head and elbowed Ozzy right back. "Knock it off, Oz. I might be over-thinking about something."

"Like what? A knight in shining armor?"

Mimi elbowed Ozzy again, though this time harder than intended.

"Shut it, Oz! I'm still young to date!"

"Young? Mimi, you're 13! In middle school! Of course you're old enough to date! So, has anyone caught your eye? Have you notice anyone who might be interested in you? Secret admirers? Stalkers?"

"OZ!" Mimi shouted. She then caught her cool and simply looked away. "Sorry, Oz. It's just that, well…what makes you think I might get a boyfriend? I'm not even that pretty. If anything, Christine is prettier than me?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Ozzy said waving his hands up in protest. "What gives you that idea? First off, Christine is your twin sister. You both look so much alike…aside from the different hair colors, but that's beside the point! The point is is that you are pretty. Both you and your sister are pretty." Ozzy places both his hands on her shoulders. "You're both equally matched. If Christine is pretty, then you're pretty, too. Don't let anyone else mess you up like that. You dig?"

Mimi listened to Ozzy the whole time, so she leaned her head down to think. She then leaned up to see Ozzy again as she smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Oz."

"Ya know you can call me Ozzy. You sound like I'm made up of that magical land stuff from that movie Frank used to watch."

Mimi giggled a bit. Ozzy caught that and smiled. "See? There you go. You know, it's okay to smile every once in a while, you know? One of the most important things in life is to always face the future with a smile on your face. That's how I roll."

"Besides living in the digestive track?"

The smile on Ozzy's face turned into a droopy frown. "Girl, why d'ya have to bring that up? Look at you; you live in the big bustling city!"

Mimi simply looked away. "Though sometimes, I wouldn't mind living in a small and quiet neighborhood. Get what I'm saying?"

"Then we're more than welcomed to switch! I live with Uncle Carlos and Christine and you can live with my old folks and my sis, if ya like."

"And live down there? No thanks."

Ozzy jokingly shrugged and crossed his arms with a pout on his face. "Dang it."

Mimi smiled. "Better luck next time, Oz." Mimi sniffed the air. Something wasn't right. The air smelled different than normal. "Oz, do you smell that?"

"Last I check, we ain't got no noses, remember?"

"That's 'we don't have a nose'."

"What are you? A grammar corrector?"

"Please don't get started. I don't know why, but this smell seems so familiar."

"It's probably the clear air down from the river your sister took off to," Ozzy explained.

"No…it's different…this smell is almost intoxicating, yet sickening."

Ozzy shrugged. "When in doubts, blame that lazy mayor. Doesn't he know that one of these days, he's gonna kill us all?"


They both walked over to a nearby tree and simply sat near the trunk of the tree and watched as all the other relatives had made it, the small kids playing around, along with a couple of their pets, and the adults were just chatting away.

"You know, we can walk over and talk with them."

"I'd rather not. It's just not the same after mom died. I've been…distant, after her funeral."

"Oh come on, girl. Don't be like that."

"I can be whatever I dang-well want."



"I'm rubbing off on ya, am I?"

"What? All I said was 'I can be whatever I dang-well want'."

"Ha! You did it again!"

"Knock it off, Oz!"

"Make me!"

"Alright! I got a couple of friends that I want to introduce you to!"

"Friends? I don't see your friends."

"You do now! Osmosis Jones, meet Punchy McGee and Fisty O' Flannigan!"

"Oh no! Not them!"


"Oz, did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I heard that, too."

Both Ozzy and Mimi looked around at that huge ripping sound. None of the other relatives seemed to have heard it. They both looked at each other with confused looks on their faces.

"Must be our imagination," Ozzy scratches his head with a finger.

Mimi nodded. "You're probably right." She then looked down at her clothes. "Sounds like a rip, but my clothes looks alright."

"Same here," Ozzy said, also inspecting his own clothes. "Strange. Where did that sound come from?"

Mimi shrugged as she got up on her feet, as the wind began to pick up. "Come on. We should probably go meet up with Christine. I bet she's probably lonely down at the river."

Ozzy nodded, also getting up. "Sure thing."

They were about to walk down the hill before the wind currents had suddenly gotten a bit stronger than normal. Mimi stopped and looked around. Ozzy stopped and turned to face her.

"Something wrong?"

"Funny. I didn't hear of any chance for high winds," Mimi said, simply placing a hand in her hair.

Ozzy shrugged. "Weather cells make mistakes."

The next thing they both knew, they started to hear screaming. They both turned around, and both their eyes widen in shock. The wind currents have been so strong all of a sudden, and had begun to lift up a few of the family members up in the air. Though it felt as if the winds were actually…pulling them up.

"What the…" Ozzy said. "Mimi! Get down!"

They both hastily got down and grasped the ground as tight as they could, as they both saw several other cells being lifted up in the air. What was weird was that there were many other cells being lifted up too, though not just their family members, but red cells, as well.

"What the heck's going on?" Mimi cried out.

Ozzy leaned his head back and let out a harsh gasp at a sight before them. "Look over there!"


Mimi looked up at the sky and saw that a huge hole had just pierced through the muscles not too far from the park as if it was pierced from the outside of the arm.

Ozzy instantly recognized what it was. "That's a needle! That needle's gonna suck all of us in!"



Mimi looked up and saw her father Carlos running right for them. Mimi lifted up her arm and extended her hand out to her dad.


The wind had just started to get stronger and stronger, and several cells were lifted up heading straight for the hole. Carlos began to hover off the ground and tried to reach out for Mimi, but the wind currents were pulling him up.


The wind currents had begun to pick up both Ozzy and Mimi too, as they both struggled to stay on the ground, but the wind was too strong. The three had begun to hover above the ground, struggling to stay on the ground, and it wouldn't be long before they would be sucked through the needle.



Mimi shook her head. "I-I DON'T KNOW!"

They both reached their hands out for each other once again, but before they could…


An excruciating pain filled up Mimi by her head a bright flash of light filling up her sight, the pain coursing it's way through her body. She felt the strong wind blowing against her, yet she felt something solid and hard keeping her there. She was so entranced by the pain that she could barely move her body.


The last thing Mimi noticed was this weird whiteness taking over her sight, yet she saw her entire family, including her own father, screaming in fear as they were being sucked into the needle and an arm being wrapped around her, pinning her against the solid object, before the darkness had consumed her. The sight of her entire family being sucked away was a terrifying thing to witness…and already she felt the grief strike her heart.

The last thing she heard was a voice that said, "HANG IN THERE, MIMI! DON'T DIE ON ME YET!"

Several Minutes Later…

"Mimi! Mimi, wake up! C'mon girl, don't die on me! Wake up! Don't make me do mouth-to-mouth! I don't like that incest crud!"

"Ozzy, wait! I think she's waking up!"

Mimi was still in the darkness, yet she could make out voices…and for some reason, a beeping noise. Mimi slowly opened her eyes, light consuming her sight. Before she knew it, she was staring up at a white ceiling. She blinked her eyes tiredly and felt a small sting in the center of her head.

"Mimi, you're awake! Oh thank Frank!"

Before she knew it, Mimi felt two arms being wrapped around her neck. She turned her head and saw, to her amazement, Christine leaning over her giving her that hug.

"C-Christine…" Mimi whispered.

"Wow girl! We thought we were gonna lose you, too!"

Mimi turned her tired head on the other side and saw Ozzy sitting next to her. Mimi then realized that they looked as if they were in a hospital room. That explains the white walls and such.

"Ozzy…what happened?"

"Don't you remember?" Ozzy asked, but then began to rub the back of his head. "Well, that is to say uh…well, I haven't told Christine yet, but…"

"But wha…"

The memories then began to flood back to Mimi. She remembered it. She remembered it all. All her relatives screaming, the look of fear on their faces as they were pulled up into the air along with many other different cells, her father calling out for her, and that excruciating pain to the head.

She grasped the sheets, trying desperately not to cry.

They were gone. All their relatives of the entire Jones family. Gone. They were the only Jones left. In a way, Mimi was glad that her little twin sister had survived that terrible incident, and she was surprised that both also she and Ozzy had survived.

Mimi places a hand over her twin sister's head and said, "Christine…I'm sorry…but Dad…Uncle Max…everyone…they're…" Despite their situation, Mimi stayed strong, and pushed the feeling of crying away. "They're…they're gone. I'm sorry, but that's it. They're gone! Either dead or in another body!"

Christine pulled away from Mimi and looked down at her with a look of horror on her face, her face turning paler than normal. "W-What? Dad, Uncle Max, Jake, our entire family…they're gone? How? How did it happened?"

Mimi turned her head to face Ozzy, who she noticed had tears running down his face. "You didn't tell her?"

Ozzy shook his head and looked over at the grief-stricken Christine. "They were sucked up through a needle. Frank must've been donating blood today and we didn't even see it coming."

At first, Christine's shoulders began to shake, and then came the tears running down her face, and now she was beginning to sob. She then leaned back down against Mimi and began to cry on her shoulder and began to whack against the bedside with a fist.

"No! No! No! No! No!" she cried out.

Ozzy simply leaned down and places both his hands over his face as he himself began to cry. Mimi just laid there, trying to soak up the information and the events that had happened.

She watched them all go…they're probably dead.

But Mimi couldn't cry. She shouldn't, not when she had just realized that they are the last Jones left in the entire body. Despite remembering the fear in her father's face, she didn't cry. Yet the way everyone was sucked into the needle, it was horrifying. Mimi opened her mouth, but no words came out.

She's still in shock, so that's why no words are coming out. Mimi realized that her throat was dry, so she turned her head and saw a glass of water on a nightstand next to her.

Looking at that glass of water made her crave for it. She focuses her eyes on it and tried to speak up, but couldn't. Before she knew what happened…


Both Christine and Ozzy stopped their crying and turned towards the source of that sound, and saw that the glass of water that Mimi was gazing at had simply fallen to the ground, the glass shattered and the water spilled all over the floor.

"How the Frank did that happen?" Ozzy asked, as if they had just forgotten why they were crying in the first place.

But the glass wasn't even near the edge so it wouldn't have fallen. Mimi blinked a couple times, wondering how it happened.

After the mess was picked up by a janitor, Mimi still had to stay overnight, and Ozzy had begged the doctor to let both he and Christine stay the night with her, especially after what happened. The doctor agreed after hearing Ozzy's story, and so throughout the rest of the night, Mimi was nestled between Christine and Ozzy on her hospital bed, hoping to at least get some sleep, and almost under the impression that if they don't stick together they'd end up separately alone, especially after what happened.

Mimi was the first to fall asleep because of the heavy side-effects of the medicine the nurses made her take, and after a few attempts by Christine and Ozzy, around midnight; they both joined Mimi in the peaceful slumber of dreamland, hoping to ease their pain.


Explanation Time!

First off, I chose the names Mimi and Christine because the name 'Mimi' isn't used a lot, not to mention that it's one of my favorite names, and I chose the name 'Christine' because I'm a big Phantom of the Opera fan so I decided to use that name.

Mimi and Christine are based on my two sisters, who, unlike my OC characters, are NOT twin sisters. One's fairly bright, like Christine, while the other can be serious, like Mimi.

Just to be clear, I'm gonna try my best not to make these girls Mary Sues! You hear me? I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Mary Sues stories! They make no sense! So I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure these girls won't be Mary Sues, and try to fit them in this story!

In one of the early drafts of the movie Osmosis Jones, Drix had asked Ozzy about his family, and so Ozzy explained that when he was young (don't know what age, I chose that he would be 18 in the beginning of this story because, hey, this is a fan fiction story), there was a family reunion and his entire family showed up. However, Frank was seeing a doctor and was giving away blood, possibly for a blood drive. Ozzy was the only one to have survived it all, and witnessed all his family getting sucked away, thus would explain his loneliness. This is accurate, last I checked, yet they cut this off due to time restraints. It was unknown if his family had found some way to get back to Frank, though I highly doubt it.

I hope this chapter wasn't too rushed. I tried to put in as much description as possible. I apologize if it is rushed, though.

Don't expect a fast update anytime soon because I have a strict schedule, but when I have the time, I'll update the next chapter. Promise. Until then, I appreciate your time and I hope you guys are enjoying this story so far...even though it's in it's early stages.

Unlike other authors, I don't care about reviews, but if you would like to leave one, help yourselves.