Burning Desires

By HonestFFWriter

Rated: T (may change to M depending on story)

Genres: Romance & Tragedy

Pairings: OzzyXLeah, ThraxXOC

Summary: An incident at the Jones Family Reunion causes Ozzy to look after his two cousins Mimi and Christine. Five years later, all Mimi wants to do is to forget about it and move on, but how can she because of her so-called gift? And when Thrax enters the body of Frank, how will it affect everything?

Chapter Seven:

When You Least Expect It

Just as the song was over, Mimi wiped her forehead with the back of her hand as she let out a sigh. "Alright, one dance and that was it. Now can I please do what I want?"

Christine nodded and smiled. "Sure. Do whatever. How about I find us a table?"

"I'll get the drinks!" Ozzy volunteered, just before he took off towards the bar.

Leah called out to him, "Don't get any alcohol! We have youngins here, remember Jones!?"

Ozzy gave Leah a thumbs up, indicating that he had heard her. And so Christine, Leah, Mimi, Zoe, and Zack found a table and sat around it. Zoe looked around the table and had asked, "Hey, where's Kai and Drix?"

Mimi turned her head, and saw that Kai was still leading Drix in another dance in tune of another song that had just started to play. She turned back and made pointed her thumb at them.

"I think Kai is still teaching Drix how to dance. They're still on the dance floor."

"Wow," Christine said leaning her arms against the table as she watches Kai lead another dance. "Did you know that Kai was once in the Frank Elementary School Ballet Team? Won 1st prize in third grade."

"Wow, really?" Leah asked.

Christine nodded. "Yeah she did. I think Kai would've become a great dancer."

"But then she decided to become an environmentalist for Frank's body instead," Zoe explained. "Poor thing will never have her dream come true."

"Though you have to admit, she does enjoy what she does," Christine said.

"Ain't that the truth for us cells?" Zack asked. "Especially since we help keep this body intact? No thanks to that mayor? Which reminds me?" Zack turns his attention towards Leah and asked, "Leah, you work for Mayor Phlemming, right?"

Leah nodded and sighed. "Don't remind me, pal."

Christine let out a small giggle before Zack asked again, "Then you must know what he has planned for this 'special event' coming up, right?"

Leah shook her head. "No. He never told me. In fact, no cell up in the brain knows what the plan even is. He kept the whole idea to himself and so he won't tell us until his special address in the news coming up next week."

"Figures," Zack said rolling his eyes toward the ceiling, before looking up on the balconies and blinked a few times.

Zoe notices Zack's behavior and so she asked, "Zack? What is it?"

"Virus at 12:47 in the afternoon, girls."

Leah, Zoe, Christine, and Mimi turned their heads, and spotted a peculiar red virus looking down at them with his yellow eyes, with a cup of vodka in one hand, just before looking away towards the people on the dance floor.

Mimi kept her pose.

It can't be. Thrax? What's he doing here? He spotted us, didn't he?

Everyone then looked away as Christine said, "That is a virus. And a red one at that. I never seen nor heard of a red virus like that guy before."

"Probably new to the body," Leah pointed out.

Christine then reached into the pocket of her skirt, preparing to pull out her gun, but Mimi knew what she was going to do. She looked up at Thrax for a moment before looking back at Christine as she yelled, "What do you think you're doing!?"

"Well duh! He's a virus!" Christine explained. "He has to be taken into custody!"

Mimi reaches over and grabbed Christine by the arm as she also explained, "Did you forget what they teach you? Any organism in this body, whether it'd be a cell, sperm, germ, or especially a virus, is innocent until proven guilty and/or is caught in a lawful act. And right now, Thr…that virus had done nothing wrong of the sort." Mimi leaned closer and looked at Christine dead in the eye. "If you're to go up there and cause a commotion, it'll cause panic for the organisms around us, and if the Chief finds out, he's going to take away your privileges. Do you want that to happen?"

Mimi couldn't believe what she was saying. She was actually defending Thrax. Not to mention that she caught herself at the last minute by almost saying his name. She never told anyone about her encounter with Thrax on her date with Marc Wednesday night, and still doesn't want Christine, Ozzy, and Drix to know, considering how they're working for the Immunity.

They were silent for a couple minutes, and so Leah decided to break it.

"I hate to agree on that, but I think your sister has a point. We should just ignore that virus. Besides, you're still in training. If that guy does anything around here, Osmosis and Drix can take care of him. Right now, it'd be best to put the gun away and listen to your sister."

Christine looked away as if in deep thought, and after another minute of silence, she nodded in agreement and puts her gun back in her pocket.

"Alright, fine. I guess you're right." She then looked towards Mimi and asked, "Why did you stutter there for a second."

Mimi looked away and simply said, "It happens." It took every ounce of strength to stop her from looking back up towards Thrax. I wonder…does he remember me?

Ozzy then came back with cups of sodas on a tray and then laid it on the center of the table.

"Hey guys, back with the pop," he cheerfully announced. He then looked up and saw Kai and Drix walking over to the table as soon as the song had officially ended. "Yo, have you two been dancing away?"

Both Kai and Drix took a seat as Kai explained, "Drix insisted that he wanted me to teach him how to dance, so we stayed behind on the dance floor so I could show him a couple moves."

Ozzy nodded before also taking a seat and said, "Alright. Got us some drinks."

And so everyone took their cups of soda and began to drink away. Zack then explained about his own set of friends as he tells them some stories about the misadventures they had.

"And so I got grounded after that. I told Nathan not to worry about it, but then he started to blame himself and so he fell on the ground and curled into a fettle position for about ten minutes. Doug, on the other hand, is the quiet guy. He'll only speak his mind when it seems appropriate for him. And so these are my friends."

"Wow. Quite a crazy group you have there," Leah commented. "How do you manage?"

"I get used to it."

Christine took a sip of her soda as she saw out of the corner of her eye a germ getting up on the stage.

"Hey, what's that guy doing on stage?" she asked.

Mimi turned to look and saw another germ on the stage reaching for a microphone and waving his hand up hoping to get people's attention.

"Alright people, listen up! If you or someone you know wants to come on up here and sing, we'd be more than happy to let you! We have a large variety of karaoke songs so please don't be shy and come on up and show off your skills!"

Mimi gulped.

Not again.

"Ooh, Mimi! You have to sing!" Zoe spoke up. "Christine always tells us how good you sing in the shower! So go ahead!"

Mimi turned to face Christine with her eyes flaming up inside. "You told them what?" she asked through her teeth.

Christine, however, begins to laugh and scratch the back of her head before she said, "Well I uh…don't just stand around. Go for it!"

Mimi crossed her arms and shook her head.


"Why not?" Leah asked.

"I don't want to, that's why."

"That's not even an excuse." Drix pointed out.

"You told me I could do what I want on my own if I danced one song. That's my excuse."

"Oh come on, Mimi!" Kai spoke up. "Just sing one of your favorite songs. Don't you like that one human band? What was it called? Evanescence?"

Mimi then uncrossed her eyes, leaned her head down, and let out another sigh, but this time with a hint of defeat. She then muttered. "Fine. Let's get this over with." She then got up from her seat and walked over way over to the stage.

Thrax, from above, just got back from the second bar with another shot of vodka when he spotted Mimi down below walking over towards the stage.

He smirked.

Guess I get to hear her sing again, after all.

The germ on the stage spotted Mimi and gestured her on the stage. She walked onto the stage and took the microphone.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road!" The germ hollered before walking over to a corner.

Mimi pushes her hair over her shoulders and presses the microphone near her lips. She closed her eyes and listened as a piano was beginning to play, waiting for the right moment.

I will wander till the end of time
Torn away from you

Before she knew it, drums had begun to play as the piano was beginning to play upbeat. Some of the cells and germs stopped and turned their attentions towards her. Some just watched from their seats. Sure enough, an electric guitar had begun to play.

I pulled away to face the pain
I close my eyes and drift away
Over the fear
That I will never find a way
To heal my soul
And I will wander till the end of time
Torn away from you
My heart is broken
Sweet sleep, my dark angel
Deliver us from sorrow's hold

Piano began to play again. Mimi tried her best not to look up. She has a feeling that Thrax is staring right down at her.

Sure enough, she was correct. Thrax was watching her like a hawk, his yellow amber eyes staring down at Mimi as she was singing. He took one last drink of vodka and simply walked off, heading towards the direction of the stairs.

Over my heart

I can't go on living this way
I can't go back the way I came

Chained to this fear
That I will never find a way
To heal my soul
And I will wander till the end of time
Half-alive without you

My heart is broken
Sweet sleep, my dark angel
Deliver us

Open your eyes to the light
I denied it for so long
For so long
Say goodbye

Mimi looked around at the cells and germs watching her sing. She tried her best not to widen her eyes out of shock.

There was Thrax, way behind in the crowd, with his back leaning against the wall with his arms crossed above his chest.

Does he even remember my name?

Nonetheless of what is going on inside her head, Mimi shook her head a little and began to sing again.

My heart is broken
Release me
I can't hold on
Deliver us

My heart is broken
Sweet sleep, my dark angel
Deliver us

My heart is broken
Sweet sleep, my dark angel
Deliver us
From sorrow's hold

By the time the song was over, everyone began to clap. All Mimi could do is smile and bow. She then places the microphone on a stand and then jumped off the stage where she joined her family and their group of friends.

"Girl, that was amazing!" Ozzy said, waving his fist in the air.

"Mimi, you were stupendous up there," Drix commented. "If I were to have another normal hand, I would definitely clap for joy."

"You're actually better than what Christine told us," Kai said with a smile.

Mimi smiled and nodded. "Thanks." She took a seat and sipped her soda.

"That was very impressive, Mimi," Leah said. "Where did you learn how to sing?"

Mimi set her cup down as she explained, "I'm in choir class in Frank High School. Every year, I've always been in choir ever since my last year in elementary school."

A year after Mom died…if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have taken those choir classes.

Thrax blended in with the shadows, and also the crowd, as he tried to get as close as possible without being spotted and found himself an empty table across from them and has his back turned against them, straightening up the collar of his jacket.

"Alright guys, food is on me!" Ozzy said, getting up from the table. "I'm going to go order us some nachos! Those sound good about now, don't it?"

Couple Hours Later…

After spending the last couple hours of dancing, chowing down, and in a couple occasions sang some karaoke, everyone had decided to leave. It almost near 3 which was when Ozzy, Drix, and Christine had to go out on their patrol.

"Never again, Jones," Leah said with her arms crossed and her face mildly red.

"I said I was sorry, baby."

"I don't want to hear about it, Jones. You sang that…that song, and said it was for me. For me! Did you even know what those lyrics mean?"

"And this is why Ozzy should study music some more," Christine joked.

They all ended up laughing except for Mimi, who had her arms crossed and was in the back of the group. Zack turned to the others and said, "I'm gonna go ahead and take Zoe and Kai home. What you guys gonna do?"

"We're probably gonna drop off Leah and Mimi and then go on patrol," Ozzy explained.


Everyone turned to Mimi as she said, "What? I'm just gonna go ahead and walk home."

"But Mimi, do you know how far it is to get home from here? It could take you until midnight," Leah explained.

Mimi nodded and said, "Yes, I know. I just need to clear my head of some things. Don't worry. I'll be fine."

Ozzy just shrugged. "If that's what you want, fine them. We won't be back till around 7, unless something comes up."

Christine walked over and gave Mimi a tight hug before she pulled away and said, "We'll see you later tonight, okay?"

Mimi nodded. "Sure."

And so, everyone went their separate ways. Mimi began her walk up the street with her hands in her pockets. She looked around the street and spots the buildings around her.

What was the point of coming here? She only came because of Christine. Mimi began to let her mind wander. Marc and Alexis were the only friends she has in the entire human body of Frank. Kai and Zoe aren't even considered her friends since she barely hangs with them. They were just Christine's friends.

Mimi was starting to feel like she was in the dark. Ozzy, Christine, and Drix are busy with patrol, and they're going to be for the next two weeks. She has two whole weeks to herself. What is she to do?

She was planning to hang with Marc and Alexis during the vacation just before Mimi had found out about their little 'affair'.

In a way, she's alone.

As Mimi continued to walk, the buildings around her were beginning to feel familiar. There's something about them that seemed off. As if Mimi had been there before. That was when she saw it.

There was a group of molecule trees right across from the buildings. A forest leading down towards the foot.

Mimi sighed and after looking back and forth for cars, she crossed and street and began to walk through the entrance of the forest, unaware that she was being watched by someone not too far off from her.

Mimi found a path and began to follow it. She looked up at the trees around her. The wood and the bark of the trees were a darkish brown, though too dark, and the leafs were all blue.

This place did felt familiar to her. Something was calling her to this place, whether it'd be her own memories or something much more else. She feels the air feeling cooler than normal. Was there water nearby?

Before she knew it, Mimi had come across the place she was looking for.

It was a clearing, where there was another tree in the middle and a large pond not too far from the tree. Mimi walked over towards the tree and places her hand on the bark as she looked out at the pond.

"I know this place…this was when…when Marc…"

"This is a great place to go camping, Marc!" Alexis declared. "Thanks for taking us!"

Marc nodded. "It's nothing. My dad used to take me and my family camping here too."

16-year-old Mimi walked over to the pond and could see all the cell fishes swimming in the water. They were in many different colors. She crosses her arms and smiled.

"I can see why," she said.

"My dad also used to take me fishing here," Marc explained as he got up from the ground. He then looked up at the sky, which was dark, hinting that it was already nighttime and that Frank might already be asleep by now.

Alexis had just finished setting up the tent, using the campfire as their only light source in the clearing of the forest, and so Alexis got up and stood back as she viewed her work.

"Impressive, if I do say so myself," she said with a smile.

Mimi turned her head and smiled as she said, "Coming from a cell who always fails woods class."

Alexis turned towards Mimi and waved a fist at her. "You take that back, Mimi!"

Within moments, however, the trio began to laugh.

Mimi took a seat right in front of the tree and looked over at the pond.

"This was the place where Marc took Alexis and I camping. One of the best nights of my life. This was also the place where…where…"

Mimi stepped out of the tent. Alexis was still sleeping, and she could see Marc standing right by the pond, just looking down at it. Mimi had a feeling that something was wrong with her friend, so she decided to walk over and stood next to him.

"Everything alright, Marc?" she asked.

Marc turned to face her, and then looked back at the pond.

"I'm fine, Mimi. Really."

Mimi shook her head and said again, "You're not fine, Marc. I can tell that something's wrong." She gently places a hand on his shoulder. "So tell me what's up. Are those germs at the school giving you a hard time again?"

Marc also shook his head. "No. It's just that I…well…this isn't easy for me to say but…but I uh…uh…"

Mimi looked away. She then began to pray that Marc is not gay and that he is not going to admit that he's gay to her. It's bad enough to crush on your best friend, it really is, but if your best friend turns out to be gay, something tells her that this wasn't going to end well.

"I think I'd rather show you."

Mimi pulled her hand away, and before she knew it, Marc instantly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to the point where his body was against hers. Her chin was leaning against his shoulder as she blinked a few time out of confusion.

"M-Marc? What is it? What's wrong?"

Marc closed his eyes and leans his face into Mimi's shoulder.

"Don't you realize it yet? This is so weird, yet it just has to be you."

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No. You didn't do anything wrong. It's just that I…" Marc then pulled away from Mimi and places both hands on her shoulders. "Mimi I…this isn't easy for me to say but…but I…I've always had a crush on you."

Mimi was silent. She stood there staring back at Marc as she asked, "You…you have."

"Yes. I always had a crush on you since that day at your family's funeral three years ago. At first, I thought it was because it was out of guilt that you had lost your family…but now…I just…" Marc then looked up and stared at Mimi in the eye as he declared, "it's like you're the only cell in this entire body that is made for me!"

He pulled Mimi back towards him and held her in his embrace. Mimi didn't even know what to say. Secretly, she smiled…and to Marc's amazement, she wraps her arms around his waist, hugging him back.

"It's funny…I have a crush on you, too…"

Mimi just sat there, looking out at the pond, looking back at those times. She remembered that after their confessions, they decided to take it slow. Later on that night, they slept in each other's arms in the tent, alongside a sleeping Alexis who was unaware of their feelings for one another.

"I don't get it…what did I do that had made Marc cheat on me? Was I not good enough for him? Am I not that special to him as I once was?"

Mimi then completely lay on the ground and looked up at the leafs above her from the tree that was behind her, along with the red sky staring back at her. She places both hands behind her head to make her feel more comfortable as she stared up.

"First losing my mother…then losing my entire family…then having my friends betray me…and now Ozzy and Christine are barely at home…I guess…

I guess I'm fated to be alone."

This is for the best, considering that I'm a freak of nature. A cell with telekinetic powers. Possibly the only cell out of millions of human bodies out there with this curse. A curse bestowed upon me that'll forever be a reminder of my loneliness…

Mimi's eyes began to hurt again, and so she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

I'm just…so tired right now…


As soon as they dropped off Leah at Cerebellum Hall, Ozzy began to drive into another highway, preparing to patrol the livers. Christine looks out the window, as if deep in thought. Drix noticed something was off in the air and so he decided to ask.

"Christine, is everything alright? You don't seem like yourself right now."

Christine looked back at Drix as she nodded and said, "I can't help but worry about Mimi. We should be with her right now. After all that had happened yesterday, we should do something for Mimi to help make her happy again."

Ozzy shrugged looking out at the open road behind his black shades of sunglasses. "Yeah, but what can we do? You know that the chief has us on patrol. Besides, Mimi can take care of herself."

"But this is different!" Christine protested. "Mimi's really hurt about it, just like any cell would if their friend was in an accident or a lover had just broken up with them! In this case, it's both! Mimi needs help! She does!"

"I agree with you, Christine," Drix said while nodding his head. "I haven't been here in this body long, and I may not be a physiatrist, but I can tell that your twin sister is deeply troubled. She has been trying to hide it."

"Look guys, I totally agree with you and all, but what can we do exactly?" Ozzy asked. "Mimi tends to do things for herself, and she always seems fine when things don't go her way. We should just let her handle this."

"Oh come on Ozzy!" Christine shouted. "You're just saying that because you care more about this job than you care about the welfare of this family! Do you want me to bring that up to you again?"

As much as he would like to help out a family member in need, they really need the money and Christine's job is on the line here, and what with the busy hours and all…for once in his life, Ozzy doesn't seem to know what to do.

He opened his mouth to speak, though he doesn't know what to say, until the radio came on.

"All units, all units. Be on the lookout for three illegal germs. They are heading towards the heart. Repeat. Heading towards the heart."

"That's our cue! Let's roll!" Ozzy shouted out loud.


Mimi looked up and saw her father Carlos running right for them. Mimi lifted up her arm and extended her hand out to her dad.


The wind had just started to get stronger and stronger, and several cells were lifted up heading straight for the hole. Carlos began to hover off the ground and tried to reach out for Mimi, but the wind currents were pulling him up.


The wind currents had begun to pick up both Ozzy and Mimi too, as they both struggled to stay on the ground, but the wind was too strong. The three had begun to hover above the ground, struggling to stay on the ground, and it wouldn't be long before they would be sucked through the needle.



Mimi shook her head. "I-I DON'T KNOW!"

They both reached their hands out for each other once again, but before they could…


An excruciating pain filled up Mimi by her head a bright flash of light filling up her sight, the pain coursing it's way through her body. She felt the strong wind blowing against her, yet she felt something solid and hard keeping her there. She was so entranced by the pain that she could barely move her body.


The last thing Mimi noticed was this weird whiteness taking over her sight, yet she saw her entire family, including her own father, screaming in fear as they were being sucked into the needle and an arm being wrapped around her, pinning her against the solid object, before the darkness had consumed her. The sight of her entire family being sucked away was a terrifying thing to witness…and already she felt the grief strike her heart.

The last thing she heard was a voice that said, "HANG IN THERE, MIMI! DON'T DIE ON ME YET!"

How could they…HOW FREAKIN' COULD THEY!?

She immediately began to see red, and without thinking, she waltz on right in there and had shut the door behind her, hard. Hard enough that the loud banging sound had caught both Alexis's and Marc's attention. They both stopped whatever they were doing and looked over, and both their eyes widened when they had saw Mimi standing there, her eyes bloodshot and she was giving out heavy breaths, her shoulders moving up and down in a rhythm-like pattern, one of her hands was holding her backpack.

"M-Mimi!" Alexis cried out. "I-It's not what you think!"

"I-It's for a project f-for uh-uh…for health! Yeah! We're just trying out some things when having to do intercourse with our future spouses!" Marc stutters.

Mimi didn't say anything. Her hands were folded into fists, her breathing continued, and without even looking back at the door, there was a sudden clicking noise behind her, indicating that the door was locked.

"Wait, what was that sound?" Alexis asked.

Marc then stood up and raises his hands up. "Mimi, please believe us. This is just for a project, I swear!"

"How…how could you…" Mimi whispered under her breath. "Throughout the last five years, you have always been by my side…you two had been the best friends a girl like me could ever have…" By now, her hands had begun to bleed from the tightened fists, and by now, her shoulders and her arms had begun to shake, and she had let go of her backpack, as she leaned her head down and her hair had gotten into her face. "And yet…this is how you repay me?" Mimi leaned her head back up, but this time yelling out in a crucial and loud way that even a virus would be jealous of her. "IS THIS HOW YOU BOTH FREAKIN' REPAY ME!? HOW COULD YOU BOTH!? HOW FREAKIN' COULD YOU!?"

Mimi had lost it. In a blind rage, her telekinetic powers had begun to activate. Out of anger, she raises her hand up, and when she did, both Marc and Alexis began to hover above the desks and the floor. Their eyes widened in shock and fear at what was going on.

"What the…"

"What is this?" Marc asked.

Mimi immediately thrust her hand down, and both Marc and Alexis were violently thrown down against the desks and onto the floor, hard. Mimi raises another hand up, rising up Alexis's body again. A look of fear came onto her face, along with a hint of pain from earlier's attack, and so Alexis hit against the walls over and over again, as she let out a scream of pain and fear. Mimi also rises up her free hand and also lifted Marc up, and had hit him right by the chalkboards. Mimi lifted both her hands up and crashed both Alexis and Marc's bodies together.

"You both had brought this upon yourselves! You'll feel every inch of pain I felt! And you'll endure every moment of it!"

Mimi crashes both their bodies against one another's again and again, until she crashes Marc against the desks where they had all fallen and scattered and had also crashed Alexis right at the teacher's desk, to where it had broken on impact.

"M-Mimi! Stop this! Please! Stop!" Marc cried out.

By now, Alexis began to sob. "Mimi! Please! We're sorry! Please no more!"

Mimi began to breathe heavier and heavier through her teeth out of anger, her eyes still hurting and bloodshot. The memories of the three of them together were coursing through her mind. After all that they've been together…they had to end up betraying her.

"Why?! You both freakin' betrayed me!"

Mimi lifted both their bodies up again, and had begun to crash them against the walls and the floors over and over again, where their screaming got louder and louder, pleading for her to stop, saying that they're sorry, but Mimi wouldn't listen. Anger had clouded her mind. There was nothing to penetrate her thoughts. There was nothing that could stop her.

After several more minutes of this violent beating, Mimi crashed both of them onto the floor one more time, only as hard as she could get it. She walked on over to inspect the damage. Both Marc and Alexis had begun to bleed in some areas, and they were also bleeding in the mouth. Both their pants were torn, their shoes were gone, Alexis still had her bra on but was holding by one strap, and their hair was a total mess. Even one of their eyes each had begun to swell.

Mimi's breathing began to lighten up, but her rage was still there, even though she could no longer see red. She blinked a few times and looked over at Marc and Alexis's unconscious bodies again.

Mimi's eyes shot open, as she let out several heavy breathings. She turns her head a few times, trying to figure out where she was. She let out a sigh of relief. She was back at the clearing back in the forest in one of Frank's feet. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

"Bad dream…" she said to herself.

She took her hands and grasped the grass on the ground below her. She turned her head and knew that they weren't just bad dreams. They were bad memories. The birth of her powers…and the deadly potential of it.

She turned her body and just lay there, feeling the wind beginning to pick up.

And yet, she's not feeling it against her.

Mimi opened her eyes again and turned her body where she lays on her back. She leaned her head up, and saw something black covering her. It was big enough to full cover her body, and the heat from it was indescribable. It was as if this thing was a heater.

Mimi had thought it was a blanket, but a familiar stench of cologne proved her wrong and saw that it was a jacket. A big one at that. Who would wear a jacket this big?

The wind died down, and yet Mimi was trying to figure out where this jacket had come from. Nevertheless, she didn't move. It felt so warm that Mimi just wants to lay there and enjoy the warmth. She leaned her head back down and closed her eyes. The jacket felt so warm that she just wanted to fall asleep again.

Not too far from her, Mimi could hear footsteps making their way towards the direction where she was. She opened her eyes and turned her head to look, and immediately, she finally knew where that jacket had come from.

"Hey there, baby. Enjoyed your nap?"


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