This is a request fic for Psychlover. May this please you and the any who read this. Also, I apologize for this story's lateness in being put up. Hopefully it's to Psychlover's wants.

Nick smiled as he picked up a case of Monroe's favorite brew, glad to have a few days off to spend with his dear friend. The drive was a quick one after the brief stop at the organic food store that Monroe frequented. Nick loved hanging with Monroe, loved being around the sarcastic older man, hell, just loved the other male. Nick had wanted to be with the other man ever since Juliet and him had broken up six months prior. She had called him completely bat-shit insane after she recovered from the poisoned cat fiasco. The red head had also claimed that she didn't know him anymore and wanted out from his insane delusions. Nick had let her go, knowing it was better for her in the long run.

As terrible as it was, Nick had gotten over her within the first month and had moved onto Monroe during that time he did properly mourn. Nick couldn't find it in himself to regret his choice either, and tonight he'd tell Monroe of his feelings. Nick hoped it would all go well for him and he'd have Monroe love him back, though he would settle with friendship. At the moment, Nick was so caught up in his happy delirium of Monroe that he didn't notice an indigo cadillac following him. The man at the wheel frowned deeply as watched his pretty detective stop at a quant little house and get out and go to the front door, knocking politely.

The man grew angry at the thought of his pretty little detective being with anyone but him. The man let out a snarl as gruff looking lumberjack like man answered the door and smiled at his Nick, inviting the detective in. The look that passed between them was clear, even from the distance he was parked at across the street. The man at the wheel wanted to charge over and kill the bearded man that smiled so happily at his detective, and being so casual when inviting Nick into his own house. He started his car and sped off, needing to release some stress and come up with a plan to get his little detective. Meanwhile, Nick was currently enjoying the eggplant parmesan that Monroe had so graciously cooked.

"So Grimm, any trouble at work?" Monroe asked, pouring them some sweet red wine.

"There were a couple of petty thefts and two deaths, one of the deaths was committed by a thirteen year old boy, the other isn't known, the victim being an innocent homeless man," Nick replied, taking a sip of from his wine glass. He looked slightly pained and decently tired.

"Jesus, thirteen? Did the kid have a reason or was it a random act?" Monroe asked, shaking his shaggy head, choosing not to say anything about the homeless man. That, unfortunately, happened a lot, especially if the homeless accidentally went near a wesen inhabited area.

"Yeah, it was self defense, and pretty obvious that it was too. The kid had multiple bruises, several lacerations, two broken ribs and a broken left wrist. His younger sister said that their step dad went after her so her brother jumped to her defense and got him first with a pocket knife left over from their father," Nick replied.

"Hmm, that's good the boy's so protective of his family," Monroe replied.

"Yeah, but he'll be messed up for life because of this. Apparently the step dad was making sexual advancements towards him and when he stood up to him, went after his sister. The step dad's been beating them for a good long while, though the mother didn't know it was happening," Nick replied, sipping his wine.

"Wow, that sucks completely. Other then that, how was it?" Monroe asked.

"Completely light outside of that. Though I did come to a decision earlier today," Nick replied, piking at his dinner shyly.

"Oh really? What did you decide?" Monroe replied, staring at his Grimm intensely. Nick flushed deeply, looking down shyly at his food. The shy gesture made the wolf in Monroe perk up and want to protect the precious, kind Grimm.

"Well, I've decided to tell you that, um, that I'm in love with you. I know you probably don't want a relationship right now, especially with a man, but, I, uh, just wanted to let you know," Nick said, blushing an adorable rose color that made Monroe's inner wolf howl for release. The shyness in the Grimm's voice made it all the better for the blutbad, though his mouth did drop in shock, his own answering blush crossing his cheek bones. Both were silent for a few long moments, Nick in a shy, awkward sense and Monroe in an awkward joyous sense. Nick then shifted nervously, and the clockmaker shot him a sharp look and noted the destroyed expression on the Grimm's face. The wolf inside his head whimpered, upset that they had distressed their potential mate.

"I love you to Nick," Monroe replied gently, a grin on his face. Nick's head shot up in surprise and then brightened like the sun. Joy danced in his blue eyes as a large, but shy, smile crossed his mouth.

"Really?" Nick asked, voice bright and shy and curious, making Monroe groan inwardly at how adorable the Grimm sounded.

"Of course I do. It's hard not to love you Grimm," Monroe replied matter of faculty, shrugging one broad shoulder. The clock maker delighted when a brighter smile came to Nick's lips, showing the Grimm's happiness. Seconds later, they leaned in towards each other and kissed for the first time, gently but possessively on Monroe's part. The kiss was sweet if a little clumsy, though both parties did get a euphoric feeling from the first kiss and decided to do it a few more times, each time getting more comfortable to explore each other's mouths. When they finally went back to their food, it was colder then it had been, though neither really minded that fact. When the food ended, they didn't want to separate themselves from the other, though both knew they would spend the next few days enjoying each other's company, considering Nick had it off. Unfortunately, they didn't get that chance to enjoy each other more the next day. Nick got a call at six in the morning, for a homicide. Nick felt very, very uneasy. The poor homeless man had an uncanny resemblance to Monroe, which frightened Nick completely