"P, Professor Johnson?" Nick asks, shock still evident in his voice and face. The professor looks rather pleased that the Grimm remembers him, his slightly wrinkled face dimpling at the recognition. The dimpling would have been considered rather dashing if the professor would have been years younger, now it just looks odd.

"You remember me, I'm pleased," Johnson replies joyously, walking ever closer to the mostly naked Grimm. His grin is giving Nick the creeps, but there's nothing that the Grimm can do about it. Nick shifts closer to the bed, not wanting the older man close to him.

"What's going on?" Nick asks, shifting ever closer to the bed, though he didn't really want to. He has this terrible feeling that the string of homeless homicides and thefts have been his old university professor. During the week and a half the Nick has been on guard, more deaths had happened, each one looking more and more like his blutbadden lover. The thefts that have been happening are more jewelry stores, mostly rings for Nick to wear for the 'engagement' that has been planned for the two by his stalker.

"I have been planning and preparing for many, many things," Johnson replies, still grinning.

"Preparing for what?" Nick asks, trying to ignore the throbbing in his head. Johnson came even closer to the pale Grimm, his grin growing until it looks completely psychotic.

"For you my dearest Nick, I have been preparing for you and your arrival. I've been doing so for a long, long time. I apologize for hurting you, but it was a quicker way to get you home," Johnson replies, on hand reaching out to touch Nick's face ever so gently.

"Home? What do you mean home?" Nick asks yet another question. There's a sinking feeling in his stomach from the previous statement.

"Yes, home is where we are now. I had to take you from the precinct because it's never been safe for you there, plus you could never reach your full at that horrendous place. You don't ever have to worry again Nick, I'll be taking care of you from now on," Johnson said with a happy smile, his hand gently stroking Nick's cheek. Nick jerks away from the touch, much to Johnson's displeasure.

"Professor, I like working at the precinct, and I like helping people who need my help in the long run. You cant stop me from doing that. Also, I'm flattered that you like me romantically, but I'm already in a really good relationship, and I don't plan on changing that," Nick tells him, voice calm and easy going. He's never been one to talk down a perp, but he does have a way about him that makes it easy for people to talk to him. Johnson glares and smacks Nick upside the face, growling at the startled younger man.

"You are not dating anybody but me you slut. If you ever mention that fucker ever again, I slaughter him like I've slaughter those others," Johnson snaps, his hands going to grasp Nick by the shoulders and shakes him violently.

"If you ever touch him or anyone again, you'll never live past this day," Nick growls right back as he quickly gets his footing. The Grimm violently shoves the other man before getting into a limited fighting stance. Johnson stumbles to the ground, a shocked look is on the older mans face, like he's surprised that his 'dearest Nick' would ever hurt him. With speed that surprises Nick, Johnson's back on his feet and right in Nick's face.

"How dare you hurt the only one who will ever love you," Johnson snarls before slapping Nick again. The Grimm jumps right in and punches the professor in the face, angry with how he's being treated, angrier still that Johnson could say and do those monstrous things.

"Don't you dare say that you're the only one who'd ever love me. I have plenty of people that love me," Nick snarls out before he's punched violently in the sternum. Nick grunts in pain, but doesn't back down. He's been hit by worse by way of Jagarbar and Blutbadden. Hell, even a Rennagian has hurt him more in the past. Twenty minutes into the fight, Nick is hit in his already sore head with a broom handle, making the Grimm see stars. Nick stumbles in his fight before he is hit in the stomach with outstanding force and he doubles over. Johnson grabs the Grimm by his hair, his grip tightening enough to bring tears to Nick's blue eyes.

"Now listen here you little shit. I've been protecting you since you were in my class in university. I've been looking after you and making sure you've always had enough money. I even protected you from that little slut Juliet when you two were together," Johnson says with a snarl. Nick's eyes widen desperately. Him and Juliet may have not been together anymore, but he still cared for her well being in the long run.

"What did you do to her?" Nick coughs out, breath finally filling his lungs.

"Nothing any worse then what I'll do to those kids you're so fond of," Johnson replies with a sadistic grin. Nick actually pales at the thought of his pups getting hurt. He's not too worried about Barry, Holly or Roddy, but Hanson, Gracie and Kevin are a different story. Those three are completely human. Suddenly his vision goes red and he shoots up.

"How dare you threaten them you son of a bitch," Nick yells angrily, though the Grimm doesn't get the chance to actually hit the older man, a sharp electrifying pain shoots up his body through his lower back. Nick gasps in pain before his body collapses from it. Johnson catches him, still grinning like a mad man, careful of the taser he now holds in his right hand.

"Hit a sore spot did I? Good, now listen here dearest, you are going to like it here regardless of what you do or say, or I will kill those little pests you call children," Johnson said, speaking as he would if he was talking to his students from so long ago. The older grey haired man lays Nick on the bed gently and kisses the Grimm soundly on the mouth before he pulls back and leaves the room. Two hours later, he comes back with food, but Nick refuses to eat anything of it. Johnson hits him more and threatens both the kids, Juliet and Hank's safety before Nick agrees to eat. Johnson is constant in his touching of the younger man, fondling him in certain areas that he "knows" Nick likes. Nick doesn't say anything and doesn't acknowledge anything his old professor does, refusing to give the man that. Nick doesn't even get the chance to bath alone, it's always with Johnson right there watching him scrub himself clean. Johnson likes to fondle him there too, though he never goes any farther then Nick's hips. Johnson tells him it's because he want's to wait until their wedding to consummate, cause it's only proper.

This goes on for two weeks before Johnson starts getting edgy about going out. Apparently, a large wolf has been walking around the property that they're on, waiting and watching the house like a starved animal. Nick finally has hope that he's safe. It might be Monroe there to rescue him, Nick silently prays that it is. In the many months that they have known each other, Nick's seen his boyfriends full form only once, and that was out of necessity. During the night, the wolf howls a long low howl of pain, sounding as if it's searching for something or someone. Nick has a feeling he knows who and what the wolf is looking for.

Nick thinks it's a thursday when he hears the front door to the house splinter open. Nick blinks owlishly as he listens to the scuffle that happens outside the bedroom door. A scream resonates through the house, closely followed by a victorious howl. Seconds later, Nick hears two feet rush down the hallway outside the door and relief fills him.

"Nick?" Monroe's voice filters through the house.

"Monroe in here," Nick replies, his relief crashing through him in waves. The bedroom door slams open and there stands Monroe, in a pari of ripped and bloody jeans and nothing else. There is a relieved look on the blutbad's face before it turns into a murderous scowl. Monroe turns to go piss on the body in the living room when Nick's quite voice stops him.

"Monroe? Can we go home?" Nick asks, voice small. Monroe turns to his boyfriend and melts from the look on Nick's face.

"Yes, Grimm, lets go home," Monroe responds before going over to Nick. He scoops the Grimm up with ease and makes to move.

"Wait, there's a chain and a cuff on my ankle, think you can get them off?" Nick asks shyly, voice still quite. Monroe looks down at his Grimm's ankle and growls in anger.

"Of course I can get this thing off, just give me a moment," Monroe says rather angrily. He stops when he smells the scent of fear coming from his mates neck.

"Nick, are you okay?" Monroe asks as he gently sits the Grimm down. Nick's looking down at his lap and not at Monroe, which has the clock maker worried. Nick shakes his head. Monroe gives him a few moments to let Nick find the words.

"He threatened the pups. The-the human ones had me the most scared 'cause he's been killing innocent people for a long time. He said he'd kill them and Juliet if I didn't do as he said. Whenever I disagreed with him about anything, he'd beat me for it and get really angry," Nick supplies, though its quiet and missing a few steps.

"Nick, did he rape you?" Monroe asks, panic rising in his heart.

"No, he said it'd be improper to do it until we were married. The fucker would watch me bath though and fondle me some, though it never went past the top of my hips," Nick replied. Monroe growled again before he ripped off the cuff and chain. The clockmaker is the one who calls the police, informing them that he'd searched for Nick on his own after they told him Nick had been kidnapped. Surprisingly, the house that Nick had been taken too was still in city limits, just on the upper west side of the city. Nick's taken to the hospital and checked out for any sever injuries. Outside a few bruised ribs and a slight concussion, the Grimm's good to go home early the next morning.


It's been four months since Nick had been kidnaped and he's doing better then he has been. The Grimm's spent those four months in police funded therapy and during that time, a lot of his fears have been taken care off. Monroe has been the most help during those months, especially since he had Nick move in with him almost immediately after he got Nick home from the hospital. Monroe has also been the most patient with the detective, understanding the fear that Nick has gone through. Hey, his parents had strange ways of toughening him up as a child, getting kidnapped was one of them.

Currently, the two are sitting on Monroe's bed, necking like a couple of teenagers. Nick moans as Monroe latches onto his neck, pleased with the hot mouth sucking on his neck. The wolf is determined to leave his mark on his mate's neck, though when they actually do mate, the bite mark left, will be stuck there.

"Please," Nick moans out hungrily, hands clawing at Monroe's clawed back.

"Please what Nick?" Monroe asks, pulling back just enough to speak.

"Sex, Monroe," Nick replies. Monroe pulls back and stares.

"Are you sure?" Monroe asks worriedly.

"Yes," Nick replies with a smile. Moments later, both are stripped of their cloths and are rutting against each other in a hungry demand of release. Nick let out gasps and moans as Monroe fondled him, making Monroe all the more hotter. The wolf inside Monroe's head slams against its cage, demanding that it be released. Monroe complies as much as he can, not willing to hurt his mate. The blutbad snaps just once and spins Nick onto his hands and knees. The clockmaker has just enough of his human mind to lean over the Grimm to get to his night stand. He opened the drawer and grabs the tube of lube he stashed there for this type of occasion. He popped the top almost violently before squirting some onto Nick's twitching hole. Nick gasps at the coldness that touches him, but didn't say anything more.

"Nick, have you ever done this before?" Monroe growls out as a finger rubs Nick's waiting hole.

"N-not with a man," Nick stutters out, pushing his hips back for more touch. Monroe growls in pleasure before sliding his finger in.

"Oh," Nick moans out and clenches around the intrusion.

"Relax, or it'll hurt more," Monroe said calmly, not wanting to hurt his mate. Nick takes his advice and tries to relax. Moments later he does and another finger is added. The two fingers scissor within him, trying to stretch his inner muscles out. It works for the most part. Monroe adds another finger just in case and begins to thrust his long finger into Nick's body. Nick moans in pleasure and clenches his muscles as pleasure ripples through his body.

The Grimm moans in disappointment when Monroe pulls his fingers out. Seconds later, they're replaced with something bigger and Nick's eyes go wide in shock.

"Remember Nick, relax," Monroe says before pushes into the body below him. Nick tries, but it hurts more then he expected and he lets out little groans of pain as he is filled inch, by agonizing inch. It was a slow process, but Monroe manages to get all of his girth inside the tight Grimm. The wolf man waits for his mate to adjust, though its agony to wait to pound into the tight, half virgin body below him. Soon enough, Nick gives the older man the go ahead and Monroe begins to move at a slow and sedate pace.

"If your gonna fuck me, then do it already," Nick snarls out and Monroe's eye bleed read. He pulls back until only the tip remains before slamming back into the Nick's body. Nick howled pleasure as he is fucked into, Monroe not giving him a second to breath. Monroe groans in pleasure, glad to finally be buried in his pretty Grimm. They spend a long time going at the brutal pace that Monroe has set for them, Nick clawing at the bed, meeting Monroe thrust for thrust, and Monroe moving frantically above him. It's near their ends when Monroe begins to feel himself begin to swell.

"I forgot to tell you something," Monroe grunts out, still slamming into Nick's willing body.

"Uhn," Nick replies dumbly, but Monroe knows the Grimm's listening.

"Blutbadden have a tendency to knot our mates when we have sex," Monroe replies, spearing Nicks prostate every other thrust.

"Huh?" Nick says, blue eyes rolling back into his head.

"I'mma gonna swell up inside you, to breed you, to lock all of my seed into your body. If you were a girl, this would be my way of getting you pregnant." Monroe replies. Nick lets out a loud shout before spraying his own seed across the bed. The Grimm fell forward and laid there as Monroe finished swelling inside Nick's already tight body. As soon as the knot finished, Monroe let himself go, shooting wave upon wave of seed inside the body below him, howling as he did so. As soon as Monroe was done, he slouched them onto their sides, panting in exhaustion.

"Love you," Nick said tiredly.

"Love you more," Monroe responded. Moments later, both were lost in their dreams