The following pieces are my Bones fanfic collection. I wrote these between August 2010 (pre Season 6) and June 2011 (post Season 6).

They're a bit different. I hope you find something here that you like.

~ Cosmic

One Moment in Time (based on Season 6 spoilers)

I take a deep breath. Smoothing down my dress, I step through the large oak door.

I see him instantly.

There is no mistaking him, really. Standing there in his dark grey suit. Nervously nibbling his lip. His son by his side. The sun streams in from the stained glass window and catches his dark hair. Somehow he manages to look more handsome than I have ever thought possible. He is focused on the door and his face breaks into that smile when he sees me.

I pause and look into those chocolate eyes. He returns my gaze and I feel my breath quicken.

For a moment we are the only ones in the room.

The past flashes before us - our first case, our first kiss, our time apart- before the roller coaster ride which we have travelled slows to a halt. Nine years. But now we are here. Today is a turning point. From today things will be different.

My breathing slows and I lift my hand to sweep away the stray strand of hair from my eyes. I feel the tear that has gone astray. What? No, not tears. I'm not supposed to cry. Not today. Get emotional, yes, but tears? Too much has passed between us for me to be crying today.


The sound of the door opening prods me and I turn.

I see her standing there.

She begins walking down the aisle. I am unable to take my eyes off her. She looks stunning. More beautiful than I have ever seen her look. Her dark hair swept up, her eyes wide and bright.

I stare into those eyes as I have done so many times before. I see the past. I see the present. I see what will become of us.

Then I see the tear.

There is a glint in her eye as she brushes the stray strand aside and I see the solitary tear escape and roll over her delicate cheekbone.

I stifle a gasp.

She blushes and shrugs slightly. A small smile forms. I am shocked but as I look deeper into her eyes, I understand. Today is a turning point for us. For all the games of the last nine years it has come to this. Even she, who can hide her emotions better than anyone I know, lets down her guard sometimes.

After today things will be different.

And we both know it.

I give her a reassuring smile and she continues to walk slowly towards me. There is no longer a need to be scared, or nervous, my eyes tell hers.

I am here. And I always will be here. I am not going anywhere.

You will always be My Bones.


My eyes take in his gaze and I smile back. He saw the tear. I look at him and pause slightly, but he continues to give me that warm smile that has always given me so much comfort.

Yes, everything will be ok.

This step into the future is the right one. It is logical. It is what has to happen next. No, what needs to happen next. What should happen next. There is no need for me to be nervous. He will be there.

As he always has been.

As the hypnotic sounds of the quartet begin to echo through the church I turn quickly. It breaks our connection. I see the white gown preparing to make its way through the door. I step into my seat and look once more at him.

This time he is not looking back at me.

He is drinking in his bride.

I sigh quietly to myself.

Yes, things will change. For as much as I love him he needs more than me. For as much as we will still be in each other's lives, it will be different now.

I watch my partner, my best friend, as his bride walks towards him- the joy, the smile, the love - radiating from him.

He is happy, which is all I ever want for him.