I wrote this after The Blackout in the Blizzard but before the finale.

Blizzard staggered me because I was amazed that B&B actually went there and discussed the inevitability of their union. This is how I thought it might happen…

A Holy Pilgrim's Kiss

It was tentative at first.

The hand hovered over mine – unsure as to whether to lower itself. Unsure of the effect it would have. What it would change. I watched it decide – yes, no, before it blanketed my own smaller, more delicate in its shadow.

It stayed there quietly. Tentatively. It did not move at first. I watched it carefully- not daring to look up at its owner. Not wanting to break the spell. The hand was strong. It had lived. It had fought, loved, killed and caressed. It had wiped away tears and struck those who had caused pain.

But tonight, tonight the hand was careful. It was gentle and timid. It had tried before, to no avail.

Slowly, its thumb moved and small circles began to be drawn on my skin. The hypnotic swirls soothed me, yet it was difficult to disguise my ragged breath. The fingers curled and grasped my hand. It held tight and pressed gently. It reassured as it took on a stronger confidence.

The hand gently lifted mine from the back of the chair and as it did, I finally followed the path, past the dark sleeve toward the chiselled features of its owner. My breath caught as my eyes met his. They held mine just as our hands caressed. The shyness. The uncertainly. The gentleness. They were all there in pools that were more familiar to me than my own.

He began to walk backwards. Still holding my hand. Still holding my gaze. I followed him as he led me to the dancefloor.

I smiled. A dance. He wished this for me once. Happiness, he said, with its love, laughter, purpose and friendship included a dance.

He smiled gently and pulled me towards him. His eyes never leaving mine. His hand never letting go. He rested his other on the small of my back. On his spot. The place where he had guided me, comforted me and let me through the world.

I rested my other on his shoulder and he pulled me closer. A contented sigh left me. His eyes never left mine. They searched. They questioned. They showed an honesty.

"Happy Birthday," he said.

I laughed. "Ah, so this is my present?" I asked.

He looked bashful. "No…uh.."

"It's ok Booth. You're here."

I felt his arm tighten around my waist.

"Yeah, I'm here…Is that enough?"

I took a deep breath and looked deeply at the man in my arms. The man who I thought I had lost. I removed my hand from his shoulder and placed it on his chest. I played with his lapel and for the first time, broke from his gaze.

"You know what the definition of insanity is, don't you?" I looked back up at him with a smile.

He laughed.

"Yeah I do…how about we just go for fourth time lucky?"

With that he leaned in and kissed me.

It was tentative at first…unsure of itself before becoming stronger. More confident.

When our kiss ended he rested his forehead on mine.

"I love my gift, Booth."

"Happy Birthday Bones."