Title: Wake Up
Once Upon a Time
Swan Queen
"Regina." Emma shot up onto her knees and her hands found the other woman's body. The Mayor of Storybrooke was soaked with sweat, from her hair that stuck to the line of her jaw and the curve of her brow, to the sheets that wrapped around her naked body. Knowing her lover was sick, Emma shook Regina's shoulders in an attempt to wake her. "Regina!"
Author's Note:
A few people asked for a continuance and what kind of person would I be if I didn't? I'm not sure if I like how this ended, but I'm leaving it open, should I feel the need to keep it going.
I own nothing.


A tug to her hand brought her out of a dreamless sleep, one that Emma Swan was more then willing to endure. She didn't want to relive seeing Regina at the brink of death, according to Dr. Whale's earlier statement. She allowed a yawn to rip through her mouth, causing a pop in her jaw. Raising her arm to ease the pressure on her joints, Emma glanced down at her tingling-with-sleep hand.

…which was currently tangled with Regina's.

The blonde tried to let go and remove the hand before Regina noticed and she mysteriously lost it. When she when to pull it away, she found it wouldn't move due to a sweaty hand that tightly held on to hers. Emma snapped her eyes to the dark woman's face. She looked just as she had the moment Emma fell asleep, but this time, Emma almost jumped out of her seat and on top of the woman in front of her. Brown eyes, that she felt like she hasn't seen in eons, clouded with a fever stared at her through slit eyelids.

"Can…can you hear me?" The Sheriff could hear the near silent desperation in her own voice, and any other time she would have cursed herself and gotten out of the situation, but this time was different. This time the Mayor gave a sluggish nod. Emma let out a much needed sigh and let her vision blur gently with unshed tears. "Are you feeling okay?"

Regina's hazy irises only looked at her, or right through her, Emma couldn't really tell. They were still smoked over with whatever illness brought the fearless town leader to her knees. The blonde brought the back of the brunette's hand to her mouth. Around the skin she murmured, "Go back to sleep. Henry and I will still be here when you wake up." The sickly body began to relax, only to tense when Emma placed their connected limbs on the mattress. "I'll still be here." Emma paused and added after a moment, "I promise." A glint of emotion that Emma had never been on the receiving end of flashed on Regina's face. "Get some rest."

Dark orbs begrudgingly shut and Emma soon followed her.

The second time Emma woke up, she didn't move a muscle. She didn't want to interrupt, she heard Henry talking and she had never seen him talk with his Mother so willingly. He was closer to her then the couch, and if she had to guess, she'd bet the boy was on the opposite side of the hospital bed.

"-and I was in here. I don't know what you're sick with, but I'm sure Emma does. When she wakes up, I'll ask her." Henry told his Mom. She could hear the smile in his childish voice and it warmed her insides to know that he was smiling at his usually least favorite person. The bed shook once as Henry moved or got on, the blonde couldn't tell. Regina's overly warm body shifted closer to Emma's blonde curls.

"Mom, I know you're kind of out of it right now…" Emma had to bite her lip to keep the laugh in her throat at his statement. "But I wanted to ask you something." He paused and the woman knew what he was going to say. "I already asked Emma last night...this morning…whenever we brought you here." He sounded frustrated and that made her frown. "I asked Emma and she didn't know. I think she just didn't want to tell me and she said to wait and ask you."

A quick breath from the boy followed by, "Mom, are you and Emma together or something?" The room was still and the pretending-to-sleep-woman was sure her lungs stopped functioning.

This was it. Emma wasn't sure she wanted to hear the answer. She was sure that the first word she'd hear from Regina since last night's "Oh fuck yes!" was going to be a plain, flat out "No" and she wasn't sure if her soul could handle that rejection after the early morning events.

Feeling a brief pull on her hand, Emma feared the worst. She was taking her hand away and she'd laugh so hard her oxygen tube would come out and her heart monitor would go flying off the charts and call in the nurses who were stationed to watch over the Mayor of their small, off the map town. But when the hand in question merely slid back into hers, Emma realized that Regina had shrugged.

Not said no, or shook her head, but shrugged, an I-don't-know gesture. She didn't know. Mayor Regina Mills didn't know if she and Sheriff Emma Swan were 'together or something'. It wasn't a yes, but Emma didn't expect it to be one, not with their complicated history. An "I don't know" was fine with the blonde.

"Oh," Henry's voice sounded oddly disappointed. "Okay. I wouldn't mind, you know, if you were." A beat. "Together, I mean." He tacked on for good measure. No more words echoed off the four walls surrounding them and Emma found herself drifting off again.

The third time her jade green eyes fluttered she was on the couch, not next to Regina and Henry. Emma pushed herself up on her arms and smiled at the picture perfect moment taking place on the bed. The hospital bed head was propped up higher for Regina to be more comfortable now that she was clearly wide awake. Henry's small body was tucked into her side, an arm thrown over her waist and a leg over hers. The older brunette's IV punctured hand stroked the boy's equally brunette head as he lulled toward the edge of sleep.

The two had the TV on mute with a yellow sponge singing with a pink starfish.

Emma laughed quietly to herself and fully sat up. Regina's now clear eyes found her immediately over Henry's head against her chest. Burnt caramel held onto emerald, daring her to look away from the gaze she was trapped in. Emma lifted the corner of her mouth in a quick, quirk of a smile. The small smile grew tenfold at the affect it had on the other woman, who now held a tiny grin of her own.

Emma stood, eyes still locked with Regina's, and made her way over to the bed. She sat in her previous spot and her hand itched to take the brunette's hand from their son's head. "You scared the fucking shit out of me last night, Regina." The blonde blurted out. Emma watched as perfectly sculpted eyebrows furrowed. "I mean, fuck." Emma shook her head.

"Colorful vocabulary, Miss Swan." Regina rasped out dryly. Her voice sent a pool of wetness between Emma's thighs and the blonde forced herself not to think about it, though it was hard. I should be given a fucking medal for being able to look at this sex goddess and not immediately jump her Emma thought, not for the first time.

"Now I'm back to Miss Swan?" Emma commented with a raised eyebrow. "Last night I was Emma." A splash of surprise danced in her dark irises and Emma was almost as surprised to see it there, but she gave herself an invisible pat on the back.

Regina recovered rapidly, scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I did no such thing. It was the same as every other time-"

"No, not when we were-" Emma cut herself off and looked pointedly at the boy in between them. "Not then." She amended. "When the hospital staff was taking you, I heard you say my name." Regina's nostrils flared and she swung her eyes away from Emma's, knowing that her eyes tended to be a portal to her emotions. "Regina-"

"Just because you saved my life-" The brunette cut in with a quiet, but firm voice, as not to wake Henry who had finally tipped into the realm of dreams.


"-doesn't change how I feel about you."

"And how do you feel about me?" The Sheriff countered, leaning forward. She saw how the other woman tensed and clenched her jaw for a moment.

"What?" Regina frowned as she turned to stare at Emma once more.

Emma inquired, "How do you feel about me?"

"I thought I made that perfectly clear, Miss Swan." Emma gulped and, with her heart hammering in her chest, she turned her eyes down. She fiddled with her hands, intertwining her fingers in the same way she had with Regina a few hours previous. It wasn't the same. It didn't hold the same comfort as having the brunette's slender hand wrapped around hers.

"I thought you did too, but now…I know how I feel, I understand that my emotions caught up with me. I need you to tell me that I'm not wrong and yours did too."

It was silent before a disbelieving voice found Emma's ears. "Are you…trying to tell me…that you have feelings for me?" The blonde brought her eyes up to meet Regina's once more.

"Is that so hard to believe?" True unfathomable confusion resided in the window to Regina's soul and it, in turn, confused Emma. How could a woman like Regina not understand that another woman could like her for more than sex?



"Why do you think you have feelings for me?"

"I don't think, I know." She corrected with a grin. It didn't make her lover smile back, not this time. Emma could see that Regina was dead serious, more so than she was every other day of the week.

"And where has this come from? You were perfectly content to keep our little arrangement going."

"Well things changed." Emma hedged, not liking how Regina pushed and had yet to answer her unasked question that lingered in the air. Emma needed to know before she bared her soul.

"But why?" Regina did her best to not raise her voice, or tense her body, or squeeze her fingers that threaded through her son's hair, least she wake him into an awkward moment between his two Mothers. She needed to know what the blonde woman's intension was before she opened her emotions to be poked at.

Emma grid her teeth. "Goddamnit, why do you have to be so stubborn?"

"Why can't you just tell me what changed?"

"Seeing you like that! Like this morning!" Emma was on her feet in an instant, sending the chair backward scrapping with a loud screech. "Seeing you like that and knowing that I never took you on a date! That I never bought you something or never complimented you or-" Emma cut herself off. She ran a hand through her blonde curls and a growl rumbled her vocal cords.

"-acted like a doting, caring, emotional attachment?" Regina finished softly.

"Yes. I…I want to be that. I want to have that."

"With me."


Neither moved, the only sound in the room coming from Emma's heavy breathing and the beeping of Regina's monitors. Easing her hand off Henry's head, Regina held out her hand, palm side up. Emma could recognize the vulnerability in the action, as small as it was, and she appreciated it. Fitting her hand into Regina's, Emma allowed herself to be pulled forward.

When she was an inch from the bed, Regina opened her mouth, "I'm controlling." She told her.

"I can live with that." The blonde shrugged with a semi-hopeful smile.

"I'm not use to being with someone else." Regina warned.

"Me neither."

"I can't guarantee I'll-"

"Regina, I get it I do." Emma reassured her, "We can figure it out. If it doesn't work, we tried. If we don't try, how do we know if we're not missing out on something great?" The blonde reached out and tucked a tangled strand of hair behind Regina's ear, cupping her cheek in the process. The Mayor sighed and leaned into the hand on her face.

Feeling the still unnatural heat radiating off Regina's skin, Emma pushed her further into the bed. "You're still sick. Sleep off the rest of this fever."

She made to move away when her hand was gripped tightly. "You'll…still be here?"

"When you wake up? Of course." She placed her lips softly on Regina's forehead, smiling when the woman instantly relaxed. Emma pulled away and sat down next to Regina, their hands intertwine showing a small, but powerful amount of affection toward each other.

The sick brunette closed her eyes, muttering a carefully practiced collect of words. "Good night…Emma."

Neither woman noticed the grin stretched wide across Henry's face.