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Story: Brother's United: Reimagined

AN: I've wanted to do this for a while. This is a reimagining of the Brother's United stories. I hope everyone enjoys them. This takes place after The Last Olympian when Percy returns to his apartment with his mom and stepfather. Annabeth stays in New York in an apartment near the Empire State Building and goes to a private all-girls school.

Chapter 1: A Dream

Third Person POV

Elysium – The Underworld

A dark haired man in his mid-twenties sat on log near a small stream that snaked its way through a lovely forest. The young man had jet-black hair and sea green eyes. He wore a green shirt and faded jeans. It would seem odd considering the time this young man had come from, but this was Elysium, they kept up with the times.

The young man watched the stream run passed him. He was lost in thought. Memories of good and terrible experiences flooded his mind. Although he had done some terrible things in his past, he had also done great deeds as well. He had been one of the greatest heroes of his age. At a time he even rivaled his cousin Herakles or Hercules as the Romans called him. However, the young man always felt disappointed in himself. He longed for the chance to right the wrongs he committed and to be the hero that he always wanted to be; he dreamed of a second chance.

Three spheres of light appeared in front of him. The lights approached him before they settled in a clearing just on the other side of the small stream. The young man walked to the edge of the stream before he stepped onto the water. The water solidified under his feet as he walked across the stream. The three lights touched the ground and transformed into three old women dressed in white. The young man stepped onto the other shore and walked carefully toward the three old women.

He stopped only a few feet from them because he noticed that their eyes were a bright white with no irises or pupils. The three women looked at him and spoke without moving their lips. "We are the Fates and we've come to offer you a deal," the Fates said with one voice.

The young man stared at them in disbelief, was this the answer to his prayers? The young man bowed before the daughters of Nyx. "My ladies, what kind of deal?" he asked.

The Fates looked down at the demigod before them. "We can offer you new life; a second chance to be the hero. We can restore your body to the world of the living," they said.

The demigod was stunned; it was everything he had wished for. "What do I need to do?" he asked.

The Fates smiled. "You must reconcile with the one you love, teach the boy that must be taught and protect the kingdom that must be saved," The Fates replied.

"Is this a quest?" the demigod asked.

"A quest of sorts and a prophecy of a kind, if you agree you will find that which is missing from your life and a purpose to live again," The Fates explained. "Do you agree to our terms?"

The demigod smiled up at the three old ladies. "I accept this quest and this mission," he replied.

The Fates smiled once again before their eyes glowed and beams of light struck the demigod before them.

The young man closed his eyes at the blinding light before he lost consciousness.

The Blofis Family Apartment

Percy Jackson awoke with a start. He had the strangest dream about a familiar looking man. He wiped the sleep from his eyes as he noticed the morning sunlight that shined through the curtains of his bedroom.

"Are you awake," his mother asked from the other side of his door.

"Yes mom," Percy replied.

Sally opened the door and stared at her son with her pale blue eyes. "You're up early," she observed.

He sat up on the edge of his bed before he ran his hands through this messy black hair. "I can get up early sometimes," he said.

Sally laughed. "Since when?" she asked incredulously.

"Thanks mom, you know I have to grow up sometime," he defended.

Sally sighed. "You've grown up a lot Percy," she consoled. Percy smiled his crooked grin. "Get dressed and I'll have some pancakes for you"

Percy's smile widened. "Blue?" he questioned.

Sally grinned at the question. "Of course blue, now get dressed," she said before she left, closing the door behind her.

He stood and proceeded to get dressed. This was his first night home from camp and he would start school in a week.

Percy wanted to call Annabeth, but he thought better of it. She was most likely at Olympus with her mother. They would go over the plans for the rebuild of Olympus. He would love to go up and see her, but Athena would at best set his clothes afire or turn him into a mouse to feed to her owls, neither prospect sounded good to Percy. He may be invincible and the savior of Olympus, but he didn't want to make Athena an enemy. He had enough gods that disliked him. He could do without the goddess of wisdom counting him as an enemy. It was bad enough that she hated his father.

Percy sighed as he thought of Annabeth. He would just have to call her later in the day. He walked into the kitchen.

Paul sat at one end of the table while his mother sat at the other end. Percy kissed his mom on the cheek and patted Paul on the back before he walked into the kitchen.

"You look tired Percy," Paul said.

Sally laughed. "You know he's not used to getting up this early," Sally reminded.

Paul chuckled. "He better get used to it. School starts in a week," Paul replied.

Percy grabbed his plate and walked back into the dining room and sat at the table. "You both are so funny," he said incredulously. Percy looked down at his food and began to eat.

Paul went back to reading his paper.

Sally watched her son carefully; she could tell that something was amiss. "Percy did something happen last night?" she asked worriedly. Paul looked up from his paper to watch his stepson.

Percy swallowed his piece of pancake. "I had a strange dream," he said.

Sally looked scared for a moment. "Another nightmare about the war?" she asked, a little scared for her son.

Percy sighed. "No, it was about some guy. I think he was in the underworld. It felt like Elysium," Percy said.

Paul watched Percy curiously. "How do you know?" he asked.

Percy smiled at his stepfather. "I've been to the underworld," he replied. Sally paled as she remembered her time there.

Paul stared at his stepson in shock. "You've been there?" he asked.

"A couple times," he clarified. "It seemed like Elysium. It was beautiful and peaceful."

"What happened in your dream?" Sally asked.

Percy went into a complete explanation of his dream. He spoke about the demigod and how he walked across the stream and talked to the Fates about rebirth.

"He walked on water?" Paul asked.

"Yeah, straight across a stream," Percy replied.

Sally wore a thoughtful expression. "Could he be a son of Poseidon?" she asked. Paul shifted uncomfortably at the sound of Poseidon's name.

"He'd have to be, and he looked familiar," Percy said.

"Well, from your description he sounds like he looked like you and your father," Sally said. "Did the Fates say his name?"

"No, they only asked if he wanted a second chance, and then they said something about a lost love, training somebody and saving a kingdom," Percy said.

Paul checked his watch and frowned. "I got a meeting at work," Paul said.

"On a Saturday?" Percy questioned.

Paul laughed. "A teacher's job is never done," he said. He stood up and ruffled Percy's hair. "Don't worry about the dream; hopefully it won't have anything to do with you." Paul kissed Sally goodbye before he left the apartment.

Sally was quiet for a moment after Paul left. "Iris Message Chiron; he might be able to help," she said.

Percy smiled at his mother's concern. "I don't know. It wasn't a bad dream. If I have another I'll call Chiron," Percy said.

Sally forced a smile. She still worried for her son. "Okay, but you better call Chiron, if you have another," she said sternly.

Percy raised his hands in surrender. "Sure thing mom," he said. He walked back into his bedroom and sat at his desk. He tried to read his class schedule for the coming school year, but he gave up as the words floated off the page. He cursed at the dyslexia. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes before he dozed off into a fitful sleep.

Percy's Dream

Percy stood in the middle of desert. The hot wind swept across his face. He could feel the sweat evaporate in the dry climate. He felt weaker here, like his body ached for the water, for the ocean. He looked ahead and a light shined from the side of the rock face ahead. He walked toward the light for what seemed like hours, but it was really only a few minutes. The sun beat down upon the demigod; he could feel his strength drain away. He reached the rocks and noticed a cave entrance. He walked inside and saw a large celestial bronze cage in the middle of the cave.

"Thank the gods you're here," a familiar voice said. Percy stepped further into the cave until his eyes finally focused on the interior of the cave and more importantly the person standing inside the cage.

"It's you," Percy said.

The man in the cage was the same one from his dreams. The man raised an eyebrow at Percy. "Who are you?" he asked. He stepped back from the bars. "You're not working for that Titan, are you?"

Percy's eyes widened. "There's a Titan here?" he asked stupidly.

The man rolled his eyes. "I just said that didn't I?" he asked incredulously.

Percy blushed. "Sorry, sometimes I just repeat stuff randomly," he explained.

The man sighed. "Who are you kid?" he asked.

"I'm Percy Jackson," Percy replied.

The man stared at him in disbelief. "You're Percy Jackson, the savior of Olympus?" he asked skeptically.

Percy gave him an annoyed expression. "Sorry, if I disappointed you," Percy said with a hint of anger in his voice.

The man sighed. "Sorry, I just thought you'd be taller," he said.

Percy frowned. "I get that a lot," he admitted. "Who're you?"

The man smiled. "I'm Theseus, you're brother," he answered.

Percy froze in shock. "My brother," he said.

Percy heard a knock and the dream ended.

Back at the Blofis Family Apartment

Percy fell back out of his chair and landed on a pile of dirty clothes. The door opened and his mother stood above him.

"Did you fall asleep in the chair again?" she asked, as she tried to hold in her laughter.

Percy looked up at his mother with an sheepish expression on his face. "Kinda," he said.

Sally laughed before she shook her head in amusement. "Chiron's on the phone for you," she said before she handed the phone to him.

Percy took the phone. "Hey Chiron," he said.

"Percy, thank the gods," Chiron said. His voice sounded excited, but Percy could also tell something was wrong.

"What's going on Chiron?" Percy asked worriedly. Sally watched her son; she bit her bottom lip in anticipation.

"Percy, you're needed here at camp," Chiron said.

"What's going on? Is the camp in trouble? Did something happen to Annabeth?" Percy asked questions in rapid succession.

Chiron sighed. "Nothing like that, I want you back at camp. I already told your mother and I've sent Blackjack to get you," Chiron informed.

"What's happening?" Percy asked again.

"I can't tell you over the phone. I need you here," Chiron said urgently.

Percy knew that it had to be serious, especially if Chiron would only tell him at camp. "I'll be there soon," Percy said.

"Good, see you soon," Chiron said before he hung up the phone.

Percy turned off the phone and looked at his mother. Percy could see the fear in her eyes. "Did he tell you what's happening?" she asked hopefully.

"No, he'll tell me at camp," Percy said.

Sally stepped forward and pulled her son into a tight embrace. "Be careful," she said.

The two pulled apart. "I will mom; I promise," he reassured.

However, Percy had a strange feeling in his gut that somehow this was connected to his dream about Theseus. He didn't know how, but he could feel the work of the Fates and that didn't make him feel good at all.

AN: This was the first chapter and I'm sure everyone can tell that it is quite different from the original. Stay tuned more to come.