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Story: Brothers United: Reimagined

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Chapter 2: Visions and Voices

Third Person POV

Percy held on tight to Blackjack's reins as the black Pegasus flew through the pale blue sky of New York City. The son of Poseidon relished the feel of the wind in his face as he soared through the air. Percy would normally be scared of flying because as a son of Poseidon he would always be in danger of Zeus's wrath. However, flying a Pegasus was the one way in which Percy was safe in his uncle's domain.

Percy watched as the landscape moved below him.

Hey Boss

"What's up Blackjack?" Percy asked.

What's going on at camp?

"What do you mean?" Percy asked worriedly.

The ocean near camp has been crazy lately.

"Is there a problem with my father?"

I don't know. Usually the sea nymphs talk to us, but none of us Pegasi have seen one in a few days.

Percy frowned at that information. What was going on with his dad?

Percy was broken away from his thoughts as his Pegasus dove towards Long Island. The sight of the strawberry fields flashed before Percy's eyes. They circled above the camp until Blackjack glided toward the big blue house on the hill. They landed in the field just before the porch that wrapped around the front of the house.

Percy leapt off the back of his faithful Pegasus and ran toward the house and up the steps to the porch. He hesitated at the door to the house. A sudden shiver ran down his spine; something was wrong he could feel it.

He opened the door and stepped inside. He walked through the living room and into the kitchen. Chiron sat in his wheelchair by the table, but the other person in the room drew Percy's attention. Rachel Elizabeth Dare sat in a long flowing white dress. Her frizzy red hair was tied back in a neat pony tail and her green eyes shined in the light of the room. She smiled when she saw Percy.

"Percy, it's good to see you," Rachel said.

"Rachel, I thought you were at school," Percy said.

Rachel frowned. "Something came up; Clarion Academy can wait," she replied. Percy could tell that his friend was happy about that.

Chiron cleared his throat. "Yes, it appears that our new Oracle gave us another new prophecy," Chiron said.

"A different one than the new great prophesy?" Percy asked.

"Quite different, this one appears to be rather unique in its focus," Chiron said. Rachel gave the old Centaur a worried look. That didn't go unnoticed by Percy.

Percy looked at his mentor curiously before he turned toward the Oracle. "What is the prophecy?" Percy asked.

Rachel's green eyes began to glow before a green mist poured from her open mouth. The lights in the kitchen dimmed; shadows moved around the room as ghostly whispers echoed off the walls.

Percy looked around wide-eyed and so was Chiron. They both looked at Rachel; the Oracle's glowing green eyes turned as red as blood and an ethereal light illuminated her features, and then she said,

A son of Poseidon will search the valley of death

To find the cave of the Titan's breath

To free the king the curse he must proffer

An Olympian bound and his soul to offer

To save the seas four brothers must unite

Or the world will be torn asunder by earth shaking might

An immortal will die at the hands of another

The world will be spared by two unusual twin brothers

The shadows faded and the green smoke receded. Rachel fell back from her chair, but Percy caught her before she hit the floor. He picked her up carefully and carried her to the living room. He laid her on the couch and walked back into the kitchen.

Chiron sat in his wheelchair, his face was pale and he looked afraid. Percy sat down across from his old mentor. "What in Hades was that?" Percy asked incredulously.

Chiron smiled at the way Percy asked the question, but the smile left his face as he remembered the answer to the question. "This was a prophecy from the Fates themselves. I would normally say that you should choose two to accompany you, but not this time. The Fates wish you to go alone. Who am I to argue?" Chiron said.

Percy frowned; a solo quest. "This can't be good, but it appears I have no choice, do I?" Percy asked.

Chiron sighed. "Percy, I'm afraid not. You are the most powerful and bravest of my students. You do your father proud. I have faith in you," he reassured.

Percy stood from his seat. "Where do I go?" he asked.

"The prophecy mentioned the Valley of Death," Chiron reminded.

"Death Valley," Percy said as he remembered his dream about Theseus.

Chiron nodded. "I will have Argus drive you to the train station. You will take the train west."

A determined look stretched across Percy's face. "Yes sir, I won't let you down."

Chiron smiled at his student before the boy left the kitchen on his way to his cabin.

"Thank Zeus; I thought Peter Johnson would never leave," Mr. D said as he stepped into the kitchen.

Chiron shifted in his seat. "Why did you not enter while Percy was here?" Chiron questioned.

Mr. D scowled. "The boy annoys me."

Chiron gave the god a knowing look. "You know something," Chiron said accusingly.

Mr. D smiled. "You know me too well, my old friend," Mr. D replied with a mischievous glint in his purple eyes.

"What has happened?" Chiron's ancient eyes glared into the purple eyes of the Olympian. Mr. D looked away, unable to match the intensity of the old centaur.

Mr. D sighed. "It appears that my old sea dog of an uncle has disappeared. We haven't been able to contact him," he explained.

Chiron thought of all the possibilities, but also the words that the Oracle had told them. "You do know that this could be part of the prophecy."

"I'm tired of prophecies," Mr. D began as he waved his hand in dismissal. "Besides my dimwit of a brother doesn't know where this particular prophecy came from."

"It's unwise to disrespect the god of the sun," Chiron warned.

Mr. D scoffed. "Aren't I punished enough by staying here with those brats?"

"I doubt Lord Apollo would care," Chiron replied.

Mr. D cleared his throat. "Maybe not, but this new prophecy has my father worried."

Chiron understood the feeling. "The Fates."

Mr. D looked at the old centaur curiously. "You've seen this before."

"Yes, once before," Chiron replied.

"When was that?" Mr. D asked curiously.

Chiron's face darkened at the memory. "Just before the war with the Giants."

The next morning…

Percy yawned before he sat up on the edge of his bed. He stretched his arms and back. He stood and got dressed for the day ahead. He packed his backpack carefully. He tried to think of everything that he needed, but he wasn't the best packer. He relied on Annabeth and his other friends to help him, but now he was on his own.

Percy's chest felt heavy as he thought of his girlfriend. They'd known each other for over four years now, but they'd only been boyfriend and girlfriend for a week. He thought of all the drama they'd suffered through over the past year; he felt so stupid for being so oblivious. They could have been together much sooner. Every time he thought of Annabeth he could feel his mortal point begin to pulse. The sensation worried him. Did he care for Annabeth more now than he did before? Was the desire to be by her side caused by the curse or did he truly feel that pull? He didn't know what to think, but he knew that Annabeth had always been important to him and that was enough for the time being.

Percy pulled his bag over his shoulder and strode out of cabin three. He walked to Half Blood Hill to meet Chiron. His mentor stood near Thalia's pine tree in his Centaur form.

"Percy, here is your train ticket, some money and a few drachmas. If you need something send me an Iris Message," Chiron said.

"Thanks Chiron," Percy replied.

"Percy, I'm very proud of you. Remember your training and you will do fine," Chiron said.

Percy nodded before he walked down the hill toward the camp van. Argus drove the son of Poseidon into town and gave Percy a slight nod before he drove off.

Percy watched the white van drive off. He sighed loudly before turning toward the train station. He walked inside and proceeded to check in for his travel west. He boarded the train several minutes later and made his way to his cabin. Percy slid open the door before placing his backpack on the small bench seat. He closed the door making sure to look down the hallway for any signs of trouble. He walked over to a seat by the window and plopped down. He sighed before running his hand through his messy hair.

He looked out the window and watched as the train left the station before beginning the long journey west. Percy's eyes became heavy. He hadn't slept very well the night before and now he was paying the price. He finally succumbed to his sleepiness.


Percy walked through a dark and damp stone hallway. The walls were black as coal and water dripped down from the ceiling. Percy ran his hand over the walls before the rock crumbled under his touch. Percy noticed a small light from the end of the hallway. He walked slowly towards the light. He reached a bend in the hallway. He peaked around the bend and saw a small room with a celestial bronze cage.

At first he thought it was the same cage where he had seen Theseus, but when Percy looked closer he gasped in surprise. A tall dark haired man with a few streaks of grey sat on the floor of the cage. His body was covered in dark bruises and golden ichor seeped from several deep cuts.

Percy bounded around the corner and fell to the ground beside the cage. He could feel pain in his chest as he looked at the man on the floor.

"Dad, is that you?" he asked.

Poseidon looked up at his son. His right eyes were bruised and swollen shut. He tried to focus on the teenage boy before him, but it was hard. He felt so tired and his body burned from all of his injuries. "Percy," he said softly

A few tears ran down Percy's cheeks at the weakness within his father's voice. "What happened?" Percy questioned.

"Oceanus, he captured me," Poseidon replied, but it was getting harder for him to speak.

"Where are you dad?" Percy asked.

"I don't know," Poseidon answered.

The dream began to fade. Percy struggled to keep his mind focused, but he was losing the battle. "Hold on dad, I'll find you," Percy said emphatically before the dream faded.

Percy opened his eyes. He felt his face; tears were still flowing. He wiped away his tears.

"Why am I here? My father needs me," Percy said out loud.

You have a quest.

Percy nearly fell off his seat. "What's going on?" he asked no one.

You are needed Perseus.

"Where are you? Who are you?" Percy questioned nervously. He worried that he was finally going crazy. That curse of Achilles was finally ready to destroy him.

Do not worry. It is Theseus, your brother.

"Theseus, how are you doing this?" Percy asked in shock.

I'm not sure, but I heard and felt your thoughts. I had the same vision or dream of our father.

"I'm sorry Theseus, but I cannot save you. Our father needs me," Percy said.

Our father needs both of us. Free me and I will help you save him.

"You saw him. How can I leave him that way?" Percy asked in desperation.

You will need my help. Fulfill your quest and our father will be saved. Don't forget brother.

"Theseus," Percy yelled, but he knew the connection to his brother was gone. Percy pulled Riptide from his pocket and frowned. "I will find Theseus father, and then, we will save you."

AN: The quest begins. This story unlike the original will focus more on Percy, but also on Theseus. Expect more drama to come, so stay tuned.