Chapter 49

Hair Taffy

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There was a muted bang and Mr. Wonka jolted, a second before crumpling to the floor like a lifeless doll.

I gasped in horror, wondering if that was supposed to happen. I fell to my knees beside him, pressing my head to his chest.

When I heard he was still breathing, I let out a breath of my own. At least he was alive, right?

"Willy." I shook his shoulders almost violently before getting out my phone, ready to call 911 when I realized we were in fucking England. I didn't even know the emergency number, for goodness sake. I probably learnt it at some point during elementary school but in my silent state of panic, I couldn't even begin to recall it.

I don't even know how long I sat there, cursing myself for allowing this to happen. It was probably only a matter of minute but it felt like forever.

His pulse was completely fine, if not slightly accelerated. I checked it regularly, although I think that was more of a way to reassure myself. After a while, I wrapped my hands underneath his arms and hoisted him up, dragging and pushing him up on the bed. Surprisingly, given his tall stature, he wasn't nearly as heavy as I was expecting. Even so, I still struggled.

I propped up his head on pillows and just waited, wringing my hands anxiously and occasionally getting up to check his pulse and breathing. Eventually, he came around. I noticed his eyes flutter open. I jumped up off the desk chair I was sitting on, kneeling down beside the bed.

"Willy! Are you okay?"


"Yes. It's me." My voice sounded slightly breathless. "What do you remember? Did it work?"

He went to sit up, but I pushed him back down. "Don't, just relax for the moment."

"I can't remember anything."

My face crumpled in horror. "What?"

"Hey, I'm just pullin' ya leg! Heh heh. Sorry, that wasn't really funny, was it?"

"Really? Please, don't joke with me. Do you really remember?" I demanded.

"Absolutely." He paused for a second, thinking. "It's all coming back to me… slowly. Oh boy, you weren't lying. That bit after ya kissed me really was awkward!" He giggled.

I was too happy to say anything. I just threw my arms around his neck.

"Oh my god, I don't know what to say. I'm so glad." I laughed, nuzzling my face into his shoulder. He smelt so sweet.

Finally, after such a long time, everything was fine. No ghosts, no regrets, just him and I. I closed my eyes, savoring this rare feeling.

We stayed up, mainly discussing the whole situation until the sun peeked out from the horizon. At about 8, I told him to go to the Puppet Hospital just to check nothing was fried while I showered and got ready, and that I would meet him at breakfast at around quarter to 9.

I closed the door after him and picked out a few clothes from my drawer when I noticed the uneaten piece of wrapped candy sitting on top of it. I'd completely forgotten about it, with all that had been going on lately. I stared at it for a second, and then unwrapped it, chucking it into my mouth. It was kind of hard and yet soft at the same time and tasted like heaven. I chewed on it lightly, continuing to pick out my clothes for today and then jumped into the shower.

By the time I was out again, I was shocked to see that it was past my shoulders. Unfortunately, my bangs were also growing. They were down to my nose now. I wasn't used to it, I'd had them most of my life, really. I just pinned them back.

I changed, dried my hair and put a touch of makeup on. Eyeliner and lip-gloss, just like usual.

It was around 8:30 by the time I was ready, and I decided to just go to the Cafeteria early.

Darcy and Kim were there, sitting opposite of each other but saying nothing.

I took a seat at the table next to Darcy because she was closest to the entrance.

"Morning." I said.

"Hey, what happened the other day?" Kim asked me. "It was fucking terrifying. I felt like I walked into a horror movie." She frowned.

"Tim came in and started attacking people-"

"Oh, I know that bit. Darcy told me everything up to where she passed out but why would he attack you? I asked Mr. Wonka that afternoon but he had no clue."

"He lost his memory during the whole ordeal."

"Seriously? I did notice he seemed a little off his nut. More than usual, I mean."

"Yeah. It's back now though. Basically, there was an angry ghost that liked possessing people."

She laughed. "No seriously."

"I am completely serious." I said with a straight face and turned to Darcy. "How are you? Were you injured too badly? Thanks for having my back, by the way."

"Right back at ya. And yeah. I got this." She held up her bandage-covered arm. "I broke it. They injected me with something though and it's almost healed. Can you believe it? Although, I felt as high as a kite for a few hours afterwards. Also I broke three of my fingers. They're fine now." She laughed. "Other than that there were only bruises and a few cuts. What about you."

"Broke a rib, lacerated most of my body, almost fractured my skull, the usual. Looking at me now, you wouldn't even realize it. I was allowed to take the head bandage off last night and most the dressings for the cuts, although my torso's still covered with bandaged. Doc said they should be cleared by this afternoon or tomorrow, although the rib might take a few more days. I feel like a mummy. Also I sprained my wrist when I fell out of the window and tried to get myself up. I didn't feel it at the time, it was probably the adrenaline keeping me going."

"Oh god. How did you manage to get outside of the window?" She gasped. "I didn't push you... did I? I mean, Candice and Tim… that thing went down their throats it was like they weren't themselves anymore. I wasn't possessed was I?"

"No you weren't. Candice lost interest and smashed your head against the wall and you went out like a light. Mr. Wonka came in with the gun to capture it, but it got to him before he could do anything. I managed to get the gun and trap but, but he pushed me out of the window."

"Wow. That's… pretty horrifying."

"You know, this is the most I've ever talked to you before." I said, changing the subject. I still felt a bit touchy about the whole situation.

"Huh, it is. You're not as annoying as I thought." She said and Kim giggled.


"Right-o. This whole thing is fucking bizarre. New topic, what are you guys doing tomorrow? For New Year's Eve?"

"I dunno. Probably nothing. My mom and I usually just invite a few close friends over for dinner and that's that." I said.

"Wanna come to a party with me?" Kim asked.

"What type of party?" I asked skeptically.

"An awesome party."

"With teenagers?" I frowned.

"Yep. And loud, obnoxious music and alcohol."

"Kim! You're not even of the legal age yet." I nagged at her.

"Psh. I turn 18 in 10 days. My birthday's the 9th of January."


"I take that as a no. Your loss. What about you, sunshine?" She looked at Darcy.

"Might as well. Got nowhere else to go."
"What about family?" Kim asked, genuinely curious. I suppressed my grimace, knowing where this was going.

Darcy just shrugged. "Don't have any. My mother died when I was a child and I got sent to some shitty orphanage. I ran away when I was 14, though. I didn't really know what I was taking on, I just wanted to get out. Big mistake. I wish I'd stayed." She laughed dully.

"Oh, I'm really sorry." Kim looked slightly uncomfortable but sad in a detached sort of way. "What about your dad?"

"We never talked about him. I assume he just abandoned us when he realized she was pregnant."

"Oh. Jeez, sorry." Kim looked down at her hands, twiddling her thumbs.

"Anyway, we'll be leaving at about 8 tomorrow. You can borrow my clothes if ya want. I don't think you brought any with you here. Oh and if you wanna come, Alice, then by all means. Tim said he might be going."

"Thanks." Darcy said. It was kind of amusing, in a way. Both of them were so hesitant to express their emotions.

"Alice," Kim said after a long moment of silence. "What the heck, I just realized your hair is really long. I kept thinking you looked different, but I couldn't point it out."

I ran my fingers through it, realizing that it was down to the bottom of my shoulder blades now.

"Oh yeah. Mr. Wonka gave me this 'Hair Taffy' stuff for Christmas. The name's pretty self-explanatory. I just used it this morning, it's grown so much already." I laughed in wonder.

I heard the elevator arrive and spun around to see Mr. Wonka. He sat next to me. It was hard to keep the smile off my face and my hands off him. I settled with our knees touching lightly under the table.