A/N If you haven't read "Angel's and Hunter's" I would suggest looking it over before you start this one. Before anyone starts up, there will be a lot more Dean and Castiel in future chapters.

"Cas…you awake, baby?" Dean was still getting used to Castiel needing sleep. The angel couldn't use his grace, and he had to eat now too. Dean didn't mind any of it. Ever since the hunter found out about his angel's pregnancy, he'd taken 'attentive' to a whole new level. And now, Castiel was 4 months along, and Dean thought the blue eyed angel had never been more gorgeous. He looked adorable as he curled his body around Dean's to sleep, and to add to the cute, Cas was slow to wake up. He would blink his eyes slowly, looking bleary and confused, then see Dean. His face would light up, and his blue eyes would shine with happiness, and the angel would wrap his arms around the hunter, and purr. Freaking purr. Dean loved it. Cas also had a little bump that Dean would spend long periods of time running his hands over, and kissing. As the angel's eye's opened, Dean dropped his hand to the bump.

"It's time to get up, baby. Sammy made you muffins." the hunter whispered.

Castiel sighed, and cuddled closer to Dean. The group had learned a few things about angelic pregnancy right off the bat. Balthazar had warned them, but until they saw it action, they weren't quite prepared.

Sam used to have pregnancy moments. Times when his mood would collapse in on itself, and he would temporarily turn into a wailing, yelling, mess of hormones. But it would quickly pass, and Sam would return to his usual calm, collected self.

Castiel was a pregnancy moment. He didn't always get upset, but he was…clingy. If for some reason Dean couldn't be there, Castiel would latch himself onto Gabriel, and refuse to let go. Sam was an equally popular choice; occasionally the blue eyed angel would choose Sam over even Dean. Sam always dealt calmly with it, hugging the angel gently, and whispering to him till the snuffling stopped, then he would sit Castiel down and feed him. The younger hunter suspected that Castiel came to him because he knew Sam understood. Balthazar assured them that pregnant angels were emotional, clingy, weepy creatures who consumed huge amounts of food and slept a lot, but seeing it in practice had taken all of them by surprise. Dean was coping surprisingly well with it, and took careful, tender care of Cas. Sam was proud of his older brother; he'd worried a little about Dean's possible reactions to a whimpering, hormonal angel.

"Chocolate chip muffins baby…you need to feed baby girl…come on…up and at 'em." Dean prompted softly.

Castiel made a discontented sound, but got up slowly. Dean helped him dress in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. That was another adjustment. No more holy tax accountant. The suit pants were too tight around the angel's middle, so they had purchased more comfortable clothes for him. Sam had insisted that they bypass the leather pants and skin tight t-shirts Dean had eyeballed and buy Cas comfortable clothing he could lay around in. Castiel had quickly agreed to it, and Dean had to admit, the angel looked pretty hot in casual clothes.

Once Castiel was dressed, he headed down to the kitchen, and Sam smiled at him as Castiel sat next to the younger hunter. He was nursing his son, and Cas watched for a moment. He couldn't wait to do this. A.J. was 5 months old now, and the angel leaned over to kiss the baby's soft puff of caramel colored hair. Then he rested his head on Sam's shoulder.

"Morning, Cas." Sam said quietly. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired and hungry." Castiel answered.

Gabriel got up, and loaded a plate with food. He sat in front of his little brother, and Castiel turned and pressed his face into Gabriel's stomach. The archangel chuckled, and stroked Castiel's hair for a minute.

"Okay, little bro. Time to eat. You can attach yourself to me later." he teased gently.

"Where's Dean?" Sam asked.

"Right here. I wanted to grab Cas's sweater." Dean walked into the kitchen and draped a blue cardigan over the angel's shoulders. Castiel immediately stood up, and wrapped himself around his hunter. Dean chuckled, and hugged him back.

"Time to eat baby, remember?" Dean told him.

Castiel made an unhappy sound, but he sat back down. Kevin came in then, and as greetings were exchanged, the prophet made a point of patting Castiel's shoulder affectionately. He'd forgotten that once, and the hour of crying that followed because, as Cas insisted, "Kevin doesn't love me…" had been hard to forget. And Kevin never forgot Castiel's morning affection again. Sam handed Asher to Gabriel so the baby could finish his breakfast, and Kevin glanced around the table.

"Balthazar isn't back yet?" he asked casually.

Everyone glanced at each other. The blonde angel and the prophet were doing a dance around each other very similar to the ones Sam and Gabriel and Dean and Castiel had indulged in. It drove the archangel to distraction, and he swore to Sam that one of these days he was going to lock Kevin and Balthazar into a motel room together buck naked, and not let them out until "…the chucklehead pops the kids cherry and claims him already!" Sam had given his mate firm instructions to mind his own business, and Gabriel reluctantly acceded to Sam's wishes. For now.

"Nope. Not yet. He'll show up soon." Gabriel answered, glancing at Sam.

Sam just rolled his eyes, and handed Gabriel a napkin.

"You're dribbling." Sam said sweetly.

Gabriel looked down, and sure enough, A.J. was smiling at him around his nipple, and milk was running down his chest, and the baby's chin. Gabriel cleaned them both up with a sigh, and shook his head.

"Focus on the task at hand, kid. Jeez."

The baby just giggled, and went back to slurping down his breakfast.

The meal was nearly over when Balthazar reappeared, looking put out.

"Any luck?" Gabriel asked, knowing the answer.

The destruction of Dick Roman and most of his higher ups had definitely bought the small group the breathing room they had needed. A little too much, in fact. Edgar and the rest of the leviathans had vanished. They would put in periodic appearances; the hunters and angels would hear about a series of grisly deaths in small towns, but by the time news reached them, the leviathans were long gone. The up side of this was that they could now stay at Bobby's house permanently. The leviathans avoided them like grim death, even with the anti-leviathan wards gone. The day Dick Roman got ganked, the wards vanished in all the safe houses, much to Gabriel's annoyance. But the downside was a nasty one. As hard as it was to hide from leviathans, it was even harder to hunt them. And when the purgatory creatures would show up, large numbers of people would die. So when word would come now, one of the angels would go poke around, a vial of blood mix in hand, just in case. But so far, they hadn't had any luck.

"None at all. 8 people dead, and no sign of them. One of them was a pregnant mother." Balthazar ground out.

Castiel burst into tears at that, and Dean quickly pulled him close, trying to comfort him. Sam helped Dean with the distraught angel and Gabriel closed his eyes for a minute, grief on his face.

Kevin glanced over at the frustrated angel, and almost reached out to him. Kevin had realized at some point that Balthazar did indeed care about humans. He might hide it well, but the deaths in these little towns weighed heavily on him.

"We are constantly five steps behind these bastards and I am tired of it!" Gabriel suddenly burst out. The baby at his chest startled at his Papa's loud voice, and began to wail. A.J.'s tears seemed to set Castiel off even more, and Gabriel hurried to soothe his son.

"Dean, why don't you take Cas upstairs so he can lie down for a little while. Gabriel and I will put Asher down for his nap, and we can talk about this later." Sam suggested quietly.

Dean nodded, and helped the angel up the stairs. Gabriel and Sam followed, both talking softly to the crying baby. Kevin and Balthazar were left alone then, and Kevin glanced over at him again.

"It's not your fault you couldn't catch them. They keep getting away from all of us." he told the blonde angel quietly.

"I imagine that would come as scant comfort to the pregnant woman's husband. 'I know it's devastating to find a blood pool and some clothing scraps of what used to be your wife and son, but look at it this way, you're hardly alone, because THEY KEEP BLOODY ESCAPING FROM ALL OF US!'" Balthazar swept everything remaining on the table away with a crash as he jumped to his feet. He turned to direct more sarcasm at the prophet until he realized that Kevin was staring at his own hands, and his shoulders shook. Balthazar shook himself then, feeling like an ass, and hurried and knelt in front of Kevin.

"Kevin…Kevin…" the prophet kept his eyes glued to his hands and didn't raise his head. "Kevin, please look at me so I can properly apologize." Kevin looked up reluctantly, and Balthazar flinched. After everything the prophet had been thorough, Balthazar couldn't recall ever seeing him cry. Until now. It occurred to the angel that perhaps Kevin cried more than he realized; the prophet just didn't trust him with his tears. "I am an utter ass for speaking to you in that manner. None of this is your fault, and I was behaving like a boorish twit; taking my frustrations out on you. I am very sorry."

Kevin gave a little disheartened shrug that clearly said he'd come to expect this kind of treatment from Balthazar, and the angel frowned a little. He took Kevin's face in his hand, and made the prophet meet his eye.

"Do you have something to say to me prophet?" Balthazar asked.

Before Kevin could respond, Dean came in, looking irritated.

"Hey! Cas is upset enough! The next ass that starts throwing shit around is going to have an appointment with holy oil and a lighter!" the hunter hissed.

Kevin used Balthazar's distraction to slip out of his grasp, and hurry away with a muttered apology to Dean.

The older hunter looked at Balthazar then, and raised his eyebrows.

"You wanna explain what the hell is going on?" he demanded.

"I was unconscionably rude to Kevin." Balthazar blurted out.

I don't have the time or the patience for this. Dean thought.

"Alright dude. I am gonna tell you what no one else around here will. Kevin is your mate. I know it, Cas knows it, Gabe and Sam know it, and KEVIN KNOWS IT. You are making him miserable. And dude, you are irritating the fuck outta the rest of us. Pull your head outta your ass, march up those stairs, and fuck the damned prophet already. " Dean turned on his heel then and marched up the stairs.

When Dean stepped into the room he shared with Castiel, the angel looked up from the bed with wet, swollen, eyes and hiccupped. Dean hurried to the angel's side, and pulled him close.

"It's okay baby. Balthazar was just being a douche. Everything is fine. Just relax, Cas." Dean stroked Castiel's hair, and the angel kept snuffling, and pressed his face into Dean's neck.

"I…want…them…to…be…happy…Dean…" Castiel hiccupped out.

Dean sighed, and tilted the angel's chin up so they were face to face. The topic of Kevin and Balthazar never failed to make Castiel snuffle. Dean understood, and used the pads of his thumbs to wipe away the tears on the angel's cheeks.

"They'll get there, Cas. It took you and me awhile. Same with Sammy and Gabe. We just have to stand back and let it happen." Dean decided not to mention his suggestion to Balthazar.

"I suppose." Castiel sighed.

"Get some sleep, baby. I'll buy you some cheeseburgers when you wake up, okay?" Dean said softly.

"Extra cheese and mustard?" Castiel yawned, snuggling closer.

Dean grinned and tightened his grip on the angel.

"You know it, baby. "

In Sam and Gabriel's room, Sam was gently laying a blanket over his sleeping son. He watched the baby sleep for a minute, and sighed. Gabriel stepped behind the hunter, and wrapped his arms around him.

"You okay, Sammykins?" the archangel asked softly.

"Yeah…I guess." Sam turned slowly and rested his forehead on Gabriel's, chewing his bottom lip. After a moment he spoke. "Gabriel, we have to find them. They're killing pregnant women for God's sake."

"I know. I'm just not sure what else we can do that we aren't doing." The archangel told him. "Believe me Sammy, I have been racking my brain. I wanna end the bastards as much as you do."

"I know you do. I just-" Sam paused for a minute. A strange noise floated into the room from down the hall. "Did you hear that?"

Gabriel blinked in surprise.

"Yeah, I did. Stay here a minute." The archangel vanished. He returned after a surprisingly short amount of time, lips twitching. "Well, I think I might be ill, but I'll bet our prophet'll be more chipper from now on. That was a Kevin moan you heard."

Sam's mouth dropped open. Gabriel snickered at the expression on his face, and smacked the hunters butt.

"I guess this means I win the pool!"

Balthazar had sat alone in the kitchen for a few minutes after Dean stormed out. Then he slowly rose and cleaned up the mess he had created, Dean's words still ringing in his head. The truth was, for the last few years before joining forces with Castiel and his subsequent death, Balthazar had lived what might be called a…friendly lifestyle. He had been just as tired as the bickering and complaining as Gabriel had been. It had just taken him longer to finally break and leave home. But none of the many, many, many partners had ever eased the ache of his Father's abandonment, or the loneliness he felt for his family. Being around Gabriel and Castiel had helped with that, and if Balthazar would admit it, Dean and Sam had started to feel like family too. But when he was in the company of the shy, quiet prophet, the angel came closer to having total peace than he ever had. As the angel dropped the mess from the floor into the trash, he realized he could have just snapped it clean, and he gave a sigh. How did one timid 18 year old have him so discombobulated? It was that moment that Balthazar's heart, the part of him he tried with every fiber of his being to ignore most days, finally broke through and screamed a message to him; he has this effect on you because that shy little prophet owns you, pal. And he always will.

Balthazar had to sit down again. Suddenly everything Gabriel and later Dean had tried to tell him fell into place. Kevin was his mate. The angel felt faintly stupid for not realizing it before. Then he felt a pang of shame. The truth was he had realized it, or would have if he'd allowed himself to. He just pushed it down, because at some point Balthazar had started to assume that the beings he cared for the most were going to be the first to disappoint him every time. And he realized that he didn't trust himself to come through for them either. He was a bloody mess. But he did have one clear thought. He knew how to clean the mess up.

Kevin lay curled up on his bed. He loved his new family. Dean and Sam were really cool, and they always made him feel like he was one of them. Gabriel had taken the prophet under his wing, and made sure he had someone to talk to when the walls were closing in, and he started to wonder if he'd ever have a normal life again. And Cas…well, lately the blue eyed angel mothered him endlessly, and it made Kevin sigh a little, but he knew it came from a loving place inside his pregnant friend. The prophet still missed his old life sometimes, and he grieved his parents when he was alone. He didn't know for certain they were dead, but he was fairly sure. But most days, he was okay. He was good. He was coping. Only one person could throw the young prophet completely and totally off balance.


No one else knew it, but Kevin and Sam had spent hours talking about the hunters past with Gabriel. Sam had been open about his own mistakes that helped keep the two of them apart, and Kevin had listened. He determined that as soon as Balthazar gave him an opening, he'd pounce. He'd tell the angel everything and avoid all the pain Sam had gone through waiting to fix things with Gabriel. He wouldn't risk years of separation, and suffering. Kevin had lost everything once. He was smart enough to make sure it never happened again. But then the angel looked him right in the eye and asked him if he had anything to say…and he bolted! He fucking bolted. Kevin still couldn't believe what had happened. He's just been so hurt by the angels sarcasm, that when a chance to tell Balthazar exactly what was on his mind came, he found himself second guessing, and when Dean had come in and given him a way to escape; he taken it.

And now he was lying in bed rethinking everything. Maybe his hesitation was his mind trying to tell his stupid heart to pull its head out of its ass. Maybe he was just a dumb, lonely kid who convinced himself he felt something that was never really there to begin with. Maybe he'd just stay in bed for a few days. Kevin was considering having a good cry when there was a familiar flutter of wings, and the angel in question was in his room. The angels never did that. They understood the human need for privacy, so they knocked. But not this time. And as Kevin scrambled off his bed, and swiped the back of his hand over tears he didn't realize till just that moment he'd shed, he noticed the way Balthazar was watching him. It was downright…predatory. Possessive. Kevin backed away from him, and Balthazar followed. Then Kevin's back connected with the back of the door, and he'd realized his mistake. He was pinned in place, and Balthazar still had that look.

"Wha..what are you doing, Balthazar?" Kevin stammered out, turning bright red.

Balthazar stepped so close their noses were practically touching.

"I am cleaning up my mess, prophet." he rasped out.

Kevin's eyes got wider, and the next thing he knew, a mouth was covering his, and the prophet's knees were considering doing a fair impression of a bowl of Jell-O. Kevin heard someone whimper, (is that me?) and strong hands were lifting his thighs and wrapping his legs around the angel's waist. The kiss didn't stop though, and Kevin's fingers were soon clutching the back of the angel's sweater. Kevin gave a little moan when a tongue slid between his lips, and explored his mouth, and he tightened his legs. That move got a moan from both of them, since it pressed Kevin's hard length against an equally hard angel. Balthazar drew back very slightly then, and looked Kevin in the eye.

"You have approximately 30 seconds to tell me to stop, or by the time this is over you will have my mark somewhere on your body. Decide quickly, prophet." The angel ground out.

Kevin's response was to lunge forward and cover the angel's mouth with his own. Balthazar gave a relieved groan, and Kevin suddenly found himself on his bed; stark naked, flat on his back, and covered in an equally naked angel. The prophet blushed even redder and Balthazar seemed to remember something.

"Virgin?" he checked.

Kevin nodded.

"Gay though, correct?" Balthazar had heard about Dean's failure at the strip club.

Kevin blushed redder still and nodded again.

"Any experience at all? Any preferences?" Balthazar was pretty sure he knew the answer to that too.

Kevin shook his head no this time, and Balthazar gave a nod, and leaned down again. He kissed the prophet; a deep searing kiss that made him whimper and lift his hips.

"Then congratulations, prophet. In about 45 minutes you're going to become a very dedicated bottom."

Kevin flushed at that, and Balthazar began a slow trek down his body, trailing his finger- tips everywhere, a thoughtful, considering look on his face. He would pause sometimes, and suck a small mark onto Kevin's body, making him arch and gasp each time.

"I find myself in a quandary prophet…I am going to mark you. It just seems such a shame to mar any of this gorgeous golden skin. So the question…"here Balthazar paused to suck a mark onto Kevin's hip, and then admire his handiwork. "… is where…" the angel suddenly flipped the angel onto his stomach, and began to kiss his way down Kevin's spine. "…to leave it…" Kevin moaned, and clutched the sheets he laid on, trembling all over now. He heard a low, distinctly dirty chuckle. "You're trembling, prophet. Does this mean you don't have a preference?" Kevin made an exasperated sound, and the chuckle turned affectionate. Balthazar pulled the prophet to his knees, and rested Kevin's back against his chest. "Alright, prophet…no more teasing. I'll pick an appropriate spot, I promise." Balthazar nudged Kevin's knees apart then, and the prophet bit his lower lip, a touch of fear crossing his face now. The angel sensed it, and leaned down next to Kevin's ear. "I will not hurt you, Kevin."

Kevin turned his head, and the angel leaned forward to capture his lips again. The prophet knew Balthazar only used his given name when he was deeply serious, and he relaxed a little. When the kiss ended, he rested his head on Balthazar's shoulder, and gasped a little when he felt something large, and hard nudge his entrance. There was a feeling of wet and warmth, and then the prophet was being filled. Kevin's eyes slammed shut as a wave of intense pleasure washed over him, and he tried not to cry out.

"Kevin…don't silence yourself. Let me hear you, love." Balthazar whispered in is ear.

"Oh God!" Kevin cried.

Balthazar began to move then, and Kevin suddenly reached behind him, and gripped the angel's thighs.

"No! ...if you move…I… I'll be…done…so good…can't…help it…" the prophet panted out.

Balthazar gave a groan at the admission, and leaned forward to nip the prophet's earlobe before he whispered.

"It's alright, love. You go right ahead. It won't be the last time this morning, I promise…"

Balthazar thrust then, and Kevin tried to hold off, he really did, but he was an 18 year old virgin who was desperately in love. It only took a few deep movements before the prophet was trying to hide his face in the angel's neck as best he could as he cried out Balthazar's name over and over again. When it ended though, Kevin was dimly aware that he was still hard, and that nothing had come out except the steady trickle of precum that coated his shaft. He vaguely wondered if that was an angel trick, and if it was why Dean and Sam ever got out of bed. Then Balthazar stilled his hips and whispered to him again,

"Prostate...orgasm…love…good?" the angel was panting now too, and trying for control he was fairly certain he didn't have.

Kevin just groaned in response, and pushed his body back, trying to get the angel to start moving again. Balthazar gave the prophet what he wanted, and this time he couldn't stop himself from moving faster, harder, and as deeply as he could get. Soon Kevin was crying out again, and he lifted his arms to reach behind him and wrap them around the angel's neck. Balthazar wrapped one hand around the prophet's twitching flesh, and grabbed his hip with the other. As soon as the angel tugged on his aching cock, Kevin exploded, pulsing fluid everywhere this time, and shrieking Balthazar's name. The angel roared in his true voice then, his wings bursting out as light poured out of him. He tightened his hand on the prophet's hip, his palm covering Kevin's hipbone. And for the first time in his centuries long existence, Balthazar had the peace he'd been searching for.

When Kevin finally floated back into his body, he was on his back again, and arms were holding him close. And after a moment he realized that silvery white wings were too. He touched one of the soft feathers, and a voice spoke.

"Kevin…" Balthazar said quietly.


"I am so very sorry for the last few months. I have been an utter twit." the angel told him.

"I know. It's okay." Kevin sighed.

Balthazar fitted his hand over the prophet's new mark, and Kevin looked down at it. Balthazar's palm print covered his hipbone, and his fingers were splayed over his hip, the tips resting very close to his groin. Kevin grinned a little.

"I guess it could have been somewhere else you had your hand. Kinda glad it isn't though." he said.

Balthazar gave a snort of laughter at that, and rolled his eyes.

"I have a touch more sense than that." the angel told him.

There were a few more minutes of quiet, and Kevin was considering a nap, or round two, whichever came first, when the angel pulled him closer and spoke in his ear.

"Kevin. I love you."

The prophet sat up a little and looked at the angel. Balthazar met his eyes, and pushed Kevin's hair gently off his forehead. Kevin opened and closed his mouth a few times, and tears sprang to his eyes. Balthazar drew him close again, and Kevin gave a deep, shuddering sigh.

"I love you too." the prophet whispered.

Silver- white wings closed around the prophet again, and he was pulled into an embrace he hoped with all his heart would never end.

"So you think we'll see the lovebirds today?" Dean was sitting a plate of cheeseburgers, extra cheese and mustard in front of Castiel as he spoke.

Castiel already had his mouth full, but he beamed at Dean's question. The older hunter chuckled and wiped a little mustard off the blue eyed angels chin.

"Kevin'll get hungry at some point." Sam pointed out.

Gabriel snickered at that.

"I doubt the kid's vegan diet will keep up with an angel's libido." the archangel agreed.

"I do not wanna think about Balthazar's sex life, dude." Dean moaned.

"Bad enough we had to listen to it all morning." Sam added.

"Listen to what?" Balthazar was entering the kitchen now, looking cool and collected as always. Except for the giggling prophet he had pulled possessively to his side. Kevin was blushing and looking shy, but he had a wide grin on his face.

"Okay kid." Gabriel hugged Kevin, then pulled back and looked him up and down. "Let's see it."

"See what?" Kevin asked, blushing redder.

"Your mark kid! Whip it out and let's see! " Gabriel told him.

"Angel's get off on showing their mates marks to other angel's, Kevin. It's considered polite to ask." Sam sighed. "Surprisingly Neanderthal, isn't it?"

Kevin turned a shade of red that was truly impressive, but he pulled down the side of his jeans so the mark Balthazar left could be admired. Gabriel and Castiel both made complimentary noises, then Castiel looked at Dean.

"Show Kevin your mark, Dean." he instructed.

Usually Dean would argue with an order. But considering the risk of a hormone explosion, and the fact that his mark was nowhere embarrassing, he rolled up his sleeve and showed Kevin. Everyone turned and looked at Sam then. The younger hunter sighed. Gabriel grinned from ear to ear.

"C'mon, Sammykins. Show them!" the archangel demanded.

Sam stood up, rolling his eyes. He turned and lifted his shirt, pulling the back of his jeans down a little. Kevin's mouth dropped open.

"Gabriel gave you a tramp stamp!" he blurted out.

"He sure did." Sam confirmed turning and sitting back down.

"You're surprised by this?" Dean asked Kevin.

Kevin thought for a moment.

"Um…no. Not really."

"Hey, Sammycakes has a back and an ass an angel would step over chocolate for. You should see that mark when he's on his hands and knees, and covered in sweat, and doing that whimpering thing he-"

'DUDE! NO!" Dean thumped his knuckles on the table in front of the dreamy eyed, goofy faced archangel.

Gabriel shook himself a little. Sam was hiding his face in his hands, and Kevin was giggling so hard he was gasping for air. Dean was glaring at the archangel, and Castiel offered the hunter a cheeseburger to calm him down. Balthazar just shook his head.

"You people have issues." he told them.

"Said the guy having sex with an 18 year old." Dean snorted.

Balthazar surprised the hunter. He shot Dean an angry glare, and snapped him.

"I am not 'having sex' with him. Kevin is my mate and what we do is not about base physical gratification you knuckle dragging cave man!"

Dean and Sam glanced at each other a grinned a little. Gabriel batted his eyes at Balthazar.

"Why little bro…I think you're in loooove." Gabriel teased.

Balthazar just sniffed, and dismissed his elder with a wave. Until he found himself with an arm and lapful of prophet. Kevin's big dark eyes were wet, and he snuggled his face into Balthazar's neck. The angel hugged him close, and rubbed his back, looking a little confused.

Gabriel grinned at him.

"I think he's telling you did good, little brother." Gabriel confided.

Kevin pointed in the direction of the archangel, not moving his face. Balthazar ignored the snickers that followed, and kept the prophet where he was.

"Don't call Dean names."

Everyone turned quickly then and Gabriel gave a little internal sigh. Castiel is pissed. This ends well. Not.

"Now, Castiel, there is no need to get excited, I was simply-" Balthazar realized his mistake when Castiel's blue eyes seemed to bug out of his head in indignation.

"EXCITED? EXCITED? You called my mate a mean name, and you tell me not to get excited! I should smite you where you sit you…you…you..assbutt!" Castiel's grace was defunct at the moment, however, so he had to settle for bursting into tears. Castiel sat and wailed at the top of his lungs and everyone turned and looked at Balthazar.

"Don't look at me. Dean got him pregnant." Balthazar said.

Dean rolled his eyes and pulled Castiel into his lap. He kissed the angels cheeks till he was whimpering quietly, and then tilted his chin up.

"Cas…" Dean whispered.

"W..What?" Castiel sniffled.

"I love you, baby. You want me to get the holy oil and fry his ass?" the older hunter asked.

Castiel thought for a moment. Balthazar looked slightly offended.

"He has to think about it?" the blonde angel asked the room at large.

Gabriel snickered and Sam shook his head and returned to his salad.

"No, that would break Kevin's heart. I want him to apologize to you." Castiel told Dean.

Dean grinned broadly.

"That seems totally reasonable, baby. Balthazar?" Dean turned to the blonde angel.

Balthazar opened his mouth and the look on his face was definitely not apologetic. Kevin cleared his throat and gave Balthazar a look.

"Oh you must be joking." Balthazar looked at Kevin.

"Just do it. It'll make Castiel happy." Kevin whispered.

"Oh for the love…fine." Balthazar turned to Dean, a deeply woeful and deeply fake expression on his face. " I most profoundly apologize for having referred to you as a knuckle dragging cave man. It was highly inappropriate of me to point it out. I humbly beg for your forgiveness."

Sam and Gabriel both had to choke down a laugh. Kevin buried his face in Balthazar's shoulder to hide his. Castiel looked at Dean though.

"I want you to forgive him now, Dean." Castiel said seriously.

Dean opened his mouth to protest, but instead got a sly look on his face.

"I forgive you for being a heavy duty douche nozzle, Balthazar. I know you can't help it." Dean told the blonde angel.

Balthazar rolled his eyes as everyone except Castiel burst into laughter. The blue eyed angel just sighed in relief and went back to inhaling cheeseburgers.

"Et tu, Kevin?" Balthazar asked the prophet.

"Fraid so. That was pretty funny." Kevin giggled. Balthazar actually grinned at the sound of Kevin's giggle though, and drew him into a kiss.

"You have an adorable giggle, prophet. It's quite sexy. Perhaps I should.." Balthazar whispered something into Kevin's ear that made him blush and whimper a little.

"So that's what you idjits do now huh? Sex and stupid jokes?"

Everyone jumped at the sound of Bobby's voice, and the looks of pain that crossed Dean and Sam's faces made their mates both draw the men close.

"We're hunting them as we can. It isn't nearly as easy as you might think." Balthazar said quietly. Despite the sniping between the blonde angel and Dean, Balthazar secretly cared a great deal for both hunters, and he could see the haunted looks on their faces.

"We got Dick, Bobby. And most of his higher ups." Sam told him.

"Yeah…except Edgar! Ya think he won't reorganize those things and put them back on the hunt?" Bobby demanded.

"We know he will. We're doing what we can. It's complicated." Dean said.

"Complicated how, Dean? Ya dead!" As Bobby spoke the glass in Castiel's hand broke, making the angel give a noise of distress and hold his now bleeding hand close.

Dean seemed torn between telling Bobby off and comforting Castiel. Balthazar was hurrying over to his brother and checking his bloodied palm.

"His grace doesn't work right now, you fool! Which means he doesn't heal like he should! Bloody moron…" Balthazar touched his finger-tips to Castiel's palm and the wound began to close.

"Bobby, you know that Sammy and I wanna find those bastards. But right now we're a man down, and someone has to stay and protect the baby and Castiel. We're the only ones who're hunting them and we got a lot on our plates." Dean was trying to stay calm as he addressed his old friend's ghost.

"Babies? Knocked up angels? Are you trying to be just as useless as freakin' possible?" Bobby exploded.

The air in the room seemed to crackle now but it wasn't coming from Bobby. Gabriel stood up and his eyes glowed with anger.

"You just reached the end of my patience, Bobby. You dodged your Reaper and for what? So you can come around and make Sammy and Dean feel worse than they already do? Dead people don't get to step into the world of the living for a reason! Because they turn in to angry, vengeful creatures that can only cause pain. The baby is Sam's son! And Castiel is carrying Dean's little girl! Do you even remember a time when these people meant something to you? When you would have wanted to see A.J. because he would have felt like family to you?" Gabriel stepped closer to Bobby, and the dead man seemed frozen. "You don't get to come here and bitch, Bobby, because this world isn't your home anymore. I am gonna do what should have been done the second you showed back up." Gabriel lifted a hand, and Sam suddenly threw himself into his mate's arms, eyes full.

"Gabriel, please don't. Dean and I…" here Sam choked. "This is Dean and I's problem. We'll take care of it. Please."

Gabriel searched Sam's face, then reached up and stroked his cheek.

"Are you sure, Sammy? I won't hurt him." the archangel said softly.

Sam nodded, and Gabriel sighed and pulled him close.

"Alright, love. If that's what you want, I won't do anything. But this needs to be taken care of." Gabriel told him.

"I know." Sam gave a shuddering sigh and a sudden cry filled the air. "A.J. is awake."

"I'll get him." Gabriel vanished and Sam looked at Bobby. The old hunter looked sad, and broken.

"He's right." Bobby said. "I'm turning. It gets worse every day. I'll be nothin' but another monster soon."

Gabriel reappeared before Sam could reply, A.J. cradled in his arms. Bobby looked at the baby and smiled a little. Then he looked at Dean and Sam.

"It's time to end this. " he sighed.

Dean closed his eyes in pain for a moment, and Sam clenched his hands on the table top. Dean drew the flask out of his pocket and the two hunters moved into the living room. Gabriel sat next to Castiel who immediately tried to crawl into his older brother's lap. Gabriel handed A.J. to Kevin who grinned at the small baby and kissed his cheek. Castiel pressed is face into Gabriel's neck and a shudder ran through him. Gabriel stroked his little brother's back and sighed. Never a quiet day. Castiel started to cry quietly, and Gabriel whispered to him in Enochian. A.J. whimpered in Kevin's arms in reaction to the intense unhappiness in the air, and Castiel held his arms out for the baby. Kevin handed him the baby and the blue eyed angel cuddled him as Gabriel held them both close. After a few minutes of silence, Dean's voice cut through the silence, sounding…odd.

"Uh…can you all come in here a minute?"

Gabriel stood up and gently set Castiel on his feet. They all went into the living room where there was a bowl of ashes and twisted metal. That didn't hold anyone's attention for long, however.

Standing in the middle of the room, looking remarkably healthy and alive for a dead guy, was Bobby.

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