Sam couldn't stop staring.

While he was in the Cage, he had protected his little brother as much as he was able. And that wasn't much. But having Adam there, knowing he wasn't alone…well, it didn't make things bearable, but it did provide some small comfort. When Sam had felt himself getting pulled out, he had pled, begged for his brother's release.

It hadn't done a damned thing.

Death shoved his soul back into his body, told him not to scratch the wall, then vanished. At first, Sam had no memories of Adam being there with him. And when the memories had started coming back, there were only fragments that Sam could access. But once Castiel tore his wall down, Sam remembered his baby brother being in his arms after a torture session. He remembered Adam pleading with Lucifer to leave Sam alone. He remembered the two of them comforting each other.

He remembered.

Sam had begged Gabriel to help him get Adam out. And Gabriel had tried. God, how he had tried. But not even an archangel could retrieve what was in that Cage. Gabriel had hunted for ways to make it happen. Sam didn't know it, but he'd even gone and tried bargaining with Death. But nothing had worked. All Sam could do was grieve and plead with a God he really didn't have any faith in to release his brother. He did both of those things. He just did them where Dean couldn't see, because his older brother carried enough pain. There was no reason to add this.

But now Adam sat on the couch next to Michael, his sightless eyes tired, and sad. Sam half listened as the archangel explained things, but soon he couldn't take anymore. He went and sat next to the little brother he'd failed so badly, and took his face in his hands. Adam looked startled, and confused.

"Who's there?" he asked.

Sam couldn't answer. Michael whispered in Adam's ear. Adam's gray blue eyes lit up and he reached out, seeking Sam out with his hands.

"Sam! Oh Sam, you're free! When they took you, I didn't know what had happened! Sam…" Adam fell forward into Sam's arms and the two of them clung to each other, tears running down their faces.

"'M sorry…I left you there…Death just snatched me out…he wouldn't go back for you…I begged…" Sam sounded broken and weary. "I…tried…I tried to get…you…out…" Sam couldn't speak through his tears anymore, and Adam carefully sought Sam's cheeks with his fingertips, wiping his tears away.

"You didn't leave me there. Sam, you would never have just left me. I know that. I knew that then too. There is nothing to apologize for. We're both out now, and that is all that matters, alright?" Adam said softly.

Sam nodded, but his tears didn't stop. He and Adam hugged tightly again.

Dean watched all of this, and he could say with complete honesty that he had no idea how to feel. Michael, the douche of an archangel that tricked his little brother into the Cage in the first place, was now sitting close to Adam, a hand on his back, and grief on his face as he watched Sam and Adam reunite.

And he was wearing a young John Winchester suit.

Sort of.

The black hair and the blue eyes were familiar, but the way the body moved, the way it sat, the small scars that were scattered on his arms, the line that ran down the left temple to the chin…it all told Dean that this was not a vessel. Michael inhabited this body like Gabriel inhabited his. Like it wasn't a vessel anymore, like it was just part of the archangel. And that disturbed the hell out of Dean.

"It isn't a vessel, Dean." Castiel spoke softly into his mate's ear.

Dean turned and looked at him.

"It's not?"

"No. Gabriel built a human body to inhabit centuries ago when he decided to stay on earth. This body is the type Gabriel has. Father must have built it to suit Michael. I can't imagine why he made it look so much like John. Perhaps he wanted to give Michael a familiar face." Castiel told him.

"If angels can build bodies, why the hell didn't Lucifer and Michael just make vessels in the first place?" Dean asked.

"We can't Dean." Michael spoke up now, having overheard the whispered conversation. "Gabriel was given different abilities than the rest of us. He can make a vessel, but I can't imagine it was easy."

"It wasn't." Gabriel assured them. "It took about 150 years to make this suit. I was pretty pleased that Dad decided to bring it back. It is a classic."

Dean rolled his eyes a little, but his heart wasn't in it. He was watching Sam and Adam now. They were still holding each other tightly, and they spoke softly. Dean looked away, forcing down tears.

"Go to them, Dean." Castiel urged.

Dean frowned a little and shook his head no. He had no idea what to say to Adam. He'd tried to help his youngest brother. He'd failed miserably. Then he'd just taken up his stupid, pointless, apple pie life with Lisa and buried all of it. When Sam had come back, he hadn't even asked if Adam was down there too. Dean hadn't allowed himself the question. He'd needed to believe that Adam was in Heaven, so he'd clung to that belief with both hands. And now here they sat, the two little brothers Dean managed to fail over and over again, and the Hunter had no idea what to do with all this.

Gabriel cleared his throat a little, and Dean shook himself and looked up.

Sam and Adam were both turned toward him, and they each had an arm out, waiting.

Dean rose slowly then, and walked over. He dropped to his knees in front of his brothers and pulled them both off the couch and into his arms.

As the newly reunited brothers hugged and cried, and spoke quietly to each other, Gabriel met the eyes of the others in the room and jerked his head toward the kitchen. Everyone rose and headed in, although Michael looked distinctly reluctant.

"Let them be for a little while." Gabriel told Michael. "Dad knows they've earned it."

Michael nodded and when they got to the kitchen, they all sat around the table. Bobby looked at the four gathered angels and tapped his fingertips against the old wooden surface.

"Lemme ask you somthin'. Am I the only one wonderin' why God himself has taken a sudden interest in providing us with some long over-due back up? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong here, but your daddy ain't exactly known for direct intervention. So why now? What exactly is goin' on that we don't know about?" the old Hunter asked.

The angels all glanced at each other.

"I suppose it could be to provide the Nephilim with extra protection." Castiel ventured.

"Nephilim?" Michael looked stunned. "Who had Nephilim? That hasn't been allowed in…in eons."

"Sammy did. So did Cas. Dad seems to have decided he likes the idea of grandchildren." Gabriel said.

Michael let that sink in, then he shook his head a little.

"Father only mentioned the Leviathan to me. How in the name of all that is good did they get out, anyhow?" he asked.

Gabriel explained quietly while Castiel shrank, looking miserable. Kevin placed an arm around Cas's shoulder, looking protective. Balthazar surprised his brother by reaching under the table and placing a hand on Cas's knee.

"It was a bad time. Heaven was in civil war. Father was no-where to be found. Everyone made mistakes." Balthazar said quietly.

Castiel looked at him for a minute, gratitude clear in his eyes.

Michael just looked stunned.

"And Father never stepped in once to put a stop to this? Castiel is practically a child! How could he have been expected to run Heaven, let alone win a civil war?" he asked, anger in his voice.

"Dad doesn't say much of anything to anyone anymore. You knew that, Michael. He makes his point clear when he needs to, but otherwise.." Here Gabriel shrugged. "Let's just say I hope Cassy and I are better parents than he was." The younger archangel's voice was laced with bitterness.

Kevin reached over and draped a free arm around Gabriel now, stretching a little to make it happen. Michael twitched a bit and looked at his fellow archangel.

"And this is the new Prophet?"

"Yup. This is Kevin Tran. Vegan, Prophet, straight A student, and Balthazar's mate." Kinda has a mother hen streak too. We figure he got that from Bobby." Gabriel grinned a little at the older Hunter now.

Bobby rolled his eyes.

"Ya idjits realize we ain't any closer to finding out why the man upstairs made this little family reunion happen." he pointed out.

"I would guess we'll know that when He is good and ready to let us, and not a moment before." Balthazar shrugged.

"Well ain't that fantastic?" Bobby asked sarcastically.

An unhappy cry filled the air from the baby monitor then, and Castiel vanished in a rustle of feathers. He returned a moment later, holding Gabi and A.J. in his arms. Gabriel reached for his son and the little boy yawned and snuffled.

"I'm sorry, Gabriel. I think Gabi woke him up." Castiel explained.

"Oh, that's okay. Nothing a little milk can't fix, huh teeny wings?" Gabriel asked.

A.J. was staring at Michael though, and his bottom lip trembled.

"Dat a bad angel, Papa?" he whispered.

Gabriel flinched a little at the fear filled question.

"No Asher. That's Uncle Michael. You don't need to be afraid of him."

A.J. didn't look convinced, but Michael gave him a gentle smile and pulled something out of the air. It was a large lollipop, and the baby's eyes lit up. Gabriel huffed out a little laugh and let A.J. grab the candy.

"Buying him off Michael, really?" he commented.

"It worked." Michael pointed out. The archangel was looking toward the living room now, worry on his face. "Perhaps I should go check on Adam…"

Balthazar and Gabriel glanced at each other, and Castiel cleared his throat.

"What?" Michael asked.

"Ya got a thing for that kid?" Bobby asked frankly.

Michael looked uncomfortable.

"I am unworthy to have Adam." Michael said quietly.

Bobby raised an eyebrow now, and snorted.

"Ya might wanna let him decide that. One thing about the Winchester's; they are a damned stubborn bunch. If he wants you like you want him, he'll wait his whole life if he has to." Bobby warned.

Kevin looked at Michael, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Um..can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Prophet." Michael responded, a surprisingly respectful expression on his face.

"You said you tried to take care of Adam while you two were trapped in the Cage. You refused to leave it without him. Why would you think you weren't worthy of him?" Kevin wondered.

Michael looked even more uncomfortable now, and paused.

"Kevin does have a capacity for asking inconveniently insightful questions, brother." Balthazar said, pulling the Prophet close.

"The kid's smart." Gabriel agreed quietly. "I gotta say Mike, this is not the brother I remember from Heaven. Humility wasn't one of your personality traits."

Michael sighed now and rubbed a hand over his face.

"When we were in the Cage…Adam, Sam and I..I would watch as Lucifer visited horrors on them that I cannot find words to describe." Gabriel went white and clutched A.J. a little closer now. "I could do nothing to help them. I wanted more than anything to free them, but I was helpless. But…but the two of them..they would try to comfort each other. More than once I saw Sam offer himself up to protect his brother, and Adam would do the same. This only made Lucifer angrier. He tried to get them to turn on each other, to offer the other up to save themselves." Michael paused and covered his face for a moment, shame radiating off him now. "But they wouldn't. They clung to one another, they protected and comforted each other, and they could not be turned. Lucifer and I were in Heaven…surrounded by Paradise, and we could not behave as brothers should. None of us did. We have turned on each other, and hurt one another, and shamed ourselves over and over again. But these helpless humans, under torment even an angel could not withstand, they stayed true to one another." Michael looked up now, face drawn and pale. "They are better than us. We were created for good but we cannot achieve it. They are created for chaos, but they choose good."

There was a moment of silence then, until Bobby sighed.

"Kid, we make bad calls too. It ain't a matter of always makin' the perfect choice. No one does that. It's a matter of doin' the best ya can, and when ya drop the ball, doin' what ya need to make it right. Ya wanna know somethin'? No one is good. Not humans, not angels. Good is somethin' ya choose to reach for. Yer still gonna screw it all up sometimes, but if ya keep tryin' to do right, it'll all work out." the old Hunter told Michael.

Gabriel blinked back tears for a moment, and then made Bobby intensely uncomfortable by leaning over and pressing a gentle kiss to his bearded cheek. A.J. watched this and looked back and forth between the two of them.

"Papa luv Gwanpy?" he asked.

"Yeah, kiddo." Gabriel answered quietly.

"You are a wise man, Bobby Singer." Michael said respectfully.

"Yeah well…gettin' old'll do that to ya." Bobby told him gruffly.


Sam's voice came from the living room, and everyone hurried out. They found Adam sleeping, his head on Sam's shoulder.

"He's exhausted. He needs to rest." Dean said, looking a little ravaged.

"That rest thing is sounding good all the way around." Gabriel commented. "C'mon." He snapped his fingers, then looked at Michael. "There's a room upstairs for you two now. Why don't you take Adam up?"

Michael nodded, and carefully, almost reverently lifted him into his arms. Adam's eyes flew open, and he looked frightened for a minute, till Michael whispered his name.

"Michael?" Adam whispered back, relaxing now.

"Yes Adam. I have you."

"Okay." Adam gave a sigh, and closed his eyes again.

Dean and Sam watched this and glanced at each other. Dean looked Michael in the eye, and rose to his feet.

"You better do right by him." he said.

Michael held Adam more tightly.

"I would give up my grace for him." he answered honestly.

Dean looked moderately satisfied. Once Michael and Adam were gone, Gabriel sat down next to Sam and sighed a little.

"Well…I can't say I'm sorry to see my bro and Adam, but I'd be a lot happier if I knew why Dad brought them back." he said.

"Maybe…maybe Father just knew how much Michael and Adam were missed." Castiel suggested hopefully.

Balthazar and Gabriel both looked doubtful.

"It's a nice thought, Cas. But I sort of doubt it." Gabriel told him gently.

"He mentioned that God ordered him to help with the Leviathans. Do you think they're reorganizing?" Kevin ventured.

"That seems more likely." Balthazar sighed.

"We'll keep our eyes peeled." Gabriel stated. "That's pretty much all we can do."

Balthazar looked bitter for a moment, and turned away a little, trying to hide his expression. Castiel noticed and frowned. He went and sat next to his brother.

"Balthazar…what is it?" he asked gently.

Balthazar huffed a little, and spoke so softly he could barely be heard.

"It seems Father is still paying attention…when it suits him."

Kevin flinched a little and started to hurry to his mate's side, but Balthazar had already vanished in a rustle of feathers.

Everyone looked at the Prophet, and he sagged a little.

"Kevin?" Sam asked.

"He…he's been asking God for a baby. So far…" Kevin shrugged, trying to look calm.

The family looked astounded then, and Castiel finally spoke.

"Kevin, why didn't you tell us?" he asked.

"I wanted to, but he thought that you…that maybe…" Kevin stopped, and Gabriel walked over to him and tilted his chin up.

"Thought that we would what?" the archangel asked quietly.

Kevin looked stricken and a tear slipped down his cheek.

"He thought that you wouldn't support him. That…that you would think he was being stupid to even ask." the prophet whispered.

Gabriel and Castiel both looked stricken now too.

"Why would he think that?" Castiel asked, pain in his voice.

Kevin's eyes flashed for a minute, but to everyone's surprise he just shut his mouth, and shook his head, refusing to speak.

"Kev? What is it?" Sam went and placed an arm around the Prophet.

"It's his to tell." Kevin insisted.

Gabriel and Castiel looked at each other, and both angels vanished.


Balthazar was sitting on a mountain peak in Nepal. He felt horrible for disappearing on his mate, but he knew that Kevin would understand. Kevin always understood. He was the only one who truly did. The angel was about to return to him and hide in his arms for a while when there was fluttering next to him, and Gabriel and Castiel appeared. Perfect, thought Balthazar.

"So…" Gabriel sat down next to his younger brother. "Anything you wanna tell us?"

"Not as such, no." Balthazar said.

Castiel sat on Balthazar's other side and looked at him, hurt in his eyes.

"Why didn't you tell us you wanted a child, Balthazar?" he asked.

Balthazar was tempted to simply fly home to Kevin, but he knew it was pointless. His brothers would only follow him.

"C'mon, Balthy. Talk to us." Gabriel prodded.

There was silence for a moment, till Balthazar drew a deep, unneeded breath.

"I know what you think of Me." he finally said.

Castiel looked honestly confused.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Oh come off it, Cas! I'm a thief, a liar and a slut, remember? It's rather my calling card! Selfish, self-indulgent, shallow Balthazar! It's what I'm known for! It's why Father is ignoring me!" Balthazar burst out.

"And I'm a former pagan god who fled Heaven and abandoned my family." Gabriel reminded him quietly.

"And I released the Leviathans and…and murdered a huge number of humans and angels." Castiel added, equally subdued.

"That was the souls, Castiel. It wasn't really you." Balthazar protested.

"It wasn't the souls when I killed you." Castiel told him, grief in his voice.

Balthazar was struck silent at that.

"You screwed up, Bath. So did CA's. So did I. So did Michael, so did Raphael, so does everyone. Bobby was right. The mistakes don't matter as much as what we do to try to make them right. You delivered the babies; you took care of Sam and CA's. You still take of your niece and nephew. You're doing the best you can. That's all anyone can do." Gabriel told him.

"You are a good angel, brother. I think you would make an excellent father." Castiel added.

Balthazar was silent for a moment, and then he shocked his brothers. His shoulders began to shake, and it took a moment for them to realize he was crying. Neither of them could remember ever seeing him do that. Gabriel and Castiel both wrapped an arm around him, but neither spoke. They just held onto their brother.

When the three angels returned to the house, Kevin hurried to Balthazar and threw his arms around him. The angel sighed and the two of them vanished together.

Sam looked at Gabriel, sadness on his face. He never thought he'd feel sympathy for Balthazar, but in the last couple of years, he'd seen a soft, caring side to the blonde angel that he'd never imagined existed. Balthazar had become his friend; his family.

"He okay?" Sam asked.

Gabriel shrugged a little, looking unhappy.

"Not really. Dad's selective hearing is getting to him. Can't much blame him." the archangel replied.

"This sucks." Dean observed. "I mean, Balthazar was not always my favorite person, but he's come through for us now, and more than once. Your Daddy really pisses me off sometimes, you know that?"

"Nuttin' we can do about right now though. 'Cept pester God. Maybe if we're big enough pains in the ass, He'll decided the easiest way to shut us up is just to give Balth and the kid what they want." Bobby suggested.

Everyone nodded in agreement. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing.

That evening dinner was quiet. Balthazar and Kevin were clearly depressed, and Michael looked unhappy as he watched Adam try to eat things he couldn't see. It was a somewhat messy process, and Adam seemed to realize that. He looked embarrassed, and Sam and Dean watched their little brother and looked miserable. No one wanted to embarrass Adam further by offering to feed him.

Balthazar finally sighed, and took Adam's hand. He took his fork and sat it down. Then the angel helped Adam feel the edges of his plate.

"Now imagine the face of a clock, Adam. At 12 to 3 are green beans. From 3 to 6 are mashed potatoes. From 6 to 9 is steak that's been cut up. From 9 to 12 is applesauce. Your soda is sitting to the left of your plate, directly above the applesauce." he told him.

Adam looked pleased then. It was clearly easier for him to navigate once he knew where things were. Michael gave Balthazar a look of gratitude, and showed Adam where his silverware was.

Sam surprised Balthazar by leaning over and giving him a brief, one armed hug, whispering 'thank you' to him. The blonde angel looked a touch embarrassed, but he just nodded in reply. Bobby looked thoughtful and looked at the rest of the table.

"So now we gonna talk about the big, blind elephant in the room?" he asked.

Michael looked like he might smite the older hunter for a moment till Adam snickered.

"What, have I put on weight?" he asked. "My ass doesn't feel any bigger."

Dean gave a bark of laughter at that, and then looked a little guilty. Adam seemed to sense the mood and he sighed.

"Guys, I really do not want everyone to tip toe around me. I know I'm blind. This isn't news to me. I just have to figure out how to deal with it. Things could be worse. I could be back in the Cage." he pointed out.

Sam shuddered at that and Gabriel wrapped an arm around him. Kevin looked thoughtful.

"We need to help Adam memorize the house, so he can walk around without tripping." The Prophet said.

"Maybe get some books in Braille and see if you can learn it, Adam?" Sam asked.

"I'd like that." Adam agreed.

"What about one of those cane things…"Dean asked. "So he can tell what's in front of him."

"And smack anyone who annoys me." Adam grinned.

Gabriel cracked up and patted Adam's back.

"Kid's definitely a Winchester." he chuckled.

Sam was watching his little brother with something like amazement on his face. Adam seemed to feel the eyes on him, and he turned his face to where Sam sat.

"What is it Sam?" he asked.

"I just…when I got my memories back of what happened to me down there, I…I lost it. I broke and I broke fast. I just can't believe how calm you are." Sam admitted.

"How much do you remember, kiddo?" Gabriel asked Adam quietly.

Adam sighed a little.

"I remember all of it. But it's…it's like remembering a horrible movie. I know it happened, and I know it happened to me, but I don't feel connected to it, if that makes any sense at all." Adam explained.

Michael looked thoughtful now.

"That must be what Father meant when He said He would help Adam with the memories." the archangel said.

"I guess I just…I'm out. I'm out of the Cage, I'm free, and I'm with my brothers. I'm getting a chance I never thought I would have. I mean seriously, how many people get second chances? But I did. Yeah, I'm blind and that sucks, but I'll take it. If it means being with my family, I'd give my eyes up again in a minute." Adam told them.

There was a minute of silence and a sniffle. Adam grinned a little.

"Do you need a hanky Dean?" he asked gently.

Dean looked surprised as he swiped at tears he was never going to admit to.

"I have a cold. And how did you know that was me?" he demanded.

"You wouldn't believe my hearing now." Adam replied.

"Then ya might wanna buy some earplugs for bedtime. These idjits are loud." Bobby warned with a shudder.

"Which idjits?" Castiel asked, looking surprised.

"All of ya!" Bobby informed him.

There was laughter then, and the meal was considerably more relaxed. Everyone began to actually talk, and if Adam needed help, someone would quickly step in. Michael was his most frequent helper, and he was gentle and attentive to a fault.

That night, Sam lay with his head resting on Gabriel's shoulder, and the archangel traced his fingers down the hunter's back.

"You okay, Sammy?"

"Yeah…I just wish I could make sense of all this. God sends Michael and Adam back, but leaves Adam blind. Why? Is this just your Dad being random, or is there something bigger going on here that we should know about?" Sam asked.

"My Dad doesn't really do random." Gabriel sighed.

"Exactly. So why, Gabriel? What the hell is going on?" Sam sounded frustrated and stressed.

"Sammykins, we won't have any answers until dear old Dad is good and ready to give them. I think we should just enjoy having our brothers back right now."

"Damn it." Sam huffed.

Gabriel snapped his fingers and Sam found himself on his back, looking up at the archangel.

"Enough thinking." Gabriel grinned down at Sam.

"Sex is not always the answer, you know." Sam informed his drily.

"But it so often is. Now hush up and put out."

Sam rolled his eyes and pulled the archangel closer.

In a room across the hall, Michael sat in a chair, watching Adam sleep. He was curled up under the covers and Michael wanted more than anything to go over, climb into bed next to him, and hold him close. But he couldn't. Not without Adam's permission.

As he watched Adam get his rest, Michael heard something from Sam and Gabriel's room.

"Oooohh…fuck…Sammy…that's right, baby…ride me…" Gabriel was moaning.

"Gabe! Make me…come…oh…nownownownow…Nnnnnggghhh!" Sam was panting and groaning along with Michael's brother, though it was clear they were both trying to be quiet.

There were loud cries then, and Michael felt his cheeks burning as he listened. Bobby was right. They are loud, he thought. The archangel sighed a little and shifted in his chair. Evidently the vessel God had fashioned for him worked like any human body. The jeans he wore were uncomfortably tight, and he had an ache in a place that just made his blush worse.

"Bobby was right."

Michael jumped a little then. Adam's eyes were closed but he was grinning a little.

"Did they wake you?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, they sure did. That is not a noise you wanna hear your big brother making." Adam was laughing a little and he sat up now, and seemed to be reaching for something. "Michael? Where are you?" there was a touch of fear in Adam's voice, and the archangel hurried over.

Michael took Adam's hands in his and sat next to him on the bed.

"I'm right here, Adam. I was in the chair across the room." Michael told him.

Adam sagged a little with relief once Michael was next to him again and he tugged him closer.

"That's too far away. Stay here." Adam requested, yawning a little.

"Of course. Lay back down." Michael urged.

Adam did as the archangel asked, and Michael gently stroked his hair till Adam's breathing was soft and even again. Then he sat against the headboard and watched him. Just being close to the blind human left Michael off kilter. His body and grace both pled with him to take Adam; claim him, mark him, and make Adam his. But it was complicated. Michael didn't know the first thing about human mating rituals. He knew the theories, but he hadn't really watched humanity the way he knew his other brethren did. He was starting to regret that fact. It hit him that he would have to have a conversation with Gabriel and the others and ask some very uncomfortable questions. The thought made his grace ache a little.

Father. I do not look forward to admitting to Gabriel that I'm a virgin.

But the next day while Kevin, Sam and Dean helped Adam navigate and memorize the house, Michael took Gabriel aside. He was hoping to the bottom of his heart that he could keep this between himself and his fellow archangel.

It occurred to him the minute Castiel and Balthazar popped onto the roof to see what was going on that it had probably been too much to hope for.

"Is everything alright, Michael?" Castiel was asking, concern on his face.

"Out with it bro." Gabriel told him. "What's going on?"

Michael looked uncomfortable, and hemmed and hawed in response. Balthazar finally sighed and spoke up.

"He's a virgin and he needs to know how to have sex with Adam so he can claim him." the blond angel stated.

Everyone looked at Balthazar, then back at Michael.

"How did you know?" Michael demanded.

"Well, you never left Heaven in the old days. You avoided humans. But we can all see the way you watch Adam. The two of you spent years in the Cage together, it makes sense that you would have developed feelings for him. He certainly has for you." Balthazar explained calmly.

Castiel and Gabriel glanced at each other and Balthazar now, and Gabriel cleared his throat.

"So never…even once?" he asked Michael.

"No! I was a little busy, brother!" Michael burst out, blushing.

"Alright, alright! Calm down, Mikey. I'm just a little surprised." Gabriel told him. "So…what do you need to know?"

Michael slumped over and buried his face in is hands.

"Everything? I don't know how to approach Adam about this. I don't know how…make him…to bring him to…to…" Michael looked like he might just decide to vanish in humiliation, and Gabriel quickly laid a hand on his arm.

"Hey, keep it together bro. This is no big deal. You know the technical stuff right?" Gabriel asked. At Michael's nod to the affirmative, he gave the dark haired archangel a grin. "Then the rest is easy. You go tell Adam you worship the ground he walks on, and then you kiss him. Trust me, everything else will come naturally."

Michael looked unconvinced.

"But…but what if I'm not good at it? What if I can't..can't…satisfy him? What if he says no?" Michael asked.

"First of all, he won't say no." Balthazar assured him.

"And the act of love making isn't just about physical gratification." Castiel added.

"But he'll love it, Mikey. Just ask him if he likes what you're doing. He'll tell you." Gabriel told him.

"I hate to throw a wrench in the works..but is Adam gay?" Balthazar asked.

Michael looked even more nervous now.

"I don't know. He told me about a place he used to take his girlfriend in high school. But he also told me about a beach he visited with a boyfriend in college. He used to ask me to show him the ocean after Lucifer…" Michael trailed off, and shuddered at the memory. Castiel put a gentle arm around him and Michael glanced at him in gratitude.

"Ah. So bi. That seems to run in the Winchester line. You're golden then Michael. Just tell him the truth. That you're new to this and you'll need a little guidance. It really is better if you two figure this out together. We could tell you all kinds of things to try, but he may not like any of them." Gabriel told him, looking thoughtful.

"And part of building a relationship is finding out what you both like together. It's part of the fun." Balthazar said.

They all heard the front door open then, and a moment later, Bobby was standing in the scrap yard looking up at them.

"What the heck are you four idjits doin' up there? It's lunch time. Get down here!" he hollered.

Gabriel chuckled and shook his head.

"When that guy finally does get upstairs he's gonna take over his first week. C'mon."

With that the four angels vanished and reappeared in the kitchen. When they got there, everyone was sitting around the table, and to Michael's surprise, Adam was cradling Gabi in one arm. He was gently touching her face with the other, and his eyes were a mix of sorrow and pride.

"She's beautiful Dean. She has such perfect little features. She looks like you." he was saying. "I..I wish I could see her." A tear slipped down Adam's cheek and the room fell silent.

It was the first time Adam expressed any real grief at his loss and Michael went white as he hurried to the blind man's side. Dean gently lifted Gabi from Adam's arms, unable to speak, and Michael quickly pulled the youngest Winchester close.

"Adam…I'm so sorry…" the archangel whispered.

Adam just sighed and pressed his face into Michael's neck for a moment.

"I'm alright. It just hit me for a minute. I just have to get used to it." he said softly.

"I would do anything, anything to give you your sight back." Michael told him, grief in his voice.

"I know. Don't cry, Michael, I'm alright." Adam promised, reaching up and touching the archangel's face.

Adam wiped away tears Michael wasn't even aware he'd shed and Michael lifted the blind man's fingertips to his lips and kissed them softly. There was a few more seconds of silence then, until Asher piped up.

"I cute too, Unca Adam."

There was laughter then, and Sam leaned over and kissed his baby's head.

"You sure are A.J." he told his son.

"You better prove it Asher. Show Uncle Adam your face." Gabriel instructed.

Asher complied happily, craning his neck toward Adam. Michael led Adam's hands to the baby's face and he carefully examined it with careful motions. When Adam drew his hands back, Asher watched him anxiously.

"See? A.J. cute!" he declared.

"You sure are…I don't think I've ever touched such a cute little boy face." Adam said with a grin.

Asher beamed and looked at everyone.

"I cute." he stated with a nod.

"And exactly like your Papa, small one." Michael chuckled.

"Papa a supa hewo!" Asher replied.

"That's right kid." Gabriel said with a grin.

There was laughter around the table then and Bobby started passing food around. Once lunch was over, Michael noticed that Adam had his face resting in his hand and his eyes kept closing. The archangel spoke his name quietly and Adam startled a little.

"I think you're tired Adam. Perhaps you should rest." Michael suggested.

Adam sighed and nodded in agreement.

"I guess the tour and trying to memorize everything took it out of me." Adam agreed, standing up slowly.

Michael hurried to his side, and Adam took his proffered arm. As they made their way upstairs, Gabriel grinned a little.

"Ten bucks says that Adam comes back down claimed." he chortled.

Sam rolled his eyes and Dean gagged a little.

"You have a one track mind." Sam told him.

"Never denied it, Sammykins."


As Michael helped Adam into bed, he sighed and patted the bed next to him.

"I need to talk to you Michael." Adam told him.

Michael immediately sat next to him and picked up his hand.

"What is it, Adam?" he asked.

Adam had spent the morning talking to Dean, Sam and Kevin. They had told him about their angel's claiming them, and how long and often painful the wait had been for all of them. Adam had spent more time in Hell than either of his brothers. He knew one thing; if Michael didn't want him, he needed to know now so he could start the painful process of separating himself from the archangel. But he also knew that if Michael did want him, he was not waiting for angst filled months or years for him to decide to broach the subject. Adam had no intention of wasting any of the time he'd been given.

"Do you want to claim me, Michael?" Adam said softly.

He could feel the archangel stiffen a little, and Adam's heart dropped. He became painfully aware of something in that moment. Being in Hell with Michael would be better than being anywhere else without him. But Adam also knew he couldn't force the archangel to feel something he didn't. He withdrew his hand from Michael's and turned slowly onto his side now, so the archangel wouldn't see his face or his tears.

"I understand." Adam told him softly. "I..I think I just want to sleep now."

Michael realized that Adam had completely misread his reaction. He panicked for a moment, then suddenly pulled Adam into his arms.

"Adam, I do want to claim you. I just wasn't expecting the question…this is…it's new to me. I have never had…sex with anyone. I never even considered it until you." Michael explained.

Adam turned in his arms then so his blue eyes were looking at the face he couldn't see. Michael flinched at the tear streak he saw on one cheek and he smoothed it away with his thumb.

"You're a virgin?" Adam sounded surprised.

"Yes." Michael sighed.

Adam sat up then, and started to arrange himself. He used his hands to find Michael's shoulders, and climbed into his lap. Michael watched him, frozen in a mix of shock and nerves. Adam leaned in a little and rubbed his cheek against Michael's for a moment, then chuckled softly.

"You have to help me out a little here, Michael. I can't see your lips."

Michael drew a shuddering breath, and ducked his head a little till his mouth met Adam's. Adam kissed him softly for a moment, until the archangel shivered a little and a quiet moan escaped him. The moment the archangel parted his lips, Adam slid their tongues together, and was rewarded with a gasp from Michael, and another moan of desire.

Adam pulled on the archangel's shirt then and fell back onto the bed, pulling Michael on top of him. Adam whimpered a little when their cocks rubbed together through their jeans and Michael groaned at the feel.

"Adam! Oh…that…that…do that again…" Michael gasped out.

Adam grinned a little. He slid his hands down Michael's chest until he found the bottom of his shirt, then grasped it and lifted it. Michael seemed puzzled for a moment, so Adam leaned down, found his lips again, then whispered to him after his they kissed,

"It feels even better without clothes on."

Michael gave a full body shudder and made a motion with his hand. Adam felt a cool breeze wash over him and realized with a small jolt that they were both naked now.

"I'll explain why undressing each other is fun later." Adam told him.

He slid back a little then and when their bare cocks met, Michael made a strangled noise in his throat and grasped Adam's butt, making him rock down so they rubbed against each other. Adam's back arched and he groaned loudly. It had been so long since his body felt anything except pain. He had forgotten how good this felt. He also knew he wouldn't last long.

"Michael, Michael..oh God…"Adam leaned down and kissed the archangel again, and this time Michael was quick to explore Adam's mouth with his tongue, tasting and claiming as he went. "Michael…feels so good." Adam found one of Michael's hands and led it to his ass, instructing as he went. "Open me up, angel…get me ready so I can ride you, please."

That cleared a little of the haze of need that had fallen over the archangel then, and his hand trembled as he carefully brushed a finger over Adam's entrance, watching his face as he did. Adam moaned and pushed down, trying to get more. Michael started to slide the finger in, then realized how dry the small hole was. He knew humans used something to ease the way, so he touched his finger to Adam again, this time filling him with warm slick. Adam moaned again at the feel, and ground down. Michael slipped a finger in then, and kept watching Adam. It was so hard to concentrate though, with Adam's hands traveling all over his body and his hips rocking their cocks together.

It wasn't long before Adam was tugging at Michael's wrist, and urging him to pull his fingers free. The archangel felt a flash of disappointment, until Adam reached back and struggled to find the angle he needed to sink down and take Michael into his body. The archangel quickly helped him, and as Adam sank down his cock, closing him in heat and friction, Michael was hit with one overwhelming thought.

Home. I'm finally home.

Adam was crying out though, and rocking back and forth, rising and falling, head thrashing back and forth as he moved. Michael was mesmerized. Adam was so beautiful, and uninhibited. In all his centuries, his millennia of existence, the archangel had never seen anything to compare to the sight of Adam lost in passion.

"So beautiful, Adam…so perfect…" Michael whispered.

"Michael…angel…can't wait…please…I need it so bad…" Adam cried out. He was lost in pleasure so intense he didn't care if the whole house; if the whole world heard him.

Michael suddenly sat up. He needed more closeness. He wanted to hold his human to him and feel his heart beat beneath his skin and the wetness leaking from his cock rubbing against his stomach. He wrapped Adam in his arms, and guided their mouths back together. Adam was moving more quickly now, and Michael could feel his grace building out of control. His vessel felt like it was on fire, pleasure pooling in his belly and gripping him so hard he could hardly breathe.

"Adam…I…I need…help me… So good…so good.." Michael panted.

"Michael! Now, please now!" Adam suddenly ground down and buried his face in the archangel's neck with a shriek of pleasure. In that moment, Hell, the Cage, Lucifer, the darkness he was trapped in; it was all washed away by the feel of Michael holding him, loving his suffering away.

Michael felt heat spurting up between he and Adam's bodies, and he was being gripped so tightly and massaged by Adam's body. He couldn't stop himself. He clamped one hand down on Adam's ass, and another around his waist as he roared in his true voice and his grace exploded into Adam as his wings shot out and filled the room.

When it finally ended, Adam lifted his head from Michael's shoulder and sought his lips out again. They kissed slowly and deeply and Adam sighed happily into it.

"I love you." he whispered to Michael.

"Adam…I love you too." Michael whispered back.

Adam opened his eyes then, and his mouth dropped open.

"Michael…I…I can…I can see something.." Adam stammered out.

Michael felt his hopes rising. Please Father, just once, make me believe in miracles.

"What do you see, beloved?" Michael asked.

"It's still black everywhere, but...but I can see this...this spark of light where you are. Like… like a candle. It's so beautiful." Adam told him wonder in his voice.

Michael blinked a little and felt a moment of disappointment. But he realized that this was better than nothing. At least Adam would know when the archangel was in the room with him.

"It must be my grace, Adam. I suppose it's a side effect of the claiming." Michael said.

"It's amazing. I hope it lasts." Adam sighed.

"It should."

Adam yawned then, and Michael smiled. He eased them back onto the bed and stroked Adam's hair.

"You're exhausted." he whispered.

"I don't want to close my eyes. I'm so afraid I'll wake up and the light will be gone. I want to be able to see you any way I can." Adam admitted softly.

"Oh, Adam. I know. I really think that you'll be able to see my grace from now on. You can't stay awake forever." Michael reminded him.

A tear slipped down Adam's cheek, and Michael brushed it away, touching their foreheads together as he did. Adam gave a shuddering sigh and Michael pulled him closer, holding him tightly. As he did, his hand brushed over Adam's new mark, and the archangel choked a little.

"What is it?" Adam asked.

"Your new mark…" Michael said. "It's…it's in an…interesting place."

Adam moaned a little.

"Where is it, Michael?" he asked, bracing himself.

Michael lay his hand over it. The palm covered the top of Adam's ass, and the fingers covered the swell. Adam moaned again but couldn't help laughing.

"Really, Michael? My ass?" he gasped out.

Michael grinned and snickered.

"It is an exceptionally attractive ass." Michael pointed out.

Adam just shook his head and pressed close to Michael again.

"Your grace changes when you laugh. I think you're right about me being able to see it now. I have to make you laugh more often."

Michael kissed Adam again then. He couldn't seem to get enough of the feel or taste of his new mate's lips.

"I love you Adam. Please rest now." the archangel whispered.

Adam nodded his agreement, and Michael wrapped his arms and his wings around him. After a minute, Adam spoke one more time.

"I know one thing. We are not showing my mark to Gabriel and Dean."