Summary: Scud was to be planted into Blades group as a mole. But what happens when he meets Blades little secret weapon? Will he be able to go through with it? Will she be able to except him after he tells her the truth?


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Chapter One:

Scud felt his eyes open as pain shot through him. Last thing that he remembered he was being pulled apart by Chrissy and…god he couldn't remember the other vamp chicks name. Janet. Bitches name was Janet. His vision was hazy, the dim lamp above him barely casting any light. He looked to the side to see a girl…an angel standing by an IV filled with blood.

"Where am I?" He muttered.

The girl looked over to him with a small smile. She was gorgeous…a fucking eleven out of ten. She had a smoking hot body, of course that was the first thing that he noticed, even from laying down. But she was pretty too, her heart shaped face in soft focus from whatever meds he was on. "You're awake." She said calmly. She walked over and sat on the mattress next to him, checking the IV connecting to his arm.

"What are you doing to me?" He asked. "Draining me?"

She laughed, a musical sound and distinctly human. "The opposite." She told him, running the IV through her fingers and she checked to make sure he hadn't jolted the needle in his arm. "You lost a lot of blood. I'm replacing it…" She leaned over him and he closed his eyes as he felt her hair caressing his neck. She pulled the blankets down and looked at his chest and stomach. "I got you stitched up…it's not pretty but it saved your life. The wounds are looking better." She put the blankets lightly over his shoulders again.

Scud licked his lips. "Whose blood is it?" He asked.

She graced him with another smile and was sure that he had died and gone to heaven. "Mine…" She told him. "My blood is special; don't you worry." She leaned over beside the mattress and pulled up a bandana from a bucket of cool water and put it on his head. "I'm going to take care of you."

Scud felt his eyes getting heavy again. "I like it when a pretty chick takes care of me." He muttered.

Again she laughed and he smiled the way only a drugged up pervert could. "What's your name sweet talker?" She asked him.

"Scud." He muttered.

She frowned. "What your real name?"

"Josh." He muttered, feeling dazed. "Are you an angel?" He asked, his eyes losing focus and then closing.

She smiled and reached out, running her hands through his long hair comfortingly. "Sure." She murmured as he drifted back off into a medicated sleep. "I can be an angel."

Scud woke up from his deep sleep a few days later, feeling way better than he should. He had woken up for brief amount of time but they were just flashes through his memory. Every time he did that little angel had been with him, checking on him or sleeping in a chair next to him. He looked down at his stomach, pulling the thick blanket away and frowned as he saw that all his gashes were all but healed over. How could that happen?

He glanced quickly at the door when he heard grunting. Pulling himself out of the bed, he opened the door and walked out onto a warehouse balcony. Frowning he could hear music playing and he knew it instantly. Sublime. Summer smoking music. He couldn't help but grin.

He looked over the railing to see the large day walker and his angel of mercy. They were sparing, long wooden sticks hitting and striking each other. The sounds echoed through the room before Blade stepped back. "You alright?" He asked.

A wicked smile came over her face as she spun her rods in her hands. "Faster." She told him, lunging. She moved quicker than Scud had ever seen a human move, spinning and ducking and lunging as Blade blocked her shots. "Come on Blade!" She yelled with a laugh. "FASTER!"

He had more of a chance to study her now. She stood no more than five feet, with whirling, curly, brown hair. Her green eyes were bright as she fought with the day walker. Blade moved faster now, moving around her quickly.

Scud frowned. Now he knew why the vampires had always thought that Blade could kill vampires in two places. He had a secret little weapon. No one would suspect her. She was cute, tiny and apparently lethal. She actually got a hit off on Blade before he pushed her into a wall, bracing her with the long stick.

"Don't bite off more than you can chew." Blade told her.

She laughed at the double meaning of the statement before her green eyes drifted up to see Scud leaning on the railing. Blade let her go and followed her eye line. "You're up." The vampire said.

Scud nodded as the girl climbed up the ladder quickly. He looked at her curiously as she stepped closer to him. "Josh." She said as if sounding out his name. "Do you remember me?" He nodded, watching her little hands grip the railing. She gave him a soft smile. "Can I check your stomach wounds?"

"She's a doctor." Blade told him coming up the stairs behind her. He hovered at the girls shoulder protectively. He didn't know this man. His little warrior and been with he and Whistler for years. She had never really been around anyone else, they had made sure of that. They had tried once when she was a girl but she had drawn attention to herself. She was too fast, too smart and too strong. The humans took notice almost immediately.

She turned back to the towering man behind her. "Don't lie to him Blade. I didn't go to medical school." He turned to him. "But I do know what I'm doing so if you don't mind?" She didn't wait for an answer as she stepped closer to him and pulled up the hem of his shirt. Her fingers ran up his happy trail as she took in the scaring. "They're looking good." She looked at him comfortingly. "How are you feeling?"

Slightly turned on. He thought. "Hungry." He told her truthfully. "Who are you?"

She looked up into his blue eyes. "I bet you are. My name is Teddy…or Theodore if you like."

"I like Teddy." He told her with a small smile of his own.

Scud was inhaling his food, his eyes locked on his plate of pasta that the girl had made him.

Blade had gone out for the night, being sure to tell her to be careful with 'the boy'. She'd laughed him off. Teddy grinned as she watched him shovel in the last bit of noodles.

Scud leaned back in his chair. "Holy shit I'm full." He told her.

She smiled at him and gathered up his plate. "Well you just wolfed down a pound of pasta so I'm not shocked." She got up and moved the plate to the sink, beginning to wash it.

Scud looked around the warehouse, taking it all in. He got up and spotted the work bench, walking over to it. He smiled and turned on the small t.v. sitting over the bench, tuning it into the cartoon network. "Score." He muttered when he saw that the Power Puff Girls were on. He looked down at the machines on the table, rubbing his middle finger on his chin as he took it in.

Looking back he saw that the girl was still working on the dishes from making him dinner. He picked up a screw driver and began tinkering with one of the unfinished weapons. It was a wrist piece that looked like it was meant to stab.

"Are you watching cartoons?" Her voice asked him.

He turned and looked at her with a grin. "Not cartoons." He pointed the screw driver at the tv. "This is the Power Puff Girls. And they are awesome."

"Looks like cartoons to me." She walked closer to him and leaned on the work bench. "Did you fix that?" She asked him curiously.

"Hell no baby. I'm making it better. See?" He held it out to her. "I put a little spring in there so when you or your buddy punch out, it'll eject."

Teddy took it from him and put it around her wrist before making a jabbing motion. When she pulled it back it retracted back again. "Nice." She told him.

"Yeah…and if ya want I can hallow this little part out here so you can put a stake or whatever in it."

Teddy raised an eyebrow at him. "Coaldale silver cartridge maybe?"

Scud smirked at her. "I can do that."

Teddy found herself looking into his blue eyes again. She was finding that she liked this child man. "If you keep being useful I might be able to get Blade to let me keep you." She told him with a smile as she put the weapon back down on the bench. She patted him on the shoulder and looked back at the cartoons with a smile.

Scud watched her for a moment before pick up the gadget with a smirk. This was going to be easier and more fun than he thought. Teddy laughed as she watched Mojo Jojo on the screen. She was even prettier when she laughed. He couldn't help but think that he wouldn't mind being this girls pet.