Chapter 32:

Teddy paced around the room she was in, the long white and gold Greek style dress that had been brought to her sailing along the floor. She glanced over at where her cloths were folded on a chair, her belt with Scud's trackers sitting on the top.

She pulled her eyes away from it as Drake and a female vampire came into the room. She recognized Danica Talos from Kings briefing pictures and from when they had rescued Blade. Teddy starred at her hard, willing her to try something.

"How are you settling child?" Drake asked.

Teddy looked over at the other vampire as she looked her over appraisingly. "Good…I'm good but you know I can't stay here."

Drake shook his head and circled her. "You look very much like I remember your ancestors right now." Teddy watched as his eyes ran over her shoulders. "Yes…you will do nicely."

Teddy frowned as she looked forward at the female vampire in front of her in her overly high heals and designer cloths. She looked at the goddess like girl in front of her with boredom. "I still don't know what you want me for."

Drake nodded. "I need you because sheer strength is…amazing. But sheer strength combine with sheer seduction will be…earth shattering."

Teddy frowned and narrowed her eyes over her shoulder at him. "I think you're forgetting whose side I'm on." She reminded him, her voice firm.

The female vampire snorted. "This is a waste of time." She said. "She's nothing but Blades little whore."

Drake shot her a look of distaste. "Danica. Leave us." He told her.

Danica squared her shoulders and frowned. "We should just cut her to pieces right now. I'm sure her blood is sweet. Let's just drain her before she can cause any more problems."

"I said leave us." Drakes voice was hard, finalizing and commanding.

Danica made a slight hissing sound before turning and leaving the room. Drake walked past her and to the chair where her old clothing was. He picked it up and went to move it to the floor, watching as her eyes followed it. Frowning he looked down before picking up the belt and prying the silver belt buckle open. He looked down at the wires before looking at her with a slight smirk.

"Your human boys?" He asked her calmly. Teddy nodded slowly as she watched him crush it in between his strong thick fingers. "Sit." He told her.

Scuds heart dropped when he saw the tracker disappear from the screen. "B man. Teddy's track just went off line." He felt his heart hammering in his chest as he checked his phone again to make sure it wasn't just a glitch.

"What does that mean?" Abby asked. "Could it have just run out of juice?"

Scud shook his head and pushed his hair out of his face as he pulled up to her last known location in front of a tall glass building. "No way. I made sure that thing had enough life for at least two weeks." He had hoped it wouldn't need to last nearly that long. "Someone must have found it." He tried to push down the sense of dread that came with knowing that it had been in her belt and if it was in her belt it meant that someone had taken her cloths.

Abby shook her head. "We should have put it in her body." She muttered.

Blade shook his head. "Wouldn't have worked. Her body would have just pushed it out." He looked at Scud. "Watch the front entrance. We'll get her." He turned back to Abby. "Lets go. End this."

Teddy remained standing straight as Drake sat down, unwilling to be commanded even if it was in this one thing.

"They will never win. You will never win." He told her calmly.

Teddy frowned and clenched her fists at her sides. "Maybe…but that's never stopped us from fighting before."

"Us…" Drake repeated. "Your human male." He leaned forward slightly as he looked at her. "You will get bored of him if that is why you keep this allegiance. Your kind always do."

"I wont." Teddy said strongly. "I love him. And I love my brother."

"The day walker."

Teddy rolled her eyes. "Yes…Blade."

Drake leaned back and watched her carefully, taking in the solid stance and the way she held herself; like a goddess among men. "Tell me Nymph. Have you ever thought about ripping his heart out and eating it?"

Teddy looked at him, her eyes widening a fraction. "What? No!" Well that wasn't true. When she had found out about his betrayal she had briefly contemplated cutting out his intestines and bathing in them but that was the natural reaction to being betrayed…and it had only been for a few second.

"You will." Drake told her, standing. "You will want to…its your nature. Make a man fall in love with you, steal his heart and then cast him against the rocks."

Teddy shook her head. No that wasn't true. Nature verses Nurture. She would never hurt the people that she loved. She would never tare Scuds beating heart from his chest. That's not who she was. It didn't matter what she was. She wouldn't have done it when she didn't know before and she certainly wouldn't now. Creature of seduction or not. "No…I wont…I never will." She squeezed her eyes shut as she said it.

Drake smiled at the reaction, his lips twisting. "You're a violent creature by nature…you know that."

Teddy licked her lips and opened her eyes. "I can stop." She whispered right as commotion could be heard outside.

Drake looked at the door. "It seems your friends are here…maybe after they are dead you will be more inclined to except this appointment. Mother of death."

"Fuck…" Teddy breathed as she watched him walk out the door, her mind racing before she ran out the door and into the fight.

Teddy looked at the bodies of the two men on the ground, her brother and the oldest vampire of all time, the father of evil. He had excepted what he was…she didn't have to. She checked Blade quickly, but he was none responsive. The virus they used must have killed him…shut him down at least. She squeezed her eyes shut.

"I'm sorry brother." She muttered, putting her forehead to his.

Glancing up she saw movement out of the corner of her eyes and rose. Slowly she walked over to Drakes twisting half naked form. He looked up at her with amber eyes and she knelt down next to him her hand braced on his chest. "You're dying first one." She told him and he nodded.

"We all die."

Teddy nodded as she felt his heart slowing under her fingers. "I owe you…for telling me what I am." She muttered. "But you wont live long enough for me to pay back the dept."

"Perhaps I don't want to." Drake muttered, his voice still silken despite his condition. "Old one…you are a creature of-"

"No." She told him, cutting him off. "No I'm not. My blood is. But I'm human too…part at least. I'm who I want to be. I make the choice. Not the blood."

Drake shook his head and stopped to stare at the ceiling. "The blood always wins out."

"No…" Teddy told him sweetly. "No. I'm sorry. It doesn't." She leaned over and touched her lips to his as he died. "That is my debt being paid. It dies with you."

"Teddy!" She heard King yell. "We've got to go!"

Teddy nodded, still looking down at the first vampire.

"Teddy now!" Abby yelled.

Scud jumped out of the van when he saw the three coming out, the dust of hundred of vampires blowing through the doors behind them. He held his breath as he saw Teddy walking out, still wearing the white linen dress and looking like one of those beautiful nymph pictures from the website she had been reading from.

"Teddy? You alright baby?" He asked as she stopped about a foot away from her. Her throat was working with emotion but her face was completely calm.

"Josh…I…." Teddy stopped and shook her head. Blade was gone, Whistler was gone. He was all she had. All that she wanted. She wasn't going to be like Drake said. She did have a choice. She'd always had a choice just like everyone else. Fuck her genetics, fuck her blood lust. "Josh I love you."

His throat closed up as she said those words that he had heard a hundred times. Was she leaving him? What had they done to her in there? "I love you too baby….tell me what's wrong?"

Teddy shook her head, sending her curls filled with Vampire ash everywhere. "Nothing…nothings wrong." She said quietly, looking back at the building she had just left. She looked back at his handsome face quickly. "I don't want to do this anymore-"

Scud frowned at her. "Don't do this again?" He begged, afraid of her leaving him. He couldn't stand it. He needed her, wanted her, loved her.

Teddy held out her hand to him. "Let's go." She told him. Scud looked at her, confused. "Let's leave just like you said. Start over, be something different."

Scud's lips parted. They were doing this…what he wanted. No more danger, no more fear of the other never coming back. It was exactly what he wanted. Grabbing her hand he pulled the goddess like girl over to him and kissed her hard, burying his fingers in her hair as his lips assaulted hers passionately, silently thanking her.

"Okay." He muttered once he broke away. "Lets do this."

The End!...for now. There will be a sequel to this story. I am already thinking about it and writing it so yay! I hope you all follow it and enjoy when it comes out!