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I wake up to pounding and the repeated call of my name.

(Which let me tell you is not a pleasant way to wake up in the morning.)

It's Rose.

Of course, it's Rose. Of course.

Opening my eyes, I stare sleepily at the clock on my nightstand. Noon. So, I've only been asleep for five hours. Like Queen Victoria was, I'm not amused.

Groaning softly, I bury my head into the pillow and pray that she'll go away so I can sleep for a couple more hours.

No such luck.

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, I know you're awake! If you don't acknowledge me in five seconds, I will not be held responsible for my actions, understand?" With every word, Rose's voice is becoming steadily higher. At this rate, my landlord will overstep his own two week warning, and kick me out sooner. Which would not be cool.

I swear softly before lifting my head up from the pillow and calling out, "The door's unlocked."

As soon as the words leave my mouth, the door creaks open and I can see a flash of red hair. "Before I come in, I need to know if you're descent."

I give one of my famous Scorpius Malfoy eye rolls before my gaze lands on my almost completely nude bed mate who somehow is still sleeping through the noise. Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot about her. Whoops.

"Sure," I call back with a chuckle. Well, I am at least.

Rose barges in, her hair in wild curls, not bothering to close the door behind her. In a few short strides, she's in front of my bed, her lips curled up in a scowl.


Feigning innocence, I counter back with, "Honestly what?"

Making a sound of annoyance, Rose starts picking up pieces of female clothing from the floor. "You're a pig."

I laugh, adjusting my blanket. Yawning, I say, "I have a killer body. They appreciate it. It's mutual satisfaction."

Rose just shakes her head, expression a mixture of fond annoyance and amusement but doesn't reply, just continues searching for clothes across the scattered floor.

Though it's unconfirmed I think she has a mild case of OCD.

I opens my mouth to add to my comment but the woman, Melinda maybe, stirs about this time. Blonde hair falling over a partial of her face, she slowly sits up, clutching a sheet to her chest. Rose glances over, then flushes and hurriedly looks away. This doesn't escape my notice of course.

"Can I have my clothes?" Melinda (maybe Molly?) asks quietly, looking down. Rose silently steps closer and gives her the wad of clothes.

Does Rosie have a crush? I mouth at Rose causing her to flush again. I take that as a yes. Another thing to tease her about later then. I take delightful pleasure in this.

Turning to my companion, I give one of my famous Scorpius Malfoy crooked grins. And no, I don't spend time looking in the mirror to prefect them. Of course not. "Feel free to take a shower." The woman nods, clutches her clothes and sheet to her, and gets up of the bed, going the few short feet to the bathroom and closing the door. It's only a moment later that the sound of the shower fills the air.

I sigh. Damn, I would have loved to join her.

It's silent for a minute before I break it with, "Now, seeing that I'm sure you didn't just come over to catch a free glimpse of perfect female body. What's up, Rosie?"

Looking flustered, Rose clears her throat and starts picking up articles of my clothes that are scattered across the floor. I watch on, amused.

"Well, last night you told me that you got your newest eviction notice, right?" I raise my eyebrow, suddenly finding my blanket very interesting.

My evictions are always a touchy subject. I haven't actually held down a flat for about five years now. What can I say. My landlords and ladies just can't handle my awesomeness.

Rose prattles on with, "Well, you know my cousin Albus right?"

I frown, knitting my eyebrows together, and think. Albus...Albus...who is...oh, wait. "Oh, that kid in...er...Ravenclaw?" A scrawny kid with glasses comes to my mind but other than that, I'm getting nothing on this cousin of hers.

Rose laughs as she dumps all my clothes in a laundry basket. "That's Louis."

Sighing, I shake my head. "Nope, don't know him."

Rose rolls her eyes as she gets down and looks under my bed. I have no idea what she's doing and probably don't want to know.

"Scorp, he was in the same year as us. Same house as you."

I move over to the edge of the bed and look down at her, catching side of only her lower back and legs. "Really?"

"Yes, he was. Gryffindor through and through," she says, voice muffled. "Merlin, you really are an idiot." This part she says more to herself then anyone but I hear it all the same.

Grinning, I lean over and casually move a foot so I can bop her on the arse. She squeals at the contact then starts swearing at me.

I giggle...er, chuckle, yeah, I don't giggle, as I move my foot back on the bed.

About this time, the bathroom door opens and the blonde steps out. In clothes this time. Sadly.

Rose doesn't come out from under the bed and I think that I know the reason why.

Pulling a hand though my hair, I send a smile at the woman and say, "I'll call you, okay?" A muffled snicker comes from under the bed, which I roll my eyes at, because we all know I won't.

The woman gives a small smile back though, says "sure," then walks out, closing the door behind her. My gaze follows her out. Merlin, does she have a good arse.

"It's safe to come out now, Rosie," I sing-song after a moment, grinning.

Rose slithers from under the bed, carrying another wad of clothes. I raise an eyebrow. How did those get under there?

"What was I saying?" she asks breathlessly. I refrain from smirking again. Rose says I have a smirking addiction. I don't believe her.

"Something about your cousin?" I prompt, rolling onto my stomach, and resting my chin on my hands. "One of your many."

"Oh, yes! See, Albus is in the need of a flatmate and seeing that you need a flat..." Rose trails off with a shrug as she dumps the newest pile of clothes in the laundry basket. It's getting quite full now. Merlin, I didn't realize just how many clothes I had.

I ponder what she said for a moment before asking, "Where is this flat?"

Rose grins, a look of excitement on her face. "About seven miles away from here."

I shrug as I pull myself up in sitting position. Running a hand down my face, I say, "I'll be happy to check it out."

Laughing, Rose pats my head. "Good because he's coming over in about ten minutes to pick you up so get dressed." There's a delighted expression on her face that I just don't quite trust and suddenly, I get a bad feeling. What is she up to?

I fall back onto the bed and groan. What am I getting myself into?