I looked out the window waiting, watching, he would be back, I knew he would come for me.

He was my best friend, but now he was trying to kill me.

Although I still couldn't bring myself to hate him.

I hard a noise outside and felt my heart drop, he was back.

"Toru? Is that you?" I ask sitting up.

The first time I realized Toru was a vampire he had hidden his face from me and tried to pull me from the window, but when I looked into his face he ran away. I went looking for him only a moment after he'd ran and he ended up biting me and drinking my blood before, before she could get it. In a way Toru saved me from a painful death, but this was so much worse then death or pain.

The betrayal of your best friend.

"Toru? It's alright, come on out." I say getting out of bed still a little week from the last time he had drank my blood.

I opened the window and my eyes widened.

It wasn't Toru at my window but the blue hair vampire that had chased me down the night before.

He gave me a wicked smile, even though he looked like a damn dog with that stupid hair of his, there was nothing cute about him and his bite was definitely worse then his bark.

I let out a cry of pain when he pulled me away from the window.

He had hold of my neck and rose me into the air.

"Well, well that was much easier then I thought it was going to be." He said golden eyes shining in the moonlight.

I tried to speak but I couldn't even take a breath he was choking me so hard.

"What are you doing!" Toru suddenly yelled coming from the under brush.

He looked at Toru and smiled.

"Well your not going to kill him and I personally hate this guy so all take the job off your hands. I don't really want to deal with him for eternity if he were to rise. That is if you went though with all this." He said turning back to me.

Toru ran and grabbed Tatsumi's arm.

"You can't do that! I'm doing what I was ordered to do! He's dieing ok! Just let me do my job!" Toru said panicking.

Tatsumi pouted at him but dropped me to the ground.

"If he's not dead in four days I'm going to kill him the worst way I can think of, do you understand." Tatsumi said with a childish smile as he went off leavening me with my friend.

I was gasping on the ground, God you never know how much you love breathing until you can't do it anymore.

Toru came by my side.

"Natsuno! Are you alright!" He said picking me up from the ground.

I was surprised with how strong Toru seemed to be, I never notice when he was alive.

I nodded and he set me down on my own two feet.

For a moment nether of us said or did anything.

"Well, Toru do what you came here to do." I whisper when he doesn't say anything.

Toru's red eyes looked on me with pain and his hands turned into hard balls.

"You know this isn't easy for me Natsuno." He said.

"Then don't do this to me! Why wont you run away with me Toru! You're my best friend! All take care of you I promise!" I say eyes stinging with unshed tears.

"You know I can't damn it! They'll kill my family!" Toru said putting his hands in the air.

"Their going to kill them anyway! Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow but someday their going to die like everyone ells in this fucking village!" I yell at him.

He glares at me but tears are pricking at the corners of his eyes.

"Natsuno, I'm not going to go with you!" He says and walks towers me with dark eyes.

I shake my head and back up agents the wall, eyes widening.

"Toru, please…don't." I whisper to him.

His eyes go wide and he stops just a foot from me fangs gleaming in the moonlight. I couldn't help shaking, the thing in front of me didn't even resembled the boy who let me sleep at his house if I was afraid to be by myself.

"I'm so sorry Natsuno…" He says grabbing me and getting so close are bodies press together.

I tried to push him away but I was to week.

"Toru! Please don't do this!" I yell.

He stops and looks into my eyes with dark red ones.

"I can't I'm so hungry and your so good Natsuno." He says leaning into my neck.

I close my eyes I couldn't do anything to save my own life, Toru was going to kill me and barley seemed to care.

I did something I didn't even know I was still able to do, I cried.

Tears came from my eyes and spilled down my face for what seemed like the first time in years, I couldn't even remember the last time I cried.

I opened my eyes wondering why I hadn't felt Toru's fangs seep into me yet.

He had his mouth open, fangs only an inch away from my flesh but his eyes were wide and locked onto my face.

"Toru…" I say in a voice I didn't recognize as my own.

He closed his mouth and looked into my face.

He took his hands off my shoulders and gently touched my face.

"I, I, I made you cry." He said so low I barley hard him.

He started to shake so he put his face into my chest.

"I'm so sorry Natsuno, I've never seen you cry before. I, I didn't mean to. I have to do this Natsuno, the hunger, it's so painful, you have no idea." He said slowly.

I took a shallow breath, who cares if I was crying! You where about to kill me only a moment ago.

I couldn't help thinking.

"Forgive me, Natsuno…maybe if you rise you wont hate me so much." He whispers covering my mouth.

I shook my head and felt his fangs go into my hot flesh. I screamed into his hand bucked agents him out of pain, I tried hitting him but I was getting weaker with every second he drank my blood. I bit his hand but he just bit harder into me, making my knees go week so he had to hold me up by my waist. My head started to spin and he finely let me go and looked into my face.

"Natsuno." He whispers.

It was getting hard to keep my eyes open and I mumble out.

"Don't call me that…only Toru, can call me…" I closed my eyes feeling to drained to do anything more.


Toru stood holding up his best friend, actually Natsuno was so much more then just a friend.

Toru had realized he loved Natsuno the first day he met the boy, he was so different from anyone Toru had ever met, special, precious.

Toru licked the puncher wounds on Natsuno's neck hoping they didn't hurt him to much.

He looked at Natsuno, his Natsuno, his best friend, the friend that he had fallen in love with, laying in his arms unconscious and slowly dieing.

Tears came down his face as he kissed the top of Natsuno's head breathing in the sent of his soft hair.

He would miss the way he smelled, the way he would blush when he was scared and didn't want to say so, he would miss the way he would look sad whenever Toru would talk about a girl, he would miss every single thing about Natsuno.

Natsuno was honest and to the point, he never lied to Toru and here Toru was leaning over the boy who lived in his every good dream.

"How come your so close, yet so far Natsuno…" Toru whispered opening his friends window.

He put Natsuno in his bed and looked at his pail face and dark bags under his lovely eyes.

Toru covered his own eyes, what had he gotten himself into!

After making shore Natsuno was fast asleep he kissed him on the forehead one more time and then went back to the place he would sleep till the next time he had to come and hurt Natsuno again.


I woke up with a horrible pain in my head, the room even spun when I tried to open my eyes.

Toru had really attacked me, he was going to drink me dry!

I turned over, so many have died already now I was going to be just a nether body to be put in the ground.

The thought made me feel even worse.

During my resting my friends Kaori and her brother Akira came to see how I was holding up and they put crosses and papers all over my room to try and protect me.

I shooed my Dad away when he tried to get me to go to the hospital, on Toru's orders of cores.

The next time I woke it was dark and my friends things were gone and the moon was high in the night sky.

There was a tap at my window and I turned my head to see a sad looking Toru standing there.

"It's alright Toru you can come in. I would come to you but I can't seem to stand on my own." I say giving him a smile.

If I was going to die tonight I wanted to give a small piece of myself to whatever was felt of my friend.

He climbed into the window and looked down on me.

"You better hurry Toru…or my Dad will come in and see you." I say.

Toru shook his head and yelled.

"I can't do this! Look at you! Look at what I've done!" Toru said.

I gave him a nether smile, some part deep inside of myself I wanted Toru to ran away from me, to just not do it. To let me live.

That was a stupid hope.

"Please Toru, just do it. It's alright." I say weekly.

Toru stared at me for what seemed like forever.

"I…Can I lay with you?" He asks.

My eyes winded but I nod.

Toru actually got under the blankets with me, it was pretty bad because he was colder then ice and it made my week body hurt.

He seemed to notice this and put the covers between us so I would be wormer.

"Are you alright Toru?" I ask.

"That's funny, your asking me if I'm alright." He said shaking his head.

My heart hurt, at moments like this it really was like I was talking to my good friend.

"Natsuno theirs something I wonna tell you before.." He started.

"Before I die, I get it." I say.

He looked pained and couldn't meet my eyes.

"Incase you really never rise, I wonna tell you, how much you mean to me Natsuno." He whispered.

I stare at him, it took everything I had not to say something horrible to him. How could he care for me if he could kill me?

"Go on." I say in my weekend voice.

His red eyes met mine and he got closer to my face.

I waited, what was he trying to say to me? Was it really that hard to say he thought of my like a brother and poor all that carp about how this was killing him. How he didn't want to hurt me. I took a shallow breath and suddenly Toru put his cold lips to mine.

My eyes winded and I look at his closed eyes.

Toru…was kissing me.

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