(Natsuno's POV)

It had been about a mouth since Torue and I left the village. We had made it to the city and, well, to say the least. It was everything I ever wanted in life. Tall towers and bright lights. Amazing stores and fast cars. Although we had been there for a wail now and it was an easy life with Torue by my side. He was helpful, could drive, and got a job right away to help us get our apartment. He knew more about being an adult then I did and he was always sweet and understanding.

Although...we were acting like room mates not lovers. Torue and I hadn't had sex yet of cores but we slept in different rooms. Witch I didn't really like. Sure he would hang out with me in my bedroom and cuddle but he would always leave right after. I was starting to get really lonely. I was off work today and sitting on are green sofa that we had gotten only a few days ago. A guy at the cafe I worked at said we could have it for really cheep so I took the offer.

I looked at my cell, it was almost 6 so Torus would be awake soon and able to go to his night sift. Yep...we even worked on different schedules. I ran a hand though my purple hair. Did he not like me like that and was to embarrassed to say something. I thought he did, and back at the village he seemed to want me.

"Hay Nastu." Torue said warmly coming out of his room with messy blonde hair.

"Don't call me that." I hissed.

"Oh come on, I didn't mean any harm." He said holding up his hands.

"Yeah whatever, shouldn't you be going." I said coldly.

Torue stopped on his way to the kitchen and looked at me.

"Nastuno?" He asked.


"Are you mad at me?" He asked.

"If I am?" I shot back.

"Then I'm sorry if I made you mad." He said coming and sitting beside me on the sofa.

He wore a long orange sleeve shirt and baggy boxers with gray socks on. He pouted at me clearly wondering why I was mad.

"I don't need that, just go to work or something!"

"Did I forget to bring you O positive from the blood bank again? I could have sworn I had gotten some." Torus said.

"No! This isn't about blood Torue!" I yelled this time.

I shut the blonde down making him shrink away from me. He looked like a red-eyed kicked puppy. I didn't want to fight with him, I just didn't know how to bring matters of us up. So...here I was being an ass.


"Kiss me."


"Touch me."


"Don't you understand what I'm saying!" I hissed.

"O...alright." He flushes grabbing me around the waist and pulling me to him.

I put my head in his chest and took a deep breath.

"Don't you want me anymore?" I asked in a broken voice.

The next moment I was underneath Torue looking up into his red eyes. He looked outraged his fang showing only a little bit.

"What! How could you think something like that Natsuno!" He yelled.

"Well...you don't even sleep in the same bed as me." I said flushing and looking away.

"If I slept in the same bed with you...Id sleep with you Natsuno." Torue said bluntly.

"Ummm isn't that the point?" I asked.

"I mean sex moron." He snapped.

"You...want to have sex...with me?" I asked shocked.

"Well it's a problem you know." He said flushing.

"I want you that way." I stated.

"Your to young." He shot right back.

"I'll look like this for the rest of my life." I hissed.

"Mentally." He coreted.

"Let me think, I'm thinking that I want you." I snapped.

"And I want you but I don't want to do anything to soon."

"Then stay in the same bed as me." I demanded.


I didn't let me go any farther. I grabbed him pulling his body to mine and pushing his neck down to my mouth and biting.
He gasped and grabbing my shoulders.

"Natsuno!" He yelled shocked at my boldness.

I hadn't fed from Torue since we were in the back of the car running away from the burning village. I didn't let go, I tipped his head up taking in his sweet blood. Torue smelled like sugar and flowers. I wanted him so badly I could scream. A moan came from my lips and he relaxed on top of me. He let me flip him so I was on top.

"Torue." I said taking my fangs out of his neck.


"Please." I whimper tears brimming in my eyes.

"Natsuno." He says grabbing my chin. "What's wrong?"

"Why do you keep pushing me away?" I asked angrily.

"Because I never want to hurt you again!" He exclaimed.

I stopped and looked down into Torue's eyes with wide ones.

"You...still haven't forgiven yourself..." I said surprised.

"How could I ever forgive myself! How can you even want to make love to the man who killed you." Torue spat tears forming in his own eyes.

"You...Torue I don't blame you." I say rubbing his cheek.

"But the reason you'll never see your family again, the reason you'll never lead a normal life...is because of me." He said tears spilling down onto his bloody neck.

"Torue, I would go though all of that again if it ment I got to be with you. All week I've thought your bord with me...that you changed your mind." I whimper.

"I'd never change my mind when it comes to you." He said softly.

"Then be my boyfriend and that doesn't mean sleep with me it just means...stop running away and stay in the same bed. Be close to me Torue." I said with a pout.

"I-If that's what you want." He said unsure.

"Do you not?" I asked.

"I want you Natsuno, I just never want to hurt you again. As a vampire it's easier to hurt you, even if you are day walker."
He said.

"I trust you Torue, I always have...deep down even when we were fighting." I said quietly.

"Alright...I'm sorry for being so dumb and making you feel unwanted, you'll always be wanted Natsuno." He said petting my hair.

"Then take the day off." I said.

"Huh?" He asked.

"Take the day off and spend time with just me Torue." I said giving him a small smile.

"Well we have settled in nice...I could take a night off." He said smiling back at me.

I kissed him making him freeze. I remembered kissing Torue, it had been like I was set on fire, although now it was as if I was in a fire bit unable to move because of the heat of the moment. I kissed him deeply and before I knew what was happening Torue flipped me over on the sofa so that he was on top of me. He stuck his tong in my mouth and explored,
violating my mouth in ways I only let him do. I moaned into our kiss and Torue put a hand up my shirt making my shiver.

"Torue!" I gasped breaking the kiss to breath.

"Natsuno..." He said eyes swimming with lust and want.

"I didnt think..." I said weakly.

"You never think about what you do to me Natsuno." He hissed biting into my neck and drinking.

I hissed in pain but let him drink my blood, I wasn't afrade of letting him drink from me anymore. I was already a vampire so I didn't need to fear the turn, but I didn't even think of the last night of my human life. Being with Torue was worth the pain and the lose. Being so close to him now is the only thing I will ever want or need. The only thing I wished was that Torue and I could have been lovers in our human lives as well. No amount of time was going to make me happy. I would never stop wanting this. The feel of his hands on my virgin body, the love and warmth he gave off. He was the light in my dark.

Even as he drank and wrapped his arms around me I knew that the life we had back in the village was not gone. One day I would have to fight for me and Torue. I would meet Tasumi again. I knew in my very soul, the other vampires would never forgive me for what I did to their home and their dreams. When Torue let go of my neck we kissed. We kissed for a very long time, just holding one another and letting the other know we were here and didn't plan on going anywhere. We broke apart and I looked into his warm and loving eyes.

"I love you Torue." I said just above a whisper.

"I love you more Natsuno." Torue said kissing my forehead.

When the passion died down a little Torue and I sat down and watched a movie together sitting close. Every once in a great wail I would look over to see what his face held but I was always met with his eyes. We would both flush and look away.
Love was new to both of us and I knew we didn't want this clam life to ever end. I hoped that Torue and I could spend the rest of out very long lives happy and together.

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