Got a rubber?

Scott woke up the next morning from the annoying alarm set for six-thirty. He slapped his hand across the snooze button, almost breaking it. He let out a sigh and shut his eyes, wishing for just five more minutes. Then his mom came in.

"Scott wake up. You're going to be late for school." His mom said groggily and shook him. "Scott." She continued. She lifted up the covers from over his head and let out a gasp. "What the hell did you do to your sheets?" Scott looked back down to see the sheets he clawed last night. They were ripped to pieces and had some blood marks on the pillow. "Would you explain to me why your sheets are screwed up?" He looks back at her, trying to give a confused face. She wasn't buying it. "I'm waiting for an explanation Scott."

"Uh, I-I last night I was working on a project and," He stalled and try to think of the best explanation. He looks at his mom whose eyebrows are raised the highest he's ever seen. "And, I uh, accidently ripped it with the scissors." He says, hoping she would buy it.

"You ripped it with the scissors." Melissa said, almost mocking him. "What, about ten times?"

"Well, yea. I guess." He said with a smirk.

"Then how do you explain the blood. Did you cut yourself?" Her anger turned into a worry.

"No, I had a bloody nose." He surprised himself by how fast he came up with that one.

"Whatever," She says as she walks away. "Clean it up." She walked out the door raising a finger over her head.

Whew. He thought. That was close. He got up and tore the rest of the sheets back to fix his bed and started to get ready for school.

Scott came into the school parking lot in his "stylish" two wheel ride. He pulls up to the bike rack and hooks it up to the pole. He can hear the familiar footsteps of his best friend chase his way over to him. Stiles pounces on him, nudging his shoulder just a little and receives Scotts pissed off werewolf glare and he gives his normal Stiles look; it's like a pain face.

"What?" Scott's voice cracks, high pitched and he coughs a little to avoid further embarrassment.

"Dude, I heard on the police radar last night that a body was found at Derek's house!" His voice was squeaky but he didn't care. "A dead body!" He screamed, causing unwanted attention. "Oh." He said in a hushed tone and scratched the back of his head, hiding his face as much as he could.

"Who do you think could've killed it?" They started walking toward the entrance.

"I don't know! All they said is that he has a scratch or something on the back of his neck." Stiles gestured to his neck, as if he we're showing Scott who wasn't paying attention to him at all.

"That definitely couldn't have been a werewolf." Stiles just shrugged his shoulders as the bell rang, and they both walked to class together.

"Open your books to page 314." Mr. Harris, the chemistry teacher, said to the class as he slightly lifted his glasses and searched through the room at the blank faces. "Today you're going to combine efforts through around group experiments. First station will be, Erica." He pointed his finger to the confident blonde. "And Scott McCall." Scott looked back at her to see a wide mischievous grin. This was about to be the most terribly awkward science class he's ever had yet, and he's had some weird ones.

Erica sat next to him, one hand propped on her chin, waiting for him to say something. Scott turned over to face her. "Do you have an idea on who killed that guy last night?" Erica was taken by surprise, expecting a different kind of question.

"No." She turned to look at him. "I was with you wasn't I?" Her eyebrows quirked upwards and she fondled with the curl of her hair. Scott looked, unwilling to say anything let alone look at her. He practically hated Erica; he doesn't know why he had sex with her. He loves Allison. But maybe she doesn't love him back and that's why he did it. "Oh don't be shy now, there's nothing to be shy about Scott." She laid a hand on his thigh. "I think Allison is actually missing out, big time." Her eyes flared, glowing amber. He grabbed her clawed hand and discarded it as the bell rang to switch stations. Erica got up and happily pranced over to her next station.

Just his luck, he was now with Allison, the girl he loves but doesn't love him back. He sat down next to her and the next minute and a half went by silently. Now this was the most awkward situation he's had yet. He could feel Erica's eyes on him and every time he looked back he was confirmed with her seductive grins. It felt as if she was reading his mind, raising her eyebrows, suggesting towards Allison, daring him to make a move as if she valued no threat. The challenge she gave him seemed to satisfy Scott, nothing like he had with Allison. He was always so gentle and secretive, like he had to be the guy who practically walks around with a condom over his head. Quite frankly he was tired of being the pussy and wanted to break the boundaries, something Erica pushed him to do.

"So I see you and Matt have gotten close." Scott breaks the silence between him and Allison, he wanted to provoke her. She ignored the comment and mixed two beacons together. "No? You're Just friends?" He continued being sly and feeling Erica's attention.

"Why does it matter Scott?" She finally turned to face him and looked into his eyes, the first time in about a month. Her voice was hard and challenging. "Why do you care?"

He could feel his heart drop and break even more as she pushed him farther away. He could still feel Erica, waiting for his initial reaction. "Well, it's not uncommon for someone to make small talk Allison. Your dad of all people should know that. No, I don't think he does actually, he just uses guns. Maybe you are just like him." The bell rang and Scott was already leaving. Allison just sat there in shock of his words, it wasn't like Scott, she knew that. He was acting different and it scared her.

Before she could leave, Erica propped herself on the desk and smiled at her. "What do you want?" Allison spoke, her words hard but shaky. "He's not my boyfriend go ahead, he's open." She spoke with little sarcasm and flailed her arms in the direction Scott went.

"Oh no honey, I already have him." Her smile was wide, stretched across her face.

Allison looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"I think you know exactly what I mean." She got up headed towards the door, smiling at the chemistry teacher and leaving Allison in shock yet again by the words she was hearing. "You don't have any extra condoms do you? No?" Allison's jaw clenched and she looked down at her purse, moments away before breaking into tears.

"That's enough." Mr. Harris broke in. "Erica I think you should go now." She walked out of the door waving back at Allison, as happy as she could be. She loved that feeling of ultimate control, and that she finally had Scott under her spell.