April 8th, 2005 A.D.

Middleton, Colorado

8:47 P.M.

From the outside it really wasn't a special looking building. That wasn't to say it was not impressive, but as far as skyscrapers went this was a fairly average one.

Standing at seven hundred and thirty-three meters tall and with a burnished steel exterior, the building had the appearance of an enormous missile in the sun but at night the building was just a dark mass that blocked the stars from view.

One of the unique features of the building's construction was the fact that it had been entirely constructed around an enormous empty shaft that ran from the lobby all the way to the roof so at any time it was possible to look at the sky from the lobby just by looking up. The real marvel however had been the dome of solid glass that gave an unobstructed view of the sky at the top of the shaft.

Architects called the building beautiful, tourists called it awe inspiring, accident prone employees whose only prevention from tumbling to the ground was a waist high glass and steel barrier called it a death trap.

Tonight, the current occupants of the building came up with a new name: a battleground.

Somewhere near the seventy fifth floor two woman raced through the abandoned hallway, their shoes making a rhythmic sound on the carpeted floor as they both ran faster than they had ever run before.

Can't let her get away.

Kim Possible was a woman with a mission as she followed her target as she raced through the hallway of the Bueno Nacho Headquarters.

Behind her in the control room she heard the sounds of her escape and ensuing chaos as Eric the Synthodrone organized a response to catch her.

"STOP HER!" Eric's voice echoed throughout the interior of the empty building and Kim heard the sound of other Synthodrones racing to complete the order of Eric.

"BRING HER TO-" Eric's voice was cut off as the sound of a scuffle broke out inside the control room and Kim smiled as she heard Ron break free and join the fight.

Looking down the hallway, Kim saw the flash of green and black she was chasing zip around a corner with cat like grace and dexterity.

Putting on an additional burst of speed, Kim turned the sharp corner but felt her Super Suit struggle to find a grip on the smooth floor wooden floor of the Bueno Nacho Corporate Tower. Her footing slipped only a bit but it was enough for Kim to slam into the waist high guard rails, the decorative glass plating behind it forming spider web cracks in protest.

Kim's sapphire eyes watched in horror as the cracks formed and spread on the glass from her impact and she made a mental note to watch her footing in the future as another misstep would lead to her tumbling several hundred feet to her death.

She turned back to her pursuit but barely had time to register Shego's fist that was already racing towards her head.

The blow caught Kim right between the eyes in a classic sucker punch and she felt her feet leave the floor as the force of the punch dropped her to the slick wooden floors where she slid several meters, her suit squeaking loudly as she slid.

Kim came to a stop as she slammed back into the decorative glass barrier and heard another nerve wrenching crack, her heart stopping in terror as more spider webs appeared in the glass. For a brief moment Kim only saw stars but quickly shook the feeling clear as she reacted on instinct, blocking the kick that was coming from Shego to her midsection.

Kim caught the kick with her hands and twisted at the caught foot in an effort to throw Shego off balance.

Kim rose to a kneeling position as she held Shego's leg and with a malicious grin, bent the caught leg at an unnatural angle and Kim heard her foe cry out in anguish.

So she wrenched the leg even more.

"That was for tricking me with Eric!" Kim shouted angrily.

Shego retaliated with another fist to the face and she felt her grip on the leg loosen in response.

The loosening of the leg was enough and with a great heave, Shego kicked with her free leg and launched herself into the air, even as Kim struggled to finish the twist.

Shego spun in the air under Kim's direction, nothing more than a swirl of neon green and black and for a moment, Kim was enthralled with the spinning.

A kick to the face from her spinning, green foe instantly erased Kim's captivation and she stumbled back, readying herself for Shego's next attack.

Only it never came.

Shego landed on the ground in front of Kim with hardly a sound and smiled at Kim who massaged her jaw and wiped away at her bloody lip.

Shego stalked around Kim who slowly rose to her feet as a lion stalks a wounded gazelle: confidence, understanding, knowledge that no matter what happened in the next few minutes she had won.


Lightning flashed through the sky, the light casting an unearthly glow on the inside of Bueno Nacho headquarters. The shadows from countless diablos were cast on those inside but to Kim and Shego nothing mattered but each other.

"Nice move back there Princess," Shego taunted, "that leg twist was a thing of beauty."

Kim's eyes narrowed and she silently brushed a strand of brown hair from her vision, her sapphire eyes taking everything in silently.

"What? No comeback?" Shego pressed as she sauntered around Kim, her plasma igniting and extinguishing every couple of seconds, "most of the time we fight you can't wait to give me some sort of speech or appeal to my good nature."


"Is this going to be a new thing for you? The no talking bit? Because it is hard for me to work with that," Shego said, the confidence slowly being replaced with caution as she realized Kim's demeanor had changed. Instead of the focused teen that had constantly foiled the plans of super villains, here stood a woman who appeared world weary, angry but most importantly of all: hell bent on revenge.


Lightning flickered through the darkened building again as Shego saw the glint in Kim's eyes transform into a cold gaze.

Shego felt terror seize her soul as the realization came to her. She'd seen that look multiple times whenever she had faced the lowlife criminals or rogue super villain: the look of death. Kim Possible was going to kill her.

"Who…" Shego paused, unsure of what to say, "who are you?"


Lightning tore across the sky and Shego suddenly saw what had been in front of her the entire time. It was a tiny thing, something that on the surface shouldn't have meant a thing but now with the lightning flash revealing the world for what it really was, it meant everything.

Kim Possible's hair was brown and her eyes were blue.

Kim paused, her breath coming in gasps, "do you know how hard it is trying to keep up with you?" She took another deep breath as thunder sounded from outside. "I mean, even if you do manage to stop me, take out the Synthodrones," as if on cue, several Synthodrones appeared around the two women, "and even if you make it to the roof, there is no way you're going to stop all those Diablos."

Shego eyed the Synthodrones nervously, wondering what was going on, "Princess?"

Kim leaned back against the guardrail, a cruel smile gracing her face as she flicked a loose strand of hair that obscured her vision, "Synthodrones," the cold yellow eyes looked to Kim, "Kill her."

As one the Synthodrones launched themselves at Shego. The first one to reach her threw a right hook but Shego ducked under the blow and blasted a hole of super-heated plasma through the Synthodrone and into the one standing behind it.

Another Synthodrone swept at Shego with a jab but Shego grabbed the Synthodrone by the arm and used it to pull him closer before using that momentum to swing the Synthodrone around and slamming him into another Synthodrone.

The two synthetic creatures collided with a thunk and collapsed to the floor. Shego turned and readied herself for the next onslaught.


All eyes turned to Kim who leaned against the cracked railing as if this was an everyday occurrence for her.

"Bring me her gloves when you're finished," Kim said with an almost bored tone.

No movement.

"Carry on," Kim said in a casual tone and a wave of her hand that suggested that this was as trivial as discussing the weather.

Before another blow was thrown at Shego, the raven haired woman launched herself at Kim and slammed into the teenager.

The glass cracked even more.

Kim responded with a fury of blows that for a moment put Shego back on the defensive as she had never encountered a fighting style like this from Kim before. The moment of defensiveness passed and Shego quickly countered with a fist covered with superheated plasma to Kim's midsection.

The super suit protected Kim's body from the heat but the force of the plasma blast lifted Kim off the ground and carried her through the protective barrier and out into the empty space beyond.

As she fell, Kim pointed at Shego with her right hand and milliseconds later, a grappling hook and wire flew from the hidden pouch in wrist of her super suit and hooked onto Shego.

Shego barely had time to register the hook latching onto her jumpsuit before her feet she was pulled her toward the edge of the expanse.

Shego pulled at the twin strands of cable attached to her chest and with a groan she heaved back to counter Kim's weight that now hung dangerously in the expanse.


Shego's feet slipped as a Synthodrone's fist connected with the back of her head and for several moments, Shego could only see stars as she stumbled around aimlessly as Kim dangled hundreds of meters above the ground, every step by Shego shaking the teen hero dangerously.

Shego regained her composure and ducked under another approaching blow that barely missed her head. The synthodrone screamed in terror as Shego shouldered it in the chest and sent the drone flying over the edge.

Shego tugged at the wires embedded in her suit but discovered that the wires were firmly latched onto her suit and only with a wire cutter would she be able to remove the wires.

A movement in the corner of her eye alerted Shego to a pair of approaching Synthodrones and Shego released her grip on the wires to punch the first synthodrone through the chest and out the creature's back. Without missing a beat, she ignited her plasma and blasted the partner in the arm, the cut in the Synthodrone's arm instantly spewing green goo onto the ground as the synthetic creation lurched around before finally collapsing to the ground.

With a wet sucking sound accompanying her movements, Shego pulled her arm from the Synthodrone's body but before she could make a move, she felt a familiar tug from the wires attached to her jumpsuit.

She leaned back in a desperate effort to stave off Kim's tugging but her feet slipped on the green synthetic goo that covered the floor and made the hardwood floor slicker than a sheet of ice.

Shego let out a grunt as her feet slid out from under her; however that grunt soon transformed into a scream as she felt her body being pulled toward the edge that Kim had gone over mere moments before.

Shego grabbed at the edges of the hole punched through the glass but felt her hands slip and with a cry of anguish, Shego was pulled from the ledge and out into space.

The two women fell, tethered together as the grappling hook connected Shego to Kim and the air whipped past their bodies.

Seeing this, Kim pulled roughly on the rope and yanked Shego toward her as they fell through the expansive building and toward the lobby below.

Shego flew towards Kim but was stopped as Kim's fist lanced out and caught Shego in the jaw.

The force spun from the punch spun Shego away but a few seconds later Shego had corrected herself mid fall.

Shego angled her hands away from Kim and launched plasma behind her, the force carrying her straight to Kim. Kim was ready for the assault and caught Shego and together the two women grappled as the ground rushed to greet them.

Shego held Kim in a closed embrace, trapping the teen's arms to her side and as Kim struggled Shego reeled back before slamming her head down into Kim's forehead, instantly knocking Kim senseless

Shego reached out a glove hand for Kim but her foe batted it away, the act separating the two from reach.

Kim looked down and seeing the distance to the ground angled her body so she was now falling feet first. Kim pulled at the cable connecting her to Shego and the cable instantly detached from Kim's arm, the silver cord suddenly dangled uselessly in the air.

Holding her hands out to stabilize her fall, the soles of Kim's boots ignited with twin streams of flame and she launched upwards faster than the eye could follow.

Shego let out a curse at Kim's departure but her mind shifted back to the matter at hand: how to survive a seven hundred and fifty foot fall.

The ground was mere seconds away from them when Shego ignited her hands and blasted twin streams of plasma at the ground, the force slowing her fall enough that she slammed into the the lobby floor with a dull thud that knocked her senseless.

Kim applied more speed to her super suit's flight feature and punched through the glass dome at the top of the Bueno Nacho headquarters, the glass dome instantly shattering into countless pieces. Instantly Kim's heads up display was filled with numerous contacts as Diablos filled the night sky. For a moment Kim simply watched in awe as Drakken's Diablos flew through the stormy skies.

The sheer scale of his invasion chilled Kim as she hovered in the air and she shook her head at how well the plan had come together.

Against all odds Drakken had pulled off the impossible and now world domination was mere hours away.

His dream was about to come true.

Kim sighed, just a few more hours and when Drakken had won, she'd kill Drakken and take the power. Nothing else mat-

Kim froze as her suit picked up an audible groan from Shego's limp body.

How in the world did she survive that fall? Kim asked herself and instantly cursed herself for not ensuring Shego died in the fall.

Kim angled her body and flew away, she was going to find Shego and end this once and for all.

Shego brushed at her body, clearing away dust and debris that she had accumulated from her fall and after brushing away enough to where she felt semi clean, she looked for where the little princess had fled to.

Shego's eyes were drawn upwards to a hole in the glass dome at the top of the building and she realized that Kim had flown through the glass and could now be anywhere.

With a sigh, Shego realized she had no choice but to pursue Kim. Even if Kim was acting a bit more dangerous than usual, she still had to do fight the cheerleader.

After all, what choice did she have?

"None whatsoever," Shego answered as she walked across the empty lobby and pushed the button for the elevator.

April 8th, 2005 A.D.

Middleton, Colorado

8:57 P.M.


The door to the elevator dinged open and Shego walked briskly onto the empty roof of the Bueno Nacho headquarters.


A bolt of lightning arced across the sky, instantly transforming the darkest night into the brightest day.


The clap of thunder followed the lightning mere milliseconds after the flash of light but that flash had been more than enough for Shego to see what was before her.

Kim Possible stood defiantly in the center of the rooftop, the wind whipping her hair back even as the rain plastered strands of her hair to her forehead. Behind her, the boiling rainclouds filled the sky, with not a single Diablo to be seen.

Another bolt of lightning filled the sky and the arc behind Kim gave her an almost godlike appearance.

Seeing Shego on the rooftop, Kim let out a laugh and held up her hand palm out as an electronic whine was heard.


"Oh son of a-" Shego cursed as a beam of light erupted from Kim's hand towards her adversary.


The rooftop instantly lit up in a neon sapphire glow, tinting Kim's white super suit a lighter shade of blue but she had little time to process the color change as Shego countered with a blast that hissed past her face, the heat of the plasma singeing several loose hairs and instantly evaporating the raindrops it encountered.

Kim launched herself away from the plasma even as another burst of plasma hissed through the air.


Kim angled her dive and came up into a roll as she slid on the rooftop now slick with falling rain.

A superheated bolt of plasma impacted the roof directly in front of Kim but by some miracle the plasma failed to ignite Kim along with the rest of the roof.

Instead, the metal instantly became hot to the touch and the teenager rolled away through a puddle, the water splashing into the air as Kim squirmed away from the blast.

Unseen by anyone but the Creator a single water droplet defied gravity and fell up into the sky.

Kim rolled onto her hands and knees before springing up into a jump that allowed her to get back on her feet.

Before Kim could get her bearings Shego was upon her with a right cross to the face.

Kim ducked away and came back with both palms raised and pointed towards Shego.


Shego dove out of the way as twin beams of light raced past her. She slid along the wet rooftop and came up with Plasma blazing.

Another raindrop defied gravity.

Kim vaulted herself into the air, the plasma bolts rocketing beneath her.

Shego shook off the headache even as the pain increased to the point of crippling her.

Kim's vault spun her around and as she fell back to Earth she fired blindly at Shego with her palms.


Kim landed on the slick roof but her foot slid out from her and she went sprawling on the wet ground. Before she could move Shego was on her, fists moving faster than the eye could follow.

For several seconds Shego was able to keep Kim on the defensive and that knowledge caused her headache to lessen in pain.

Shego ignited the plasma in her hands and prepared to bring them down on Kim's unprotected face but Kim grabbed Shego by the wrists and held the olive skinned woman's hands in place.

For what felt like an eternity Kim and Shego struggled over the plasma hands but after several seconds, Shego slowly forced her hands down towards Kim's face.

Kim struggled against the woman above her and her eyes danced around in panic as she struggled to escape.

And then it came to her.


Kim's boots ignited with flame and the teenager's body slid out from Shego's grasp and further down the wet roof top.

Shego went sprawling as Kim rocketed away. She pulled her face out of a puddle and pushed herself into a kneeling position.

Shego spat water out of her mouth as she looked down the roof and saw Kim rise shakily to her feet as a mixture of smoke and steam rose from her body.

They both eyed each other up and lurched awkwardly towards each other, both fighting the pain that echoed from their muscles.

As they closed the distance between each other, Kim held up her palms towards Shego the blue light lit up Shego. At the same time, Shego ignited her plasma and kept herself ready to throw.

As the two women circled each other with hands at the ready, Kim's hands glowing blue and Shego's hands glowing green, neither one noticed the rain suddenly stopping as if a switch had been thrown.

"Your move," Kim taunted, the last raindrop landing with a plop on her shoulder.

"You first," Shego responded as she shook off the headache that had just returned.


The lightning that ripped open the sky illuminated the rooftop and in that instant everything changed.


Both women dove fore cover as a biplane descended from the clouds and opened fire upon them, the twin guns unleashing a constant stream of lead on the women as they dove to cover.

Even before the biplane had finished firing, a sleek space craft hissed through the sky and sliced through the biplane in a ball of flame before turning its laser guns on another space ship that materialized out of thin air.

Before Kim and Shego's eyes the sky suddenly filled with every manner of aircraft. From Biplanes to space stations, the sky became a traffic jam as an entire history's worth of aircraft appeared over the Earth without prompting or warning.

The two women watched in awe as a flying aircraft carrier materialized over Middleton, moments later fighters poured out of the carrier and into the crowded night sky.

The larger craft instantly cut through the smaller craft as the tumultuous sky ran out of room and the two women watched in a mixture of horror and confusion as the rain turned to fire that fell upon the Earth.


Shego and Kim looked at each other momentarily before they both raced to the edge of the building. The previous cry gave birth to another unearthly cry that erupted from the base of the building.

Before Kim and Shego made it to the edge of the building, a Pterodactyl swooped up the side of the building before vanishing into the sky.

Both women stopped and looked at each other to make sure the other had seen it. A quiet nod from the other and the women approached the side of the building cautiously and looked down.

At the base of the Bueno Nacho headquarters an entire herd of Brontosaurus milled around in confusion as Roman soldiers formed battle formations in Middleton. As the Romans formed lines nine foot tall green space aliens charged the Romans and moments later a full scale skirmish between Romans and aliens was taking place on the streets of Middleton.

Kim squinted her eyes and saw a giant silver space disc roam the city with hardly a care for the inhabitants. As they watched the craft, it sliced through a building and the the tower collapsed in a cacophony of sound and twisted metal.

Kim looked at Shego, "What's going on?" she asked, their prior fight forgotten momentarily.

Shego shook her head the pain from her headache growing steadily, "I don't know."

Kim held up her palm to Shego's head, the blue glow returning, "How did Drakken do this?"

Shego's hand instantly glowed with plasma and she turned it to Kim, "I told you: I don't know."

Kim gestured around with her free hand, "You mean to tell me that Drakken brings all this here and-"

The plasma in Shego's hand flared momentarily, blinding Kim, "I told you, Drakken had nothing to do with this."

Kim opened her mouth to retort but instantly shut it as the sound of Nothing tore everything apart.

IT was the loudest sound anyone had ever and yet the most silent sound ever heard.

IT was peace and IT was chaos.

Madness and calm.

The hurricane and the eye at the same time.

Both women dropped to their knees as water droplets rose into the air and the sky ripped open with a horrible sound.

Kim, Shego and the entirety of creation looked up into the sky torn asunder and stared into the eye of IT.

You couldn't describe IT for IT had no features.

And yet its features displayed ITs purpose clearly to all.

Kim turned to Shego for any idea on what to do but the raven haired woman had collapsed. Kim picked up Shego and held her close, the only indicator of life in Shego was the weak breath she took every couple of seconds.

Silence reigned for the briefest of moments as IT studied all of creation.

If IT had a mouth, IT would have smiled as IT surveyed the domain.

Kim pulled Shego's limp body other close into a hug and screamed in anguish as IT fell from the sky and set about its gruesome task.


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