16) Under no circumstances is a Creator allowed to stop their work halfway through unless they have notified those that will be affected by the stop.
Exceptions to this include extenuating circumstances outside of the Creation.

July 9th, 2012
Los Angeles, California
7:05 P.M.

Something was wrong.

The Creator leaned forward in his chair and stared silently at the computer before him.

"No," he whispered, unsure of what he was seeing, "There are too many variables."

"T?" he heard Wolf call to him from the hallway, "Are you OK in there?"

He turned to the open door that led to his Beta, "Wolf I can't do it," he shook his head as he struggled for a path, "There's too much going on."

She appeared in his door frame, "Are you their Creator?" She paused, "Or aren't you?"

He was silent and turned from her back to his computer, "But I can't do this. It's simply too much-"

"You've created entire worlds from nothing and now you're scared of a little battle for her? You created that paradise all those years ago and now?" Wolf asked slowly, "Now you're scared of killing her?"

He couldn't voice an answer so he just nodded.

She knew this extended beyond simple writer's block and knelt by his side, "I know you're scared of going through with her death, but if anyone can do it you can."

He nodded silently and stared ahead blankly at his computer screen without seeing a thing.

She rose from her position and patted him softly on the shoulder, "Sometimes you have to do things you don't like," she searched for something inspirational to say to him before it hit her, "What is it you always say? 'For the Greater Good?'" she laughed, "Just treat this situation like that and kill Kim Possible."

He nodded silently as Wolf left and when she was out of hearing he snapped to work, "Some things have to end," he paused and opened a file, "But not Kim," he cracked his knuckles nervously and set to work, "Not today."

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
5:53 P.M.






Warm liquid splattered across her face.



"SNIPERS! GET OUT OF THE DERRICK!" She heard herself screaming as energy bolts sizzled past her head and melted the sides of her derrick.


A synthodrone's empty corpse was trampled foot.


A bolt of energy came so close to her head she felt her hair move.

Rain soaked decks that were now flowing with syntho-goo and blood.


"MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!" She shouted over the storm.

The sounds of battle were nothing new to Betty Director but that didn't mean she enjoyed them.

Or that they were any easier to adjust to.

Betty felt a hand on her shoulder that pulled her away from the wall and less than a second later a yellow orb had punched through the solid steel wall and straight on through to the expanse beyond.


Another glowing dart of energy passed through the open doors and sliced into an Eric Synthodrone. Instantly a hole appeared in his chest and he fell to the ground as syntho-goo poured out of him.


Another dart jetted into the derrick and another drone fell to the ground.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Betty shouted above the noise, "FIND COVER!"

As one, the group surged forward even as countless darts of energy flew towards them.

Seeing this, Betty dropped to the ground and the darts flew overhead and sliced into her drones, cutting them down and almost eliminating half her squad in a matter of seconds.

Betty stood to her feet even as she realized that she was the last one in the derrick and was about to move forward with her troops but a series of energy darts hissed through the metal bulkhead in front of her. She launched herself back even as more sliced into the deck she had been standing in only moments before.

"KEEP DOWN YOU IDIOT!" an Eric shouted from next to her even as he draped an arm over her to protect his Creator.


The Synthodrone deflated as a dart of energy cut into him and he leaked out onto the derrick.

Betty quickly began dodging the energy blasts that chased her and only by the grace of the Creator did the energy darts miss her.

"KEEP MOVING! GET TO COVER!" she shouted to the drones as she scrambled over the empty husk of a syntho drone.

Looking up she realized it was a pointless command as the remaining drones and last remnants of humanity had already made it to a meter high wall that had been primarily used by the Lowardians to keep from tumbling off but now made adequate defense. Most of her forces had already taken refuge behind the wall and were shooting blindly over the top of the wall in a vain hope of striking a Lowardian.


An electro-dart buried itself in the space between her legs and she stared in amazement as the tiny dart just missed her.


Another dart later and the novelty of near misses was forgotten as Betty rolled back behind a hunk of metal that concealed her body and she fought the urge to panic even as the screams of soldiers, her soldiers, echoed around her.

Betty slid up the metal and craned her neck just to catch a peek over the metal shielding her from the energy blasts. She needed to see what was going on and in an instant saw everything going on.

Her troops were pinned down by several snipers that continued to shoot blasts of energy at a tiny meter high wall at the edge of the wall. Unlike the derricks, this wall was made of some kind of concrete that only seemed to absorb the blasts of energy when hit. For the moment, Betty knew that wall was a safe place to be but Betty knew that those snipers were only used to keep her soldiers down until reinforcements arrived.

More specifically, reinforcements with bigger guns.

When those reinforcements arrived Betty knew that wall everyone was hiding behind would be as useful as an umbrella in a hurricane.

"COVERING FIRE!" she shouted above the cacophony of gunfire and explosions and instantly the synthodrone and human forces near her started to fire around the over the wall. The snipers ducked as supersonic pieces of metal slammed into the walls around them although a few lucky shots found their targets and more than one Lowardian suddenly found themselves missing an appendage or two.

Under the cover of her troops, Betty ducked from behind the cover and half crouched and half sprinted from the derrick to the relative safety of the wall with her forces.

A synthodrone crouched over the wall and before Betty's eyes the rifle in the synthodrone's hand transformed from a machine gun to a long barreled sniper rifle. The collection of synthetic and green goo sighted down the rifle and pulled the trigger three times.

Before the drone could duck back beneath the wall an energy dart hissed through the air and sliced open its arm. Within seconds the drone was nothing more than an empty shell of synthetic flesh.

Betty ignored the darts of energy that zipped past her head and dropped to the ground in a slide that transformed into a roll as she neared the wall.

She came to a stop next to Will and shouted over the sounds of battle to her second in command, "WE HAVE TO KEEP MOVING!"

He nodded and leaned over the wall to fire randomly, his gun clanking loudly with each round fired.

"DO YOU HAVE A PLAN?" he shouted back as a Synthodrone behind him rose to fire at the approaching Lowardian defense but was instantly brought back to the ground with its head gone.

Betty looked around the wall her forces were crouched behind and saw that almost her entire army was pinned down.

A series of several Lowardians were making an effective defense against her forces and in an instant Betty had a plan.

"YORI COME IN!" she shouted into her radio as a dart of yellow energy blasted above her position.

"This is Yori," her radio crackled.


"With pleasure Director-San," Yori replied in an almost calm tone, "ETA is two minutes."

Betty switched off her radio and clutched her gun tightly as a large energy blast slammed against the tiny wall and blew a hole through their protection. Instantly large chunks of concrete were tossed into the air and bounced around the wall like shrapnel.

Still crouched next to Betty, Will shook off the explosion with a wave of his hand, "Betty," he said loudly as another section of wall exploded, "I'm going to level with you."

Betty looked up at Will, "I hate it when you level with me."

"It's going to be a long two minutes," he answered and after head nod from Betty they both rose and started firing over their little section of wall.

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
5:53 P.M.

Warhok paced in his command chamber as he watched the battle before him unfold via a holographic projector that showed everything on the battlefield. While he was wondering why a tiny band of those humans had broken away from the main assault and were instead pushing towards a seemingly unoccupied part of Paris, he wasn't worried enough to send more than a few troops after them to find out why.

His attention shifted focus to the main wall and how the humans with their coordinated efforts were slowly pushing into his city.

"I WANT FIGHTERS IN THE AIR!" He shouted across his command center and from across the chamber, a Lowardian pressed a command and a new alarm echoed in the city.

Warhok didn't even acknowledge the alarm as Lowardians raced to meet Yamonuchi jump jets in the sky.

"SOLDIERS ON THE GROUND," he thundered into a microphone that instantly echoed inside each and every Lowardian ear in Paris, "YOU ARE NOT TO LET THESE HUMANS GAIN ACCESS TO THE CITY! EVEN IF IT MEANS YOUR OWN DEATH YOU DO NOT RETREAT."

He clicked off the microphone as a subordinate ran up to him, "Lord Warhok," the Lowardian that would have passed for an analyst on Earth spoke, "We have analyzed their attack strategy and as of yet we still have no idea what their plan of this attack is."

"THEIR PLAN?" Warhok turned on the unfortunate Lowardian and spun the young analyst around so they were both facing the holographic projector, "IT'S SIMPLE," he pointed at a blinking dot in the city, "THEY'VE COME TO RECLAIM THEIR WARRIOR AND THE MACHINE THAT WE'VE CAPTURED."

It was silent in the command center as the analyst struggled to formulate a counterattack based around that, "Your orders Lord Warhok?"

Warkhok was silent for a contemplative moment before nodding slowly, "MOVE THE PRISONER NEXT TO THE MACHINE. I DON'T WANT ANYTHING HAPPENING TO EITHER ONE."

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:03 P.M.

Felix felt Kim's hand tugging at him, shaking him awake.

He blinked drunkenly as his wife continued to shake him and slowly his vision returned.

"I'm up," he said groggily and sat up in a stupor.

Josh Mankey crouched over him, a light shining in Felix's face as he checked his eyes, "He's good," he shouted to Kim as he gave her a thumbs up, "No concussion."


He ducked back down as blasts of electricity ripped through the room the team was taking cover in.

Kim craned her neck above the wall and quickly pulled back as a bolt of energy zipped past her face.

"How bad is it?" Felix asked as he leaned up on his elbows.

"Remember the Diablos?" she asked.

A short nod.

"Worse," Kim reached an arm over the wall and opened her palm.


Kim's arm flew up as a stream of blue electricity burst from her hand and a Lowardian screamed from across the street.

"So it's just like Berlin?" Felix asked with a laugh.

Kim looked at him with a blank expression.

His laugh died, "I guess you had to be there."

"Clearly," she murmured as she fired another blast over the wall.

Bonnie appeared at his side, a nasty cut on her cheek, "They've got us pinned," she looked at Kim expectantly, "What do we do?"

Felix looked into Bonnie's eyes, "Can you reach Betty?"

Bonnie nodded, her aquamarine eyes never leaving Felix's, "Of course."

Felix looked across the abandoned shop towards the Arc de Triomphe as he thought about his next move.

"Tell her we can hit Warhok."

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:05 P.M.

The Angel of Death had descended onto this battle once again in the form of Yori Stoppable. In her Yamanouchi Hover Jet, Yori was a grim reaper that easily called ended the life of any warrior that she saw fit. With her wing man Hirotaka, they were an unstoppable combo and they easily weaved their way through the anti aircraft fire that was coming from the ground.

The rest of Yori's forces were not as lucky. Truth be told, she had lost a significant number of pilots that now left her with around half the number she had started with.

"Red group get on my six," Yori spoke quickly, her blood racing in a battle lust, "I'm going to go in first and draw their fire, I want you to come from behind and clear out the forces," she banked sharply to the left as a barrage of energy blasts erupted from the surface, "Understood?"

She heard the replies from her followers and yanked the control stick hard to the right and lined herself up for her attack run.

"Steady," she called out over the radio more than anything it was just to keep her nerves calm as alarms echoed in her cockpit as thousands of energy darts rose into the sky to greet her.

Pushing her craft forward, Yori prayed silently that none of those energy blasts would hit her craft.

The Creator heard her prayer and miraculously none of the blasts touched her craft although a few came close enough to char the paint on the side of her craft.

Yori cast a furtive glance below her and saw the Lowardians firing at her were suddenly caught in a storm of metal and fire as the aircraft behind her tore into the Lowardians with their guns, missiles and anything else they were carrying on board.

Yori let out a breath she hadn't realized that she'd been holding and saw Betty Director's forces rise from their position on the wall and start to move deeper into the city of Paris.

"Thank you Yori," her radio crackled as Betty's voice filled the cabin.

Yori waggled her wings in response and returned to the task at hand as she performed a perfect barrel roll that left her facing a large glass building and without a second thought she dropped her bombs on the enormous structure and watched with a contented smile as the Grand Palais collapsed to the ground in a demolished pile of rubble.

Yori glanced behind her at the enormous dust cloud that formed from the collapsed building and continued to watch as the dust turned to mud in the late afternoon sky and turned back to flying just in time to see-


Twin beams of pure golden energy lanced past her cockpit and Yori jerked her craft out of the way while the craft behind her tried their best to evade the incoming laser fire.

Yori's eyes flashed downward at where the energy blasts had come from and they widened in shock as she saw Lowardians wearing jet packs rising into the sky. In each one's hands were energy staffs that launched a mixture of thin darts of energy and enormous blobs of energy.

As Yori and the rest of Yamanouchi soon found out, the thin darts cut through the glass of their cockpits and instantly would slice any of the occupants inside into a bloody mess before any attempt at evasion could be made. The blobs of energy were even worse as upon impact they instantly shorted out the jump jet's electrical systems and would cause the craft to spiral helplessly out of control until smashing to pieces on the ground.

After watching the third fighter fall powerless to the ground Yori called out over the radio, "Don't worry about the people on the ground-" she was cut off as she performed a barrel roll and blasted a Lowardian at close range with the mini gun strapped beneath the nose of her aircraft.


Instantly the alien was turned into a cloud of red mist that was soon lost in the rain.

She clicked her radio back on, "-They can fight without our aid."

"Understood," Yori's wing man confirmed as he sidled up next to her while spewing forth an enormous amount of bullets at an approaching Lowardian.

Miraculously, every bullet missed the Lowardian and instead the Yamanouchi aircraft ran into the alien. Instead of bouncing off the craft like a piece of garbage or a bird, the Lowardian clung to the nose of the jump jet in the process however the creature lost its weapon.

"Hirotaka," Yori called out over the mic, "You've got one on your nose."

The reply was instantaneous, "Really Stoppable-San? I hadn't noticed."

Yori ignored the sarcasm from her wing man and instead maneuvered her craft below Hirotaka's, "Stay still Hiro," Yori ordered as she sighted down her craft's gun, "I'm going to shoot him off for you."

"Negative Yori," Hiro replied hastily, "I'm going to shake him off."

Hiro's craft started to bob and weave across the sky, traveling straight up into the sky before plummeting to the ground in a spiral. Pulling up at the last second, Hiro found himself skimming the surface of Paris's streets with less than a meter separating him from the ground and before the Lowardian could tighten its grip, Hiro yanked the craft back into a climb.

"Is he gone Yori?" Hiro asked over the radio.

"No," Yori replied as she squinted at the Lowardian. It appeared to be fumbling with something on its belt but before she could figure out what it was, the creature had fished out a pistol shaped device.

The Lowardian fired aimlessly at a passing building with the gun and Yori saw a cable fire out from the Lowardian's gun. Before she could send a warning, the alien wrapped the cable and gun around Hiro's nose mounted mini gun and simply let go of the jump jet and fell to the ground below.

"Hiro," Yori said, unsure of what she just saw as she pulled up next to her wing man, "It just let go."

She heard Hiro let out a sigh of relief, "That's great, for a second there-"


Even inside her cockpit, Yori could here the audible twang as the cable connecting the Lowardian gun connecting the ground to the plane snapped tight and pulled the nose off Hiro's jump jet, tearing the metal back and exposing the pilot to the elements.

Instantly the craft was torn into two with the back half still traveling forward as the front section was pulled to the ground in a tangled mess of debris. Yori's last image of Hiro was a genuinely shocked look upon his face just moments before his cockpit met the ground and exploded into a massive fireball.

"All craft, all craft," Yori called out over the radio, "Do not let them touch you. I repeat do not let the Lowardians touch you."

Switching her radio off, Yori said a silent prayer for Hiro before she spun her craft around and allowed the blood lust to guide her movements.

The Angel of Death still had souls to collect and it planned to use Yori for as long as possible.

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:10 P.M.

Betty stuck her gun up over the wall and fired blindly beyond.

Somewhere nearby a Lowardian screamed in pain as her rounds blasted a hole through it.

An explosion resounded from close by and Betty watched as Will reappeared by her side, dropping into a slide as he neared her.

"THE OTHER SQUADS ARE PINNED DOWN BY SNIPERS!" He shouted over the firing guns.

Betty cursed under her breath and held a hand to her ear, instantly connecting her to a group of Erics, "MORTAR SUPPORT COME IN!"

"This is Mortar support, go ahead," came the report eerily calm.

An explosion shook the wall she hid behind and Betty shook her head to clear dust that had clouded her vision, "WE NEED FIRE SUPPORT ON OUR POSITION!

"LET'S GO!" she shouted during a lull in the firing as she and Will vaulted over the wall.

Thump Thump Thump

Betty sprinted across open ground as energy burst sliced past her head. She vaulted over a pile of rubble even as explosions resounded from around her, gray clouds of mud and debris rising into the air before being flung around in deadly shrapnel.

Looking forward Betty saw some cover and dropped into a slide, coming to a stop with her back against pitted concrete.

She saw movement in her peripheral vision and spun around with her gun drawn-

"Felix says he is in position!" he shouted as he held Betty's gun in check.

Betty smiled grimly at her Lieutenant, "He's in the middle of an all out assault asking for authorization?!"

Will looked at her expectantly.

Betty shook her head, "Tell Felix he and Kim are authorized for anything they need."

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:13 P.M.

"We've got the all clear!" Felix reported to Kim.

Kim raised her hand above the wall before and a burst of electricity lanced out.

"Why are we supposed to be excited about this?" she asked as the mud in front of their wall exploded violently.

Kim looked out over the wall and saw a group of Lowardians firing relentlessly from across the street.

Felix rose up and fired from the laser cannons that rose from his wrists.


Fire and energy met in a violent exchange that leveled part of a building across the street.

He ducked back down as the firing resumed, "Zita! How much space do you need?"

Zita's voice yelled from across the room as she stripped out of her Centurion Suit, leaving her wearing only a skin tight jumpsuit, "Ideally, eighty meters," Kim could almost hear her doing mental calculations in a span of seconds, "The very least we need is seventy meters."

Felix shot a furtive glance over the wall towards the Arc de Triomphe, "I can give you forty."

"It'll have to do," Zita took a deep breath and nodded to the rest of the squad, "I'm ready when you are."

Felix called out to the entire squad, "All right, here's the plan: We pin the Lowardians down with covering fire and Zita," he took a breath as all eyes turned to her, "you do your thing."

Kim saw the nervous smile grace Zita's face but she quickly forgot about it as Felix rose to his feet with a battle cry.

Instantly the store front lit up as laser blasts poured from the group. The Lowardians crouched behind cover as the assault was too great to stand before.

"NOW ZITA!" Felix shouted over the battle and with hardly a sound Zita vanished into the desolation that was Paris.

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:17 P.M.

Zita gasped as she sprinted through the debris, passing cream colored shops as she ran down a cobblestone road towards the Arc.

"When I get back, I'm joining Barkin's Physical Training," she heaved as she felt the rain soak her to her core.

Looking around to make sure there were no Lowardians, Zita pressed her left wrist and prayed there would be enough open space in the street.

She smiled as she felt the familiar tingle of electricity dance over her skin, the rippling of the fabric as it pressed against itself before expanding.

Like a river of water, her suit flowed up over her head, encasing it and making her appear to be wearing a solid black skin suit. The rest of the suit rippled as it began to grow, lifting Zita up until she towered above the street. The suit began to harden and expand outward until the surface of her now expanding suit was stronger than titanium steel.

Zita took a deep breath as the suit pressed outwards even as it secured her in position, forming a walking mechanical suit in the process that stood over twenty feet tall.

A holographic heads up display appeared before Zita's face and instantly highlighted the area surrounding her, cutting through the rain and smoke that Paris had now become.

Movement to her right alerted Zita and her enormous suit spun around with a palm raised.


The Lowardian sneaking up on her was instantly vaporized as the now fully formed Mech Suit blasted the alien into oblivion with a solid stream of blue energy.

"Time to level the playing field," Zita said as she spun her suit around and raced back to the pinned down squad.

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:20 P.M.

"KEEP UP THE FIRE!" Felix shouted as another energy bolt blasted through the store front and ricocheted around the room dangerously.

"How much longer?" Kim asked as she blasted another Lowardian.


The squad clapped a hand over their ears as Zita's mech suit vaulted into the middle of the battle, blasting at every moving thing in sight.

A brave Lowardian fired at Zita, the blast only glancing off the armor before disappearing into the rain. Zita responded by dragging a clawed hand along the ground and scooping a large handful of debris. Before the Lowardian could get out of the way she threw the handful with deadly accuracy.

Several more Lowardians charged the Honduras born woman but she raised a foot and crushed them beneath talon tipped boots.

More shots blasted at Zita but within seconds the aliens were no more as Zita blasted them with her hands.


Slowly, Felix's team exited the store with their weapons at the ready.

"It's all right," Zita called out over the radio, "My scans show the nearest group is three minutes out."

Kim approached the mech and reached out a tentative hand, "Zita?"

The Mech turned to face Kim, "Kim."

Kim's hand touched the cold metal of the mech suit's leg, "Why aren't we attacking with an army of these?"

Zita kneeled down so the torso was at eye level with Kim. Kim took a step back as the torso pulled apart as if by two unseen hands but she quickly stepped forward as the face of Zita appeared, "This is experimental nanotech developed by Wade to make the Centurion Suits better," she shrugged, an action the mech suit mirrored uncannily, "This is our field test of it."

Bonnie pushed past Kim roughly, jostling the woman as she approached Felix, "This is all well and good but what now?"

Felix turned towards the Eiffel Tower in the distance, "We're within range of jumping to the Eiffel Tower," he held up a hand and a holographic map of Paris appeared before everyone, "This is the back entrance to Warhok's base of operations. Once we get inside we'll be up against a majority of his army that hasn't reached the surface yet."

Josh Mankey pointed at the tower, "Is that the only point of entry?"

A nod, "It's the closest point," he tapped the hologram of the Tower and an underground map appeared beneath the Tower, "The good news is we'll be near the Shield Control Room and the Machine," he shook his wrist and the hologram disappeared, "Once inside we split up into two teams and take them down at the same time, rendezvous at the Machine and hitch a ride home."

"With this Kim," Hana Stoppable said as she produced a tiny circle of metal in her hands.

"I didn't say anything," Kim replied.

"You were about to ask how we were going to go home," Hana explained as held the metal circle for all to see, "It is a one way transporter."

"Exactly," Felix nodded, "So that's the plan. Any questions?"

The sound of distant gunfire and rainfall answered him.

"All right," twin rockets appeared on his shoulders, "Let's go."

As one, the entire team including Zita in her mech suit launched into the sky and were soon lost in the storm.

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:25 P.M.

Kim watched the entire city burn below her with an odd sense of detachment. She knew she should be feeling something for these people dying below her but instead she felt nothing but cold detachment.


The voice echoed so loudly in Kim's head she was almost certain that Felix and the rest of her team heard it as well.

Kim's body jerked in response as she was startled and Felix glided up next to her.

"What's going on Kim?" her husband asked in a concerned tone.

Kim shook her head but instantly regretted it as her body shifted in altitude and direction, "I don't know," she answered when she had regained control, "I thought I heard something."

Kim could hear the confusion in Felix's tone, "Do you hear it now?"


"No," Kim answered, "not anymore."

Felix nodded and pointed towards the Eiffell Tower in the middle of the city that had somehow miraculously remained untouched in the entire ordeal.

"Everyone listen up," Felix ordered over the radio, "The Tower below us is our entry point to the machine. We need to land, get in the building and that will take us below the city where they are most likely holding the machine and Shego."

Below them a Yamanouchi jump jet blazed away in a massive explosion as a stream of anti air craft fire rose into the sky.

Felix wasn't even fazed by the explosion but instead bobbed dangerously in the thermal caused by the sudden explosion, "Just remember that machine is our objective. According to our scans it is a back door so expect resistance to be light," he paused as the entire team began their descent towards the ground, "Once on the ground we'll secure the machine. Kim, myself, Tara, and Hana will head for the machine. Josh and Brick will try to find Shego. Monique, Amelia and Ned will head for the shield generator and try to shut it down. As long as that shield is up, no one leaves."

"Any thoughts on how you plan to use them to accomplish that task?" Hana asked over the radio.

Felix was silent for a moment,"You have a plan Stoppable?"

Everyone could almost see the grin on Hana's face as she replied, "Yes, send me."

Kim shook her head, "No way Hana. Do you even have any idea on how to shut down a shield generator?"

"Do you think they do?" Hana asked back, "a Fashionista, a no name and an old fast food manager? You honestly think they have the brains to shut down something like that?" Hana let out a chuckle, "I'd be willing to bet that the highest combined education level is a year of community college."

"W.A.S.L.H." Monique said over the radio.

Silence reigned as everyone tried to figure out what Monique just said.

"We are still listening here," Ned translated.

"Monique I know you're listening to this," Hana replied, "That's why I'm volunteering to go with you."

"No way," Monique piped in, "Hana I don't care what you think you can do, but you are not going with us."

"Can you shut that down Monique?" Kim asked.

"It would just be like when you and Ron would go after one of Drakken's old lairs," she replied with a laugh as the wind and rain whistled past everyone, "Just push the big red button."

Kim felt herself nodding, "All right, then you go with Amelia and Ned and shut down that shield generator," she paused as another fighter exploded beneath the team, "But as soon as you do, get back to the machine."

"No big Kim," Monique laughed over the radio, "just like the good old days."

The ground was racing up towards them and everyone braced themselves for a rough landing.

"Just remember your training and we'll get through this in one piece," Felix gave his last piece of advice before nodding to Kim, "We'll see you on the ground."

Before anyone could confirm Felix's last order they landed on the ground and raced straight into the waiting jaws of the apocalypse.

Moments before Kim's feet hit the muddy streets of Paris, Hana's voice piped just into Kim's radio, "So it begins Destroyer of Universes."

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:35 P.M.

Betty watched as her Synthodrones struggled to take care of the Lowardian resistance but for the most part the Synthodrones were being massacred as even the slightest nick was fatal to the soldiers.

Will appeared from the chaos and slid up next to Betty on the slick ground, "We're holding the wall and we're pushing into the city but we're being torn to bits by snipers."

Betty nodded and peeked over the top of the wall to see Synthodrones finally making their way to the ground. For each meter taken, three Synthodrones gave their digital life.

Betty nodded to Will, "At this rate there won't be any Synthodrones left!"

Her second in command nodded and asked, "They've got us pinned down Betty," he crouched and fired over the wall for a few moments before dropping back to Betty's position, "There's not much we can do."

Betty nodded and fired over the wall at a Lowardian racing towards the Synthodrones with an energy staff.

His upper torso exploded into a cloud of red mist that wafted away in the afternoon rain but Betty paid it no mind as she saw a sight that made her blood run cold.

Reinforcements had arrived.

Unlike the smaller Lowardians that had been sniping at the last remnant of humanity and had effectively kept them at bay for the last couple of minutes, these approaching troops were the true warriors, Lowardians trained for one purpose and one purpose only: To kill or die in battle.

Each Lowardian was covered in an array of battle armor and tribal tattoos that Betty instantly recognized as Warhok's personal body guard.

With the shortest Lowardian towering above the battlefield at an impressive nine feet, Betty knew the rules of the battle had just changed. Strapped to the back of each Lowardian was an energy staff that Betty knew could vaporize anything they fired at and as if to prove her point, several Lowardians broke away from the group before firing into the sky.

Within seconds Yamanouchi jets began to fall from the sky as rubble and burning debris rained down on everyone present.

Even as the Yamanouchi jump jets were being blown to bits, Betty recognized her own problems as the Lowardian reinforcements moved into firing position.

"READY!" a Lowardian commander shouted from somewhere in the ranks.

"Oh crap," Betty murmured.

"AIM!" the voice continued.

"Any plans Betty?" Will asked nervously as he crouched next to her.

"FIRE!" the Lowardian shouted and instantly, hundreds of large energy bolts of deadly energy tore at the rubble the humans and Synthodrones were hiding behind.

July 9th, 2012
Los Angeles, California
7:10 P.M.

The Creator was working at a feverish pace. Each time he changed something, something new cropped up, a new barrier that had to be countered. First it had been Lowardian air units and now it was heavy duty reinforcements.

"Those reinforcements weren't supposed to show up for a few more chapters," he muttered to himself as he typed feverishly, "Actually..." he trailed off as he opened a weather beaten notebook next to his computer and scanned the contents, "they weren't even supposed to show up at all."

He watched the energy bombardment tear into Betty's troops, completely powerless to stop it-

"Oh hello," he said mischievously as he found a way to shift the battle in his favor, "This ought to work."

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:40 P.M.

The yellow blobs of energy ate away at the cover but as if a switch had been thrown, the energy bombardment stopped.

It was at this moment that Betty and her army realized the one fatal flaw and as soon as the Lowardians paused their assault: the energy staffs would need seconds, precious seconds to recharge.

Even before Betty could give the order to counter another soldier stood up and started returning fire.

Standing at six foot seven inches and weighing in at close to 240 pounds of pure muscle, Steve Barkin was already a big man but upon being given a suit of combat armor, the man could hold his own in a hand to hand fight with a Lowardian. He had served for seven years as a Marine in Vietnam and an additional fifteen years in the Central Intelligence Agency Black Projects division before retiring to the Assistant Principal position at Middleton High School. When Lowardia had attacked and Middleton destroyed, he had used his experience to become the quartermaster for the last remnant of humanity. This position came with perks as it had afforded him special privilege in weapon selection.

All of this was a long way to say Steve Barkin was roughly the same size as a Lowardian and he was holding an M134 Minigun.

A slight nod was the only warning the Lowardian army received from Barkin as he pulled the trigger and let loose a solid stream of bullets that sliced through Lowardians faster than they could reload or get out of the way.

Hundreds of rounds poured from the gun as Barkin kept pulling the trigger, not mindful of the shouting from Betty as all his shell casings spat onto her. He swept the minigun from Lowardian to Lowardian as rain popped and sizzled as it evaporated on the rapidly heating spinning barrels, each second Barkin held the trigger down more Lowardians were turned into red mist.

Betty rose to her feet with her gun drawn and could see the look of terror in the Lowardian's eyes as Betty shouted out her next order, "EVERYONE FIRE!"

The entire resistance force joined Barkin in returning fire on the defending Lowardians, their supersonic hunks of aluminum sped towards their targets and cut through the Lowardians like a scythe through grass. Scores of the Lowardians fell dead in their tracks as the resistance pushed deeper into the city.

"SYNTHODRONES FLANK THEM ON THE RIGHT," Stever Barkin pointed to his right as he stopped to issue orders, "HUMANS TAKE THE LEFT! BETTY AND WILL!" the two Global Justice Leaders looked at Barkin expectantly, "YOU TAKE THE HIGH GROUND AND PROVIDE COVER FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!"

Betty stood and along with Will raced towards a stair that Barkin had already scaled that would take them to the Synthodrones and their human counterparts.


The two crouched behind a piece of cover as Lowardians fired back after the assault by Barkin.

"I can see why you married him," Will gasped as he paused to reload his gun.

"You want to talk about this now?" Betty asked angrily in the midst of battle.

"I didn't understand why you wanted to marry him until just now," Will shrugged as he turned to her, "But now I get it."

He patted Betty on the shoulder, "Nice job."

Betty followed Will as they over the top of the cover and Betty struggled to keep up with her second in command but his youthful energy left her lagging further and further behind.

Will stopped by a set of stairs and turned just in time to see a Lowardian with an enormous energy staff drop to one knee and launch its payload at the leader of the assault.

Time slowed to a crawl as Will brought his gun up to shoot and as he pulled the trigger to fire, the alien simultaneously launched a glowing orb of energy at Betty.

The chunk of supersonic aluminum tore into the creature and instantly transformed the creature from a lethal killing machine to a smoking crater. But it was too late, the damage was done: The bolt was rocketing towards Betty with enough force to vaporize a tank.

Will saw the blast of energy and screamed a warning at Betty who turned and saw the energy mere moments before the glowing and pulsating ball of power hit the ground beneath her feet, instantly engulfing her in an explosion and launching her into the air.

Betty suddenly found herself floating through the air lazily as the city of Paris was arrayed out below her.

She watched the city teeming with chaos even as the rain splattered against her falling form.

She heard the wind whistling through what remained of her charred and burning hair as she fell and she was vaguely aware of the ground racing towards her.

She felt a split second burst of cold as her right shoulder landed in the cold and wet mud.

Next she felt the bones on the right side of her body bend and break with a sickening squish. She felt the cold water sting her burning skin and she felt a strange warmth as her blood pooled from the countless cuts and slices across her body and as death came to claim her, Betty Director felt a strange detachment.

Then a soft silence as death claimed her.

December 20th, 2015 A.D.
Paris, France
6:30 P.M.

The mud squelched under Kim's boots as she landed alone in a forgotten alley of Paris. Kim's training as she had performed countless parachute landings before and allowed her body to roll with momentum as she hit the ground.

Coming to a stop midway through the alley, Kim came up with her palm raised and a soft electric whine in the middle of the alley.


She held her hand up for several long seconds, her eyes flicking around as she looked for any threat.

"All clear," she said over her radio.




"Anyone there?"

I've disabled your radio.

Kim jumped at the voice in her skull and she looked around as she thought of a pistol, "Who's that?"

If you want to live through today follow my instructions to the letter the voice commanded as the Kim powered down the energy blaster in her palm.

"Do I have a choice?" Kim asked as she started down the alley.

Not if you want to live to get the machine back, speaking of which the voice cautioned, Fire through that wall to your left at a forty-five degree angle now.

Kim raised her palm and fired through the wall, a Lowardian screamed in pain as Kim's gun vaporized the creature.

Crouch down.

Kim did so just as an energy blast tore a hole through the wall above her.

Take down the partner, back right corner next to the bed.

The voice was cold and calculating as it gave Kim the instructions that she followed.

Don't hesitate when you pull the trigger.

Kim nodded, unsure if the voice could see her and with a battle cry rose up and saw the Lowardian with a shocked look on its face and an energy staff in his hand.

"HUMAN!" it screamed as Kim pulled the trigger.


Kim instantly looked down at her arm in horror as the Super Suit refused to fire, "Um…HELP!"

DROP! The voice screamed as it struggled to figure out why Kim's arm hadn't fired.

Kim instantly dropped to the ground as another bolt of energy rocketed overhead.

All right get ready to- the voice instructed but Kim was one step ahead.

Kim rose to her feet as her gloved hand morphed into her large scoop. As the Lowardian fired again, Kim snagged the energy blast midflight and spun with the blast in hand before she sent it back to the Lowardian.

The blast hit the alien directly in the center of its chest and knocked it through the wall and into the street beyond.

Kim stared in stunned silence but was shaken out of her silence by Yeah, yeah that's great and all but we need to keep moving.

"So that whole Super Suit misfiring," Kim struggled to catch her breath, "Was that a part of your plan?"

No the voice answered quickly And I'm struggling to find out why that happened.

Kim stopped at the response, "You mean you didn't control that?"

Ordinarily your suit doesn't misfire, he paused, And your suit was designed to never run out of energy.

"Who or what are you?" Kim asked as she continued down the rain soaked alley.

I don't really have a name the voice spoke, Or at least one that you'd recognize.

"I need something to call you by," Kim argued.

The voice was silent for several moments before going, Kim, I'm your Creator the voice was silent as he chose a name for himself, But for today you can call me The Real Sidekick.

July 9th, 2012
Los Angeles, California
7:18 P.M.

The story had changed completely and now even the Creator didn't know what rules to play by any more. The once simple raid had escalated into a nightmare of epic proportions that was only about to get worse.

"Wait a second," he whispered to himself as Betty flopped against the ground and died, "That wasn't supposed to happen…"

"Oh really?" came a feminine voice from his right.

The Creator turned in his chair just in time to see Wolf's fist slam into his face and throw him from his chair.

He tumbled to the ground as his face radiated in pain.

Clutching at his face from the ground he spun to face her, "Are you out of your mind?!"

"You crossed the line," she countered as she threw his precious chair aside and kicked him savagely in the ribs, instantly eliciting a scream of pain from the Creator, "Did you honestly take me for a fool?" she asked, "Or are you just that stupid to think that I wouldn't notice you changing the rules?"

"She doesn't," he coughed from the ground, "She doesn't need to die."

"There was a reason Mark and Robert placed you in charge of this," Wolf said as she savagely kicked him again, "They gave you the plan and everything, they gave you the resources," she growled and stormed off, "They even agreed to make it canon and all you had to do was finish it."

He shook his head as she returned with a raised foot, "She doesn't deserve it."

This stopped Wolf mid swing, "I never thought I'd live to see the day when a Creator, let alone my brother…" she took a step back, "You've gone native."

"What?" he asked as he propped up his broken body on an elbow.

"You've actually started caring for her," Wolf said in a disgusted tone, "You don't want her to die even though its necessary," she paused as the light suddenly dawned, "You broke the first rule. Never get emotionally involved."

He coughed weakly and probed the interior of his mouth with his tongue to find any missing teeth, "You're crazy."

She shook her head and crouched next to his frail form, "Then tell me I'm wrong."


"That's what I thought," she commented sadly before straightening up, "But no matter. There was a reason Mark and Robert partnered me with you."

He paused as he thought about her words before he looked up at her in horror, "You wouldn't."

"Rule number seven," She smiled as she recited from memory, "Under no circumstances is a Creator allowed to sympathize or become directly involved with the Chosen Beings. Doing so invokes a conflict of interests and gives the Beta the right to take over all aspects of creation," the smile grew, "A secondary creator is just as good as the original," she brought her foot back and swung at him, "With you gone, I'll have your precious Kim die and call it a day."

He caught her foot mid swing and twisted it so she fell to the ground. Before he could react, her other foot snaked out and caught him in the jaw, "I've known about you changing your plan for quite some time now and while I admit it was clever the simple thing you forgot is that you can't change her fate."

The Real Sidekick looked at his beta SilverWolf05 and shook his head, "The hell I can't."

She laughed and kicked him sharply in the jaw. This time stars clouded his vision and as The Real Sidekick sank into unconsciousness he heard Wolf laugh, "Don't worry about it Sidekick, by the time you wake up your precious Kim Possible will be nothing more than a forgotten memory. A woman who lived far longer than she should have but ultimately was unable to escape her fate," she paused as she saw The Real Sidekick on the cusp of unconsciousness, "Just like you."

He fought to stay awake but she punched him a final time in the skull and he knew no more.

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