Author's Notes: Just a spot to dump some little ideas. Drabbles, tiny vignettes, 221Bs, that sort of thing. Beware of the potential for Johnlock.

*EDIT* one of my reviewers noted that Sherlock, does, in fact have a poster of the periodic table in his room. Can't say I noticed. XD

Periodic Questioning

"This is your room?" John said, looking around.

Sherlock rolled his eyes. "Obviously. Problem?

"Just thought... dunno, that it'd be a bit less... normal? Experiments lying around, a copy of the periodic table on the wall. Something like that."

Sherlock snorted. "This is a bedroom, John. Even I can't do experiments in my sleep." Sherlock paused thoughtfully. "At least not without certain equipment."

John chuckled. "Got me there. Still... the poster?"

Sherlock stared at him with his 'can you possibly be this idiotic look.' "Really, John? Why would I have a poster of something I memorized when I was eight?"