Pairing: Snow Queen
Warnings: Darkfic, dub-con

Regina's hand slid from Snow's cheek to the back of her head to tangle in the girls curly hair as she moved her lips against hers. Her teeth caught Snow's bottom lip and tugged it as she pulled away. The girls eyes were wide as saucers as she stared at Regina. Her pink lips glistened and Regina couldn't help but pulling Snow to her again for another kiss.

Snow's hands were on her shoulders, pushing at her. "Regina," she murmured against the older woman's lips, "Regina, stop," she sounded panicked, "Please!"

Regina pulled away from the girl with a chagrined look on her face, "Snow," she started, "I-"

Regina was cut off by Snow jumping away from her and fleeing the room.

Well, she thought, That could have gone better.

Snow didn't stop running until she was slamming the door to her chamber and sliding the lock into place. She fell against the door and slid to the ground. What had just happened? Her hand flew up to her heaving chest; her heart was pounding and her body shook uncontrollably. What had Regina been thinking?

Her face was flushed with heat and her lips tingled. She didn't know what to do; what to think. She sucked in a deep shuddering breath and picked herself up off of the ground. She had to pull herself together.

The only sound in the room was Snow's heavy breathing and her feet as they padded across the room to the bed. She lay on the mattress and wrapped the quilt around her body.

What was she going to do?

Regina caught a glimpse of her step daughter as she was walking down the long hallway towards the dining room. She needed to talk to that girl; as soon as possible. She turned sharply on her heel and started striding towards the girl as she called out to her, "Snow, wait!"

Regina cursed under her breath and watched as Snow started sprinting in the opposite direction. She had scared the girl too much last night. She knew now that she should have been far more subtle with her seduction. Hopefully, once she could actually catch up to her, she could smooth things over.

The girl was frustrating.

When Snow heard her voice, the voice of her stepmother, of the woman who had, just last night, kissed her in a way that a mother should most definitely not kiss her daughter, she ran.

She allowed herself to slow down once she realized that Regina hadn't followed her. The girl buried her face into her hands. She didn't understand what was happening to her. The fluttery feeling in her stomach and the burning of her face.

The only thought in her mind was of how wrong it was for Regina to kiss her.

And how much she wanted her to do it again.

It had almost become a game between them. Regina trying to get the girl alone to speak with her. Snow doing whatever she could to keep away from Regina when others weren't around.

The first time she had done it, it had been an accident. Her legs had felt tense and cramped so she shifted and stretched her legs out under the dining room table. She hadn't meant to brush Regina's leg with her own. But when she did she heard her stepmother's fork clatter to the table, her father's voice asking if she was okay.

She looked up, Regina's piercing brown eyes bore into hers as she answered steadily, "I'm fine."

Snow felt a rush, knowing that she could affect her stepmother like that.

The second time it happened, it was an experiment. She wanted to see how Regina would react; if last time had been a fluke. Throughout dinner she stared at Regina, trying to decide when the right moment was. The moment, she decided, came when her stepmother had caught her staring. So with her bare foot she reached over to stroke up Regina's calf.

She saw the heave of the older woman's chest as she took in a deep breath. Snow smiled.

The game had changed. Snow still avoided being alone with Regina and Regina in turn was still attempting to get the girl alone. But in front of others, the game was on.

Heated glances exchanged at the dining table, coupled with subtle touches between the two. A scrape of fingernails across bare shoulders in passing. A foot running up the smooth skin of a leg under the table. The thrill of getting caught merely spurring them on rather than discouraging them.

Snow tried to keep the silly grin off her face as she walked down the hallway. She shouldn't be enjoying this so much, she scolded herself, Regina is her father's wife. She should not be walking down corridors wanting nothing more than for her stepmother to kiss her again.

Oh god, she thought as she stopped in her tracks, What was she thinking? Regina is her stepmother. If anyone found out, if her father found out, they would be punished. Severely.

Her breaths came in short gasps as she crumpled against the wall, she couldn't do this. She couldn't risk Regina's life or her own like this.

Her head flew up and hit the stone wall behind her, but she didn't feel the pain, too far gone in her panic attack to notice it. Tears started leaking out of her eyes; it was getting hard to breath. She couldn't see anything, her ears were ringing, and her body trembled.

One of the most important lessons that she had been taught was that she was to be pure for her wedding night and at the rate she was going, her purity would be non-existent by that time. And what's worse was that it was with her stepmother. A woman. She would be labelled as a fallen woman.

Regina had just finished acquiring a book from the library in the lower levels of the castle and had started upstairs back to her room when she heard saw her. Snow White, her step daughter, was sitting on the ground sobbing. She rolled her eyes and pursed her lips, staring at the scene in front of her. What could possibly be so horrible in her life that would reduce her to this?

She strode over to Snow and knelt on the ground beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Snow, dear? Are you okay?"

Snow looked up at Regina and let out another sob before throwing herself into her stepmother's chest. The older woman sneered and let out a disgusted sigh as she asked, "What's wrong, dear? You can tell me."

"I can't," was sobbed into her chest repeatedly. Regina wrapped her arms around the younger girl and stood up, standing the girl up with her. She swayed on her feet and Regina had to hold her upright. "Snow," she started, "I'm going to take you to your room, okay?" She felt rather than saw the nod and wrapped her arm around Snow's waist to keep her upright. "I need you to help me, I'm not strong enough to carry you, dear," she stated as she started slowly leading Snow down the corridor to her room.

The door creaked when Regina opened the door to Snow's room. She carefully lead the girl through the door and to her bed, letting her drop onto it softly. Quiet sniffles and sobs were still coming from the girl as Regina went to shut the door.

"I suppose we ought to have a little talk, Snow," Regina said softly as she slid the lock into place with an ominous thunk.