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Avalanche Rescue

Hi again. It's me Icetail38. It has been about a month since my last mission. The whole island probably knows that Gary loves me. And most likely all the PSA knows that G is teaching me things that normal agents shouldn't know. Sam, sorry, Jetpack Guy told literally everyone. Curse his big mouth. To add to that, after Rookie heard he started ignoring me! Well Gary had been telling me how to operate all the gadgets in the Gadget room. Anyway. Gary called me for a difficult mission.

"Good, you're here. I've been waiting for you to arrive," G states. I smile at this.

"It's good to see you again. How is the coffee?" I ask.

"Nice to see you too, Agent, Nightshade," Gary replies. "The coffee is a good as always."

Gary holds up a puffle-O for Nightshade. Nightshade jumps and gets it.

"I was informed of an avalanche at the Ski Hill. How can I help?' I ask. Gary updates me to the situation and what I have to do to get them. He tells me that I need the life preserver shooter.

"Where can I find the life preserver shooter?" I ask. I know where it is but I had to ask as to not raise any suspicions. Gary throws me the "you-should-know this" look. I nod my head backwards towards the people in the room. Gary nods.

"It's in the Gadget Room. I'll let you in," G says. He waddles over to the door labelled GADGET ROOM.

"Okay Agent, there you go. I'll leave the Gadget Room unlocked so you can come and go as you need."

"Thanks G. I should go and rescue the penguins now," I say.

"Good luck!" G offers. He walks off.

As I walk in I feel as if someone is watching me. As the door closes behind me I turn just in time to see Jetpack Guy glaring at me. I will call him later. I turn to the shelf with the life-preserver shooter on it. I grab the life-preserver shooter and turn to leave. Nightshade shakes her head.

"Your right, Shade," I say, not wanting to see Jetpack Guy. I grab my phone and teleport to the beach.

I walk into the Lighthouse. The boat in the corner has a rope hanging out of it. I grab the rope. Once I have the rope I head back to the ski village. I walk into ski lodge. Near the door, with the sign saying GONE FISHING, there is a fishing rod. I grab it and attach it to the life preserver shooter. Then I thread the rope through the rod and tie it to a life ring. Nightshade is squeaking like mad. I get the hint. Jetpack Guy is outside.

"No more hiding from the truth Shade," I sigh. Nightshade rests her head on me. I walk outside and see Jetpack. He starts to walk towards me, but I shoot him my don't-mess-with-me-now look. I see a small brown penguin crying on the ground. Something about him makes me think that I've helped him before. He is complaining about the ski lift being broken. I look up and saw that the belt from the lift was missing.

"Do you know how to fix it?" the penguin asks.

"I can take a look and see what I can do," I reply. The young penguin looked happy at that. I decide to ask Gary. I walk into the sports shop. Then I see a model penguin in the corner near the cabinet. It had a belt around its waist. I grab it. The model's pants fell down showing puffle covered underwear. I smile. Then I walk back out. At the ski lift, I wrap the belt around the place where the belt for the lift was meant to go. Once on the runner the lift worked perfectly. The brown penguin thanked me.

"You're welcome. Helping out where I can is part of my job," I reply. The brown penguin says goodbye and I head up the ski lift.

Up on ski hill I see strange footprints. Then I look at the course surrounded by caution tape. The poor penguins went down Penguin Run. The avalanche was certainly badly timed. I carefully head down the run.

The walk to where the penguins crashed was no easy trip. Every time I took a wrong turn I fell down ski hill. I ended up writing down the route on a piece of paper, and a killer headache. The route was middle, left, right, middle and finally right. At the edge of the crash site I somehow managed to grab the life preserver shooter and send down a life ring. To get them out I had to break the twigs with the life ring. Grab the top penguin. Grab the second penguin. Place one of the penguins back on the branch the first penguin was on. Grab the third penguin. Grab the penguin on the branch. Drop them off at the rock. When they had pushed the rock off, grab them again. Then grab the last penguin. When I had rescued all the penguins, I led them back up the hill.

Gary was waiting up the top. I tried to hide the fact that my head was spinning.

"Great work!" Gary says. I can barely hear him through the pain in my head. He rambles on for some time. I tell him about the white fur I found and hand it to him. More words from his mouth. He mentions the Director. My face changes into that all too familiar snarl. Gary thanks me.

"Any time G. You're welcome," I reply. More words. My head is spinning so badly that I start to sway. Gary beckons for me to follow him. I follow on unsteady feet. Gary gently leads me down ski hill. Nightshade is squeaking worriedly around us. At the bottom of ski hill we meet Jetpack Guy. He is the last thing I see before I black out.

When I wake up I hear voices. One is Gary, another is Rookie and the last is Jetpack. Then something cool touches my head and I am once again lost in a sea of black.

Cliffhanger! Might or might not be picked up in next chapter.

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